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Posted by on in Sleepy

When I was about 4, I was baby sat once by this girl who's family was very involved with the church down the street from my old house. We were in my room playing with toy guns. We pretended to shoot at each other and at one point I said, "Bang! I got you!" She suddenly rolls her eyes back, sighs, and falls limp onto the floor. She stayed that way for a bit then got back up. I liked it so much I kept reapting "I got you" so that I could watch her do it again and she did. I remember I even played with her limp arms. That's when my fetish started. During that time I remember hoping that every girl would faint in every movie or TV show I watched. So when movies like "The 13th year, George of the jungle, or King Long" would come out I'd watch it till the fainting scene passed. I love how limp the actress was in the old but recent King Kong. In 5th grade I asked my sister one day if she would pretend to faint. Immediately with no questions asked, she faints. I patted her cheeks and her hands as she giggled. Then I asked her to faint again but this time I wanted to carry her. Again she immediately faints and I carried her in my arms. I carried her throughout the house then threw her onto her bed. This became something we called "the Fainting game." We played this game almost every Friday after school. We would come up with different ways of her to faint like pretending to hypnotize her or hit her with a sleep dart. But mostly she'd just faint out of no where or when ever something surprised her like when I let her have the rest of my chocolate after Halloween or when she'd win or lose at a game. Once to be mean I scared her when she came out of her room. She screamed and pretended to faint. I caught before she hit the floor, she caught me off guard. Eventually she grew tired of the fainting game and we stopped playing this game I made out of my fetish. Although there were a few times when she'd let me carry her again. In middle school I discovered a site called Feet&sleep and was surprised at what was on the site because I thought I was the only one who had a sleepy fetish. That's when my fetish grew and I realized that this fetish is a sexual thing. I began to wish that some of the girls I hanged out with in school would faint, especially the ones I had crushes on. My wishes would come true eventually, the girls would sometimes chase each other around till one would fall on the grass and pretend to be unconscious. That was the only reason why I'd hang around them just to watch them collapse. There was this one girl out of the group who I liked a lot and I would always imagine her passing out. I'd picture it in my mind on how she would faint and how I'd catch her and carry her in my arms. I wanted it to happen so bad I wanted to make a clone of her and command the clone to faint for me. One morning walking to school she caught up with me and immediately tells me that she fainted during the weekend. I thought to myself, "You fainted and I wasn't there!?" I asked her to give me detail and she said that all she remembered was having a bad headache then looking up at the ceiling then suddenly ending up on the floor. She said she did not regain consciousness and was in the hospital for 7 hours. Then I thought "not only did she faint, she was totally out!" The story gave me a good idea of how it looked like and that was good enough for me. Although I wanted to hold the girl I had a huge crush on, but that didn't stop me from holding my future crushes in my arms later on in life. 

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

Summer time had finally come back around and me and my favorite Latin girl went hiking in the mountains. She told me about a creek people go to and have cookouts as if they were at the beach. It was hot that day, so I was looking forward to see the creek. We drove up high windy roads that turned narrow. We parked under a tree in a very small neighborhood. Houses people used for vacation I assumed. We happened to be not too far from the creek. I could already hear the soothing sound of the waterfall from where we parked. As we walked towards the creek we both recalled the time she fainted at my house. She knows I have the sleepy fetish and so she laughed and smiled and gave me a look that said she was hot for me. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. She looked at me and said, "It's so hot I might faint right now." I squeezed her frenched her, biting her lip as I pulled away. We finally get to the water and cooled off immediately. We splashed each other with water and kissed over a thousand times. Soaked in dirty creek water. We sat on a log that was over a stream. We had the perfect mix of sun and shade to dry off. We decided to walk back to the car, only the hill we had to walk over was very steep and high and sun was beating down on it. Without even thinking about it we started to walk to the car. I took off my shirt and only hadmy black basketball shorts on and black shoes. She had an old t shirt on, again one of mine. Black tights that stopped at the ankle, and black flip flops. Her hair tied in a ponytail, looking very cute and sexy as always. The walk up the hill was rough but we made it to the car. I leaned against the trunk as she walked towards me. She looked exhausted, I reached out to hold her as she looked faint. Her eyes were low and she was moving slow. She denied my help and said she was okay. Suddenly she falls into my arms, limp like jello. I almost let her fall to the ground as she was slipping out out my arms. The girl has fainted once again. I held her up and kissed her lips. I stroked her forehead and shook her limp sexy body. Her arms dangling, her big breasts in my face. I carried her in my arms and put her in the back seat of the car. She was totally unconscious. Vunerbale and unsuspecting. I had to have her and so I took her. She came to before I finished. A loud moan came out of her and it turned me on so much I let go. I kissed her till I was finished realising. Her arms slipped down and I continued to kiss her. It got really hot in the car and I asked if she was ready to go back outside. She nodded yes and we kissed. I open the door and we stepped outside. She looks at me, jumps onto me and gives me a big kiss, pulls back, takes a deep breath, then fainted in my arms again.

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Posted by on in Sleepy

It was a bright spring day and this girl I had been seeing decide to come visit me at my house to relax after a long night of work. She looked tired, but she was so cute with her hair tied in a bun, black tights that hugged her thick thighs, a black shirt (one of mine she stole), and her black slip on's that immediately slipped off when she walked through the door showing off her soft beautiful feet. A light skinned curvy Latina from Central America. Long black hair, big brown eyes that shinned so bright they touched your soul. Soft luscious lips, and soft creamy skin. She came inside and I greeted her with a hug and kiss. She said she was so exhausted but she wanted to rest in bed with me. We fell asleep for about an hour, we both woke up hungry and thirsty. We walked to the kitchen and she opened up the fridge and I noticed her eyes fluttered. Some how I knew she was going to fall, so I reached out and caught her as she suddenly fell backwards. The sound of her sole sliding off the kitchen floor turned me on. She was conscious but she looked dizzy. I asked her if she was okay and gave her a cup of water and held her close as she drank it. She said she was a little dizzy, I wanted her to lay down in bed again. On the way there she stopped walking. I held her hand, she had the other hand on her head, she put her head down and started to wobble. Again I asked if she was okay. Suddenly she sighs and faints onto the floor. When she hit the floor she let out a sexy sigh. She landed on her back, I went down and tried to revive her. I patted her cheeks and kissed her lips. I called out her name but she wasn't walking up. I lifted her limp body up. Her arms and head dangled down. She awoke as I picked her up. She placed her arms around me, her eyes low with a dizzy confused look in them. I told her that she fainted, and that I needed to take her back to bed. We began walking towards the hallway, and right at the entrance of it she fainted again. This this I played with her feet and kissed her chest. She was so venerable I couldn't help myself. She came to as I was kissing her lips. She kissed me back and placed her hand on my cheek. Her eyes were still closed as I pulled away. She was so weak, breathing so heavily. I picked her up again and before we entered the bedroom she fainted again, this time on me making both of us fall back. I was able to keep her from hitting the floor but now her limp body was sprawled on me. I sat both of us up and lifted her up again. She was still unconscious. I put her arm around me and cradle carried her into the bedroom and onto the bed. I patted her face and called out her name again trying to revive her but she wouldn't come to. She was out this time, so I began to have my fun. And in the middle of my fun she opened her eyes slightly, just to roll them back again and pass out.

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Posted by on in Chloro

(Chloroform is a dangerous chemical and can be lethal. This is an erotic fiction story. Please don't emulate what happens in this story)

-This is a sequel to Chloroform Chat. Set one year later.

San Luis, Obispo, California

....Dreaming, remembering arriving at the "Chloroform Party" house on the Sunday night...Vincent's heart hurting with him and Xenia on a short break...Needing company...Two couples, a man and woman each, their faces blurry to him in the dream...Vincent sat down on a sofa with them all around him, they toasted his arrival with champagne. Smiling at him with hungry eyes as Vincent drank his glass...Their talking voices echoing in his memory, as they watched him, waiting...The room began spinning wildly out of control...laughter in the darkness swooping up on him...Sensing them touching...kissing him...They had control of his body and he loved it!...Briefly opening his eyes to see the white handkerchief being pressed down over his nose and mouth...Gagging on the Chloroform chemical stink...Listening to his heartbeat slow down with each breath...A delicious erotic lassitude binding him in the dark as he gasped up for air once again...Hearing them laugh as the same Chloroform cloth was coming down over his nose and mouth...something went wrong, he sensed it...

...Trying again and again to reach the surface...then a suffocating oblivion...How had he gotten here?...Sensing his fetal positioned body couldn't move, tied up with rusty chains under the ocean...Vincent stared out listlessly into the airless ocean...Lungs itching for fresh air, he expelled oxygen bubbles...liquid poured into his mouth...Expecting to drown...unable to swim to the glimmering surface so far away...Vincent tried to move in his rusty chains, to escape but found he couldn't. Darkness settled over the area but he never gave up...He suddenly found beautiful hands holding his and his chains disapeared!. The next moment, Vincent was standing on a glimmering beach at magic hour and his rescuer standing beside him...A small white cruise boat moored at a dock, waiting for him to take him and others to a nearby island...Vincent shook his head, not yet...not yet...Feeling himself pushed back...

a feminine voice asked Vincent: " Vincent, can you hear me?"

...bright blurry lights above blinding him...Again the female voice asked: " Vincent, just give us a sign if you can hear my voice?"

What did the voice mean by "us"?...His hearing could now pick up a group of voices...People moving about...lots of movement..." Vincent, you were brought into St. Augustine's just thirty minutes ago. You're in the E.R. Can you hear me?..."

