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Cat vs Kitten

Posted by on in Fight KO
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It was 6:10pm and raining. Andrea grumbled as she stood outside the offices of Dr Victoria Reynolds. "Why was she always late?" she wondered. Her girlfriend Tina had a 5pm meeting with Dr Reynolds each week and was always late out. Normally Andrea would wait in town for her or walk home, but now in the pouring rain she'd decided to dash to the office's and wait outside under the porch, then they could share a cab home. 
Only the light on in reception and one lit window on the third floor which Andrea presumed was Dr Reynolds office, the rest of the building was cloaked in darkness. Andrea looked at the shiny metal plaque on the wall whilst chewing gum impatiently. The plaque said various doctor's names including Dr Reynolds which underneath it said 'Hypnotherapist and Sleep Disorder Specialist' and a series of letter that didn't mean anything to Andrea. 
Tina had been seeing the doc for 2 months now for anxiety issues, but it seemed to be helping. 
Andrea stood there blowing bubbles with her bubblegum when the receptionist approached the door with her bag and coat. Removing her gum Andrea smiled and as the receptionist pushed the door Andrea held it open. The receptionist smiled. "Can i help you." Andrea smiled back, "Oh my partner is in with doc reynolds, say i don't suppose i could wait inside, pretty please?" 
The receptionist felt sorry for her seeing her soaking wet, but replied "Oh no i'm sorry honey, it's just the Dr and her patient left, i'm closing up, i'm sure they'll be down soon though. "Okay Ma'am", Andrea replied smiling, sliding her gum into the electronic panel on the door out of sight. She stepped back and let the door close and the receptionist smiled and put up her umbrella. "Goodnight". "Goodnight Ma'am." 
Andrea watched the receptionist walk down the steps and get into her car and drive off and then smiled and tugged the door open, removing her gum that prevented the electronic seal closing. She popped the gum back in her mouth and carried on chewing. Just a little trick she'd learnt over the years. She went inside and flopped down on a couch. If she had to wait then at least she'd be dry. 
But wait she did, 10, 20, 25 minutes. God Tina's appointments always ran so late! This is crazy! Had Tina already left? Was it another patient up there? Had Andrea missed her? Thinking for a moment she decided she could sneak up to the third floor and listen in and see if Tina was in there. No one would know right? 
Taking the stairs Andrea slowly climbed the 3 flights, moaning "**** i'm out of shape" under her breath. She reached the 3rd floor and quietly poked her head around the door and then moved along the lit corridor till she arrived to the side of the only lit office. She could hear only one muffled voice. Sneaking closer she could make out the voice of the doctor. "Good girl Tina, very good girl." Andrea had to stiffle a giggle. Slowly the smile on Andrea's face dropped. 
The sounds of kisses broke up the doctors words. "Mmmmm, yes, such a good girl." 
With a huge glare Andrea grabbed the handle and threw the door open. The svelte 5'7" figure of 39 year old Dr Victoria Reynolds jolted and she moved her mouth away from Tina's toes that she had been sucking. Tina was seated on the couch naked. The Dr stood up shocked, her blouse partially unbuttoned and her own large breasts exposed, a smudge of Tina's red lipstick on her left breast. 
Andrea shouted, "Tina, what the ****, you whore!?!" Tina just stared blankly forward not even looking at her, her normal bright blue eyes just staring dully, sleepily forward. The Doc hurridly pulled her blouse together partially covering her breasts and stammered. "'s er, it's not how it looks!" Andrea stared and then turned to the Doc realizing it is exactly how it looks. 
"What, huh, you creepy ****ing weirdo bitch. You did this to her, you, you hypnotized her to do this!!" 
Anger filled Andrea and she hissed. "Big mistake bitch, you don't know who you're dealing with!" With that she lurched at Dr Reynolds grabbing her long curly ginger hair and tugged it back sharply. The Doc let out a scream as she was pulled backwards. Andrea grabbed her arm and twisted it. The doc towering over Andrea's small 5'2" frame was forced down and Andrea bundled into her, knocking her to the ground. 
