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Prison Guard Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

Posted by on in Sleepy
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2 cuffed sitting 

                                         Prison Guard Part 1


            Kim stood in her cell. She watched another girl be returned to her cell from the treatment unit. The TU was dreaded by all the prisoners that broke the rules. They were dragged by the guard into a room behind a steel door and didn’t come out for hours or sometimes even days. No one would ever talk about what happened there, but Kim needed to find out, and soon. She was a rookie cop straight from the academy. She was a cute blonde just over five feet tall and only weighed about a hundred pounds. She looked more like a model than the prisoner she was supposed to be. Five days had passed and all she knew so far was that Mindy the overnight guard may be corrupt.

            Mindy was nearly six feet tall and very athletic. She had a nasty temper and was not to be messed with. During the day several guards were on duty, but at night there was just Mindy. Right before lights out and lockdown Mindy came on duty. She would leave after morning wake up and count.

            As Kim watched the girls come back from TU, she noticed they looked very clean. In fact, they looked neater than when they left. Their hair was neat, and it looked like they had used cosmetics, which were not allowed in the prison. This is hardly what you would expect after hours of discipline. Something else was amiss here. The last two girls that were taken there had done really stupid things just as Mindy came on duty, and were quickly hauled away. They were almost asking for it.

            The first girl Kim had asked about TU threatened to beat her up. The second was scared and would not talk. The third said “Just do something wrong and you’ll find out!” That’s just what she would do. Kim would piss off Mindy as soon as she came on duty and find out what’s going on once and for all.

            As soon as Mindy came on duty Kim started calling Allison, the girl in the next cell names. Allison, a hardened prostitute, snarled right back, and when Mindy told them to knock it off, Kim said “Oh shut up you old bitch!” That was enough!  Mindy opened Kim’s cell and dragged her to TU. Kim thought it was strange that she didn’t bring Allison too, but she didn’t care. At last she would see the TU!

            Mindy dragged her through the steel door and slammed it shut. Kim was ordered to sit on the bed and hold her hands over her head. Mindy handcuffed her around a pole over the bed. Kim was totally helpless now, under Mindy’s control, but she wasn’t that worried. After all no girls had been injured or were missing, how bad could it be?

            She was about to find out! Mindy went through an open steel door on the other side of the room and came back with a can that looked like cleaning fluid, and a white washcloth. She opened the can and poured a lot of the liquid on the cloth. Then she put the can down and walked over and held the wet cloth over Kim’s nose and mouth. Kim tried to turn away as she smelled the fumes but Mindy grabbed her head with her free hand and pulled the cloth even tighter against her face. Mindy warned her not to resist and to breathe normally. Kim finally relaxed and started to inhale.

            Kim had never been put under before and didn’t know what was happening to her. She heard a ringing in her ears and her head started spinning. Her eyes kept blinking,   but she couldn’t focus. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Mindy smiled as she watched Kim’s eyes flutter and close, and felt her head go limp in her arms. That was the ultimate thrill! Putting a new girl to sleep for the first time! She had put many girls under many times but this girl was the newest and cutest so far. She held the cloth on her for almost a minute after she was out. She liked the first time to be a long knockout, since there was only one first time for each girl. She finally pulled the cloth away and dropped it on the bed. She pulled the top of Kim’s uniform up and over her head. It was easier to do this while her arms were still up over her head.  She removed the handcuffs and let Kim’s limp body fall on the bed. The inmates were not allowed to wear bras so she was topless now. Mindy untied and removed Kim’s sneakers. Inmates didn’t wear socks either. All Kim had on her now were a pair of shorts and small white panties. As Mindy began to remove Kim’s shorts, a buzzer went off. Damm! She had to go check this out. She pulled Kim’s arms back over the bar and put the handcuffs back on her. Then she left and slammed the door behind her.

            Kim started to wake up about an hour later. Her hands were still over her head but she noticed her top and sneakers were off. She could see them on the floor but couldn’t reach them. The white cloth that Mindy had used to knock her out was still on the bed. She had finally gotten inside the TU but not far enough. She was in what looked like an outer holding cell. She needed to see what was behind the next steel door.

            The door lock buzzed, and Mindy came back in. She said she was sorry to leave her hanging like that, but she had to leave suddenly. Since Kim had only been awake for about two minutes, there wasn’t much discomfort. Mindy picked the cloth up off the bed and walked over to where the can was and poured more of the liquid on the cloth. She told Kim to be a good girl and relax this time.

            Kim knew it was futile to resist anyway. She inhaled deeply this time, and was under again in about 20 seconds. Mindy didn’t hold the cloth on her as long this time, and she carefully lowered her to the bed, after she removed the handcuffs. She pulled the already undone shorts off her, and then removed her panties as well. She left the cloth on the bed and her clothes on the floor. Mindy picked Kim up and cradle carried her through the second door and closed it behind her.

            Once inside she put Kim down in the middle of a large double bed. She arranged her hair neatly, and moved her limbs around to pose her. She loved them out and naked on the bed like that. She looked at Kim more closely now. She turned her over and looked at her back. No scars, no blemishes, and no tattoos! That had to be a first. What is a Barbie doll like this doing in prison? It didn’t matter for the moment, since she was now her Barbie doll! She fondled her for a while and then looked at her watch. It would soon be time to make her rounds.

  When Kim woke up, Mindy was sitting behind a desk. She remained quiet so Mindy would not know she was awake. She was finally in the other room. She carefully looked around to learn as much as she could, since she feared she might be put under again. There was a bed, a desk and computer, a TV, a stall shower, a toilet, a sink, a chest of drawers and a dressing table with a hair dryer and a lot of beauty products. There were several more bottles of that liquid, she could read them now. “Chloroform” they said on the labels. She had heard of people being chloroformed, only now she knew what it meant. She could not see the cloth anywhere or her clothes either. She guessed they were still in the other room, out of reach behind the locked door.

            Mindy looked over at her. “Oh, I see you’re awake” she said. Kim said “Yes I am and where are my clothes?” “Don’t worry” said Mindy. “I sent them to the prison laundry.” “You’ll get them back early in the morning.”  “If you behave, you will get to go back to your cell right after daylight and you will be all clean.”

            Mindy said she would soon be leaving for a while to make her rounds. Kim was delighted! She could search the room further while she was gone. As Mindy got ready to leave, she handcuffed Kim’s hands behind her back. Oh well she thought I can still snoop around anyway. Next Mindy reached in a drawer and pulled out a dust mask. What was that for? Kim wondered.  She strapped it on Kim’s face over her nose and mouth. Then she picked up a chloroform can and poured some into a tiny glass. It looked like a shot glass only bigger. Mindy held Kim’s head back and poured the glass of chloroform onto the mask and soaked the area in front of her nose and mouth. She put the empty glass down and left. As Mindy walked out the door she said “Sweet dreams!”
            She wasn’t kidding! The chloroform had soaked all the way through the mask and was inside Kim’s nose! Within 10 seconds she collapsed onto the bed. Her ears were ringing and her head was spinning worse than either of the two times before. She tried taking smaller breaths and holding her breath entirely but it was no use. She passed out on the bed in less than a minute.

            This time she was out for several hours. When she awoke, she was right where she fell. The mask was still on, but it was dry now. She tried to get up off the bed but it was impossible. She was too light headed. Her eyes would not focus. It didn’t matter. She wouldn’t be doing any snooping around anyway. She heard the buzz from the door lock. Mindy was back.

            Mindy came through the door, and was in a very good mood. Her rounds were over. There would be no more interruptions now. It was time to play with her new doll. She grabbed Kim by the elbows and helped her sit up. Kim was starting to feel better now and thanked her for helping her up. Mindy put her arm around her and said “You’ve been a very good girl so far and I will take good care of you.” Kim wasn’t sure what that meant, but she was not afraid. So far no real damage was done and she still had to learn more about that room.  

            That would have to be later. Mindy filled the glass with more chloroform and said “First we’ll take care of that dry mask of yours, and then we’ll get you out of those handcuffs.” Once again she soaked the mask, and as promised undid the handcuffs. Having her hands freed was a relief, but she wouldn’t get to use them. By the time the cuffs were off, she couldn’t raise her arms. She was already more than half out. Mindy started to take off her own uniform. Kim watched her undo a couple of buttons. That’s the last thing Kim remembered.