Vincent felt something foreign inside his throat, he gagged and frowned heavily..." There!...See that? He just frowned and his hands clenched. Definite cognitive signs..."...Vincent tried opening his eyes but the blinding, muzzy glare forced him to keep his eyes closed. Adjusting to the light behind his pink eyelids...Another voice, this time a man's voice spoke: " He's waking up alright...Mark it! : Nine Thirty Seven P.M. and the patient's recovered consciousness..." Vincent now felt cold latex fingers over his face - whatever rubbery object was down his throat was hurting! Please take it out of my throat, he tried to say - intubated? he thought. The latex fingers pried open each of his eyelids - a bright penlight was shone into each of his pupils for a second that felt like painful months to him! Ouch! Vincent frowned, his eyes welling up with tears as he got to close his eyes...What was happening? Why couldn't he remember why all of this was happening?

Reading his reactions, the male voice asked: " Vincent? Do you remember how you got here? Just shake your head if you don't..." Vincent did so..." Okay...Can you try opening your eyes now? Vincent?"

Vincent blinked his saltwater drenched eyes open, more tears flowing...Three busy people in dark blue hospital scrubs were standing around him...Their very concerned eyes watching him for brief moments as they talked to each other or adjusted electronic medical equipment...Vincent tried moving his hands but they felt like lead weights...He felt an I.V. drip inside his right arm, probably connected to a saline drip. What was happening to him, his thoughts pleaded...The male doctor who'd been talking to him had a beard and stared with concern at Vincent: " Hi. You're breathing on your own now so we won't need to keep intubating you. We're going to remove the rubber intertracheal tube that's down your windpipe. I know it's painful even though we've given your throat muscles a relaxant agent...Do you understand?"...Vincent nodded fearfully and thought: - Just Get It Out Of My Throat! The bearded doctor nodded, turning to confer with both the attractive female doctor and clean shaven doctor...All three of them talked for what seemed to Vincent to be eons of time...One of them shared a joke, which lightened the heavy mood and they all gratefully smiled...Just help me, please, Vincent's thoughts pleaded...He realised Xenia wasn't nearby...where was she? Oh she alright? Ohh God...Just when it seemed as though the three doctors weren't doing much, they moved his body into a more upright position...The female doctor's hands on his mouth, holding part of the long clear plastic tracheal tube that was down his windpipe..." Vincent, hold still, now...That's it. Keep your jaw open...Hold still for us, okay, Vincent, here we go!" Out it came in a slippery rush from his windpipe and Vincent coughed...He convulsed slightly as they checked on him. he could talk, ask them where was Xenia...Suddenly naseous, he tried to lean to one side and they helped him but no vomit came so they took away the plastic kidney dish.

The three doctors introduced themselves: Penelope; Jeffery and Howard. Penelope tried explaining what little they knew of what had happened: Vincent had been found on a park bench outside the hospital. He'd gone into cardiac arrest from what they surmised had to be an "inhalational anaesthetic" - judging by the red marks on his nose and mouth. Judging also by the chemical traces in his breath, it smelled like "Chloroform reagent", Penelope told him. They'd taken blood samples and Penelope said they'd discover exactly what drug it had been. A paramedic crew had brought him into the emergency room, where they worked on him and brought him back. Vincent knew a fair amount of medical procedures, from his medical orderly job at West Covina General Hospital, he knew he was in trouble just from being here in an E.R. Penelope explained that they had his medical file on record there at St. Augustine's.

" Vincent, do you remember anything of how you got here tonight?" Penelope asked him, but already realising from his reactions that Vincent wouldn't remember. Anaesthesia usually had the effect of causing temporary amnesia...Vincent knew from experience how Nitrous; Chloroform or Ether had that effect on him and Xenia.

" W..wate..r.." Vincent's dry, whipersy voice asked her. "..pleas.." Vincent didn't realise he kept repeating his plaintative request until Penelope very gently brought a plastic straw to his dry lips. Vincent automatically sucked on the straw, taking in warm water. He ignored the irritation in his throat from the liquid and took in a few sips.

" There we go...You okay for now?...Oh, okay...There we go...Okay?" Penelope asked him kindly. Vincent nodded and stopped drinking. Penelope took away the straw...Vincent felt the bed, his body on it, the sheets soaked with his sweat. Which absolutely stank of Chloroform...he realised he could still taste the Chloroform in his throat, smell it in his nostrils...Had he overdosed on it? He wondered...Vincent's eyes were still watering, Penelope helped him by wiping away his tears on a tissue. Vincent remembered watching the doctor's at West Covina General - his chart probably read that he'd been prescribed 1.5 mgs of Digoxin for his cardiac faliure and some Glucose to keep him hydrated, maybe also some Hyoscine Hydrobromide capsules for his nausea...They attached an oxygen inhaler tube to his nostrils and Vincent was relieved to feel the cold, fresh o2 flowing down his throat into each lung.

Where was Xenia? Was she okay? He and Xenia had had a slight falling out last week, but they kept in touch and were coming back together...Vincent remembered a few parts, especially that he'd been lonely in the long meantime. Needing company...What had happened...something... Vincent sat back and stared at the white corkboard ceiling, desperate for answers...Strange thoughts raging in his mind. When he looked back, Jeffery, the bearded doctor had left to visit other patients. An orderly swung over and handed a hard copy file to Penelope and Howard. I do that, Vincent thought, watching the orderly.

Penelope carefully read through the file, talking with her colleague. Penelope gave Howard the file and moved in close to Vincent's bedside. " We're trying to contact your parents, but so far no reply to our phone messages. Now, Vincent, you know how it goes when we try to contact immediate family, because you work at a hospital, right?"

Vincent nodded, calming himself. " Good. They'll be here eventually.You're stable right now, but is there maybe anyone else we can use as a contact?"

" Xenia..." Vincent whispered.

" Oh okay, she sounds exotic!" Penelope joked with him, she made him smile. " Do you know her number?"

Yes, he told Penelope and asked for his cellphone, which had Xenia's number. They had it in his collected belongings, his clothes had been shredded in order for them to work on him. But then Vicent remembered the porn collection stored on his phone!...All of the chloroform photos and videos, also. No doubt the police were going to visit him at some point and they'd maybe treat him differently after looking through his cellphone...Best to avoid that, he thought, hoping neither Penelope or Howard could read his guilty expression. Vincent recalled most of Xenia's number - he relayed the line of digits, only getting two numbers wrong before he realised and corrected them. Howard wrote down the numbers on a notepad against Vincent's file. Penelope asked him some more questions, ensuring Vincent was on the mend. When she was certain he'd be okay, she left Howard in charge of looking after him for a while. Vincent watched the flurry of movement around him as a male nurse came over to delicately check his I.V. and the bed monitors. The E.R. always looks different from a hospital bed.


...The phonecall startled Xenia, with sleeping Jasper beside her on the bed. Xenia had been concentrating on her lap top screen, still worrying for her lover Vincent's wellbeing. The last time they'd spoken on the phone was on Sunday afternoon and it was now late Monday night. Vincent hadn't answered any of her phonecalls or messages. Xenia hoped and prayed he was okay. Xenia answered her bedroom phone line connection on the first ring...Her eyes went wide, listening to Vincent's E.R. doctor, Penelope, explain what had happened to her beloved...Everything was a blur from putting the reciever down - Xenia barely saw herself get dressed and put on her bike leathers. Telling her parents, who were watching TV downstairs and then she was out the door to her bike.

Jasper suddenly jumped up behind the living room curtains, " Where are you going at this time of night?" his gaze asked her. " I'll be back soon..." Xenia said to him, her voice muffled by her bike helmet. Xenia could only really think of getting to Vincent. The night time five mile motorcycle ride there was a trancelike blur.


When the two uniformed police officers showed up to ask him questions, Vincent was floating in his medication dizzyness. Penelope explained to them that he would need time to recover and that there was little chance of him remembering his abduction. They left a card and disapeared. Vincent exhaled, fighting to stay alert. Penelope checked on him, she tried explaining that his rushed blood work confirmed he'd been Chloroformed...traces also of Diazepam barbituates and Atropine were in his blood. Penelope told him she believed that Vincent had first been sedated someplace with the Diazepam, then moved someplace else and kept under with doses of Chloroform. Whoever had done so had given him too much, she reasoned and his heart had stopped, which explained why he'd been given Atropine to counteract the effects and get his heart started.

His abductors had attempted artificial respiration and when that failed, they drove Vincent's dying body outside the hospital. According to the hospital security guards, the CCTV footage showed him being moved by two people dressed in black, their car number plates taped over. Penelope believed that whoever it had been was someone with medical knowledge. Vincent nodded in agreement, it made sense and again explained his amnesia.

" Ples..How long...?"

" -Were you dead for?" Penelope watched him nod a Yes. " About five minutes, after you were brought in. You're very lucky to be alive, Vincent."

" I know," Vincent nodded, tears running again. " Thank you..." he shakily said.

" You're welcome. Your friend Xenia should be here any minute to look in on you. We have a waiting room, so she can wait until morning visiting hours."

Vincent nodded, understanding the routine. Penelope whispered to ask him if he'd consent to a rape kit test, which would done in complete secrecy. If he consented ...He had a lot of bruises on his arms and back..." I...n..not sure..." Vincent said. Penelope nodded with understanding, giving him time to decide. She asked him in a whisper if he was sexually active? Vincent couldn't help blushing a little and nodded. Penelope noted to him that his file said his sexuality was bisexual.

" Yes."

" Me too." Penelope told him and Vincent's mouth gaped open in complete surprise!

