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The Knockout Job.

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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The knockout job.

Brian was unemployed and very lazy, he was 25 and mostly stayed inside playing video games rarely looking for a job, his stepmother was looking through the papers when she found an article " subjects wanted! Is your son a layabout? Well bring him here to our facility and let us show him what lazyness does to people! We are currently involved in tests practicing pressure point and smother knockouts, we even delve a little into the effect of fetish knockouts, seeing how much of it he can take, if you ever wanted Revenge on your dick of a son this is the job for him, and the pay is over 5000 a month, which goes directly to you! I'm also guessing that he isn't reading this, well don't worry, our website posts a fake job offer to entice him,so bring him over and you can even watch as the knockouts unfold! " she smiled widely, " fuck yes! " she yelled imagining her lazy son getting knocked out.

She saw her son playing games and brought him the computer, " here son, I've found a job for you" " about damn time, I've nearly finished all my games," he grumbled and looked at the website " come to our facility! We are offering an exciting opportunity to work with young people like you! All you have to do in this job? Well we will offer you a large sum of money to play video games all day! " " Holy hell yes! Can you take me there please? " he begged, " yeah sure" she said smiling.

The next day they arrived to a massive building advertising brand new games. " this is gonna be so fun!" he said to himself. They entered to find a beautiful woman twiddling with her hair, her shirt seemed to barely cover her enormous breasts " oh hello... How can I help you?" she asked " hello, I saw your" advertisement" the mother said winking " so here is my son, eager and ready" the receptionist winked back at her " well welcome my friend, here let me shake your hand" she said as she stood up, she was wearing a very short skirt, Brian was practically drooling, she went to shake his hand but " accidentally" tripped onto him, her hands went to his neck and she immediately applied pressure, he fell down like a sack of potatoes, the two women laughed " so are you staying for the full first day?" the receptionist asked " screw the first day I'm staying for the full term" " that's perfectly acceptable we actually have apartments free of charge for you, well I'll get this guy all set up, there's a viewing room for you to observe our full tests" " will he be able to see me?" she asked " honey you won't only be able to see him you can join in if you want" she said as the receptionist dragged her unconscious stepson away.

Brian woke up groggy, his surroundings eventually cleared and he found himself in what looked like a large blue gym room, various equipment lay scattered around, at the end of the room was a big glass window, his stepmother was on the other side smiling happily

" Yay! Your finally awake" said a voice, turning round he saw a beautiful woman, she had long caramel coloured hair, a stunning figure and breasts he just wanted to put his head in between, " as you've probably guessed by now the advertisement you read was fake, this is a six month trial period where we will test the effects of every knockouts we can think of, from wrestling moves to cartoons we're gonna see of they actually work" she said. Brian needed to get out, he looked at the room trying to find a way out, as if Reading his mind the beautiful woman shook her head, " no way out I'm afraid, now for the first test we'll go for something classic" she said and suddenly ran upto him with surprising speed and punched him in the face THWACK! was the sound his stepmother heard as she watched her son sway from side to side. Brian was seeing stars, he smiled dumbly at them and tried to grab them " owwwwwww" he said and fell backwards, landing spread eagled on the floor, out cold. The beautiful woman picked up a pad " swayed for approximately ten seconds, fell backwards, is now completely unresponsive" she said using her bare foot to move his head from side to side. As his stemother watched in gleeful anticipation watching her idiot son fall unconscious she felt a twinge in her crotch and her nipples hardened, could watching her son being knocked out actually be turning her on?...

The beautiful woman, meanwhile had grabbed a blackjack from a corner of the room, she got a bottle of water and poured it on his face, he woke up instantly and stood up " what's happening?!" he said " work dear" she said and whacked him with the blackjack, his body immediately became slack, his tongue lolled out and his eyes crossed "w....Where's the ketchup lollipop I think the library is closed" his muttered while trying to walk, another sharp jab and he fell flat on his face, unconscious and drooling. While the woman went back to her notes the stepmother tried to steady her breathing, she'd now become quite wet down south and her nipples had fully hardened, she knew she shouldn't be liking it This much but she couldn't help it, it was giving her immense sexual pleasure watching him be knocked out and she wanted to do it, she wanted to knock him out, she wanted to smother him unconscious with her tits and ass, she wanted him to suffer, a nurse suddenly stepped forward " we're nearly at the end of our first day, I know what you want to do I can see it in your eyes, get undressed, I'll look after your clothes while you go and show him who's boss.

The beautiful woman watched as her nurse spoke to the stepmother, " and now for our final knockout of the day... Which I'm guessing will be a smother ko" she said and left the room

Rachel the stepmother stepped into the gym, she was completely naked, and she was now very wet and horny. She kicked him a little, he groaned as he woke up, " what happ...mrfhhhhh!" was all he said as she locked her legs around him, his head buried In her pussy, he squirmed but it was no good " that's it dickhead, feel my pussy as I knock you the fuck out, oh this is going to be fun, for so long now you've treated me like crap.. Now it's my turn!" his arms had begun to slow, he tried to grab anything but only succeeded in grabbing her ass " oh yeahhh that's it! " she said as she pushed him further into her, she screamed as she came, Knocking him out In the process. She stood up, his face was covered in juices. " oh no, your good for one more, now get up" she said shaking him, he stood up groggily she threw an uppercut at him, it actually made him lift off the ground and fall backwards, he was unconscious before he even hit the ground. " sweet dreams... Dick" she said laughing as she closed the door behind her.



  • Sandi
    Sandi Thursday, 27 July 2017

    I was hoping that there would of been some tweeting or cuckoo birds in that story. Other than that, it was a pretty good story.

  • thenightsky
    thenightsky Saturday, 29 July 2017

    Nice story, looking forward to day 2!

  • josue
    josue Monday, 07 August 2017

    let Brian win once

  • Mary Taylor
    Mary Taylor Tuesday, 27 February 2018

    Fun story.
    You could sign my nephew up.

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