            Mindy was elated! She took off all her own clothes, except her panties, and began to play with her new doll. She moved her all around and explored her everywhere. She would lie on top of her and press her large breasts against Kim’s small ones. She had the time of her life for nearly 2 hours. Kim woke up as before with the mask still on. Mindy had never taken it off. She may have even soaked it again while she was out, how could Kim tell? Kim had lost all track of time!

            Mindy took the mask off and told Kim to go ahead and take a shower and wash her hair. After drying herself she was to sit at the dressing table and wait. As Kim showered, Mindy got dressed. Kim enjoyed the shower, as it was the first one she’d had in the 6 days she’d been there. The water helped her wake up too. When she dried off and walked towards the dressing table she was starting to feel pretty good. On the way, she opened a few drawers of the chest while Mindy wasn’t looking. She saw nightgowns, string bikinis, sexy underwear, high heeled shoes, and several cameras. She sat down at the dressing table and started to brush her hair. To her surprise Mindy had walked up behind her and was holding the white cloth and a can of chloroform. She told Kim to relax as she soaked the cloth. She was just going to put her under and dry her hair and make her up while she was asleep. Once again the cloth was placed over Kim’s face. She inhaled deeply and passed out in less than 30 seconds. Mindy held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds longer, and then went to work on Kim’s now very limp head.

            Kim woke up in about an hour, and when she saw herself in the mirror she couldn’t believe it. She was made up like a model. Her hair was perfect and fluffy. Her face had makeup on it and there was lipstick on her lips. Now she knew why the girls came back looking the way they did! But she needed to know more about the stuff in the drawers. She still needed to search that room!

            Mindy asked her what she thought of the job she did, and Kim said “I look great! You can knock me out and make me up anytime!” Mindy said “Don’t worry! I intend to do just that!” Mindy helped her up and told her to sit in the large stuffed chair near the dressing table. “I have to go get your clothes, and then I will dress you” Mindy said. As Kim sat naked in the chair, she wondered if she might still get a chance to look around while Mindy went for her clothes. This was not to be. Mindy was soaking the cloth again. She said “When you wake up, you’ll be dressed and all ready to go back to you cell.” She placed the cloth over her face once more and Kim went under quickly. This time Mindy held the cloth on her for almost a minute after she was out.

            Mindy had lied about one thing. Kim’s clothes were already back. She only knocked her out because it was time to play dress up with her doll, and take some pictures. She put a sexy nightgown and a pair of high heels on Kim and got out the camera. She posed her and shot picture after picture like a model photo shoot. She put her in nearly every outfit in the drawer and snapped hundreds of pictures. Then she dressed her in her own clothes and put away the camera.

            Kim woke up fresh this time, and everything was as Mindy had promised. She was dressed and clean. Now it was time for pep talk. Mindy told her she could come back anytime she wanted for more of the same. As long as she would let Mindy knock her out, she would receive all the comforts of Mindy’s room. If she told anyone, she would be turned over to the day guards for discipline and they did things the old way. She would be beaten for sure and maybe worse. Mindy explained that she had to do her rounds once more before taking her back to her cell. While she was gone Kim had two options. She could wait handcuffed to the bed in the outer cell, or stay in the stuffed chair with a chloroform mask on.

            Kim asked “If I stay here in the chair will I still be handcuffed?” Mindy said “No handcuffs, you just have to wear the mask.” “OK, I’ll wear the mask” Kim said. This time Mindy poured the chloroform right onto the mask. She strapped it on Kim’s face and said “Sweet dreams” once again.

            Not quite yet if I can help it thought Kim! She held her breath carefully and started blinking her eyes and moving her head around. Then her head came to rest on the back of the chair. She fluttered her eyes and then closed them, while letting her head fall limp to the side. Mindy had been watching and said to herself “OK she’s out, I better get going.”

            When Kim heard the door close she quickly removed the mask and placed it in the sink. She started to look around. She saw several cameras in the ceiling over the bed   and one aimed at the stuffed chair. She suspected things were being taped or maybe sent on the internet. At the far end of the room past the shower there was a door. It had an electronic lock, so she couldn’t open it. It looked like a bathroom or a closet.

             After Kim had looked at everything in the room that she could get to, she got ready to knock herself out. She knew she had better be out for real when Mindy got back. When she picked up the mask, she realized it was too dry. Kim opened the chloroform can and poured it on. It spilled all over and the excess went into the sink. The mask was really too soaked now but there was nothing she could do. She sat in the chair and strapped it on. It was the biggest dose she’d ever had so far, and she passed out within 15 seconds.

             When Mindy returned, she went to check on Kim. She was still deeply under.    The mask was still wet. She took it off so Kim would wake up. There wasn’t much more time. She lifted Kim’s top and played with her boobs one last time. Then she just stood and watched her sleeping in the chair. Mindy really loved to see the girls sleep! Her sleepy fetish was just as much of an addiction as a drug habit.

             When Kim woke up, she felt really great. It was the opposite of what she expected. The larger dose had put her under faster and deeper, but it made the wake up    more pleasant. She would have to remember that! She was really getting the hang of the chloroform by now.  Breath deeply and don’t resist, and more was better for waking up.   Weird!  Now Mindy took her by the arm, and escorted her back to her cell. As they got close, Mindy grabbed her arm harder and acted real tough. She opened her cell and shoved her in. Kim knew that this was all for appearances sake. When Mindy had her alone, she had treated Kim better than her own mom did!

Once inside the cell, her neighbor Allison asked her what last night’s fighting was all about. Allison, said “Boy! I was afraid she would take me too!” All of a sudden Kim had an idea. She knew another one on one with Mindy wouldn’t give her anything she didn’t already have. She was in there nearly 9 hours and was only awake for about a half   hour. Most of the time she was awake was spent in the shower. Shoot! Next time Mindy might put her under to shower her as well! She had put her out to dry her hair, and even to dress her! Tonight she would start another fight with Allison and be taken to TU again.   This time when Mindy came into her cell to drag her away, she would whisper three little words in her ear. “Take her too.”   




                                                              Prison Guard Part 2


            Kim was back in her cell. She felt clean and wonderful, but she was busy thinking. She would go back into the TU tonight with Allison. She didn’t dare try to warn Allison now. She would have to do it inside. She wondered if they would ever both be awake at the same time, with Mindy not watching once they were inside. She would have to chance it.

            Allison was nothing like Kim. She was an abused child that ran away and was forced into prostitution. Allison was several years older than Kim and was several inches taller. She was very thin though, and had fairly well rounded breasts that stuck straight out like bullets. She was beautiful. She had raven black hair, brown eyes, and long slender legs. She could have passed for a fashion model, if she was not in her prison clothes. Even in her sweatshirt without a bra she looked stunning though. Her bare legs from her shorts to her sneakers would turn heads.

            As Mindy started to walk toward the cell unit, Kim started calling Allison names. It wasn’t long before Allison lost control and started in on Kim. Mindy arrived and said “I see you two are at it again!” Then she said “maybe this time you both should come along with me.” She opened Allison’s cell first and dragged her out. Then she dragged Kim out and handcuffed the 2 girls together and marched them to the TU.

            Once inside, Mindy closed the outer door and told the girls to sit on the bed. She handcuffed Allison’s arms over her head first, and then Kim’s. Then she went behind the other door. Kim knew what came next, but she didn’t dare let on. She hoped Mindy would put Allison out first, but she couldn’t be sure.

            Mindy came back, with the white cloth in one hand, and the can of chloroform in the other. She was pouring the chloroform onto the cloth as she walked. She put the can down and approached the girls. Allison saw what was coming and began to thrash around. Mindy placed the cloth over her face and tried to hold her still. Allison fought like a wildcat. She held her breath and turned her head away, while she kicked her legs all over. Mindy grabbed her by the hair and held her fast. After about a minute she was still thrashing around and showed no sign of going under.

            Mindy was getting rough now, and Kim felt responsible for Allison being there. Kim finally took her right leg and wrapped it around both of Allison’s legs and held them down. Allison gave Kim a startled look as Mindy now had her completely under control. Allison started to breathe and cough now. Soon Allison’s eyes were fluttering. Kim and Mindy both watched as Allison’s eyes rolled closed and her head finally fell limp in Mindy’s arms. Mindy held the cloth on her for what seemed like forever to Kim. She wondered if Mindy held it on her that long, after she was out.