She smiled and leaned in to check his heart beat with her stetchoscope, uncoiling it from her soft neck. Vincent felt the cold metal on his chest, he remained still as she listened to his heart for a full minute. Concentrating on letting Penelope's latex clad fingers work, he glanced to her intense expression and looked away. Penelope was pleased that his heart now sounded much stronger and wrote it down on his chart and her own notepad. She told him that they'd be moving him to a bed in the recovery ward on the fifth floor.

Vincent's face lit up when he saw Xenia walking up to his bed. Penelope greeted Xenia and gave her the lowdown on Vincent's condition...Xenia's shoulders tensed, just nodding, listening, but too shocked to let it all sink in. Penelope told Xenia that she and her colleagues didn't think that the Chloroform had damaged Vincent's kidneys, heart or liver, but they'd run some more tests just to be certain. His HMO insurance thankfully covered all of the medical expenses. Xenia focused on Vincent there on the hospital bed and the world became a blur...Realising she would do anything to make him better. You bloody idiot! Xenia thought - What've you done to yourself? We have a tiny disagreement about you wanting me to move in with you and you do this!?

Penelope explained that Xenia could only visit Vincent for five muntes, before they would move him to the fifth floor. There was a crowded waiting room. " I understand..." Xenia said, not recognising her own strange, disconnected tone of voice. Xenia felt cold even in her motorcycle leathers and Penelope recognised "shock" when she saw it now. Ever the doctor, she directed Xenia to sit in the swivel chair by the bed and asked an orderly to bring a small blanket. Xenia thanked them both, feeling warmer, she left her helmet on the floor. Penelope smiled, showing five fingers on her left hand, whispering: " Five minutes." Seeing Xenia nod, she left them for a moment.

Xenia sighed deeply," What happened to you?"

" I don't...don't remember, Xen..." Vincent grumbled and would've shrugged if he had the strength. " I dreamt about going to a house...somewhere..."

" Someone kidnapped you? In this dream of yours?"

Vincent frowned softly, trying to recall his dream, " It kind of party...I drank some champagne with...Four - yes, four people were there...Couples...My glass was drugged...Moved me around...kept me under with lots of chloroform..."

Xenia realised she was getting aroused, breathing hard now - Oh my Gosh, she thought, I shouldn't be turned on by what happened to him! What's wrong with me? Xenia tried closing her eyes tightly shut - Stop Thinking About It...Her head twitched as dozens of guilty thoughts attacked her. Watching in horror as his lover fought herself, Vincent reached out with his left hand...his loving hand hugging Xenia's clenched hands. Xenia instantly stopped shaking...No spoken words were required between them. Xenia knew she wanted to stay near him and as the five minutes were up and she had to say bye to him for now, Xenia went to the crowded waiting room. Xenia barely felt the floor underfoot, smiling, knowing she loved him.

It was dawn when Vincent's parents surprised her in the waiting room, she hugged them. They just finished visiting him for about ten minutes. Sitting down with Xenia beside them. It was a nice surprise finding Xenia there in the waiting room, they said, even though one of Vincent's doctors had told them she was there, the shock had made them forget. Vincent was resting comfortably in the Recovery Ward, they told Xenia, she exhaled deeply in relief.

Visiting hours started just after Ten A.M., they told her and Xenia suddenly remembered: Work! Ohhh crap! I can't miss my shift at the ad agency!...If she left now on her bike, she could make it home to quickly freshen up, then make it to work, and then her second job at the coffee shop. Even though she hadn't gotten any sleep and was exhausted. Xenia paced the floor, glancing again at the wall clock, then her watch. Vincent's parents told her they understood and they would be there for Vincent, they would call her if anything happened. Xenia hesitantly agreed and after hugging them, left the hospital. Driving home on her bike, telling her parents who were eating cereal in the kitchen, just that Vincent had been in an "accident". And was going to be okay. Xenia then took a very quick shower, doing her hair, dressing, picking up her work stuff. Xenia quickly grabbed a few sips of coffee and a slice of toast, giving Jasper some strokes on his fur coat. She said bye to them all and was out the door and drove to work. She felt tired all day, always thinking about Vincent...


Xenia visited him each day there at St. Augustine's for a week, Vincent's test results came back negative for any internal organ damage or infections and they released him. He was still very weak and went home to live at his parent's house when he was released. Vincent still had no memory of what had happened...Xenia stayed millimetre close to him as his strength slowly returned and Kallie also kept him company. Xenia realised she loved him more now than before...

Vincent said he felt strong enough for a nice walk and it was a beautiful but windy autumn day, so Xenia suggested the woodland park. They walked together, the wind tickling at Xenia's hair and making her smile. Vincent looked to her, his eyes blinking softly, leaning in for a long kiss...Xenia held onto him tightly, feeling his strong heart beat and her own heart beat.

---Unaware of the four door car that had been trailing them from the car park on the right hand side. The car stopped, engine running. The four occupants inside, two male and female couples, watching Xenia and Vincent...The female front side passenger, Irene, observing the two unaware lovers, with a pair of expensive binoculars. Irene smiled and laughed, passing the binoculars to her lover, Stewart, in the driver's seat. Irene looked lustfully to her husband, Louis, sat on the back seat with his lover, Nancy. Stewart grinned, observing his wife, Nancy, on the rearview mirror. Nancy french kissed Louis passionately, each of them watching one another with long, knowing sexual gazes...Irene bit her lower lip, breathing rapidly, moving her leather gloved hands down over her own body, watching Louis and Nancy. Stewart joined in, moving a free hand onto Irene's stockinged thigh, she loved it and groaned.

All four of them dizzy and erotically euphoric, watching the sexy Xenia and Vincent...The four of them would wait for a while, they decided, before inviting Xenia and Vincent for another "party"...Or grabbing them with a wet chloroform cloth, each, bundling them into the car...They would wait and watch them first...

The End


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Photo shared by on in Fight KO

Marvin moved around the room with his camera "yeah okay like that" he said circling around and snapping pictures "now what you'll do is you will start doing push ups and pretend to faint and make it look like i said!" he said waiting "and go!" he said waitign watching with the camera up to his face.

Macy was in postition and started to do some push ups "uhhh one!" she said in a forced strained voice like she was hving trouble making her voice sound as girly as possibly "twoo...." she said again pushing herself up "three...!" she said holding herself up "ohhhhhhh...i think i think i'm feeling dizzy" she said trying to do what she had been told but sounding very unrealistic and forced "oh my" she said dropping down to the ground as if she fainted very quickly with not much build up.

Marvin rolled his eyes and sighed pulling the camera back "no! come on now Macy i've told you how to do it a hundred times can't you act any better than this!" he said shaking his head.

Macy glared at him pushing herself up and standing walking over to him and throwing her hands up her ass jiggling in her tight underwear "hey!" she said pointing at him before placing her hands on her hips "listen okay you were the one that asked me to do this alright?" she said tapping her yellow socked foot on the ground "wasn't my idea your the weirdo that would ask his sister to do this little thing it's not my fault if i'm not good at it" she said.

Marvin looked at her and rolled his eyes shaking his head "yeah well I thought you would eb able to act a little better than this" he said throwing his hands up. He had been going to make a sleepy video for quite some time to put online and it wasn't like girls just jumped at you to do such a thing. It wasn't his fault that his sister also just happened to be one of the hottest girls in the whole town even he could see that he wasn't blind. It would have been crazy not to get her to do it. He didn't have to pay her and she was a better candidate than most others if only she could act.....wait a second...

Marvin thought to himself. What if she didn't have to act. He grinned a smile crossing his face as he thought about it.

Macy looked at him her hands on her hips 'what are you smiling about?" she asked.

"oh nothing" he answered "lets just try it one more time" he said getting his camera ready.

Macy sighed "ughhh fine but if it doesn't work this time i'm done" she said bending down and getting into postition. Macy held herself up in push up postition "ready?" she asked.

Marvin quickly and quietly grabbed a little hammer sitting on the table and flipped his camera on "yeah ready..." he said.

Macy sighed beggining to do the push ups once more "ughhh one...." she said pushing herself up "two....uhhhh!" her eyes widened groaning lightly as something impacted off of her head.

Marvin smiled after bonking Macy on the head stepping back with his camera and recording "there we go" he said happily.

"ohhhh" Macys eyes fluttered for a moment before crossing and falling down her ass jiggling in her underwear as her body hit the floor out cold.

Marvin grinned walking around Macy with the camera getting every shot possible . He reched down pelling her eye lids back to see the knocked out rolled eyes of hers. He then picked up her limp arm letting it drop to the ground. Marvin rolled Macy to her back her limp body moving easily and got a nice shot of her breasts and unconsious face lips slightly parted.

Macy groaned "ughhhh wha...what happened..." she said raising up a bit still dazed.

Marvin smiled "sorry sis that was the best take all day gotta go back to dream land for a bit" he said bonking her head one more time.

Macys head dipped forward at the impact wobbling back and forth as her eyes crossed and fluttered "ohhhhhhh..." she moaned falling back again.

Marvin circled Macy grabbing her by her socked ankles and dragging her up against the couch. He slowly peeled back her yellow socks revealing her bare feet. He got some close ups of her wrinkled soles rubbing them. Marvin then sat the camera down to where it could record them and picked Macy up in a cradle carry walking around. He then tossed her over his shoulder carrying her around the camera getting a good shot of her ass and bare feet.

Marvin smiled "now that's some method acting" he said happily.


