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Escape Game

Posted by on in Sleepy
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This story is a continuation to another story (which I did not write) in which the girl has been kidnapped using chloroform. Enjoy :-)


You slowly awake on the bed. You eyes are still closed and you try to bring a hand to your face, to rub your eyes. That's when you notice that your hands are tied on your back, and you remember what happened. A tape on your mouth lets you only breath through your nose. You try to stay still and as calm as possible, to not alert me of you being awake.

I shift my weight on the bed, which informs you that I'm on the bed with you. You hear the traffic through an open window and by opening your right eye just the tiniest bit you see that the door of the room is open. Even though you don't know if I'm awake or not, you see your chance to escape.

You jump up as fast as you can possibly can with your hands tied behind you back and run to the door. You hear me getting up behind you and when you're almost at the door, you arms get yanked back. The rope which ties your hands together is connected to the bed with a longer rope, which is not long enough for you to leave the room.

You spin around to try to loosen the rope from the bed, but suddenly you feel an arm coming round you body and a hand over your face. I got around the bed and now I'm standing behind you, holding you tightly and pressing you against my body. You begin to struggle as much as you can to try to escape, when I pinch your nose closed. The tape over your mouth doesn't let you breath through your mouth, and now you nose is closed as well.

You struggle even harder now, but I'm holding you tightly. I guide you a little backwards, to the wall, so I have a more secure footing. After a few seconds your urge to breath becomes stronger, your struggling is very exhausting. You begin to panic and start kicking in all directions, hitting my shin a few times. Since you're barefoot it doesn't hurt too much, but my energy does not last forever, either. With my left hand I grab your right breast, massaging it.

Your lungs burn, you struggle only to get a breath of air in now, you cannot think a calm thought anymore. And through all this, your body still gets aroused by my touch, which increases your need to breath even more. You begin to see stars and your movements are less and less with real purpose. A few seconds later your legs stop kicking since you have troubles keeping yourself upright.

I notice that you stopped kicking, so I let my left hand wander down to your pussy and start stroking. You're pretty wet, the asphyxia left you aroused, despite the panic you have been in.

Your sight gets worse, your head feels big and your ears are roaring. Your legs begin to buckle, and I'm holding you up more than you're standing on your own. I notice you getting heavier in my arms and let you down slowly. Sitting against the wall, you laying against me, getting weaker and unable to really struggle anymore, still longing to breath.

"Shhh... relax... yes, that's good... don't struggle, let it happen...", I whisper in your ear, as your eyes begin to roll back in your head. You didn't hear the last part of my whispering, the roaring in your ears is too loud, you're almost out. I feel you trying to breath through the tape, your breasts are rising and falling erratically, without success.

As I feel you becoming almost entirely limp, you eyes are rolling back, only the white can be seen, you're not responding anymore. That's when I take my right hand away from your nose, enabling you to breath through your nose again.

I pick you up, carrying you in my arms. Your head is swinging around, you're not completely unconscious, more in a twilight, and your ability to breath is clearing your head now. I lay you back down on the bed, laying down on my side right next to you, waiting for you to come to.

After a few seconds you twitch shortly, drawing a deep breath in and looking around, confused. You see me laying there again, and start to rob to the edge of your half of the bed, staring at me frightened.

"No,stop, let me go, please", is what you try to say, but only a few moans is all I hear, because your mouth is still taped shut.

"You don't have to be afraid. I won't hurt you, I just want to have a little fun.", I say, looking calmly at you. "And, maybe, if you get a little more into it yourself, you might have a lot of fun yourself..."

You were about to fall over the edge of the bed, but now you hesitate. It's not that you suddenly trust me, but the promise to not hurt you sounds sincere.

You look at me, doubt still in your eyes, but you decide to see what I'm up to.

"Okay, let's see what you think of my plan for now. I'd like to play a game. If I win, it may be a bit frustrating for you, but nothing more. But if you win, you're free to do whatever you want. You can leave, you can stay, your choice. How does that sound?"

"What game", is what I interpret your two muffled sounds as.

"You just have to cum, before you fall asleep.", I explain, with a grin.

You lift one brow, looking quizzically at me.

I reach down behind me under the bed, and get a light colored, transparent anesthesia mask and a breathing bag, as well as a rubber harness.

"You will wear this and breath the chloroform I will put in the bag. If you manage to cum before this puts you to sleep, you win", I say, getting a rag from the nightstand and the bottle of chloroform next to it. "And how are you supposed to cum, without your hands, you ask?"

You lift both brows, looking expectant.

"I will just lay back, and you will sit on top of me. That should be enough.", I finish the explanation, shooting you a wink. ;)

You look at me, thinking. You experienced the chloroform already, you know it takes a while to put you to sleep. Looking at the mask setup, you reckon it takes even longer than with cloth, since you will be breathing a mix of air and chloro.

Taking a deep breath, you nod at me.

"Good! Not that you had a real choice. But anyway, let's start then."

I take the mask and harness and tell you to sit up on the bed. You do, and I put the mask on your mouth and nose. The inflatable rim is soft and creates a perfect seal on your face, so that the only air you can breath comes through the hole in the mask.

The harness comes around your head and is fixated to the mask. Now the mask stays on your face with me needing to hold it, no matter how much you shake your head.