            After about a minute, Mindy pulled the cloth off Allison and dropped it on the bed. Mindy said “Since you were a good girl and helped me, I’ll let you stay awake for a few minutes, and later I will give you a special reward.” Kim watched as Mindy pulled off Allison’s top and undid her handcuffs. Then she lowered her on to the bed and untied her sneakers, and slipped them off. Then she undid her shorts and pulled them off. Finally she pulled down her panties and threw them on the floor. Kim couldn’t help but notice how hot Mindy was getting as she looked at Allison’s breathtaking nude and limp body on the bed.

            Mindy picked Allison up and cradle carried her into the other room, and placed her on the bed. Then she went back for Kim. She picked up the cloth and walked over to the table and poured more chloroform on it. Then she walked towards Kim and placed it over her face. Kim relaxed and breathed deeply. Her ears started ringing after a few breaths. Her vision blurred and she blinked her eyes to try and focus. It was no use. Her eyes rolled closed and everything went dark. Mindy smiled as she held her now limp doll in her arms.

            Soon Kim’s clothes were off, and she left her on the outer room bed while she took both girls’ clothes to the laundry. Then she came back and cradle carried Kim into the other room and closed the second door. She laid Kim on the bed next to Allison. Then she stepped back and admired her new companions. She moved them around and played with them for a while, and then she handcuffed both girls’ hands behind their backs. Then Mindy went to her desk and logged on to her computer and called up Allison’s records.

            After about an hour, Kim woke up. She carefully looked around. Allison was still out, and Mindy was at her desk. Kim moved Allison’s leg with her own to try to wake her up. There was no response. God knows how much chloroform Mindy had given her she thought! Then Kim looked up and noticed Mindy was watching her.

            Mindy said “She’ll be awake in a few minutes, don’t worry.” Kim said “I wasn’t worried, but could you take off my handcuffs?” Mindy said “I’m going to put masks on both of you soon, while I make my rounds.” I can put yours on now and give you a little to get you sedated, and then you won’t need the cuffs.” Kim watched as Mindy filled the small glass with chloroform and placed the mask over her face. Then she poured about a third of the glass on the mask. As Mindy undid the cuffs and took them off Kim started to feel lightheaded.

            Mindy went back to the table and took out another mask. Then she filled a second small glass with chloroform. Kim watched in horror as Mindy refilled her glass to the top as well. She would now get an entire glass of chloroform on top of what she had already been given!  Kim already felt like she was more than just sedated. Her ears were ringing and she had to keep blinking her eyes to focus.  She knew she would pass out completely any minute. She took careful breaths and kept watching Allison. Soon Allison started to stir. Kim moved closer so she could warn her. By the time she got close enough to whisper a warning in her ear, Kim was nearly out. Her eyes fluttered rapidly.  She was so busy watching Allison that she didn’t realize Mindy was standing over her, with the now filled glass in her hand. Before she knew what was happening, Mindy poured the whole glass of fresh chloroform onto Kim’s mask. Startled, Kim turned to look at Mindy, but her face was out of focus. Kim collapsed on the bed instantly. She was only one or two breaths from passing out to start with, and that much fresh Chloroform overwhelmed her. She was gone before her head hit the bed.  

            Allison was now awake. Unfortunately, Kim was now deeply under and would be out for hours. Mindy strapped a mask on Allison and poured some chloroform on it. Her head swooned back and forth and her eyes rolled and closed once more. Now she too was out again.

            Mindy said out loud “Time to bait the trap!” Mindy went to the chest and took out a sheer black nightgown and a pair of high heeled pumps, as well as some thigh high stockings. She dressed Kim in these and laid her out on the bed. Then she got a red nightgown and some shoes and stockings for Allison. She took off her handcuffs and dressed her, and then she took off her mask. She put the mask down on the table and refilled her chloroform glass.

            Mindy had checked on Allison’s files. She was addicted to Rohypnol, and had not been able to get any in the prison. Mindy had a stash of the drug. Also Allison was known to like women. With Kim knocked out and dressed sexy as bait and the drug to hold over her, Allison would soon be begging to be chloroformed. Mindy could control her now. She knew that Allison couldn’t be tamed by struggle. She would have to go another way. Kim had been worried over nothing. Allison would be safe with Mindy too.

            Soon Allison was awake. Mindy said “You gave me a lot of trouble, but you are going to be a good girl now!” “Like Hell!” Allison said. Mindy said “How would you like a few minutes to play with your friend?” Allison looked over at the helpless and very hot looking Kim and said “What would I have to do? Have sex with you?” Mindy said “No, just let me put you under whenever I want.” Allison said “I don’t think so.” Then Mindy held up the drug Allison needed. Allison’s eyes widened. “Why do you want to put me under?” she asked. Mindy told her that she had a sleepy fetish and liked to put girls out and dress them, do their hair and make up, and things like that.

            Allison thought about it for a minute, and then asked “You won’t hurt me or violate me while I’m out?” Mindy said “Of course not. You will be treated like a precious little doll.” Allison said “That would be a first! The last time people put me under I woke up bound, and was tortured.” Mindy said “I can’t do that here, since once I let you go, you will have as much on me as I have on you.”

            OK said Allison, “What do you want me to do?” Mindy said that she had to go on her rounds in a few minutes, and that Allison would be put under like Kim while she was gone. After she got back Mindy would give her some of the drug she wanted, and let her play with Kim some more. Mindy put a mask on Allison’s face and poured some chloroform on it. She said “Go ahead and play with Kim until you pass out.”

            Allison crawled over next to Kim and lifted up her nightgown, and pulled it over her head. Then she started to play with Kim’s breasts. Then she bent down and slowly removed Kim’s high heels. She ran her hands back and forth over Kim’s stockings lovingly. As she went to turn Kim over, she started to lose her balance and fell onto the bed beside Kim. Her ears were ringing and her eyes blinked, but wouldn’t focus. Suddenly everything went dark.

            Mindy watched breathlessly as Allison passed out while playing with Kim’s limp body. She watched her eyes flutter and roll closed. Then she fell on top of Kim with her head landing on Kim’s chest. Then Mindy turned Allison over and laid her out beside Kim. After that, she went and got the chloroform glass and poured the rest of it on Allison’s mask. Then she left for her rounds.

            Kim was the first to wake up. She took off her mask and tried to wake Allison to warn her. It was no use. Allison’s mask was still wet and she was deeply under. Kim started to remove her mask but heard the outer door lock buzz and quickly put it back. Mindy was back.

            Mindy walked in smiling. She told Kim to remove Allison’s mask and let her wake up. About 5 minutes after the mask was removed, Allison started to wake up. Both girls were now sitting up on the bed in their nightgowns. Kim’s shoes were still off. Mindy said Kim would be going back to sleep soon, so that she and Allison could have some time alone. When Kim woke up she would get the reward Mindy promised her.

            Kim was disappointed that she wouldn’t see what was about to happen, and that she would not have a chance to talk to Allison. But there was nothing she could do. Mindy was soaking a white cloth with chloroform. She handed it to Allison and asked her to put Kim to sleep. Allison took the cloth and gently held it over Kim’s mouth and nose. Allison tingled all over as she watched Kim’s eyes start to flutter. Then suddenly Kim’s eyes rolled up and closed and her head slumped to the side. Mindy told her to keep the cloth on her for about a minute.

            Mindy watched as Allison held the cloth on Kim. She knew she was hooked now. She would do anything to be allowed to put Kim to sleep. When Kim was deeply under, Mindy handed Allison some of the drug she so desperately wanted. As she took it, Mindy made her promise that she would not resist the chloroform from now on. Allison said “Oh God! I’ll do anything you say if you will keep me supplied, and even more if I can put Kim under and play with her.”

            “Very well.” Mindy said, “You can play with Kim for a while now.” Allison pulled Kim’s nightgown completely off this time and began to fondle her all over. Then she settled in and played with Kim’s breasts. After about a half hour, Mindy told Allison that it was time for her to wear a mask. Allison sat willing as Mindy strapped a mask on her and poured some chloroform on it. Then she was told she could continue to play with Kim until she passed out.

            Within 2 minutes, Allison fell on the bed on top of Kim. Her head went limp and her eyes closed. Mindy pulled off her nightgown and started to play with her. Her breasts were awesome, and Mindy played with them for quite a while. Mindy decided that Allison would not be going back to her cell in the morning when Kim did. Allison would stay for the day as well, and she would bring Kim back again after lights out.

            Mindy poured a full glass of chloroform on Allison’s mask and settled her on the bed with her head on the pillow. Then she put her red nightgown back on her. She started to wake Kim up. Kim stirred after a few minutes and sat up. Mindy took off Kim’s stockings, and she was now naked.

