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Posted by on in Sleepy

This story is a continuation to another story (which I did not write) in which the girl has been kidnapped using chloroform. Enjoy :-)


You slowly awake on the bed. You eyes are still closed and you try to bring a hand to your face, to rub your eyes. That's when you notice that your hands are tied on your back, and you remember what happened. A tape on your mouth lets you only breath through your nose. You try to stay still and as calm as possible, to not alert me of you being awake.

I shift my weight on the bed, which informs you that I'm on the bed with you. You hear the traffic through an open window and by opening your right eye just the tiniest bit you see that the door of the room is open. Even though you don't know if I'm awake or not, you see your chance to escape.

You jump up as fast as you can possibly can with your hands tied behind you back and run to the door. You hear me getting up behind you and when you're almost at the door, you arms get yanked back. The rope which ties your hands together is connected to the bed with a longer rope, which is not long enough for you to leave the room.

You spin around to try to loosen the rope from the bed, but suddenly you feel an arm coming round you body and a hand over your face. I got around the bed and now I'm standing behind you, holding you tightly and pressing you against my body. You begin to struggle as much as you can to try to escape, when I pinch your nose closed. The tape over your mouth doesn't let you breath through your mouth, and now you nose is closed as well.

You struggle even harder now, but I'm holding you tightly. I guide you a little backwards, to the wall, so I have a more secure footing. After a few seconds your urge to breath becomes stronger, your struggling is very exhausting. You begin to panic and start kicking in all directions, hitting my shin a few times. Since you're barefoot it doesn't hurt too much, but my energy does not last forever, either. With my left hand I grab your right breast, massaging it.

Your lungs burn, you struggle only to get a breath of air in now, you cannot think a calm thought anymore. And through all this, your body still gets aroused by my touch, which increases your need to breath even more. You begin to see stars and your movements are less and less with real purpose. A few seconds later your legs stop kicking since you have troubles keeping yourself upright.

I notice that you stopped kicking, so I let my left hand wander down to your pussy and start stroking. You're pretty wet, the asphyxia left you aroused, despite the panic you have been in.

Your sight gets worse, your head feels big and your ears are roaring. Your legs begin to buckle, and I'm holding you up more than you're standing on your own. I notice you getting heavier in my arms and let you down slowly. Sitting against the wall, you laying against me, getting weaker and unable to really struggle anymore, still longing to breath.

"Shhh... relax... yes, that's good... don't struggle, let it happen...", I whisper in your ear, as your eyes begin to roll back in your head. You didn't hear the last part of my whispering, the roaring in your ears is too loud, you're almost out. I feel you trying to breath through the tape, your breasts are rising and falling erratically, without success.

As I feel you becoming almost entirely limp, you eyes are rolling back, only the white can be seen, you're not responding anymore. That's when I take my right hand away from your nose, enabling you to breath through your nose again.

I pick you up, carrying you in my arms. Your head is swinging around, you're not completely unconscious, more in a twilight, and your ability to breath is clearing your head now. I lay you back down on the bed, laying down on my side right next to you, waiting for you to come to.

After a few seconds you twitch shortly, drawing a deep breath in and looking around, confused. You see me laying there again, and start to rob to the edge of your half of the bed, staring at me frightened.

"No,stop, let me go, please", is what you try to say, but only a few moans is all I hear, because your mouth is still taped shut.

"You don't have to be afraid. I won't hurt you, I just want to have a little fun.", I say, looking calmly at you. "And, maybe, if you get a little more into it yourself, you might have a lot of fun yourself..."

You were about to fall over the edge of the bed, but now you hesitate. It's not that you suddenly trust me, but the promise to not hurt you sounds sincere.

You look at me, doubt still in your eyes, but you decide to see what I'm up to.

"Okay, let's see what you think of my plan for now. I'd like to play a game. If I win, it may be a bit frustrating for you, but nothing more. But if you win, you're free to do whatever you want. You can leave, you can stay, your choice. How does that sound?"

"What game", is what I interpret your two muffled sounds as.

"You just have to cum, before you fall asleep.", I explain, with a grin.

You lift one brow, looking quizzically at me.

I reach down behind me under the bed, and get a light colored, transparent anesthesia mask and a breathing bag, as well as a rubber harness.

"You will wear this and breath the chloroform I will put in the bag. If you manage to cum before this puts you to sleep, you win", I say, getting a rag from the nightstand and the bottle of chloroform next to it. "And how are you supposed to cum, without your hands, you ask?"

You lift both brows, looking expectant.