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I looked at the photos of my ex Sharon lying outcold in her panties and bra."wow,omg Mother,you knocked her out? Brenda smiled and related the story of how Sharon tried to get some errings back and they got in a fight,with Mother knocking my ex cold.The pictures were a erotic and a turn on,showing Sharon laid out cold in panties and bra."So how long was she out,what happened next?" i inquired. "A while,long enough for me to strip the bitch and get these,"she laughed.I was staying with mom for a while,having split with Sharon until i could get my own place and the pictures on her phone of my ex laid out in a fight with mom excited me to no end,i could hardly wait to show my friend ,Toby.For now i went upstairs to my room to transfer the pictures to my laptop as Mother was waiting for her new friend,Hatter to show to go to dinner.I had met Hatter once,a pretty lady,blonde,around 5-3 or so,somewhat conservative,differant from the women mom was used to dating,anyway i liked her right away and thought her quite attractive in all. Mother was certainly dressed for the kill,a short blue dress,low cut,lots of cleavage,even her nipples showed through the dress top,and some very cute high top boots,also blue with the top portion being lace up.Hmmm,very sexy.I came back down to get a drink to take back to my room and Brenda had sat down on the sofa with a book while she waited,i admired her long sleek legs,crossed under the dress and how she showed off her sexy breasts with that low cut top.I walked over coming around to her back,put my hands on her shoulders rubbing her neck,"You do look sexy tonight Mother,"and i see your wearing the very errings you fought over,"i giggled. She laughed and said,"Well,it was a fair fight and i did knock the bitch out didn't i?" "You certainly did" as i kissed her neck,and later you have to let me do some highlights in your hair,"i ran my fingers through it. I had done hair before and now had a job at a salon,something i was good at,and mom let me do hers now."Ok baby" she mused as i kissed her again and went upstairs.I felt like a shower,maybe a cold one so i took one and while in the shower thought about my sexy stepmom which of course got me hard,then stepped out to dry off when i heard the doorbell ring.Hearing voices i realized it was mom's friend Hatter and peeked from the top of the stairs,towel wrapped around me.I could see mom and her chatting and then a light kiss before they sat down.Hatter had on a short pink dress,somewhat low cut top and gorgeous black boots which Brenda was admiring running her hand over the sleek leather."Brian" mom called out,"can you come down and say hi to Hatter? and check out these pretty boots too?" Brenda knew i loved boots on women."Hurry baby,were about to leave." "Sec mom,have to slip something on" which i did,a pair of white shorts,maybe a little too tight,and a tanktop.I bounded down the stairs and greeted Hatter,she was even prettier than last time i saw her and looked at her boots,"Wow those are just stunning," i said as Hatter beamed.I had just said my goodbyes to the ladies and turned to go back upstairs when a loud knock came from the door.Brenda seemed agitated,"now who is that? and just as we are about to go too." Mom opened the door and i almost fainted when a man walked in,actually kind of pushed his way in past Mother."And just who are you," mom demanded to know.I already knew who it was,his name was Rodney,a guy i met from the gym and Sharon's current boyfriend.We nicknamed him"meat"because of the sheer size of his penis and even under the shorts he wore you knew why,there was a very revealing outline of a penis there.I knew him well,too well.A couple weeks back i had caught him and Brenda together at a party we attended,they were outside and he had his hand on my wife's breast which was out of her top and she had her hand inside his pants.Long story short,a brief exchange of words and he decked me,laid me outcold with one punch which of course really turned Sharon on more,that is seeing me knocked out.I don't know how long i was out but when i came to and my head cleared some i raised up and saw Sharon on her knees giving my opponent a blowjob.Seeing his massive cock in my wife's mouth,well i guess i passed out.Then to add to the humiliation after they finished there little sex thing,he picked me up,put me over his shoulders and carried me to the house,Sharon trailing behind and her telling the other guests i had just"fainted." Sharon and i split a day later,but i saw him again at the gym in the dressing room after that.I was dressing and he came out of the shower,i didn't know he was even there.Turning around he surprised me,Rodney was butt naked toweling off,it was a little embarressing to see him again and when he came towards me,well guess i was frightened he was going to slug me again and as he started to speak i fainted!! He caught me and carried me to a massage table leaving me there totally nude,and i guess a bit hard too.Then to make things worse a little while after that,i was still at the house Sharon and i shared then,but she had moved in with Rodney.Toby had come over and i told my friend what happened,we went outside,had a swim and then laid out on lounge chairs to sunbathe.We were nude,i always swam nude and Toby rubbed me with lotion.Then it was my turn and i spread the cream on him,first his back,then he turned over and i put it on his legs and chest.He joked i should put some on his cock too,and what the hell,after a couple drinks we already had thats what i did.Omg he got so hard and so did i,we were laughing,forgetting troubles and i lowered my head and put his cock deep into my mouth when i heard a loud laugh.Guess who? It was Rodney who came by to get something of Sharon's and caught us in the act.He was in shorts and i could tell he was hard too,i don't know how long he watched us but enough to get hard anyway."I always thought you were gay,"he laughed,"mind if i join you?" Toby flew into a rage,something i rarely saw in him.He bounded up and faced Rodney,even making a fist and looking like he was about to slug him.But Rod saw it coming and punched first,hitting my friend square on the chin laying him out spread eagle and outcold!! I rushed to my unconsious friend bending over him almost hysterical,"omg,you knocked him out," and as i rose up he did the same to me,knocking me outcold and spread eagle next to Toby.Omg the birds i saw,little blue birds,all circling my head and twirping.Next thing i knew i felt cold water on my face and a female voice asking if i was ok.It was my friend Sandi,she had come by to see me and found both of us knocked out nude and hard.Toby was still out and she helped me carry him to the house were we revived him,and he said he saw birds flying too,but wrens he thought.So here i was,at mom's house and mr. meat was there,he had knocked me out twice already and another time i fainted,all embarressing,plus he was screwing my soon to be ex wife. Rodney looked my way,smiled and asked how my jaw was.I stared back not knowing what to say,wondering why he was even at my stepmom's house and then i saw Sharon,she had come in right behind Rodney.She had a little tanktop on,tied in a bow right under her big boobs,no bra of course,her nipples stood out under the thin fabric,and a pair of the tightest short -shorts on i ever saw,even her butt cheeks hung out.It was too much for me,my legs got wobbly and before anyone knew it i was on the way to the floor,fainted again! Brenda and Hatter were right next to me in a second,Hatter saying,"omg Brenda,i think hes fainted." The tent my shorts made didn't go unnoticed either as Sharon walked the few steps to were i lay and put her high heeled shoe on my already hard cock,then laughed as she said "your wimp of a son fainted again." Brenda was now up and facing both Rodney and Sharon,hands on hips,"Are you looking to get your ass knocked cold again bitch? what do you want now?" "My errings you big titted bitch,i want them back and this time i have some muscle to help me get them." And with that she stepped aside and Rodney,hands on hips looked at Brenda,"c;mon mamm,just hand them over and we'll leave,don't make me take them off you." "So your the one," Brenda said,"You knocked my son out and his friend too,i heard about that."Looks like he knocked him out again,and without even one punch," Sharon laughed again.Brenda looked towards me,still out with Hatter trying to wake me."Well your not getting them Mr. big cock," and she brought her fist up and took a swing at Rodney.Rod,ducked,then grabbed Brenda's arm,"Now listen Brenda,don't make me hit you," and he struggled with Brenda trying to grab both of her arms.As the two struggled,Brenda trying to slug him and Rodney trying to put her in some kind of clinch,Hatter looked up,then stood,"Oh please,you two,don't fight,"she was almost hysterical.About then i came to from my fainting spell with the noise of yelling and struggle.My eyes opened and it took a few seconds for me to remember what happened before i fainted but my eyes caught Hatter's pink skirt above me,it was short enough i could see her panties,also pink,she was sort of straddling me.I heard Mother's voice as she struggled with Rodney,then i heard and barely saw Rodney as he finally said,"ok,i didn't want to do this,but"....then what sounded like a hard slap and Brenda falling back to the sofa,she bounced once,her big boobs slapping each other ,one came out of the top,then she went still,her head to the side,slouched on the sofa,her skirt all the way up to her hips with the light blue thong barely covering her manicured pussy."Wow,nice punch baby,"Sharon exclaimed,"shes out cold."  Hatter went hysterical now,she wasn't used to this at all,she bent over mom,tapping her cheeks,lifting her limp head up,but mom was out."Omg,omg,you ,you,knocked her unconsious,oh how could you?'And she turned to slap Rodney but Sharon grabbed the blonde putting her in a choke hold,"Calm down bitch," she said but Hatter still struggled until finally the lack of air caused Hatter to struggle less and she finally passed out.Sharon just let her drop to the floor in a heap with Rodney bending over her,"wow baby,you did a number on her,shes out."All the while this fight was going on i pretended to be still out,i was frightened but also very turned on by it all. Sharon bent over mom taking off the errings and stuffing them in her jean pocket,"wow,you really coldcocked this bitch honey,"and looked lovingly at Rodney.Then turning her attention back to mom she stroked her face,"She is lovely isn't she,so sexy." Rodney looked at Sharon,then Brenda,"She is that for sure.""I want these boots too baby,help me," and Sharon pulled one boot off of mom while Rodney pulled the other.Sharon held them up,"i like these." "and those too,"she said,"pointing at Hatter's boots.Rod smiled,"what ever you like sweety," and he began to pull Hatter's boot.But she began to moan and her eyes fluttered open,"Oh dear,omg,what happened?" Sharon moved Rodney aside and knelt in front of Hatter,"Sorry swetheart,you woke up too soon," and with a smile gave Hatter a short shoppy punch to her chin,snapping the girls head back,Hatter's eyes rolled up and again,she was out."Wow,that was so cool,nice punch,"Rodney said.Sharon finished pulling Hatter's boots off and smiled."Hmmm,all this activity made me horny," and while still on her knees pulled Rodney's shorts down and began to suck his very large and hard cock."Oh god,you do that so well,"as Sharon sucked him.My own cock couldn't get any harder as i tried to be still and still watch.Then Sharon stopped,got up"I have an idea,"she grinned,"help me strip these bitches." and together they releived the skirt and dress from both Hatter and Brenda,thong and panties next until both were nude."What now?" Rodney looked confused as both women were naked in front of him."My present to you baby,both these bitches are out so screw them." It was almost an order from the dominant woman and Rodnet smiled,"Yes ma'mm." But before he could do anything Brenda stirred and moaned,her eyes opened."Oh god,what hit me? where am i?Sharon smiled and helped her up on wobbly feet.It was then Brenda noticed she was nude and her girlfriend also nude and unconsious."What is this,what are you doing?" "payback time bitch," said Sharon,and gave Brenda a hard right cross to her jaw,knocking the bigger and older woman backward right into the waiting arms of her new lover,Rodney.Rodney held the unconsious woman,cradling her,"There baby,shes yours for a few minutes anyway." Rodney didn't waste time,he laid Brenda out on the sofa and first laid his cock on her face,opening her mouth he put it in.Sharon fingered Brenda's pussy then helped Rodney put his cock in her,Brenda even moaned,she must have liked it even while being out.Then he squirted and squirted,in her pussy,on her belly,on her face,omg he had cumm everywhere.Finally done and about to leave,Sharon had one more idea.Laying Brenda on the floor spread eagle and the took Hatter and laid her on Brenda in a 69 position.Sharon stood back looking at the sight,then snapped several pictures with her phone laughing all the while. "Lets go baby,before they come to." Rodney said, but Sharon had one more chore.I felt her yank my shorts off and i opened my eyes."I thought you might be faking ,"she laughed,"Hmmmm,and you are so hard too,was it the girls or my boyfriend?" and then she kicked my jaw with her bare foot,knocking me out cold again.My cock exploded at the kick,squirting up and all over my belly making both Sharon and Rodney laugh.Sharon kissed Rodney hard and with one hand on his now hard cock again said,"Ok baby,you know what to do don't you,you know what turns me on more,please," she begged. "If thats what you want sweety," and his fist came up striking Sharon's chin.She grunted and went out,he grabbed her ass and thighs,putting his new ,now knocked out girlfriend over his shoulders,grabbed the boots and carried her and them out and home.