            Mindy took Kim by the hand and led her to the secret room and opened the door. Once led inside, Kim could see it was a bath and spa room. There was a hot tub, a massage table, and lots of towels, washcloths, soaps, and body oils. She told Kim to lie face down on the massage table and relax. Mindy opened a cabinet and pulled out a heated sheet and placed it over Kim’s naked body.

            Kim felt warm and wonderful. Mindy was going to give her a massage. As Mindy lifted up the sheet, Kim felt a sting in her butt. She turned around and saw Mindy holding a needle. “This will relax your muscles and turn you into jelly in a few minutes.” Mindy said.

            Kim was limp and unable to move within seconds. All she could do was turn her head from side to side. Nothing else responded. Her eyesight was fuzzy, and she felt like she was floating. Her ears were dulled also. Everything sounded like she was under water. Mindy started to rub her all over. It felt wonderful. She was never so relaxed in her life. After a while, Mindy turned her over and massaged her front side. She stared at the ceiling, and felt like she was floating on air.

            Finally Mindy said it was time for her bath. Kim watched as she poured something into the tub and flipped a switch. The tub stared to bubble with lather, and Kim could see steam coming off the water. Kim came towards her with a small tank and a clear hose, with what looked like an oxygen mask attached to it. Mindy strapped the mask on her face and turned on the valve. She told Kim to relax and breathe normally.

             As Kim inhaled, she smelled something sweet, without the strong fumes of the chloroform. She quickly lost what little focus she had, and started to blink her eyes. Then she slipped into a delightful void. Mindy smiled as she watched Kim pass out within 10 seconds. She was already so far gone from the shot, that the gas was almost not needed. Mindy kept the gas on for about 5 minutes. Then she turned it off and removed the mask.

            Kim was really out now! Mindy lifted her off the table and placed her in the tub. She was a total rag doll. Just the way Mindy wanted her. Mindy bathed her and washed her hair. She floated her around in the tub and fondled her for about an hour. Then she rested her on the side of the tub and turned on the shower nearby. Mindy then lifted Kim out of the tub and held her under the shower, and rinsed her off. Then she placed her on the table and slowly dried her off. She then carried her out of the room, and sat her at the dressing table and dried her hair. Then she did her make up and lipstick.

            Mindy placed her in the stuffed chair and redressed her in the black nightgown, stockings, and high heeled shoes. She was still deeply under. Then Mindy checked on Allison. Her mask was still wet and she had not moved. Mindy got out the camera and took photos of both girls. After a while she put the camera away and waited for Kim to wake up.

            Kim woke up feeling very dreamy. The gas and the shot had her floating on air for a while. She felt her hair and then looked at herself in the mirror. Wow! Mindy had really done a job on her this time. Mindy said it was time for her to go get the girl’s clothes and that Kim would be taking a short nap. Kim sat in the chair still floating as Mindy soaked the cloth and put it over her face once more. She was out within 20 seconds.

            Mindy went and got the clothes, and then returned and redressed Kim in her prison clothes. As Kim slept in the chair, Mindy went over to Allison and removed her mask. When Kim woke up, she walked over to the bed. Allison was waking up. Mindy told Allison that she would take Kim back to her cell, but that she would be staying for the day. Mindy soaked a cloth with chloroform, and handed it to Kim. Kim gently placed it over Allison’s face and watched her eyes. First they fluttered and then they rolled and closed. Kim thought it was really cool as she saw Allison’s head slump limply to the side. She held the cloth on her for a minute or so.

            Mindy escorted Kim back to her cell. Then she returned and admired Allison’s sleeping body. She was off for the day. There would be no interruptions. When Allison woke up she would get a massage, bath, and make up. Just like Kim did. Then she would have the rest of the day to play with her newest doll! After lights out she would have Kim again too. Ah life was good!



                                                           Prison Guard Part 3


            When Kim got back to her cell, she was really groggy. Between the shot and the gas and all the chloroform, she could barely walk back from TU.  She stretched out on her bed and thought about the situation. Allison would no doubt be knocked out for most, if not all, of the day. She should be safe though. So far Mindy was harmless for all practical purposes. The girls were being treated better than they deserved, since they were in prison to start with. If she turned in Mindy, they would replace her with a guard that would most likely beat and abuse the women. She would think it over for now.



 When Mindy got back to her room, Allison was still out. Kim had held the cloth on her for quite a while after she was out. She was still dressed in the red nightgown with the thigh high stockings and high heeled pumps. Mindy couldn’t wait to have some uninterrupted time with her. She sat at her desk and used her computer, while she waited for Allison to wake up.


            After about half an hour, Allison opened her eyes. Her head was spinning and she was too weak to sit up. She looked around the room carefully. Kim was gone. Mindy was at the desk, using the computer. As her vision started to clear, Mindy noticed she was awake. Mindy told her to sit up and relax. She would give her some of her drug of choice in a minute.


            Allison sat up and started to get her balance. Mindy told her that Kim would be back after lights out, and that she would soon be treated to a massage and bubble bath. Allison found the whole thing hard to believe, but it was the first good thing to happen to her in a long time. She desperately needed her Rohypnol, and she didn’t mind all the knock outs as long as she wasn’t being abused.


            Rohypnol was the date rape drug. The people that forced Allison into prostitution gave it to her constantly. At first, one pill would make her totally uninhibited for about a half hour, and then she would pass out completely and wake up several hours later and remember nothing. Sometimes they would give her 2 pills. She would pass out in about 10 minutes and be out for 4 hours. She had no idea of what happened in that time and she hated it. Eventually she needed one pill every day or she would climb the walls. Then they would make her do things to get the pill. She had been in prison 6 months and still craved the drug. Mindy had given her one last night and it was heaven for her. She wondered if she could get Mindy to give her 2 today.


            Mindy approached her with a bottle of pills. She handed her one and a cup of water. Allison eagerly took it. Then she asked if she could have another. Mindy said she might give her another in a few minutes. After about 10 minutes, Allison was already feeling dreamy from the first pill. Mindy knew a second pill would knock her out completely, since she hadn’t had any for a while. She wanted to prolong the moment. She also wanted to see what Allison would do to get it.


            Allison wanted another pill. She would work on Mindy. Allison turned on to her side on the bed facing Mindy. She waved her legs in the air and slowly removed her high heeled pumps and then rubbed her stocking feet together. Then she rolled on her back and lifted her nightgown above her waist. Mindy smiled and handed her another pill. Allison swallowed it without water. Then she relaxed on the bed.


            Mindy watched Allison’s eyes. They were dreamy and glazed and blinking often. She got on the bed and started to fondle Allison’s breasts. Allison was awake but had no idea what was happening. Now Mindy could see why it was the perfect date rape drug! Mindy played with her for about 20 minutes. All of a sudden Allison got very still. Her eyes were rolling up into her head. They closed suddenly and Allison’s head turned limp to the side .Her raven black hair sprawled all over. Wow Mindy thought! This was even better than a chloroform mask, since she could see her entire face as she passed out.


            Mindy pulled off Allison’s nightgown and slowly removed her thigh high stockings. She threw them aside and stretched Allison’s limp body out on the bed. She fondled and worshiped her body for several hours. Then she left her there, out and naked while she went in the other room and set up for her bath and massage.


            When Mindy came back, Allison was still out. Mindy sat at her desk and did some work. She kept looking up at Allison’s delectable limp form as she worked. Mindy was in pure heaven! Allison finally woke up after several hours. Boy! Mindy thought, “Maybe I’ll give some of this stuff to Kim tonight.”


            When Allison woke up, she felt wonderful. A good sleep and a good dose of her badly needed drug. She would do anything Mindy asked now. Nothing mattered. She smiled at Mindy and said’


 “What would you like me to do now?”


            Mindy said it was time for her bath and massage. Mindy led her into the hidden room and asked her to lie face down on the massage table. She placed a warm sheet over her naked body. Allison waited in ecstasy. Mindy removed the sheet and took the needle out of the drawer.


“What’s that for?” Allison asked.


“It will relax your muscles and make you drowsy” Mindy said. Mindy stuck the needle in her butt and injected the contents.


“Is this going to knock me out?” Allison asked.


“No, not completely” Mindy said. “You’ll just be relaxed and floating for your massage.”


