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Sleepy reality show part 1

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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Sleepy Reality Show

                Admittedly at first I thought it was a scam. A random email sent to me but I opened it anyway. I could scarcely believe that it contained an invitation to an audition for a themed web series centered around the sleepy fetish. I wondered how someone, anyone, could have found out that I was into that. Sure, I looked on the web but I always cleared my browser and I had never mentioned it to anyone that wasn’t behind the anonymity of the internet. I decided that for no other reason than curiosity I would check this out. The hotel that was listed for the meeting room was in a nice part of town.

                Well the invitation wasn’t fake I realize as there is a sign pointing me to a meeting room. If it was a fake it was pretty elaborate. I was a bit surprised that it was such a small room however I had tried acting when I was younger and castings usually were in large rooms with quite a few people usually vying for just one slot. As it was I entered a small meeting area and the only on the people were a man appearing in his 50s and two stunning women both significantly younger than him.

                “Please have a seat” one of them says. She was blonde wearing a black halter style dress that came down just barely long enough to cover her ass as she sat legs crossed to not show too much. Her breasts were displayed nicely. She could well be described as ample and the halter held them just right. The brunette across from her was dressed in a similarly short fashion though hers was a corset style. Her smaller chest was displayed every bit as well as the blonde. As I sat down I felt a bit of a tightening in my pants however I tried not to show it.

                The older man spoke “Dan I’m glad you came we were starting to get worried. My name is Steve and this is Christy and Sara”. He continues “I’m sure you have quite a few questions. So I’ll start by explaining the project. We are in the business of catering to special interests that quite a few people have but no one wants to admit. The project we are working on now is a web based reality show that features the sleepy fetish heavily. That much I’m sure you got from the invitation.” I nodded. He continued “The project is pretty simple we have an estate set up on a private island were we will film those that we bring into the project participating in the fetish.”

My pants tightened as he finished that statement. “You mean to say that there will be people knocking each other out for my amusement watching at home.” Steve replied “Yes though actually if you accept you won’t be at home watching. Sara please explain” Certainly the blonde replied. “We have done surveys that indicate most people prefer more women to men in this sort of thing. Therefore, we have decided to simply have one man for now, You.” Christy chimes in. “Yes you will have the run of the house and any women that are there you will be free to render unconscious in any way you see fit. You will even be able to have some fun after they are out cold.” She blushes as she says it. Steve takes over. “Yes that is what we are here to offer you. The chance to live out your fantasy”.

I think on it for a moment and ask. “How long will this be I will have to leave my job and if anyone finds out I did this getting a job when I come back will be difficult to say the least.” Steve reaches into his briefcase retrieving something. “I understand and this is intended to be a long-term endeavor. You will be part of it as long as both the project and your role in it remain popular. As for your ability to get a job. With what we are going to pay you, you will not need to worry about that for a long time.” He slides contract in front of me. I look it over and the amount is substantial but as I read closer if the show is a success the pay borders on the staggering.

Satisfied with the contract I ask about the rules and how the show might progress. Christy responds “Well the show itself will be accessible 24/7 via live feed and we will market specific parts that people want to buy to watch again. If a contestant is unpopular we will remove them from the show but there is actually the possibility that we will add more if the fans want it.”

Ok will there be any scripted elements or am I free to do as I will. Sara replies “we will give you guidance and provide some interesting possibilities. Challenges area possibility as well which will be fun for you I promise” Ok so let me make sure I have this right I’m the only man on an island estate with a bunch of women who will let me knock them out and have my way with them. This is more than a bit unbelievable how do I know you are for real.

                Steve says “Ladies perhaps a demonstration is in order.” With that Sara gets up and retrieves a small case. Bringing it over to the table. As she opens it there are a couple things easily recognizable mainly chloroform and I notice a small blackjack. She takes the chloroform and a rag soaking it before placing it over Christy’s face. For her part, Christy smiled and inhaled deeply her eyes rolling in apparent ecstasy. She obviously enjoyed it. As Christy is passing out I stand up and move over to the girls. I take the club from the case and step behind Sara. She notices me and gives a bit of a smile as well as I raise the club and smack the top of her head. As she falls limp in my arms I look at Steve “Where do I sign”

I wish we could see more big women modeling for sleepy producers. Always enjoyed BBWs would love to see one knocked out once in awhile.