"****ing whore!" Andrea shouted as she clawed at the docs face. "The Dr snapped back "you crazy bitch" and slapped Andrea in the face and then pulled her strand of green hair. "Aarggh!" Andrea fell on top of her and grabbed her arms and then wrapped her legs around the doctor, squeezing. "Like that, huh bitch?" 
The doc clawed Andreas thighs with her nails and prized herself free. 
"Stop stop....this is..ooofff." The docs words curtailed by a punch to her side. She collapsed and tried to shuffle away but Andrea was on her in a flash, ripped open her blouse exposing her breasts. She pinched one of the nipples hard and then twisted it as the doc squirmed in agony. Another punch to the stomach and the doc gasped breathlessly. 
"No please, please, i'll repay all the fee's, please all of it." 
"Oh you'll pay alright, you'll pay us good." Andrea replied. "Lets see, you wanna keep this outta the press, keep yourself outta jail then you pay us $5000." Then thinking this was too little she quickly changed her mind. "No $10'000, you're a rich bitch you can afford it." 
"Ok ok i'll pay" the doc cried and Andrea smiled pulling her hair. "You have money here, where's you purse?" "Arrgggh, over there!" Andrea grabbed it and pulled out a wad of cash around $100. Pointing to Tina she said. "Ok now wake her up and we'll be back expecting more." Then she smiled. "Hey, you have a safe, where's that at bitch?" She feigned punching the doc again and the doctor held up her hands. Andrea spat in her face. "Now bitch or i swear i'll knock you out!" 
The doc nodded to the wall and Andrea pulled her up by her hair and marched her to it. "How much is in there?" "About 4 thousand dollars" the doc replied. "Ok, ok good open it." The doc nodded. "Ok but you promise not to tell anyone, no one else knows you're here right?" Andrea nodded "yes that right, ok deal, now open it" The doc opened the safe and Andrea peered inside. 
"Hey where's the ****ing mon... The docs arms had snaked around Andrea's neck and behind her head, completing the sleeper hold before Andrea even knew she was being put into one, "Nuh, nnggghhffff." Andrea struggled against the taller woman but the hold was vice like. "Ssshhhh" the doc whispered in her ear. "It's you who doesn't know who she's dealing with and no one knows you are here. So be a good girl and sleep. 
"Nggffffff" is all Andrea could reply as her head swam. Slowly her arms dropped to her sides and the whites of her eyes fluttered back and then shut. The doc carried her to the couch and draped her over the side. She then unlocked a small cabinet on the wall and took out a syringe and a small bottle which she filled the syringe from. She pulled down Andrea's jeans and panties exposing her butt. "You were too greedy and hot headed sweetheart" she taunted her, jabbing the syringe into her butt cheek. "But this will help calm you down." 
Andrea began slowly opening her eyes, sat on the couch, feeling relaxed, that soothing voice talking to her. Not noticing her wet clothes in a pile next to her. Not noticing she was almost naked. Not noticing Tina sat sleeping next to her. Not noticing anything other than the beautiful eyes staring into hers and the voice telling her that she was a very good girl........... 
.............................................As they got into their cab Tina held Andrea's hand. "Was soooo good of Doc Reynolds to let you come and sit in on my sessions, i feel so much more relaxed knowing you are there with me." 
Andrea smiled. "Yeah it is good of the doc, she' a nice lady, i'm looking forward to next weeks session." Tina giggled. "Just be careful when she hypnotizes me that you don't get accidentally hypnotized too!" 
Andrea sighed a small groan smiling. "Ha, don't worry Tina. You know i can't get hypnotized..............................


  • Joe
    Joe Friday, 13 January 2017

    I like it!

  • Sandman
    Sandman Friday, 13 January 2017

    I loved everything about this story. Young vs Mature. Aggressor becomes victim. Choke out KO. And Andrea totally unawares about her defeat and humiliation at the end. GREAT story!

  • Butt-Girl
    Butt-Girl Friday, 13 January 2017


  • Chosen577
    Chosen577 Saturday, 14 January 2017


  • Sandi Thompson
    Sandi Thompson Sunday, 15 January 2017

    Not really my kind of KO story, but you do have a talent for wonderful storytelling that pulls the reader in.

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