            Mindy was right. Within a few minutes Allison was floating on air. She couldn’t move anything but her head and neck and didn’t care either. She felt safe and wonderful. Mindy massaged her for about half an hour and then turned her over on her back. She stared at the ceiling, but it wouldn’t focus. Nothing would. She lay there helpless and perfectly happy as Mindy worked on her.


            When Mindy was finished, she went and got the sleeping gas cylinder. She strapped the mask on Allison’s face and turned on the gas. She told Allison to breathe normally and she would soon be asleep for her bath. Allison smiled as she inhaled the sweet fumes. Her ears started a dull ringing and she lost what little focus she had. She tried to blink her eyes to get them to focus, but it was no use. Within 10 seconds her eyes rolled closed and she was out. Mindy left the gas on as she prepared the bath. After about 10 minutes, she turned off the gas and removed the mask. Then she cradle carried Allison’s totally limp body to the tub and put her in the water.


            The bath and shampoo went on for about an hour and a half. Mindy soaped and fondled her doll over and over. She washed her hair 3 times. Then she lifted her out of the foamy tub and held her under the shower to rinse her off. After that, Mindy placed her back on the massage table and dried her off. She was still as limp as a rag doll. Mindy carried her in and placed her in the chair at the dressing table and started to dry her hair. Her hair was now shiny and gorgeous. Mindy then cradled her limp head and applied make up and lipstick. After that she placed her in the stuffed chair and took a string bikini out of the drawer and put it on her. The top was too small and her breasts overflowed. All for the better thought Mindy as she got out the camera. She started snapping picture after picture.


  Finally she noticed Allison was starting to move. A little too soon she thought. Mindy opened a can of chloroform and soaked a thick white washcloth. As soon as Allison’s eyes were fully open she placed it over her nose and mouth. Allison umpped for a second in surprise but Mindy told her to relax and go back to sleep. She inhaled deeply and her eyes were soon fluttering. Mindy watched in awe as Allison’s eyes rolled closed and her head went limp in her arms once again. She held the cloth on her for about a minute and then gently removed it. She untied and removed the bikini top. Then she sat Allison in the chair and took some topless pictures. Then she put her in several more different outfits and took pictures of her in each. She put the red nightgown, thigh high stockings and high heels on her as before and waited for her to wake up.


            When Allison woke up she was sitting in the stuffed chair and was back in her outfit that she started with. She felt her hair and it was dry and fluffy. Then she looked in the dressing table mirror and was shocked at how good she looked. Mindy smiled and asked her what she thought of the makeover. Allison smiled and said it was the best she had ever had.


            Mindy told her she would be going to get Kim soon. Allison asked if she would be allowed to put her to sleep and play with her. Mindy said,


 “Of course you can, but for each time you knock her out, I get to knock you out twice later on!”


Allison tingled all over at the thought of holding the cloth over Kim’s Barbie doll face, and watching her helplessly pass out. She told Mindy she would do anything she wanted her to. Mindy took her hand and walked her over to the bed. Then she got the chloroform and a cloth ready. Allison sat willing as Mindy soaked the cloth. She inhaled deeply with no resistance as Mindy held the cloth over her nose and mouth. After about 30 seconds her eyes were fluttering rapidly. Suddenly Allison went limp in Mindy’s arms. Mindy gently lowered her beautiful limp body on to the bed.


            Mindy smiled as she looked at Allison, helpless and unconscious on the bed in the red nightgown. She never dreamed this one would be tamed so easily. She had a plan now. Allison liked women and needed her drug. She also got hot putting women to sleep. Mindy would allow Allison to bring any girls she liked into the TU by staging fights with them. Then Mindy could knock out Allison and the new girl as much as she wanted. Even better she could watch Allison chloroform the new girl as well.


            Mindy’s computer made the sound of an incoming message. When Mindy went to check it she found out Kim had been transferred out of the prison. Now she would have to depend on Allison for all her fun and games tonight. She would keep her for tonight, and let her out in the morning so Allison could recruit another girl for the next day’s fun.


            Allison woke up after about half an hour and Mindy told her that Kim was gone, and of her plan. Allison eagerly agreed to Mindy’s terms, and would get some new girls. She already had her eye on several and couldn’t wait to make it happen! Mindy soaked the cloth and held it on Allison once more as she lay on the bed. She asked Allison to describe one of the girls as she went under. In a wavering voice with blinking eyes Allison mentioned a taller blonde a lot like Kim. She had blue eyes and was another Barbie doll type. When Mindy asked for her name Allison passed out before she could answer. Mindy was very excited hearing Allison struggle to stay awake and answer her questions. Then her voice trailed off as her eyes closed once more. Mindy pulled the cloth away. Allison woke up about 20 minutes later smiling and happy.


            Mindy soaked the cloth again and held it close to Allison’s face. She asked for more information about the girls she had her eye on. Allison’s voice was wavering as she spoke. Mindy held the cloth ever closer and watched her eyes start to flutter as well. Then she pulled the cloth away and kept her talking. Each time her voice began to sound normal, she moved the cloth closer to keep her in the wavering state. Allison described several girls. Then Mindy spoke to Allison softly,


“You will let me chloroform you anytime I want now.” Mindy asked.


            “Yes.” Allison struggled to say, about to pass out.


“And you will never resist?” Mindy asked.


“No.” promised Allison as her eyes fluttered rapidly.


            Allison held the cloth on her tightly and smiled. Allison inhaled deeply and went out almost instantly. Mindy held the cloth on her for about 30 seconds, so she could have a nice deep sleep after her half out teasing. Mindy just watched her sleep for a while.


            When Allison woke up   Mindy was on her computer. She got off the bed and walked over to Mindy’s desk and looked over her shoulder. At first there was nothing interesting there. Just routine prison stuff. Then Mindy called up the files of the girls Allison had her eye on. Allison was fascinated looking at their records. Mindy got up and let her play with the computer for a while. While Allison looked up all the girls’ records, Mindy prepared a cloth. She soaked it heavily and came up behind Allison. For some reason she wanted to chloroform her from behind while she was in the chair.


            Allison felt the wet cloth suddenly clamped over her face. She totally surrendered as promised and inhaled normally. Within 20 seconds she could feel her eyes fluttering again. The she inhaled deeper. She went out quickly and her head went delightfully limp in Mindy’s strong arms.


            Mindy smiled and held the cloth there for about 30 seconds. Then she got the camera and took some photos of Allison slumped unconscious in her desk chair. “Great pose!” Mindy thought. Then she let Allison wake up while still in the chair. It would be time for Mindy to go back on duty soon. When Allison woke up this time, Mindy told her she had to go back on duty. Allison would be taking a long nap now.


              Mindy decided that this time she would have Allison kneel on the bed, and put a mask on her and watch her slowly pass out. Allison did as she was told and held still while Mindy poured a small amount of chloroform on to the mask and strapped it over her nose and mouth. Allison posed and waved her legs around and removed her shoes. As she started to pull down one of her stockings she fell suddenly to the bed and laid there with her eyes fluttering. After a few seconds her eyes closed and her beautiful head went limp. She had been put under too many times and had no resistance at all.


            Mindy finished removing the stocking for her, and removed the other one as well. Then she posed Allison on the bed in just her nightgown. She filled the tiny glass with more chloroform and totally soaked her mask. She would be out for several hours now. Mindy covered her beautiful limp body with a small blanket and went on her rounds. As she worked, the thought of Allison out on her bed, in that hot red nightgown was giving her fits. She looked over each of the girls that Allison had picked out in their cells. Oh yes, this was going to work out just fine. She would miss Kim, but there were still others. And some looked like pretty cloth worthy others at that!


                                                             Prison Guard Part 4


                 Allison was sitting on the bed in her cell. It had been several days since Mindy brought her back. She felt dirty and grungy and badly needed her drug. She fought with a newcomer named Amber at dinner and they were both on report. Mindy would come for them soon.

                 Amber was a high end prostitute with little experience. Unlike Allison, Amber went into it by choice and was not forced. She was another Barbie doll type like Kim, only she was taller and had larger breasts. The silky blonde hair and baby blue eyes were the same though. She had a drug habit, and hooking was the only trade that would support it. She was caught in a sting operation and thrown into prison. There was no one to help her or bail her out.

                 Allison craved her drug, a bath and oh yes, a chance to play with Amber! She was used to Mindy’s chloroform and didn’t mind that part at all. She would have done far worse to get what she wanted. She wondered which one Mindy would knock out first. Oh well, that part didn’t matter. Once inside she would be in heaven compared to her cell.