"I will just lay back, and you will sit on top of me. That should be enough.", I finish the explanation, shooting you a wink. ;)

You look at me, thinking. You experienced the chloroform already, you know it takes a while to put you to sleep. Looking at the mask setup, you reckon it takes even longer than with cloth, since you will be breathing a mix of air and chloro.

Taking a deep breath, you nod at me.

"Good! Not that you had a real choice. But anyway, let's start then."

I take the mask and harness and tell you to sit up on the bed. You do, and I put the mask on your mouth and nose. The inflatable rim is soft and creates a perfect seal on your face, so that the only air you can breath comes through the hole in the mask.

The harness comes around your head and is fixated to the mask. Now the mask stays on your face with me needing to hold it, no matter how much you shake your head.

I open the bottle of chloroform and soak the rag, we both smell the first few fumes of the anesthetic. I put the cloth in the bag, and lay down on my back in the middle of the bed, mentioning you to sit on top of me. You do so kind of slowly, since your hands a re still bound, but you manage to climb above my midsection. My dick is still hard from our struggle and your almost fainting. Actually, just seeing you on the bed and climbing on top of me give me a hard-on.

"Are you ready?" I ask, bag full of chloro in hand. You nod. I connect the bag to the mask, and you begin to smell the fumes. The moment it is completely connected, your next breath is almost pure chloroform, burning in your nose and making you cough a little. But you don't lose concentration and lift yourself carefully. I help you guiding my cock, and as you sit back down, I slowly slid inside you.

I let out a short grunt, and as I fill you up with my member, you let yourself sink lower and lower, my dick sliding deeper and deeper inside you, causing you to take a deep, slow breath in, despite the still irritating chloroform. The bag collapses as you breath in, telling you that the bag itself is closed. You're rebreathing your air/chloroform mix.

Just before I touch your cervix, you sit on my hip. You need a short rest, taking a risky breath, before lifting yourself back up, to start the riding. I hold your hips to help you balance with tied hands, as you bounce up and down, getting faster.

Your lips start to go numb, the first signs of the coming forced sleep. But you're getting worked up as well, your body is flushed, your pussy is getting more wet with each up and down. But the more excited you get, the faster you breath in the chloroform. The air inside the bag is starting to get stale as well, providing you with less and less oxygen each breath, also causing you to breath faster.

Your pussy really begins to throb, you don't need much longer for your orgasm. Even though your fingers start to tingle, you notice the chloroform being almost completely evaporated. The rag can only carry so much chloro, and it's almost gone now. You see your chance in this.

I let my hands wander from your hips to your breasts, stroking and massaging them, only thinking about my pleasure at the moment.

Your breathing becomes very fast now, your whole body is red, you see the first stars flashing in your vision. The chloroform is gone, but you're still rebreathing your own air, getting almost no oxygen in. Your bouncing on my cock is still getting faster, you're closing on your orgasm, you know what you have to do to get off. Closing your eyes, you try to concentrate on the feeling of my dick in your pussy, how it fills you up completely. All the while your breathing is getting faster and faster, searching for oxygen.

With your eyes closed and fixated on your climax, you don't notice me reaching down next to bed. After a little rummaging and fidgeting I find what I need, and with my left hand I slowly pull up a hissing tube that's connected to a few tanks under the bed, containing nitrous oxide, oxygen and sevoflouran.

The bag is hanging loosely between your breasts, you don't notice me taking it. While you're still bouncing up and down, trying to get your climax, I connect the tube to the bag. The rather strong nitrous/oxygen mix is flowing through the bag and the mask, but the smell is not strong enough for you to notice, after breathing the chloroform and getting little to no oxygen. You're still breathing very fast and deep, inhaling a lot of nitrous very fast.

Your arms begin to tingle, the roaring starts in your ears. You think its the missing oxygen, while trying to keep up the pace. After a few more seconds and several deep breaths, your whole face is tingling and you lose the feeling in your lips and fingers. Your legs start to tingle now, and you're struggling to coordinate the bouncing.

You feel the orgasm coming, but you don't have the strength to bounce up and down anymore, getting slower with your movements. You're so close to the climax, but the gas is pulling you down more and more. After having only the strength to keep grinding a little up and down, you slowly open your eyes. Your vision is blurry at first, but clears a little, and you see the hose running from the bag to under the bed. Your eyes widen and you try to hold your breath. The oxygen in the gas mix helps a little, and you try to collect your strength to grind a little harder, trying to reach your climax.

I notice you holding your breath. "We had that already, my sexy dear", I say, reaching back to your breast and squeezing it with one hand, and taking the bag with my other hand. The pain and the pleasure from your breast lets you gasp a little, and that's when I squeeze the bag. A full load of nitrous oxide gets pushed into your lungs, hitting you pretty hard. You begin to sway, and colors flash before your eyes. At the same time your orgasm starts to build.