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My stepmom,Brenda loved to keep in shape and we always had something of a workout room next to the garage. There was one window that was a one way mirror,that is from the workout room it was a mirror and from the garage side it was a window looking in.Not sure why mom had that put in but it sure came in handy when i watched Brenda and her girlfriends work out in those tight outfits,sometimes i had a friend over and we would spy on them. So one day mom hired this housekeeper,a lady from South America,spoke broken English,attractive with big boobs,i think thats why she hired her really. Maria came in once a week,sometimes in a dress,sometimes in jeans but always with a low cut top and besides me noticing,mom did also. One day Maria was in the workout room cleaning,mom was hitting the heavy bag we had and i was watching,spying really because mom had on a tight pair of short knee length jeans,sneakers and a tight low cut top.Maria had a short jean dress or skirt and of course her low cut top as well. I was hard as a rock too and almost fainted when i was surprised by my friend Toby who came up behind me,"Watcha doin?' he asked. "Its my mom and Maria,look," i said,and Toby looked through the glass. "Wow,hot," he exclaimed,then looked back at me with a smile. Then he looked down at my shorts and seeing the huge tent my boner made,smiled again. We could hear the ladies talking as mom finished her workout,then asked Maria if she would like to try some simple boxing.At first Maria said no,but mom was persistent,even grabbed a pair of gloves for her off the shelf,almost forcing them on Maria's hands.Thats my stepmom,i whispered to Toby,has to have her way.Finally Maria relented and let mom put the gloves on her.Now as far as i knew Maria never had boxed before and Brenda was giving out advice to her like it was her first time. Then Brenda said to Maria,"lets make it interesting,if i win i get your dress,if you win you get my jeans,ok?' Maria just nodded,looking confused,but now i knew what Brenda was up to,i whispered to Toby,"she's going to knock Maria out,get her naked and in bed,you watch,' Toby looked at me funny but he knew mom as well as i did,she had a plan. Now mom was a little over six feet,well built and in those tight jeans looked very sexy.Maria on the other hand was about five feet tall,sexy as well in her short skirt,a little on the chunky side,but still sexy. Then they were at it,circling,jabbing,looked like David and Goliath with boobs.Mom was smiling as she jabbed,i'am sure waiting for just the right moment,Maria more serious,trying to protect her face from the jabs when it happened.Suddenly a hard right came up from Maria and landed flush on mom's chin with a smack. Mom's face went blank,her arms dropped to her side,she staggered a bit the another punch from Maria ,a left i think caught Brenda on the side of her jaw,snapping her blonde head to the side,causing her eyes to cross and a silly smile to appear.Then like a tall tree she fell backward to the mat,landing spread eagle,almost bouncing once then lay still. Toby's and my eyes got huge,Maria just stared at her fallen boss,"omg,i think she knocked your mom out!!" Toby blurted out.Both of us rushed out of the garage,around the side and into the workout room. Mom lay spread eagle in her jeans and sneakers,outcold while Maria looked on,her gloves still raised."Is she ok,i didn't mean to hit her so hard,"she said. I checked mom,"She's just knocked out Maria,wow that was some punch," i got up and went to Maria,"You just knocked your boss out cold," i joked,then Maria smiled looked down at the bigger woman."She said i get her jeans if i won," then looked at me again. "Well you knocked her out in a fair fight so lets get them off her,right Toby?' Toby was about to faint,but nodded his approval and while Maria watched we first unzipped the fly on mom's jeans then because they were so tight,we struggled to pull them off,turning the limp woman to the side so we could get them past her butt,then with some effort the jeans came down and off.And along with them so did mom's thong."Might as well have the sneakers too," i said and untied them as well,pulled them off exposing mom's painted toenails.With jeans,thong,and sneakers in hand i handed them to Maria,who by now had slipped out of the gloves and took her booty."Do you think she will fire me? i mean for knocking her out like that?' Maria asked me. "Don't worry Maria,if i know my Mother she planned to knock you out first,better go now,Toby and i will take care of her." Maria kissed me on the lips and was gone,i looked at my stepmom,still out and now nude from the waist down. Toby,sit her up will you," and as he did i grabbed the top mom had on and pulled it off,then layed her back down. "There,knocked cold and nude,just with pink gloves on," i laughed. Toby just stared and when i spread Brenda's legs even farther apart,exposing her wet clit,then put two fingers in her pussy,"Just as i thought,shes wet," laughing again. I was making small circles on Brenda's clit when i heard a moan and Toby fell backward in a dead faint. Now i knew Toby would probably pass out,in fact i was surprised he lasted this long. And the tent he made with his shorts,wow,i had to look.Sure enough,hos cock was about as hard as it could get,and so was mine. I sat my friend up,hoisted him up and over my shoulders,feeling that boner on my shoulder,looked at mom spread eagle and still outcold on the mat,smiled and carried my unconsious friend into the house to my bedroom. Mom would wake up later,nude,and figured Maria stripped her and took her jeans.And i knew mom would tell me all about how Maria knocked her out with a "lucky punch"as i massaged her that night

