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Megs | Recruit Training

Posted by on in Fight KO
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Megs: "Recruit Training"

Megs had just applied for a position at the corporate headquarters of Skynet, the largest security firm in the world.Even though she had only applied for a secretarial position she still has to go through the indoctrination and training course.
Skynet does not encourage individualism. There is a strict dress code and just as strict personal appearance rules. Megs is issued her 'uniform' which consists of a snug fitting 'little black dress', sheer black pantyhose and a pair of black heels to match. No undergarments are issued. She’ll be going commando. Megs is directed to tie her long blonde hair up into a tight bun and hand over her fashionable eyeglasses which are exchanged for a more intelligent looking wire rimmed pair. She applies the bright red lipstick that also was issued and the transformation is complete. Megs checks herself out in the mirror and makes sure everything is exactly as ordered. Her 'nameplate' which says only, "6 of 6" is pinned above her left breast. “Hmmmm… last one chosen, I guess that makes me the runt of the litter.” she muses to herself. She won't get a real nameplate with her actual name on it until she successfully completes training. She admits she feels like a badass in her sexy black uniform dress. A digital voice comes over the intercom directing her and the other recruits to the briefing room. When Megs arrives she takes a place in line standing shoulder to shoulder with a squad of other recruits who look exactly the same as her. Skynet clones she thinks to herself.A stern looking man walks briskly into the room and orders "EYES FORWARD!"
He has a thin but muscular build, a high and tight military haircut, piercing blue eyes and a commanding presence.
He addresses the new recruits. "Ladies, I am The Sandman."
Megs talks out the side of her mouth to the girl standing next to her. "I wonder why he's called The Sandman?"
The Sandman's head snaps around and she's nearly turned to ice by his cold blue stare.
He gets back to business and starts pacing back and forth behind the squad of new recruits as he addresses them.
“Ladies, you are hear for your introduction into non-lethal self-defense.”
“Now some of you may wonder; why am I called The Sandman.”
He stops behind Megs and places his hands on lightly her shoulders.
In the blink of an eye he wraps his arms around Megs head and neck like a Boa constrictor, placing her in a inescapable sleeper-hold.
Megs vision instantly goes dark and time slows down. She can hear birds tweeting in the distance but getting closer.
The pretty cartoon birds finally fly into view and she watches astonished as they start dancing around her head… it’s like a dream. Very pretty.
The other recruits watch as Megs eyes roll up into her head and she droops loosely into The Sandman’s arms.
The Sandman lowers Megs limp body to the floor.
“THAT.” he says pointing at Megs. “Is why I am called The Sandman.” “ANY QUESTIONS?!”
The ladies respond with a rousing "SIR, NO SIR!" as trained.
The Sandman continues the demonstration, going down the line and placing each of the young women into a sleeper-hold.
Each of them succumb in less than three seconds. When he reaches the end of the line he has a messy pile of unconscious women at his feet.
The recruits arms and legs are intertwined in an unconscious orgy. Some with mouths hanging open, some eyes open, arched backs and necks. Very erotic.
They slowly awake in the exact order that they were knocked out. Megs first, then the remaining girls.
The Sandman orders them back into formation and orders them to practice what they’ve seen demonstrated amongst themselves.
Poor Megs becomes something of a practice dummy. Like the runt of the litter that she is, they all turn on her, taking turns knocking her out. She never has a chance to regain control because as soon as she regains consciousness the next girl in line puts her out again. Then the vicious cycle repeats.Satisfied that the recruits have mastered the sleeper-hold, The Sandman begins the next phase of training.
“Ladies, THIS is a blackjack, or sap if you prefer.” He holds a small weighted leather shaft in the air.
“It is a very effective impact weapon used for rendering an opponent unconscious.”
The Sandman again struts up and down the line of recruits slapping the sap into the palm of his hand as he speaks.
When he gets to Megs his hand shoots out like a Cobra and raps Megs sharply on the temple.
Megs body jerks and stiffens at the impact, she gives a long exhale then drops straight down onto her knees then over onto her face. Ass up.
Once more The Sandman demonstrates the technique on the remaining recruits.
Like playing the Xylophone he walks casually down the rank rapping each lady on the side of the head.
Each one in turn, jerks into the fully upright position then topples over just a Megs did.
When the last recruit hits the floor he has a neat row of face down, ass up girls. Each one wearing a halo of circling, tweeting birdies and stars. The training continues with every other sleepy weapon in The Sandman’s arsenal. Sleep darts, chloroform, neck chops, drugged drinks, knock out sprays, pressure points and more.By the end of training Megs had managed to scratch her way from runt to a top student. Her only serious competition is ‘1of6’, the pick of the litter.