I reach back under the bed and flip a switch, mixing the sevoflouran into the gas mix. Your next breath comes involuntary, together with me squeezing the bag again, giving you another big gulp of gas. This time you notice a stronger smell while you're breathing it deep in, and your sight narrows a little. Your orgasm is directly in front of you, if could just reach for your clit, you would explode.

You lack the coordination to move your whole body up and down or just to grind on me, and your eyes begin to close on their own. Another bag of gas gets pushed into your lungs, you didn't notice taking a breath. Your vision narrows even more, the roaring in your ears is incredibly loud, the only feeling you have left is in your pussy, where you feel sudden warmth and more fullness, as I cum inside you, after seeing you succumb to the gases being pushed inside you. Your next breath comes, deep and slow, taking the sleepy gas in. Your eyes close, you can't feel your body anymore. You slide to the side, but I catch you after I come down from my own climax, guiding you on top of me.

There you are, unconscious, sleeping on top of me. I hear your breathing through the mask, hear the hissing of the gases in the bag. You didn't reach your climax, the sleep denied you your relief.

My dick still inside you, I switch off the sevo, regulating the nitrous/oxygen mix to save levels, and sleep with you in my arms.

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Posted by on in Chloro

My first time trying to write something like this, feel free to leave some feedback. :-)


We both know about each others fetishes. I ask you if I may put you under, but you hesitate, because we just met 2 weeks ago.

A little playing around with chloroform is alright, you say, but you don't want to be put to sleep all the way yet.

So I propose that I get to choose what to play with, and you take the matter into your own hands, to be on the safe side.

I get a black anesthesia mask, a bag that can be connected to the mask, a piece of cloth and the chloroform. After soaking the rag with a bit of chloroform, I put it in the bag and connect it to the black mask, so you can inhale the chloroform fumes through the mask.

We both sit down on the bed. You take the mask with the bag and hold the mask near your face, to test how strong the fumes are. You shoot me a mischievous smile and put the mask on your nose and mouth. The mask fits airtight, so you can only breath through the bag.

We both hear your breath coming through the bag now. You frown a little at the smell of the chloroform and the way it burns a little in you nose, but you keep taking short breaths through the mask while looking at me. After a few seconds it gets easier to breath and you take deeper breaths.

I lean over close to you, putting my hand on your thigh and looking into your eyes. I smell a bit of the chloroform and the rubber of the mask.

As you continue to take deep breaths through the mask, your lips start to go numb and your fingertips start to tingle. You hear a faint roaring in your ears, but it's still very quiet.

The chloroform on the rag is almost gone, and you notice that. You try to take deeper breaths to savor the last drops, and nod to the bottle of chloroform.

"A little more", I hear you say muffled by the mask. I can see your seductive smile even when it's almost entirely covered by the mask. I take the bottle, unscrew the cap and set it both back down on the nightstand. While you keep pressing the mask to your face, I disconnect the bag.

"Hold your breath for me", I tell you, and block the hole of the mask with my hand. With my other hand I take the bag between my legs, so the rag falls to the bottom. I take the chloroform and pour a little into the bag, so it soaks the cloth and bit of the bags inside. After setting the bottle back on the nightstand and closing it with the cap, I remove my hand from the mask and reconnect the bag with the mask. You bite your lip under the mask, which feels a little funny because your lip is pretty numb already. I scoot back over close to you and give a you a nod and a smile.

Your first continued breath is a little too big because you just held your breath, so you cough a bit at the fresh chloroform. I stroke your thigh to calm you and you try to take a more controlled breath. After two more breaths the roaring in your ears gets a little louder, and the tingling has reached your wrist and arm. I stroke your thighs and wander a little to their insides, which lets you take an excited, deep breath. Your vision gets a bit impaired, and your upper body sways a little, indicating the first balance problems.

You feel pretty sleepy already, your eyes are blinking quite slowly and your arm gets heavier. With a sigh and a satisfied grin, you let your arm with the mask drop. Your head sways a little to the left and finds my shoulder to rest on. Your arm is almost numb, so is your face the roaring in your ears is still there. You feel really sleepy and calm, but safe right next to me. You let your eyes close for a few seconds, resting them. The mask drops from your hand to the bed.

I move a little behind/next to you, so you can lay against me and rest your head against my chest/shoulder. You open your eyes and smile groggily up to me, then you close them again and lay against me. I slowly take the mask and bring it back near your face. Your eyes are still closed and you stopped smelling the odor of the chloroform a while ago. You keep breathing the chloroform/air mix for a few seconds.