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Remember your first really good friend? Mine was a girl, Diane,a real tomboy who would rather play baseball,do guy stuff rather than hang out with girls her age. We were about 14,maybe 15 and i was noticing girls more and more,but Diane seemed to just stay the same.She didn't have a boyfriend or really any close girlfriends but we were buds all the same and hung out together. One thing is certain,i did notice her chest getting bigger and i always had a funny feeling around her. She wore mostly jeans or shorts,her hair in pigtails and the fact her butt was much rounder and her clothes seemed to fit tighter didn't go unnoticed by me. And could she fight,wow.I saw her lay a girl outcold at school once because the girl called her a lesbian,which at that time i wasn't even sure what it meant,but wow,what a punch. We wrestled sometimes and she always pinned me but i liked it,also liked the hard cock it gave me. Her mom was always on her to wear "girl" clothes,dress more girl like and quit acting like some boy,but she had a mind of her own. Diane and i talked alot too,she complained about her mom being on her so much and in a laughing way told me she was going to lay the bitch outcold if she didn't leave her alone.Typical teen girl rebellion i guess. She liked me she said because i didn't have an ego like most of the boys and liked my mom as well because she always listened to her,besides my stepmom was "hot",something i heard before but from guys who were over to my house. Then one day we had played some ball with other kids and were walking home.Di had on some really short shorts,the kind where ass cheeks kind of spilled out and a dirty tank top that really showed off her growing boobs.Her mom made her wear a bra,which she hated and you could still see her nipples outlined through the top. We stopped at a park bench for a few minutes to rest and talked mostly about school gossip and i just had to try,so i gave her a little kiss.She smiled and omg,she kissed me back,so i kissed again and this time put my hand on her breast. She stopped kissing me and with a smile whispered" you want to go to dreamland in a hurry," and held her fist to my chin,all the while grinning her grin. So that ended that,we were off and walking again,her house was just around the corner. Then two boys from school appeared walking towards us and started making jokes about both Di and me. One put his hand on Dianes boob,said something that made the other laugh and Di jumped back. Now i was mad and told them to leave us alone,Diane said something about what she was going to do to them,it all happened so fast. One boy turned to face me and thats when i figured i better do something quick. I cocked my fist and took a wide swing,aiming for his face,but he ducked under it and my swing would have been air except for Diane's jaw.She was directly behind this guy and when my fist missed him it found her and omg did it!! The punch slammed into the side of her jaw,sent her pigtails flying,head sideways and eyes crossed,she fell back to the grass laid out spread eagle.The three of us just stood in amazement,my fist still clenched and stared at Diane.I could almost see the birds circling over Diane's head,that crooked smile on her face as one guy bent over her and exclaimed with a grin,"She's like totally outcold man,wow!!" The guy who was still standing then turned to me and i remember him bringing his fist back but he didn't hit me,didn't have to,i fell next to Diane in a dead faint!! Next thing i remember was waking up and seeing the tree limbs over me,wondering where i was. As i raised my head i saw a form next to me and realized it was Diane,then it came back to me,what had happened and all.I also noticed Diane was nude,stripped naked and spread eagle. Trying to revive her,tapping her cheeks on each side all i got was some mumbling about mommie,"mommie is that you? mommie i see birdies",then she would like pass out again. I got up ,searched for her clothes but they were gone,those guys must have taken them.I knew i had to get her home and soon before someone came along so i sat her up and hoisted my friend up and over my shoulders and going off the path made it to Diane's house.Luckily her mom was gone so i brought her in to her bedroom,laying her out on the bed.Suddenly it all hit me,wow,ijust knocked my friend out by accident really,i fainted as is the norm for me and now my girlfriend was lying nude in front of me.This was the first time i saw her naked,her breasts were as big as they seemed under all those clothes she wore and her pussy was covered in hair.Now i had seen my stepmom nude several times but this girl was more my age and really didn't seem to be that much differant. My cock was totally swollen and i was torn between playing with her limp body or reviving her,but then her eyes fluttered open and the questions started."where am i,what happened? where are my clothes?' I stuttered and stammered but finally got it out what happened,that i took a swing and hit her instead,knocking her cold."I swear i didn't take your clothes,honest."and handed her a robe which she used to partly cover up. Diane laughed and said,"i believe you Brian,really," then holding her chin,"Wow,you really knocked me out." Then she whispered to me,almost fearing someone would hear,"Brian,when you knocked me out,i,well,i saw alot of birdies flying,could hear them sing." Then,"do you believe me?'  "Yes i do Di,i really do believe you,i heard them too when my stepmom knocked me out once too." She smiled broadly at me,cluthing the robe which barely covered her breasts. "What happened after i was knocked cuckoo? did you get in a fight with them,maybe punch one out before they knocked you cold?" She was smiling as she said this and i guess i turned red and hung my head,"Well,not exactly,i,,um,,,well i fainted." Diane looked at me with a look of first surprise,then burst out laughing,"omg,you fainted,really? like a girl?" I was embarressed,but then she comforted me and sat next to me on the bed.Then kissed me on the cheek,then mouth."Well at least you knocked someone out" she giggled. "Brian i have a confession,you know when you knocked me out,i,well it turned me on,,and i guess i,weel,i'am kinda wet now,and,well." I stood now,not knowing really what to do but Diane did.She pulled my shorts off so fast,my cock bounced up and down,then just before her mouth closed over it said,"this may sound funny,but i want you to knock me out again," then using her boobs she closed them over my cock and began to suck,hell i didn't even know she knew how to do that. Just as we were getting into our teen love making the door burst open and there stood Diane's mother,a large breasted woman herself,in her tennis dress,legs apart,hands on hips,glaring at us,mostly me. "Young lady your in for it now,and as for you," she turned towards me,well,all went black except for the cute birdies flying around my head and the pretty songs they sung.Yes,she coldcocked my young ass and hardon outcold on the bedroom floor. Cold water,someone talking,patting my face and then there was Diane,her pretty face just above mine,her breasts touching my chest."Brian,baby,you ok? my mom knocked you out." My chin was sore as i felt it,then" c'mon you have to leave quickly,are you ok?" I sat up with her help and then saw a real surprise. There lay on the floor about as spread eagle as you can get,was Di's mom,her legs spread wide and her tennis panties staring back at us,and omg,a wet spot right in the middle. I got up slowly and both of us bent over the unconsious woman."Ok.what happened "i asked. Diane looked at me with a devilish look,"Guess i hit her," she mumbled. "You what?You knocked your mom out?"i gasped. "Well she was making a big deal about us,ranting and raving,and she hit you too,knocked you out and all,well i told you i was going to lay her out someday and i did!!"  "Wow,you sure did di" then "Wonder if she saw birds too?" we both laughed,then i gathered up clothes and with a final kiss said while looking at the unconsious mom,"Good luck with damage control"

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My name's Wendy and me and my boyfriend just tried chloroform. His name's Donald - or just "Don" to me and lots of our friends. I've always been into watching chloroform scenes on tv from movies, when I told him he was interested just as I am in experimenting with chloroform. We bought a bottle of chloroform and made the best preparations to use it. I knew how dangerous chloroform can be, so in case something went wrong and me or Don ended up suffocated, each of us wrote down our personal reasons for chloroforming each other. - I know it sounds terrible, but we had to be realistic. So when if the EMTs found one or both of us, there'd be no doubt it was our personal choice.

After work on a Friday night...we were scared but ready. I called my mom and told her how much I loved her and dad and everyone. And I left a bunch of voicemail messages, texts and emails. Don did the same for his family and everyone.

We hadn't eaten or drank anything for hours. It was a beautiful but cold night and our bedroom table lamp just lit our room gorgeously. We were in our underwear, me in my still good black cotton bra and high leg briefs, Don looked nice in his t-shirt and boxers. I have my beautiful and natural curves and both of us keep in shape when work schedules allow it. We love each other. And we sat on the bed, kissed and hugged with the chloroform bottle right next to us.

I picked up the chloroform bottle on the thick yellow small hand towel we were gonna use. The clean towel felt soft and you could feel the heavy weight of the small chloroform bottle on it. Don watched me as I then picked up the chloro bottle and I took a sniff at the green latex tape curled around the hard blue plastic top and I swear I could already smell a really strong chemical smell just on the sealed top!

" What is it?" Don asked me.

I pushed the chloro bottle at him! " Sniff the top!" Don did so and he recoiled away just as I had. " See?...This stuff is strong."

We had to wait for a minute and talk over what we were going to do - replaying emergency scenarios and junk. Then we were ready. I unrolled the green latex tape on the bottle top and chucked the tape ball at Dom playfully. Then I unscrewed the blue plastic top...

Out flowed a hugely strong chemical adhesive fume stink! Chloroform actually smells a lot like diethyl ether - the strong, sickly sweet stink reminded me of the protection coating spray I put on my sneakers. Me and Dom could smell it at the back of our throats it's that strong! I recapped the lid without fastening it -some tiny amounts of the heavy chloroform liquid had dissolved into the air, but I stopped more fumes from escaping. Both of us also felt hungry, when we remembered the feeling much later.

I was much more careful now...I held the small, green hand towel on the top. The heavy chloroform inside the bottle made a kind of "splosh" sound as the top came off and I soaked the towel then fastened the top. The room literally filled with chloroform fumes already, my hand and fingers felt cold from the chloroform liquid...Without thinking, I let the sealed chloro bottle roll down and brought the chloro towel to my nose and mouth...Ouch! The chloro fumes burnt my nose and my throat felt hot and tingling just like taking a first cigarette puff. There was this deafening computer static noise in my hearing - I pushed away the chloro towel and coughed out for fresh air. I started shaking with fear, Don came up close and even he felt dizzy with the fumes.

" Give me a minute, babe...Then I'll try again."

Don just nodded. Barely fifty seconds later I brought the quickly drying chloro towel to my irritated nose and tingling throat and huffed in a quick breath but it was still too much and the chloroform fumes hurt my nose. My eyes watered both from the fumes and because I was afraid - I was so scared of the thumping computer screeching static I could hear. I took in another quick chloro huff and my eyes must've rolled up a little because I could only lipread Don asking if I was "okay?". I realised the chloro towel was still near my nose and mouth this time and I was taking shallow breaths. I nodded and kept huffing but most of the chloroform had dried out. Time jumped for me as I tried to move my hands holding the chloro towel to resoak it...I was suddenly face down with my right facial cheek resting against my warm arm. Don saw and knew what I was trying to do and he helped me up and got the towel and bottle ready. My hearing came back, but I was very high and I couldn't stop gazing drunkenly out because I was so drugged from the chloroform.

Don kissed me and I felt his love, I smiled.

" We can stop if you want?" Don asked with pure concern and love.

" Nooo..." I slurred and did my best to point at the chloro bottle and towel he held. I breathed in hard and I got wet thinking about eventually passing out. " Give me the chloroform...again."

Don watched me for another blissful euphoric moment - for me! I was halfway there to pink dreamland...Don resoaked the towel and refastened the bottle. By now, the towel had been soaked with over twenty millilitres of chloro. I took the wet chloro towel from Don and pushed it against my nose and mouth, I huffed and the fumes were softer on my nose but harder somehow going down my throat. I kept the towel close and the fumes made me take quick throat gulps - as though I were burping! Don would later tell me that my eyes started swimming by this point and my body went limp. I couldn't hold onto the towel but it stayed on my nose and I was terrified of accidentlly smothering myself. My ears were hearing the distortion noise so much I couldn't hear anything.

Don leaned in and held onto the chloro-soaked towel and I loved him even more as the room started to spin. I blinked - or closed my eyes and panicked during the pink rushing dimness folding in on my vision. I felt my skull was floating on the ocean and I could actually see the sun in front of me. Don told me later I mumbled out loud the beautiful words: " I wanna be there." for some strange reason and I tried moving a hand to reach out. But then came the pink blurryness and I said "Oh no..." under the pressing chloroform-soaked towel, so it came out as : " mmph.." I was chloroformed. Unconscious. Don told me he checked my pulse, respiration to see I was okay while under. He left the chloro towel nearby and kissed my blue lips as he waited for me to regain consciousness. I'd asked Don to take soft and gentle advantage of me while I was unconscious...He told me later that his touch got my body excited and that I coughed, trying to open my eyes, I just moaned loudly!