The day finally arrives for the Final Exam. Megs, alias ‘6of6’, arrives at the gymnasium where the final exam would be given, precisely at 1400 hours as directed.
No chairs, no desks, no pencils, books or paper.
Just a large empty room with polished hardwood floors. There are two small tables covered with a black velvet cloth at opposite ends of the room.
Megs takes her position in the center of the room standing shoulder to shoulder with the other recruits.The Sandman marches into the room and promptly begins his briefing.
“Ladies, unfortunately there is only ONE position available”. “We hadn’t expected that all SIX of you would complete our rigorous recruit training program.”
“That being the case we have devised a little competition.” “The winner of the competition will be awarded the position.”
“You will use the skills you have acquired during your training to eliminate your competition.” “You will have 10 minutes.”
“SIR, YES SIR!!”I will return in 10 minutes to congratulate the winner. The large digital clock on the wall starts the countdown.  “5 … 4 ... 3 .... 2 ... 1 ...” “BUZZZZZZZ!!!!” Megs and two other girls race for the table closest to them on the left of the gymnasium.
1of6 and the two remaining girls make a dash for the table closest to them on the right of the gymnasium. Megs makes it to the table only steps ahead of her rivals. She rips the cloth away to reveal a sleep dart pistol pre-loaded with two darts.
She grabs the pistol, spins around, drops to one knee and fires two shots in quick succession. A perfectly aimed double-tap at close range. POP! POP!
The darts find their mark in the necks of her rivals at a dead run. Excellent marksmanship. The women slap at the darts that sting like a wasp but it’s already too late. The venom works instantly and they collapse to the floor in mid-stride. They skid across the polished floor like a runner sliding for first base and then lay motionless at Megs feet. ‘1of6’ also reaches her table first and finds a glass bottle of chloroform beneath the velvet cloth. She only has seconds before her rivals are on her. There’s no doubt they intend to double-team her. No time to soak a rag. Thinking fast she grabs the bottle and hurls it at the closest girl. The bottle hits ‘3of6’ square in the forehead and explodes into a cloud of liquid. She is literally knocked off her feet by the impact and lands hard on her back, spread-eagled. Out cold. The cloud of chloroform rains onto the second girl drenching her clothing and hair. She stumbles and falls onto her knees, she desperately starts ripping off her chloro soaked uniform. She manages to strip down to her pantyhose but there’s nothing she can do about her chloro soaked hair. The vapors do their work, her head wobbles around a bit, her eyes roll up into her head and she sinks unconscious and naked onto the floor. Megs looks up from the bodies sprawled at her feet and finds that she and ‘1of6’ are the only two left standing.It’s the pick of the litter vs the runt of the litter.The last two woman lock eyes and strut confidently to the center of the gymnasium.
They circle each other like two black panthers, graceful but deadly, looking for a weakness in their opponents defenses.
Each is coiled like a spring, ready to pounce.Megs attacks first. She lunges forward and attempts a neck pinch but 1of6 counters, grabs her hand, and brings Megs to her knees with a painful wristlock.
Megs counterattacks with a brutal uppercut into her rivals pussy and now both women are on their knees in pain. The two woman grapple on the floor, intertwined and writhing like two poisonous snakes.
They are very evenly matched. Neither can get the upper hand. Strike, counterstrike. Move, countermove. It becomes a contest of endurance. Miraculously, 1of6 manages to get her legs wrapped around Megs midsection in a vise-like scissor lock.
She has very powerful legs a squeezes with all her might, but Megs has rock hard abs like a body builder. It’s like trying to squeeze a granite column!
1of6 has Megs trapped but she isn’t able to put her out. She sees the chloro soaked dress of her previous victory laying nearby. She snatches it up and quickly wraps it around the head and face of Megs then braces herself for the expected wild ride. Megs goes beserk! She knows she only has seconds to escape. She elbows 1of6 repeatedly and viciously in the ribs. She pounds her knuckles into her knee caps. She claws at her soft inner thighs with her nails, tearing open her pantyhose and leaving long bloody scratches. 1of6 grits her teeth and takes everything Megs throws at her, she doesn’t dare let go of the chloro soaked dress wrapped around Megs head.  A few seconds later Megs attacks starts to slow. Her punches weaken, her breathing gets slower.Megs can hear the birdies tweeting in the distance and there’s no mistaking what that means.
“NOOOOOOO!”… Megs cries out. “NOT THE BIRDIES!!”
The flock of colorful cartoon birdies fly into view chirping and tweeting happily all around Megs. She tries to swat them away to no avail.
They form a halo around her head and Megs falls into a trance watching them. She falls limp between the legs of 1of6, and none too soon. She wouldn’t have been able to take much more of Megs brutal beating. 1of6 flops Megs over onto her face and shakily gets to her feet. She scans the scene and sees the carnage all around her. Unconscious bodies everywhere.
The clock on the wall indicates that it’s only been 8 minutes, but 1of6 looks and feels like it’s been 8 HOURS!With two minutes left 1of6 decides to get things ready for the clean-up crew.
One by one she drags the unconscious bodies of the losers into the middle of the room and stacks them like cordwood.
Lastly, she drags Megs across the floor and places her on top of the pile like the cherry on top of a sundae. The timer ticks off the final seconds. 5… 4… 3…. 2… 1… “BUZZZZZZ!!” The Sandman strides into the room and finds 1of6 standing over a pile of bodies. Her foot is on Megs face and her arms are raised in victory. The Sandman walks over to 1of6. “Congratulations, and welcome to the Skynet family!”
He hands 1of6 her shiny new nameplate. She proudly pins it to her left breast. It says: ‘MRS. Sandman’

