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Dr Robert

Posted by on in Sleepy
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                                                            Doctor Robert


            Sarah was nervous as she pulled her car into the lot of the Medical Center and parked. She always had a fear of doctors. But she was 18 now, and a complete physical exam was required for her college admission. Besides, this doctor should be easier to tolerate at least. He came highly recommended by her friend Cara.


            Cara’s description of her recent visit with Dr Robert was still playing back, over and over, in Sarah’s mind.


            “I went there, expecting some perv older than my father!” Cara exclaimed. “But I was surprised to see that he was not only a brand new doctor, but also single, and a hunk!”


            “He would still have to be ten years older than us or more.” Sarah reminded her.


            “Who cares?” Cara said with excitement. “He still looks great, and with those deep blue eyes and long blond hair, he can operate on me anytime!”


            How did the exam go, and just what kind of operating did he actually do? Sarah asked.


            “He had me remove my blouse and gave me the inoculation shot right away, to get it over with. That was a huge relief, since I was dreading that part. Then I sat on the table and he began asking questions and entering things in his lap top. As I was talking with him, I felt all dreamy and loose.” Cara replied.


            “What came next?” Sarah inquired.


            “He did the usual exam stuff, you know, looking into my eyes, ears, and throat, listening to my heart, taking my blood pressure, and all that. When he was done with the blood pressure, I suddenly felt light headed.” Cara said.


            “What did he do about that?” Sarah asked.


            “He had me lie down on my back on the table. Then he slowly and carefully slipped off my boots. As I looked into his eyes, while he was slipping them off, I was imagining him doing me right there on the table!” Cara panted.


            “Well go on!” Sarah begged with excitement.


            “I can’t remember anything after that.” Cara said in disappointment. “The next thing I knew, he told me to put my blouse and boots back on, and it was time to leave.”


            Holding that thought in her mind, Sarah got out of the car, and went into the office waiting room. Having heard about the doctor from Cara, Sarah dressed appropriately. She had put on a sexy black bra and panties set, shiny nude pantyhose, a short, bright red dress that zipped nearly all the way down the back, and a pair of black, calf high, Uggs boots with furry tops.


            In this outfit, Sarah looked older than 18, and that was her intention. She was about 5 feet 4 and slender. Her hair was dark and shiny, and her breasts were average size and perky. As she reported in, and took her seat in the waiting room, she looked around. The room was filled with young women. All seemed to be well dressed and looking their best, and none looked sick at all.


            Before she could wonder too much about that, the receptionist told her to go into the Dr’s office. As she entered, he came to greet her. He was tall, and looked to be in great physical shape. He was also even better looking than Cara described!


            He told her to sit on the edge of the examination table, and hold out her arm. Sarah got on the table, as asked, and held out her right arm. She looked to the left so she wouldn’t see the needle though. He injected her expertly and she hardly knew he did it. Then she waited nervously for the inevitable instructions to remove her dress. That’s why she had worn the pantyhose. So she would feel less naked with her dress off.


            By the time Sarah was finished giving the doctor all of her information, she suddenly didn’t feel nervous anymore. In fact she felt giddy and very amorous. Everything was going the same way Cara had described. Without him even asking, she stood up, unzipped, and removed her dress and put it aside. Then she sat back down on the table.


            Once the exam part was over, Sarah started to feel light headed and dizzy, just like Cara   described. She asked if she could lie down. The doctor helped her, and gently slipped off her boots one at a time. Sarah could feel the cool office air on her stocking feet, once her boots were gone. Then the doctor spoke to her softly,


            “I put a mild sedative in with the inoculation.” He said. “It makes the women more comfortable with the exam.”


            Sarah smiled contently as she answered him. “I feel relaxed and wonderful, but the exam is over and how am I supposed to drive home now?”


            “I’m going to give you something to help you with that.” He replied in his best bedside manner. He picked up a clear plastic oxygen mask and placed it over Sarah’s nose and mouth. Then he turned a valve and Sarah started to breath in the sweet air.


            “I’m going to ask you how you’re doing as this is working.” He said. “Since you can’t talk with the mask on, blink twice for yes and once for no. Do you understand?” Sarah blinked twice.

            Dr Robert turned a valve that added the anesthetic Halothane to the oxygen. Then he spoke again,


            “Does the air seem lighter and smell sweeter now?” he asked. Sarah blinked twice for yes. Her vision was getting fuzzy all of a sudden, and she felt so sleepy. The doctor seemed to sense this and asked,


            “Are you feeling a little sleepy now?” he asked. She blinked “yes” again. “Ok, I’ll adjust it a little now.” He replied. Then he opened the valve and added more Halothane to the mixture.


            Sarah was suddenly floating on air. She heard a dull ringing in her ears and could feel like she was slowly falling, but never seemed to hit bottom. She blinked her eyes to try and get better focus. Things only got blurrier though. Now her eyes were rapidly blinking all by themselves. That’s the last thing Sarah remembered.


            Dr Robert watched intently as Sara’s eyes fluttered rapidly and gently closed. Then her pretty, sleepy head rolled limp to one side. She was out, but not quite deep enough yet he thought. He left the mask on her, with the gas still hissing. As the gas continued to do its work, he carefully removed her pantyhose.


            Dr Robert had done this to many women, but this one was something special. Her body was young and perfect. Her hair was shiny and baby soft. He finally turned off the gas and removed the mask. She would be totally out for several hours now. The injection he gave her contained Rohypnol. She wouldn’t remember anything but the exam when she finally woke up.


            He reached behind her neck and lifted her upper torso gently off of the table. Then he unhooked her bra and slowly removed it. Her young breasts stood out straight and had almost no sag. After admiring them, he lowered her back onto the exam table. Now it was time to get her out of those tight panties. He slid them down, ever so slowly, and eventually had them past her ankles and over her feet. Then he finally tossed them aside with her bra and pantyhose.


            Next he carefully removed her watch and jewelry. He wanted her totally naked, just as she came into this world. Once she was the way he wanted her, he did a thorough exam of his own. It began with a full body massage and ended with him feeling, probing, and sampling her everywhere. He tasted her vital areas in every possible way. Once he was convinced that he hadn’t missed one square inch of her body, he opened her mouth. He probed, tasted and looked deep in there as well.


            After nearly two hours had passed, he finally replaced her watch and jewelry, and re-dressed her, all but her boots and dress. Then he left her on the table to sleep off the drugs while he completed her paperwork.


            A few minutes later, Sarah woke up fresh, and saw Dr Robert standing over her. He told her she could put her dress and boots back on now. She quickly pulled on her boots and threw her dress on and zipped it up.


            “You passed the exam with flying colors.” He said. “You may leave now, and good luck in college.”


            Sara walked to her car elated. All her worries about the doctor were unfounded. As she started the car, her favorite song was playing on the radio. She drove away all smiles, thinking that her friend Cara was right. Dr Robert sure was a hunk! She would have to go back there sometime soon, very soon.












The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sexual ones. Always preferred gentle and romantic KO's and carries. No rough stuff like choking or hits on the head. Once the girl is out and carried off, I would first slowly remove her boots and expose her pantyhosed legs and feet. Then on to other things.



  • Sarah
    Sarah Tuesday, 11 February 2014

    Oh my gosh. this is the best thing ever.

  • chlorofan1980
    chlorofan1980 Monday, 03 March 2014

    This is a realy great story.

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