                 Amber sat in her cell very worried. She knew she would be taken to TU soon and was terrified. She thought she would be beaten or worse. Mindy was approaching her cell. She waited helplessly as Mindy opened the door and dragged her out.

                 Mindy handcuffed one of her hands and walked her to Allison’s cell. Then she dragged Allison out and handcuffed the girls to each other and marched them to the TU. Both girls were tingling. Amber was shaking from fright and Allison was tingling with anticipation. Once inside, Mindy closed the outer door and made the girls sit on the bed. Then she removed Allison’s cuff and handcuffed Amber’s hands over the rail above the bed. The she took another pair of cuffs and did the same to Allison.

                 Allison knew what came next, but didn’t let on. Mindy went to the table and picked up a white square of cloth and soaked it with chloroform. Then she approached the girls. Amber watched in horror as the cloth was placed over Allison’s face. Allison tried to turn away and fight her off, but it was hopeless with her arms restrained over her head. Amber watched Allison’s eyes begin a rapid fluttering. Then they rolled closed and she went totally limp in Mindy’s arms. Mindy held the cloth on her for what seemed like forever, and then finally pulled it away, undid her handcuffs, and lowered her to the bed. Allison was totally out, as limp as a rag doll

                Amber sat shaking as Mindy poured more chloroform on the cloth and approached her. Mindy told her to relax and breathe normally. There was no way to avoid being put under and to go with it. As the cloth was applied to her face, Amber jumped and started pleading. She cried,

 “I’ll do whatever you want! Please don’t put me under like her!”

   Mindy held the cloth on her without mercy. Amber continued to plead. Soon her words were wavering and her eyes were beginning to flutter like Allison’s. Knowing she was about to pass out like Allison, Amber finally surrendered to the cloth and inhaled deeply. She was out in about 10 more seconds.

               As usual Mindy held the cloth on her for over a minute after she was out. Then she undid her cuffs and lowered her helpless limp body to the bed. Mindy stripped Allison first. Then she slowly undressed Amber. Her top came off first. Then her sneakers were slowly untied and removed. Finally she unzipped her shorts and slid them down her long silky legs. As she slowly removed Amber’s panties, Mindy discovered that Amber was not a real blonde. It was a disappointment, but a minor one.

               Once both girls were naked, Mindy took their clothes to the laundry. When she returned she threw Amber over her shoulder and carried her to the bed inside her room. She dropped her on the bed and went back for Allison. She cradle carried Allison in and placed her next to Amber. The girls were both breathtaking lying naked and unconscious on the bed. Mindy smiled and admired her newest addition. Allison was right! Amber was very cloth worthy indeed!

                Mindy put a black string bikini and a pair of high heeled leather pumps on Amber. Then she put a blue and even skimpier bikini on Allison. Allison was put in high heeled sandals. Then she handcuffed both girls’ hands behind their backs and went to work on her computer.

                Allison woke up first. Mindy smiled at her as they both looked over Amber in her outfit. Mindy said that Amber must never suspect that Allison was working with her. Allison told her not to worry. Mindy got up from her desk and went into the next room. Amber began to wake up. Allison smiled and said,

“Welcome back.”

              Amber asked Allison how long they were out. Allison said that she couldn’t tell, but it seemed like hours. Amber then asked Allison if she had ever been here before.

 “Oh yes!” Allison told her.

 “What will she do to us?” Amber asked.

 “Nothing if you keep letting her knock you out.” Allison replied. “She gets off putting us to sleep and using us like Barbie dolls. She will put you in different outfits and wash your hair and make you up just like a doll while you are out.” Allison told her.

             “You mean that’s it?” Amber asked. “No beatings or sex?”

 “No, as long as you go along and don’t tell anyone, that’s all that will happen to you.” Allison said.

“I guess it could be worse, but it sounds pretty sick though.” Amber said.

 Allison told her to just take deep breaths when the cloth was put over her face and not make any waves. She also told Amber that the time in here would pass quickly, since she would be asleep for most of it anyway. The day guards would hold you down and beat and rape you though!

             Mindy was back. She opened a drawer and took out 2 dust masks. Then she filled 2 small glasses with chloroform. She put Amber’s mask on first. Then she poured a tiny amount of chloroform on it. Then she did the same for Allison. Once the girl’s were drowsy, Mindy removed their handcuffs.

             Amber felt dizzy and her ears were ringing. Her eyes wouldn’t focus either. She could hear Mindy’s voice. She said that she would be going on her rounds now. Amber fell on the bed on her side. Mindy was approaching her with the glass of chloroform. Then Amber saw Allison fall on the bed as well. Mindy poured the entire glass of chloroform onto Amber’s mask. Amber heard Mindy say,

 “Sweet dreams!”

 That’s the last thing Amber remembered.

              Allison was on the verge of passing out. Mindy told her that she would be waking up first and to watch over Amber until she got back. The Mindy poured about half the glass of chloroform onto Allison’s mask. Mindy said,

“Sweet dreams,” once again but Allison was already out and didn’t hear her.

             Two hours later, Allison woke up. She removed her dry mask and put it on the bed.  Amber was still deeply under and her mask was still slightly wet. Allison untied her top and played with her breasts. They were awesome she thought. Then she untied one side of Amber’s bottom and pulled it away. She played with Amber down there for awhile. Then she tied her strings back together and waited for her to wake up.

             Twenty minutes later Amber woke up. Allison took her mask off for her. She smiled and thanked Allison and asked where Mindy was. Allison told her she was on rounds and would not be back for a while. Amber told Allison that she was strung out and needed heroin. Allison said that there was none of that around. Then Allison had an idea! She went to Mindy’s desk and took out the bottle of Rohypnol. She gave Amber one and told her it would ease her suffering.

              Amber was willing to try anything and took the pill without even asking what it was. After about fifteen minutes she admitted that she felt much better. She slipped into a void that was hard to describe. Suddenly Allison was kissing and hugging her. She was kissing back and was very affectionate towards Allison, even though she was not into women.

              Allison knew Amber was gone now, and gently slipped off one of her shoes. Then Amber held her other leg up so she could remove the other one as well. Allison untied both of Amber’s top strings next, and her bikini top part fell on the bed. Allison kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples. Then Allison untied the strings on both sides of Amber’s bottom. It slipped off easily and Amber was now naked. Allison tossed Amber’s top, bottom, and both shoes on the floor.

               Suddenly Amber’s eyes gave a glazed look and she fell to the bed on her back. She was still awake, but had no idea what was going on. Allison put her head on the pillow and made her comfortable. Then Allison opened a can of chloroform and soaked a washcloth that was nearby. She held the soaked cloth over Amber’s nose and mouth and told her to relax and breathe normally. Amber complied and was out in a few seconds. She was about to pass out from the pill anyway. Allison held the cloth there for over a minute.

               Amber was really out now just the way Allison wanted her! She wouldn’t remember anything either. Allison could give her the pill over and over again now. Allison slowly removed her own sandals. Then she untied her top and tossed it on the floor. Then she untied her bottom and tossed it there as well. She placed her nude body against Amber’s and had her way with her limp form for over an hour. Soon, Amber started to wake up. Allison re- soaked the cloth and held it on Amber again. Amber smiled and inhaled willingly. She went out within 30 seconds. Allison held it there for about a minute after she was out.

               Allison got the bottle of Rohypnol and took 2 pills herself. Then she made love to Amber’s limp body until she passed out about 20 minutes later. Her delectable nude body fell on top of Amber’s and the girls were embraced like lovers.

               Mindy was in another office on the other side of the prison. She had watched the entire time on a video monitor and was very impressed with Allison’s creativity. There was also a tape running to preserve the delightful scene. Oh yes, Allison was going to work out just fine. Her sentence still had 5 years to go. Mindy finished her work quickly so she could get back to her dolls. They would both need baths, and time was of the essence!

               When Mindy returned both girls were still out and embraced. Mindy pulled them apart and re-dressed them. Then she placed them side by side on the bed and waited for them to wake up. Amber woke up first. Mindy told her she would be getting a massage and a bath soon. Then Allison woke up about 20 minutes later.

               Allison woke up feeling great, but only remembered part of her fun with Amber. Amber remembered nothing after taking the pill, except that she felt the best she had in a long time. Her fears of Mindy were gone, but she was still uneasy about being put to sleep. She just didn’t like it. There was no control or memory of what happened. Being a prostitute she was wary of such things.