Megs 2aa


The Sandman and Mrs. Sandman exit the gymnasium leaving the pile of unconscious losers behind them.
All the birdies have joined together to make one huge flock circling happily above the heap of girls like vultures over a kill.
A few minutes later two men from the clean-up crew enter dressed in white coveralls and pushing a large flatbed cart.
They have orders to reclaim all Skynet property and remove the rejects from Skynet headquarters.
The men get to work. They drag Megs off the top of the pile and begin stripping her naked. Black dress, black heels, black pantyhose. Naked.
They place the clothing in one pile then toss Megs body onto the cold steel cart.
Each girl is stripped naked and haphazardly stacked just as Megs was. With the cart now full the men push the cart full of naked, unconscious women from the room.
Arms and legs dangle off the sides, Megs foot drags across the dirty floor.
The flock of birdies follows the cart down the dark corridor to the back ally like seagulls following a fishing boat.
The men reach the loading dock and open the large steel doors. They roll the cart to the edge of the platform and use the hand-crank to raise the flatbed like a dump truck.
The women slide off the cart and are dumped into yet another messy pile in the dark, cold, filthy alley.
The clean-up crew returns inside and the steel door slams shut behind them.
Megs is the first to awaken. She pushes the other bodies off of her and crawls free.
Naked and afraid she tiptoes to the end of the alley and peaks around the corner. She sees a line a black sedans with dark tinted windows waiting.
Seems that Skynet has arranged for a ride home. Megs exits the alley and gets into the back of the first car in line.
The sedan is luxurious, baby soft leather seats, soothing classical music is playing.
Megs sinks into the soft seat exhausted.
“Home please.” She instructs the driver speaking to him through the glass partition.
She closes her eyes and when she opens them again she’s finds the sedan speeding down a dark deserted stretch of road that she doesn’t recognize.
She leans forward and taps on the glass. “Excuse me. Where are we going?” The driver ignores her. “Hello?” “Excuse me!”
Megs starts to get panicked. Is she being kidnapped? Sold into slavery?! Executed?! She tries the doors and windows. Locked.
“HEY!!” she shouts while pounding on the thick glass. “HEY!!” WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!!”
She looks out the rear window and sees the four other black sedans speeding close behind her in a convoy.
Megs leans back and starts kicking at the glass with her bare feet. “STOP!!” “LET ME OUT!!”
The driver leans forward and flicks a switch on the dash board.
Megs hears a soft hissing sound and smells a sweet scent. She recognizes it from her training. Sleeping Gas!!
She holds her breath for as long as she can but her lungs are burning and ready to explode. The air finally bursts from her lungs and she sucks in a massive amount of the sweet smelling gas.
The gas takes effect almost immediately.
She doesn’t even hear or see any birdies.
Everything just suddenly goes black …….

To be continued?


  • Funko221
    Funko221 Sunday, 23 October 2016

    like and enjoy your stories about getting knocked out seeing stars and birdies . both You and Mrs sandman very hot , hope you will continue

  • Sandi Thompson
    Sandi Thompson Monday, 24 October 2016

    I love the birdies part of the story, but I wasn't really into the other ways of KO like drugged drinks, chloroform, neck chops....that doesn't do anything for me.

  • Sandman
    Sandman Monday, 24 October 2016

    Sandi, thanks for the honest opinion. What KO methods DO you like?

  • Sandi Thompson
    Sandi Thompson Tuesday, 25 October 2016

    Don't get me wrong, as i do like the story, but as far the KO methods I do enjoy is a whack over the head with a blackjack/sap, a mallet bonk the the head, or even a punch out, and I do love the imagery of stars, tweeting birds, eyes crossed, tongue hanging out, silly smile...that really does it for me. The way you described the birdies showing up I really enjoyed.

  • Sandman
    Sandman Tuesday, 25 October 2016

    I love a tongue hanging out KO too! I'm surprised that I didn't include at least one punch out because I really like it when a girl is KO'd with one good punch!

  • Megs
    Megs Tuesday, 25 October 2016

    Thank you soooo much for the story Sandman, i loved it all.

  • Sandman
    Sandman Wednesday, 26 October 2016

    You're welcome Megs! Glad you liked it! :D

  • Rob
    Rob Monday, 31 October 2016

    Very good imagery!

  • Sandman
    Sandman Monday, 31 October 2016

    Rob, thanks for reading and commenting on my story! Glad you liked it!

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