I open the bottle of chloroform and soak the rag, we both smell the first few fumes of the anesthetic. I put the cloth in the bag, and lay down on my back in the middle of the bed, mentioning you to sit on top of me. You do so kind of slowly, since your hands a re still bound, but you manage to climb above my midsection. My dick is still hard from our struggle and your almost fainting. Actually, just seeing you on the bed and climbing on top of me give me a hard-on.

"Are you ready?" I ask, bag full of chloro in hand. You nod. I connect the bag to the mask, and you begin to smell the fumes. The moment it is completely connected, your next breath is almost pure chloroform, burning in your nose and making you cough a little. But you don't lose concentration and lift yourself carefully. I help you guiding my cock, and as you sit back down, I slowly slid inside you.

I let out a short grunt, and as I fill you up with my member, you let yourself sink lower and lower, my dick sliding deeper and deeper inside you, causing you to take a deep, slow breath in, despite the still irritating chloroform. The bag collapses as you breath in, telling you that the bag itself is closed. You're rebreathing your air/chloroform mix.

Just before I touch your cervix, you sit on my hip. You need a short rest, taking a risky breath, before lifting yourself back up, to start the riding. I hold your hips to help you balance with tied hands, as you bounce up and down, getting faster.

Your lips start to go numb, the first signs of the coming forced sleep. But you're getting worked up as well, your body is flushed, your pussy is getting more wet with each up and down. But the more excited you get, the faster you breath in the chloroform. The air inside the bag is starting to get stale as well, providing you with less and less oxygen each breath, also causing you to breath faster.

Your pussy really begins to throb, you don't need much longer for your orgasm. Even though your fingers start to tingle, you notice the chloroform being almost completely evaporated. The rag can only carry so much chloro, and it's almost gone now. You see your chance in this.

I let my hands wander from your hips to your breasts, stroking and massaging them, only thinking about my pleasure at the moment.

Your breathing becomes very fast now, your whole body is red, you see the first stars flashing in your vision. The chloroform is gone, but you're still rebreathing your own air, getting almost no oxygen in. Your bouncing on my cock is still getting faster, you're closing on your orgasm, you know what you have to do to get off. Closing your eyes, you try to concentrate on the feeling of my dick in your pussy, how it fills you up completely. All the while your breathing is getting faster and faster, searching for oxygen.

With your eyes closed and fixated on your climax, you don't notice me reaching down next to bed. After a little rummaging and fidgeting I find what I need, and with my left hand I slowly pull up a hissing tube that's connected to a few tanks under the bed, containing nitrous oxide, oxygen and sevoflouran.

The bag is hanging loosely between your breasts, you don't notice me taking it. While you're still bouncing up and down, trying to get your climax, I connect the tube to the bag. The rather strong nitrous/oxygen mix is flowing through the bag and the mask, but the smell is not strong enough for you to notice, after breathing the chloroform and getting little to no oxygen. You're still breathing very fast and deep, inhaling a lot of nitrous very fast.

Your arms begin to tingle, the roaring starts in your ears. You think its the missing oxygen, while trying to keep up the pace. After a few more seconds and several deep breaths, your whole face is tingling and you lose the feeling in your lips and fingers. Your legs start to tingle now, and you're struggling to coordinate the bouncing.

You feel the orgasm coming, but you don't have the strength to bounce up and down anymore, getting slower with your movements. You're so close to the climax, but the gas is pulling you down more and more. After having only the strength to keep grinding a little up and down, you slowly open your eyes. Your vision is blurry at first, but clears a little, and you see the hose running from the bag to under the bed. Your eyes widen and you try to hold your breath. The oxygen in the gas mix helps a little, and you try to collect your strength to grind a little harder, trying to reach your climax.

I notice you holding your breath. "We had that already, my sexy dear", I say, reaching back to your breast and squeezing it with one hand, and taking the bag with my other hand. The pain and the pleasure from your breast lets you gasp a little, and that's when I squeeze the bag. A full load of nitrous oxide gets pushed into your lungs, hitting you pretty hard. You begin to sway, and colors flash before your eyes. At the same time your orgasm starts to build.

I reach back under the bed and flip a switch, mixing the sevoflouran into the gas mix. Your next breath comes involuntary, together with me squeezing the bag again, giving you another big gulp of gas. This time you notice a stronger smell while you're breathing it deep in, and your sight narrows a little. Your orgasm is directly in front of you, if could just reach for your clit, you would explode.

You lack the coordination to move your whole body up and down or just to grind on me, and your eyes begin to close on their own. Another bag of gas gets pushed into your lungs, you didn't notice taking a breath. Your vision narrows even more, the roaring in your ears is incredibly loud, the only feeling you have left is in your pussy, where you feel sudden warmth and more fullness, as I cum inside you, after seeing you succumb to the gases being pushed inside you. Your next breath comes, deep and slow, taking the sleepy gas in. Your eyes close, you can't feel your body anymore. You slide to the side, but I catch you after I come down from my own climax, guiding you on top of me.

There you are, unconscious, sleeping on top of me. I hear your breathing through the mask, hear the hissing of the gases in the bag. You didn't reach your climax, the sleep denied you your relief.

My dick still inside you, I switch off the sevo, regulating the nitrous/oxygen mix to save levels, and sleep with you in my arms.



  • josue
    josue Wednesday, 25 October 2017

    link to first story

  • MarkS
    MarkS Wednesday, 25 October 2017

    Sorry, I can't do that. The story was not uploaded publicly, more like a private chat.

  • josue
    josue Sunday, 05 November 2017

    then upload the story from your side and say that it was this person that did it not you

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