               Mindy was soaking a white cloth with chloroform. She handed it to Allison and ordered her to put Amber to sleep. Allison held the cloth on Amber and watched her eyes. Amber wasn’t thrilled, but for some reason she didn’t mind it as much when Allison held the cloth. Soon her eyes were in rapid flutter. Then she went out suddenly and fell to the bed. Allison followed and held the cloth fast. After about 10 seconds Mindy told her to take it away.

               Mindy poured some chloroform into a dust mask and strapped it on Allison. Then she told Allison to strip Amber for her bath. Allison removed Amber’s shoes first. She held one of Amber’s long silky legs and stroked it for a few seconds. Then she untied her bottom strings and slipped off her bottom. As she lifted Amber up to remove her top, her eyes were starting to flutter. She quickly untied the bow behind Amber’s neck and Amber’s boobs fell out. Allison tried to find the bow behind Amber’s back but never made it. She fell limp suddenly and Amber’s limp body fell over on top of her.

               Mindy smiled as she separated the girls. Then she totally soaked Allison’s mask with chloroform, and made her comfortable on the bed. Mindy finished removing Amber’s top and threw her over her shoulder and carried her to the spa room and laid her on her back on the massage table

              Amber woke up on the table and towels were wrapped around her in a way that she could not move. Then a long towel that was folded to about 4 inches wide was wrapped around her face over her nose and mouth. It was wrapped around her and the table twice and folded under. Amber could not move her head now. The towel was hot, wet, and had an herbal scent. Mindy started to massage her. It felt wonderful.

              Mindy opened a bottle of chloroform and poured it on the area of the towel that was over Amber’s face. Amber could not move at all. She helplessly inhaled the potent chloroform along with the herbal towel scent. Her ears were ringing and her vision blurred within a few seconds. She heard Mindy’s voice in the background. She said,

“It’s time for your bath now.”

 Suddenly everything went blank as Amber’s baby blue eyes rolled closed. Mindy left the face towel on her for several minutes as she prepared the bath. Then she took the towel from around her and carried the very limp Amber to the tub and put her in.

             The bath took about half an hour. She washed her hair twice. Then she removed her from the tub and placed her on the table and dried her off. As she was drying her, Amber began to wake up. Mindy got a sleeping gas cylinder and lifted Amber’s sleepy head off the table. She said softly,

“I have something for you to wear.”

             Amber relaxed as the mask was strapped over her face. Amber breathed normally and found the aroma pleasant. Suddenly her eyes rolled closed once again and her silky blonde head turned limp to the side. Mindy left the gas on as she dried her. Then she shaved her legs and gave her a pedicure. When that was done, Mindy turned off the gas and removed the mask.

             Amber was cradle carried to the make up chair next. Her hair was dried and her face was given make up and lipstick. As Mindy held her totally limp head in her hands, she could not believe how beautiful she looked. She dressed her in a red sheer nightgown and sat her in the chair. Then the photo shoot began. Several different nightgowns, several swim suits, topless pictures, and the then full nudes. Then she put her back in the black bikini and high heels.

             Amber woke up and saw herself in the mirror. Her grungy hair was now shining. Her white face was now made up. Her lips had color. Then she noticed her legs were silky and smooth. She slipped off one of her shoes and saw bright shiny red toe nails. Wow! Allison wasn’t kidding. She really did dress her up like a living doll. Her drug withdrawal symptoms were non existent. But something was wrong! She felt really drowsy all of a sudden. She tried to put her shoe the rest of the way back on, but it fell completely off.  She couldn’t hold her head up any longer, so she rested it against the back of the chair. Suddenly everything went blank again.

            Mindy smiled as she watched her pass out. She had given her an injection after she had taken the pictures. Amber would sleep for about 3 hours now. It would take at least that long to give Allison the same beauty treatment. Allison was awake now. Mindy prepared the cloth. Allison smiled as the cloth was applied, and inhaled deeply. She couldn’t wait to see herself in the mirror afterwards. She passed out while looking at Amber’s closed eyes and beautiful limp body dressed in her tiny black bikini. Talk about sweet dreams!


                                                           Prison Guard Part 5

             Allison and Amber felt dreamy, clean, and wonderful as they were taken back to their cells. Once locked inside, both awaited the breakfast call. Meanwhile Dawn had watched the pair of girls come back from so called “discipline” and they looked too clean and neat to have had much of that! Dawn was jealous by nature and wanted in on whatever was going on here.

             Dawn was 35 years old and very attractive. She was about 5 feet 5 with long shiny brown hair and average sized breasts. Her legs were her major asset and she looked hot in her prison shorts and sneakers with bare legs. Dawn was in for murder and was a tough customer. She had killed her husband and his girlfriend and was in for life. Everybody in the prison referred to her as the shrew from hell!

             The bell rang and the women were allowed to walk to the dining room for breakfast. Dawn knew Allison was no soft touch, so she focused on “Barbie doll” Amber to see what she could find out. Amber knew better than to talk, and would not tell her anything. Then Allison told Dawn to leave Amber alone.

             The fight was on. Dawn threw a punch at Amber that flung her against the wall. Allison went after Dawn and knocked her to the floor. Amber had gotten up and joined in on the attack. This time Amber really got a heavy blow from Dawn and fell on the floor with blood coming out of her mouth. By now 2 guards were all over them swinging clubs. Once the 3 women prisoners were subdued, the guards took Dawn and Allison to the discipline unit and Amber has sent to the hospital ward to be checked by the nurse there.

             Allison was scared to death. They were not being taken by Mindy now! They were on their way to the brutal day guard Curt. He was referred to as “the brute” by the women, and stories of beatings and rape abounded about him. There wasn’t going to be any day of beauty this time! Allison asked if she could see Mindy and was horrified when she was told that Mindy was on leave for 2 days.

             The 2 women guards Emma and Donna brought the girls to Curt and dragged them inside. They left the girls with Curt, and as they closed the huge door Emma said that they would be back later to check on things. Allison and Dawn didn’t like the sound of that! These women guards were both middle aged gym teacher types and were known for having their way with women inmates.

             Bleeding and disoriented, Amber was now on an examination table with a heavyset middle aged nurse looking her over. Nurse Marge was not feared and was usually good to the prisoners. She gently wiped the blood from Amber’s face and gave her some ice to hold there. Then she went to her computer and called up Amber’s records. Amber was an addict! This would be her lucky day!

             Marge could see the withdrawal signs on Amber, and asked her when she had her last fix. I had been nearly 2 months. The rohypnol and chloroform had helped a lot, but had mostly worn off. Marge told her that she could give her something to ease her suffering. By now Amber was ready for anything and told her to go ahead.

             The nurse pulled out a black mask attached to a thick black hose. As she strapped the mask over Amber’s nose and mouth she told her to lie on her back and breathe normally.

 “Will this put me to sleep?” Amber asked.

 “Yes for a little while.” Marge told her.

  Amber inhaled the sweet smelling gas and felt dizzy almost immediately. She continued to inhale and her ears started to make that familiar ringing sound that she had felt as she was going under from the chloroform. Suddenly Amber’s lights went out as her eyes fluttered rapidly for a few seconds and tightly closed. Then her pretty blonde head slumped to the side.

              Marge left the mask on and the gas running as she slowly untied and unlaced Amber’s sneakers. When they were very loose, she slowly eased them off and noticed the pedicure. She knew Mindy had been there recently and smiled. Then she pulled Amber’s shorts down and off. By this time the gas had been running for several minutes and Amber was deeply under. Marge turned off the gas and removed her mask.

              Amber looked breathtaking with her eyes closed and her mouth half open! Marge lifted her limp body up and pulled off her sweatshirt. Now Amber was in just her panties. Marge slowly removed those as well and tossed them aside with the rest of her clothing. Then she stepped back to admire her new companion. Oh yes, she was very special indeed!  

              Marge turned over Amber’s limp and beautiful body and prepared a syringe. She injected her with some heroin. Then she moved her all around and fondled and explored her all over. Soon Amber started to make a sound from her mouth. Quickly Marge strapped the mask back on her and turned on the gas. Amber’s eyes never opened. She was soon deeply under again. Marge continued to play with her and took some pictures. She left the mask on and the gas running this time.

              Finally Marge turned off the gas again and removed the mask and carefully redressed very limp Amber. Once she was dressed, she let her lie on the table and sleep it off. Even in her prison outfit, she looked very hot!