When I did come out of the chloroform haze I remembered dreaming of pink objects surrounding me. I had a slight headache. Dom greeted me and I felt so good I grinned from ear to ear. I burped out chloroform breaths right in Don's face and he got even dizzier, I apologised but burped a few more times and flexed my stomach - which felt gassy and drugged. I'm not proud of this part I have to tell you - I passed gas and even that had a chloroform odour. Anyway, I woke my stomach up by inhaling air in and out and flexing my stomach and it helped stop my gas attack.

Don had also taken mobile phone photos and video of me unconscious, I look very pale in them and you can tell I'm unconscious. He told me I'd been out for at least half an hour, but he wasn't sure how long. We kissed and I felt horny - it was Don's turn now...I positioned him underneath me, him lieing with his back on our bed, his head secure and safe on a pillow. I had him right where I wanted him between my thighs and he trusted me. I brought the chloroform and towel - which by now was stinking of dried chloroform. Before I resoaked it I had to tell Donald how much I loved him.

" I love you, baby."

" I love you too. It'll be okay. I trust you."

Don's heart was going a mile a minute from the vibrations in his chest, I could feel it in my body on him. I quickly resoaked the chloro towel from the bottle with two loud and heavy chloroform dunkings, so it had about twenty millilitres soaked in. The chloro fumes smelt deliciously intoxicating to me now and the room again filled with the smell of chloroform. I quickly resealed the bottle securely and left it on the bed nearby. Then I gently pressed the cold chloro towel over Don's nose and mouth - his nose hurt too and I pulled the chloroform-soaked towel away. Don's eyes blinked and swam alittle and I wondered how much chloroform he'd already inhaled from the fumes swirling around the room and from my chloroform breaths. Don was ready again and I moved the chloro towel in for him to take a whiff...Moved it back as Don gulped in a quick chloro throat inhale and then gently pressed it on his nose and mouth. Don's eyes watered and he panicked - he later told me he heard the schreeching computer static noise too and other weird noises. Don huffed in the chloroform fumes and his eyes grew foggy, he looked so high and staring off into the distance. He saw me glowing around my body, Don told me afterwards. He felt "pushed away" from himself and it scared him. I was there and just feeling me with him soothed Don.

He kept huffing on the chloroform-soaked towel and by now he'd taken at least nine quick breaths mixed in with more deep, languid breaths from the chloro towel. Don's face was white, but he was okay. I could even feel his junk coming to attention through his boxers! I grinded on him but Don was so high and drugged I don't think he could feel his own body...His eyes started to swim and his chest jerked up in a quick spasm but he was okay since it was his conscious body being drugged. Don mumbled something that sounded like "almost there" under the chloro towel. Don suddenly inhaled really deeply on the chloro towel and his eyelids fluttered and closed and I orgasmed! I had to concentrate as my body shuddered with intense pleasure. Don was now thoroughly chloroformed...I left the towel on his nose and mouth for another few scary seconds, then pulled the chloro towel away. I checked his breathing and pulse and he was okay. I kissed his unconscious, blue lips.

" I love you so much..." I told him and continued kissing all of his face. I took full advantage of Don's unconscious body...undressing him gently and then myself. I put a condom on Don and positioned myself on him...It was beautiful.

Don moaned a lot and breathed hard as we both beautifully came...I was scared a lot of the time and hoped Don would soon wake up. I don't know how much time passed, but soon Don's eyes opened slowly. And his lips moved to form words, he breathed normally.

" Hi..." Don said and smiled.

I kissed him and stayed a milimetre from his lips, just staring lovingly into his eyes. He kept breathing chloroform breaths on me and I felt even dizzier. Don burped and I massaged his stomach, asking him to inhale and exercise his chloroformed stomach. He did but burped a few more times and farted before his gas attack stopped. Don felt better now and more alert. I showed him the photos I'd taken of him chloroformed unconscious. Don loved them and tried to feel excited but he felt a bit drained like I did. So, we put the chloroform bottle away upright under our bed with the still heavily fragrant dry chloro towel.

We did our pre-bed routine of going to the bathroom and each taking care of business. Then we got back into bed and realised it was now bright morning! We didn't have to go into work since it was now the weekend, but we both found it hard to sleep naturally, which we did eventually.

When we woke up hours later, Don's whole body felt cold and sweaty. He suddenly started convulsing - it isn't pretty, but Don suddenly had to vomit-so I'll skip the worst and horrifying parts of the chloroform poisoning ordeal...It was horrific and Don kept thinking he was gonna die! The carpets were a bit of a mess in spots, stinking of vomited chloroform...I almost called the EMTs so many times and Don begged me not to, so I held him in my arms. He couldn't keep food or liquid down, he lost appetite. PLEASE DON'T ATTEMPT ANY OF THESE THINGS YOURSELF!!! Be careful, be safe and always call for medical assistance. Okay. Now, what I did was give Don two of the shop-bought Belladonna capsules dry, since I knew from research that Belladonna's one of the antidotes for chloroform poisoning...And I prayed again and again...It was an agonising wait for me, hovering by Don's bedside. He'd stopped vomiting for half a day. I made silent bargains and prayers with God to save my beautiful Donald. Within a few hours later Don's colour returned and his stomach felt stronger. I was and am eternally grateful that my lover is better now. Don very slowly got his appetite back. I aired out our apartment and he was repulsed by the chloroform smell and any tv chloro scenes. In a semi-delerious state, Don hid the chloroform bottle away at the back of a dusty kitchen drawer. I threw away the yellow, smelly chloro towel.

Two days later, we took days off work to visit our doctor's and got seen very quickly! Don had a full work-up done - he was in good physical condition - thank God. No lasting physical damage done by the chloroform, but Dom was so lethargic that he got a B-12 shot. I was in great shape also and thank God no lasting damage either. Our blood work was sent off, just to be certain and we'd return in two weeks for a follow up exam. Dom took a cab home afterwards and I took care of him when I got back.

The injection did the trick because Don's sex drive was up as he spanked my butt as I bent over to pick up his plate. He smiled, wiggling his eyebrows...I left the washing up until later...Later that night, Don helped me put out the garbage for collection next week and we dumped the sealed chloroform bottle inside an airtight box inside the garbage. And that was that...except it wasn't.

Don was ready for work on Wednesday and he was still a bit shaky but he felt better. At night, both of us started thinking about our chloroform experience and it became our lustful obsession even after our ordeal. So, on the Friday night we dug through the gargabe bag for the chloroform bottle. We couldn't just throw it away...

And now the chloroform bottle sits waiting in a secret spot in our apartment. One day, we might try it again but under "controlled conditions". Every junkie says the same thing, right? Our follow-up medical check up came back clear for both of us. We each respect life much more now. Just please remember guys that chloroform is incredibly dangerous. Be safe and sensible. One day, Don and me want to try nitrous oxide - but safely!

The End.