              Curt was ready for some fresh meat! He didn’t actually beat and rape the women. He let the myth perpetuate though, so he would look tough to the prison system. He would mostly bind the girls and render them helpless for Emma and Donna. They would strip and play with the girls, and he was allowed to watch and shoot videos as well as still pictures. He also made the girls perform in videos for his own amusement

              Allison and Dawn were just his type, and even better they were brought in for fighting. He had his own special punishment for that! He would have to wait until Emma and Donna were done to apply it though. He didn’t mind. He had nothing but time!

              As soon as the door closed Curt put Allison and Dawn in handcuffs. Then he made them lie on their backs on side by side tables with restraints. First he attached ankle restraints to both of them and then he attached neck rings. Then he removed their handcuffs and attached their wrists to restraints as well.

              Curt told the helpless women that fighting was a serious offense and that they would be punished severely. Allison was shaking in fear. She was sure he would rape them and there would be nothing they could do about it. Dawn was scared too, but didn’t let on. Then Curt told them that if they behaved they would not be beaten or raped. The women were surprised to hear that, but it was little consolation not knowing what their behaving would actually involve. They would soon find out.

             The door lock buzzed and Emma and Donna were back. They walked over to the strapped down women and smiled. Then Donna picked up a white cloth and folded it into a square. As she did that Emma pulled the stopper out of a large brown bottle and started pouring the liquid on the cloth. Allison watched in horror, knowing it was chloroform! Dawn also lay helpless as the stream of liquid traveled through the air for a few inches before it splattered into the waiting cloth and soaked it. The stream continued to rush from the bottle until the cloth was so soaked that the excess liquid was starting to drip on the floor.

            Finally Emma stopped pouring and put the stopper back in the bottle. Then Donna held the wet cloth over Dawn’s nose and mouth. Dawn tried to turn her head away but the neck ring had no give at all. Her arms and legs were totally useless as well. She tried to hold her breath but Emma pushed down on her stomach knocking all the wind out of her. She had to inhale now and was dizzy almost immediately. There was so much fresh and potent chloroform on the cloth that it was hopeless. Dawn’s eyes fluttered and closed in less than a minute.

            Allison watched helplessly as Donna continued to hold the cloth on Dawn for another full minute. Then she finally pulled it away and turned in Allison’s direction. Allison knew she was next and resistance was futile. Donna held the cloth on her and told her to relax since they were just going to put her to sleep for a while. Allison breathed normally and went out in about 30 seconds. Donna left the cloth on her for over a minute as well. Then she pulled it away and stepped back to admire the sleeping prisoners. Allison’s mouth was half open and Dawn’s was nearly all the way open.

            Donna quickly undid Dawn’s restraints and started to strip her. Emma watched her for a minute and then started to do the same to Allison. Within 2 minutes both women were naked and limp on the tables. Now the guards took their turns playing with them. They moved them into various positions and explored them everywhere.

            Curt watched the entire process through the camera viewfinder with one eye closed. He was a little disappointed that Allison didn’t try to struggle while being chloroformed, but he couldn’t have everything!  He would have his turn later and she would struggle like a wildcat. He would see to that. After nearly an hour, Donna and Emma redressed Allison and Dawn and left. Curt didn’t bother to restrain them this time.

            Allison woke up first about 20 minutes later and was surprised that she was still dressed and wasn’t restrained in any way. Still lightheaded from the chloroform, she looked over at Dawn. Dawn finally started to stir a few minutes later. She too sat up surprised to be dressed and not bound. Then Curt gave them an evil smile. He pointed to a large mat on the floor and told the women that they would wrestle for him.

            When both women were on their knees on the mat, Curt opened the bottle of chloroform and soaked the cloth. Then he put it on the mat between the women. Then he gave them the rules. One of them had to win by putting the other under. The loser would be locked in a dark closet for a while. The winner would get a reward. Curt knew the women were both the same size and were pretty evenly matched. He started the camera and told them to go to it!

            They were matched size wise alright, but Allison was much more used to the chloroform. Rather than go for the cloth, she concentrated on pinning Dawn down. The women rolled over and were all over the mat. Dawn fought dirty, kicking and scratching. Allison pulled off Dawn’s right sneaker as soon as she could reach it. While she did that, Dawn grabbed the soaked cloth and tried to put it over Allison’s nose. Allison rolled over and punched Dawn in the gut. Dawn suddenly froze and was out of breath. Allison easily took the cloth away from Dawn and held it over her nose and mouth tightly.

             Dawn hissed and struggled like a coiled up snake. That was her mistake. She fought too hard and used up all her air. Dawn soon started to falter. Allison held the cloth on her with her right hand and pulled Dawn’s other sneaker off with her left hand. Dawn’s kicks had no effect now as she started to go limp in Allison’s arms.

              Dawn was out after about 20 more seconds and Allison held the cloth on her. Then she saw Curt standing over her with what looked like a stun gun. “Now you get your reward!” said Curt as he held it up to her neck and pulled the trigger. Allison instantly felt a sting in her neck right after she heard a strange chirp sound followed by a burst of air. She opened her mouth to complain but no words ever came. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she fell limp as a rag doll onto the mat next to Dawn.

              Curt smiled as she fell and looked at the setting on his injection gun. It was set for 30 minutes. She would be out for more like 45 minutes though, as the times were based on a 200 pound man. Then he handcuffed Dawn’s hands behind her back and placed her in a tiny closet. It was not big enough to lie down in, and not tall enough to stand up in. She would be miserable when she woke up. There was no light either and it was very hot in there as well.

             After he locked the closet, he lifted Allison’s limp body off the mat and carried her over his shoulder to a bed. He carefully put her down on her back and let her sleep. He removed her sneakers and put them next to Dawn’s on the mat. Curt pulled up Allison’s sweatshirt and played with her awesome breasts for a while. Then he heard a noise from the closet.

             He wandered over there and could hear Dawn cursing. He laughed to himself as he listened to her struggle for a while and then he went back to Allison. She was starting to wake up now. He smiled and told her that she would be doing a movie scene for him now. He went to the tripod and started the camera. Then he told her to try to escape.

             Allison didn’t bother going for her shoes. She went straight for the door. She didn’t have a card, but tried to force the door open anyway. As she struggled with the door, Curt was soaking the cloth with chloroform. Allison watched in horror as he put more on it than she had ever seen. Then he came at her. She ran from the door, but there just wasn’t anywhere to go.

             Curt caught her from behind and clamped the cloth tightly over her nose and mouth. She fought hard and long. It didn’t matter. She started to falter after about a minute and was totally out in another 20 seconds. He held the cloth on her for another 30 seconds and then let her fall to the floor limp. Then he bent over and stripped her to just her panties.

             Curt got the injection gun and headed for the closet where Dawn was still thrashing around. He opened the door and let her get part way out. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and her shoes were off so she wasn’t much of a threat.

             As Dawn’s eyes adjusted to the bright light she could see Allison limp on the floor in just her panties. Then Curt held something up to her neck.

             “It’s about time for you two to kiss and make up!” he said.

              Then he pulled the trigger. Dawn heard the chirp and the burst of air just before she fell limp on the floor. Curt removed the handcuffs and stripped her to just her panties as well. Then he moved some panels in the closet and put in a mattress. The 2 limp women were placed in opposite directions on their backs on the mattress and the door was closed again

            Curt turned a knob to make the closet very cold. When the women woke up, they would have to cuddle to stay warm. A dim light was left on so Curt’s hidden camera could record the action when they woke up. Curt was all smiles as he watched his monitor waiting for them to wake up. He would have them wrestle to remove each other’s panties next. He wouldn’t let them out until they were both naked and made love to each other for his entertainment. Ah life was good

            When Amber finally woke up she felt wonderful. She was a little dizzy from the gas, but her drug symptoms were gone. She asked Nurse Marge what she had given her. Marge said,

            “I put you to sleep and fixed whatever was wrong with you. If you feel the need again, tell them you’re sick and have them bring you here and I will do it again.”

            Amber thanked her and slid off the table. A guard was called and escorted her back to her cell. Marge smiled as she watched Amber leave. She knew she would be back very soon! She couldn’t wait. Next time she would put her out for many hours!























The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sexual ones. Always preferred gentle and romantic KO's and carries. No rough stuff like choking or hits on the head. Once the girl is out and carried off, I would first slowly remove her boots and expose her pantyhosed legs and feet. Then on to other things.