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Melanie was going to a black tie work function that evening and wanted some advice about what to wear.  Marko was one of her dearest friends.  Truth be told, he was much more than a friend.  A tall, handsome ER doctor with piercing brown eyes and a slight accent that betrayed his Balkan roots, they had met at a wedding and the chemistry was undeniable.  They dated for a time and she could tell she was really falling for him, which is why she put the brakes on when she realized that his hectic schedule at the hospital was more than she could deal with.  Still, their connection was real, and though they were both sad to admit that dating wasn't working, they cared too much to remain friends.  Knowing how important this dinner was, and how nervous Melanie would be, Marko had offered to come over after his shift and help her pick a dress.
       After coughing all night long, Melanie was feeling lousy.  "I refuse to be sick today" she thought.  "I'm probably just tired from coughing all night and not sleeping.  A hot shower should help."  Marko had a key to the apartment and knew to use it if she didn't answer the door, so she knew she didn't need to call to let him know.  After 20 minutes in a super hot shower, she was feeling better but knew that he'd be there soon.  Reluctantly, she dried off and put on her plush robe, hair up in a clip so she could do it later.  Just for fun she'd bought a pair of kitten heeled maribou slippers and put them on...she knew Marko would get a kick out of them.  "Silly Americans" he would laugh.  As she tied the robe she smelled the wonderful scent of strong Serbian coffee, and knew that Marko was there. 
       Marko had just poured the two cups of coffee into the tiny cups he'd brought Melanie back from his last visit to Belgrade.  He turned to see her stepping into the living room and leaned down to kiss her on each cheek, noticing that she seemed a bit pale despite still being damp from the hot steam.  With his first kiss on her cheek he could tell she was running a fever.  "Mel, are you feeling ok?  You look a little pale and feel warm."
       "I'm probably just warm because I came from the shower.  I'm also a little tired because I was up all night so I'm sure that's all it is."
        Marko wasn't convinced.  "Come here a second" he said, pulling her closer to hug her and kiss the top of her forehead to feel for fever.  At the same time, he grabbed her tiny wrist in his hand to feel her pulse, pure reflex for a doctor.  "You sure you're ok?"  "Actually, I..."
        Marko was shocked as he felt her go limp in his arms, his hand still holding her wrist.  Instantly he scooped her up, her robe coming undone as he carried her to her couch.  "Melanie?  Mel, can you hear me?  Open your eyes sweetie."  Again taking her wrist, her pulse was steady, but he could tell she was warmer than could be explained by a shower.  Gently rearranging her robe over her, he reached into his bag and got out a thermometer.  Taking her face in his hands, he gently squeezed her cheeks in order to slip the thermometer in her mouth.  "My God, those lips" he muttered, remembering how her perfect bow mouth had always undone him.  While the thermometer was in her mouth, he took out his light and gently raised her eyelids one by one.  Her eyes told him  she was completely unconscious, though he was glad to see her pupils dialating normally.  He read the thermometer:  101.9.  Certainly a fever, though not an alarming one.  Marko rose and went to Melanie's bed to grab a pillow - he had always hated how there weren't any on her couch - and a blanket.  When he returned, she had obviously stirred, and the robe had come undone again, revealing her flat stomach and perfect breasts.  Sighing, Marko slid his arm under her shoulders and gently lifted her to place the pillow under her, causing the robe to slip even more.  Raising her legs onto the arm of the couch, her beautiful runners thighs were revealed.  "Jesus" he said, taking a moment to admire the body that he'd enjoyed so much so long ago, then shaking his head when he realized it.  Marko covered her with the blanket.  By now, Melanie had begun to stir.  Marko sat on the edge of the couch, taking one of her hands in his and stroking her cheek softly.  When he carried her, her dark hair had come out of the clip, and he reached to brush the strands from her face.  "Melanie.  Melanie.  Come on, sweetie, open those gorgeous brown eyes for me.  Mel?"  He breathed a sigh of relief as her eyes began to flutter open.
          "Marko?" she said slowly, her voice unsteady.  "What happened?" 
           "You passed out honey.  How are you feeling?"
           "Strange" Melanie said, her eyelids half closed.  Marko reached down and felt her pulse, which had begun to speed up, which concerned him.  Reaching for the thermometer, he wordlessly commanded her to open her mouth.  "I'm going to get you some water, keep that there." "Marko, I'm fine" she said around the thermometer.  "Obviously.  You always faint into my arms when you're totally healthy...that's my favorite thing about you" he smiled, the mere statement making him unexpectedly aroused.  "Now don't be ridiculous, stay right there, and keep that thermometer in."  Marko had a certain Eastern European mannerism that made people listen to him when he was being serious, and his patients almost always did.  Melanie, however, he could tell would be more stubborn.  When he returned from the kitchen, Melanie was sitting upright with her feet on the floor.  "I thought I told you to stay lying down."  "You did, but seeing as how this isn't a hospital and I'm not your patient, I figured know...wouldn't listen" and she flashed that smile that destroyed every many who saw it.  She had the prettiest smile Marko had ever seen, and it was like kryptonite for his Eastern European sternness.  Standing over her, he held out the water. "Here, take a sip of this."  "I'm not thirsty!  I just want to show you my dress."  "Melanie, please, you need to have some water." 
         Even though they weren't dating anymore, they had a habit, almost a game, of flirting with each other when one of them wanted the other to do something they didn't want to do.  Flashing a coy smile, Melanie slowly stood up, running her hands from Marko's hips up his back to his shoulders.  "Stop Mel, I'm being serious.  This isn't the time for that" Marko said, meaning it.  "Really?  What is it the time for?" she cooed, locking his eyes with hers as she tickled just inside the waist band of his pants.  Marko let out an involuntary groan, his dark eyes flashing as he did not break eye contact.  That's when he noticed her eyelids starting to flutter.  "Melanie!" he yelled, catching her has she collapsed, limp, into his arms, her finger still in his waist band.  Again he scooped her up and put her on the couch.  Taking her wrist in one hand as he felt her forehead with the back of his hand, he noticed how markedly faster her pulse was.  Coaxing the thermometer into her pouty lips, now flushed and red and delicious looking, he found that her temperature had jumped to almost 104. 
         In a flash, Marko was a doctor not just a friend, and instinct took over.  He knew he had to get an anti-fever medicine into her before it rose any further.  Gently lifting her eyelids and shining his light in each, he could tell she was deeply unconscious and would not be able to swallow a pill for quite some time.  Marko heaved a sigh, knowing what he had to do.  Without an IV there was only one way to get Melanie's body to absorb the medicine it needed, and merely thinking of it made him begin to get a massive erection.  "I can't" he said out loud, physically shaking his head and willing the bulge in his pants to subside.  "You have to Dr. Stavic" he muttered aloud.  "You are a doctor, this is an unconscious woman who is very ill and needs you to do what's best for her."  Marko quickly went to Melanie's nightstand and grabbed a jar of lavender-scented cream, then into his doctor's kit, where he had liquid ibeprophen used for children.  He quickly mixed the two in the correct dosage, then returned to the couch.  Hesitantly, he slid his arm under Melanie's shoulders and slipped her out of the robe completely.  Cursing in Serbian under his breath, he was fully aware that he was now completely erect and that his penis was practically throbbing as he slowly massaged the cream into every inch of Melanie's soft skin.  As he massaged the cream gently over her breasts, he was suddenly overcome and leaned over, kissing her full on her parted lips as his hands massaged her perfect breasts.  That's when he noticed that her nipples were getting hard, and her hips were gyrating ever so slightly.  As a sigh escaped her lips, he chastized himself out loud.  "What the hell is the matter with you?!  She's unconscious, she's sick, and you're supposed to be taking care of her!  Ever hear of an oath Marko Stavic?!"  Still, she definitely seemed to be responding to his touch, and he wondered how that could be.  Again lifting her eyelids and drawing out his light, he realized that she must be semi-conscious.  Definitely not completely awake, but not as deeply unconscious as when she had first fallen limp into his arms. 
         Marko once again leaned down and kissed her beautiful, swollen lips.  As he pulled away, he heard her murmer "Marko...mmmm....I want you Marko, take me."  On instinct, his hand slid down her stomach, his fingers reaching into her and finding her dripping wet.  He just barely began to move them inside of her when he looked up and noticed she was not yet fully conscious.  Marko sprang up.  "This is wrong, I cannot do this!  Cold shower, I need a cold shower!"  He reached down and checked her pulse again...still too fast but slower than before.  A last eye check told him she was still not conscious, which meant she was unlikely to need him in the next few minutes.  Slipping out of his clothes, he stepped into an ice cold shower and tried to think of anything he could to make his now-throbbing erection go down.  Then he heard her call him, sounding strange.  Worried, he practically lept out of the shower, barely stopping to wrap a towel around his waist, his dark, wet hair dripping into his face.  He pushed his hair back and went quickly into the living room.
        Melanie was still laying on the couch, and was still completely naked.  To his shock, she was touching herself with one hand and caressing her breasts with the long, elegant fingers of the other hand.  Her eyes were open but her lids were drooping, and he didn't know if it was from pleasure or from a lack or complete consciousness.  "Mel, what are you doing?!"  "Marko, I want you.  I want you inside of me sooo badly.  I always have."  She sprang from the couch, swaying only momentarily. "Melanie, don't get up so fast, you could faint again."  Clearly she was not herself.  She pawed him like a wildcat, and he practically had to wrestle her to get a grip on her wrist to check her pulse, and to get his wrist to her forehead to feel for fever.  Both told him that though she was improving, she was still very sick. Melanie suddenly launched herself into his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, fingers loosening the towel.  He protested in earnest as she kissed his neck, but he was after all only a man.  Suddenly instinct took over, and he carried her into her bedroom.  The doctor took a back seat to the old fashioned Eastern European man, and he entered her with conviction.  She moaned in ecstasy, bringing her hips to meet him.  He leaned down to kiss her, wrapping her in his embrace.  "Yes, Marko, yes!  Take me!" she whispered.  At that moment, her eyes rolled back into her head and her arms fell from his waist, as her head rolled slowly to the side.  "Shit!" he said, but at this point it was too late.  He was already inside of her.  Lifting her slightly and laying her back down gently, he said "I'm sorry sweetheart but I can't stop" aloud to her unconscious form.  Marko didn't think this was right but there was nothing he could do, and he pumped into her limp body hard and fast, wanting to finish as soon as he could.  He was soo turned on, finishing didn't happen quickly.  With every thrust he saw her lips part just a little bit more, watched her breasts bounce and quiver.  He reached down and brushed the hair from her closed eyes and then lifted her up slightly to finish.  As he head fell back limply and her arched back brought her breasts almost to his mouth, he leaned over and kissed them.  She was helpless and moved like a ragdoll as he came and came and came inside of her.  When he was done, he tenderly laid her back down and went to clean up.  Feeling terrible, the doctor in him returned and he went to the living room for his supplies.  Feeling that her pulse was slightly fast but steady, the thermometer told him that her fever had returned to a reasonable 101.5.  Gently raising her eyelids, he saw that she was still deeply, completely unconscious, her body probably worn out from all it had endured today.  He knelt beside her, tenderly running his fingers through her hair with one hand and stroking her cheek with the other.  Sliding one hand under her shoulders and one under her knees, he lifted her gently, surprised by how much he liked the feeling of her limp body in his arms.  He carried her slowly out to the couch, looking down at her beautiful neck and full mouth as her head hung limply back, her soft hair swaying.  Caressing her as he went, he slid her back into her robe and covered her with the blanket on the couch, fluffing the pillow beneath her head before lowering it, her hair spread all around her lovely face.  He leaned over and kissed her again, taking her wrist one more time and checking her pulse.  Brushing a strand of hair from her face and stroking her cheek, he whispered "Sweet dreams sweetheart" and went to make some fresh coffee, knowing she was completely out cold and that he'd have a while to sit and watch his unconscious love before she woke up so he could take care of her.  He was a doctor again but he also felt like what he now realized he'd always wanted to be:  her man.
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