When you sleepily open your eyes again, I press the mask gently back to your face. You frown and give out a displeased moan, twisting your head up/to the side to look at me.

I remove the mask from your face and give a you a kiss. At first you're surprised, but then you join in and let yourself melt back into me.

After several seconds I break the kiss, looking at you really closely. You slowly open your eyes, looking into mine.

"May I put you to sleep?", I ask quietly.

You still hesitate shortly, but you're already groggy, sleepy, but even more aroused. Discarding your second thoughts from the beginning, your anticipation and desire makes you shudder and take a sharp, deep breath. You rise a bit to give me a short kiss.

After breaking it, you stay close, only saying one thing.


I smile at you, my heart beating fast now, my dream just came true.

I take the mask and bring it back near your face. You lay back against my chest, resting your head against me. I gently press the mask on your nose and mouth, you start to take a deep breath of chloroform. You put our hand over mine, holding the mask, your other hand moves down to play with yourself. You begin to moan quietly. I use my free hand to stroke from your head, over your cheek, to your breasts, circling and massaging them.

Your moaning gets a little deeper and so do your breaths. Inhaling the chloroform deeply lets the roaring in your ears get louder again. The tingling comes back quickly, your hand and arm movements start to get more uncoordinated. I feel your body getting more relaxed against mine. Your rubbing gets faster, you want to come before falling asleep. I lightly pinch one of your nipples and you take a deep breath, lifting your lower body a bit.

The roaring in your ears is now pretty loud, you can't hear your breath in the mask anymore and your hands begin to get numb again. Your movements get more and more uncoordinated and erratically, but you feel your climax getting near.

I move my free hand down from your breasts to your lower body, stroking, closing in on your clit. Your breathing gets faster the closer you get to your orgasm, you suck down the chloroform fumes and stars are now appearing in your vision. My hand is almost touching your clit, teasing you. Your arm movements get so uncoordinated, that your arm falls down beside you, giving my hand free access to your vulva.

As I touch your clit, you reach your climax. The waves of your orgasm wash over you, you lift your lower body into the air, thrusting uncontrollably and you take sharp and deep breaths. Your vision narrows, your eyes start to roll up, you moan in absolute pleasure.

You don't notice your hand dropping from my hand holding the mask, falling limp beside you on the bed. The last waves still make you buckle a bit, but you don't notice that either.

The roaring is all you hear, your breathing gets slower and steadier, your vision blurs and narrows even more. Your moaning is now only caused by sleepiness, not by arousal, and I see your eyes wandering under your half closed eyelids.

Your body gets more and more limp on me and I begin stroking back up your body. I reach your breasts, cup them shortly in my hand, and then take the bag that's hanging between them. I begin to squeeze the bag, forcing you to take deep breaths again.

After 3 squeezes you body fully relaxes, with a last sigh you slipped under. Still lying on me, I can feel you breathing in rhythm with my hand squeezing the bag. The chloroform is completely evaporated now, so I keep bagging you for a while, forcing clean air into your lungs.

After a few minutes you finger twitches a bit, then your arm, and then you move your head a little.

You awake with the mask still on your face. Your breathing feels very easy, because I still use the bag. You are still pretty groggy, but you feel me sitting behind/under you, so you use your hand to feel for my leg and touching it. I slowly remove the mask from your face and lean forward, next to your head.

You turn your head a little, looking at me with sleepy eyes.

I give you a kiss, stroke your hair and say

"I hope you enjoyed that, because I very much did. You were incredible beautiful, slipping under while cumming.", smirking a bit.

You blush just a little bit, kiss me back and then rest your head back against my chest with closed eyes.

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Posted by on in Sleepy

How does a person know when they have meant the one?  I cannot say that I truly know, but for me it was on the second date.  My girlfriend is six years younger than myself, and therefore even at close to thirty, I had to await the inevitable hour when her mother would go to bed, so that she and I could actually get intimate.  We actually had a pattern in those early days of us dating, wait for her mother to leave, make out, and talk until the sun rose.  Every day I would leave her house feeling like a dream came true, but once again I stress that the second date was the most crucial.

There was something about her, to this day I cannot say what, but I immediate began to trust her.  My sleepy fetish had been a very personal thing to me all this time, and the only ones who ever knew that I even had a fetish side were on this very site, but then she asked me what I liked during sex...and I told her...and she nodded, and said, "Neat..."  The night would go on as planned, and at the time she had no idea how much that level of acceptance meant to me.

Time passed, and we went from honeymoon sweethearts to a competant mom and dad, who now lived in our own apartment.  I admitted to not only having plenty of masks to choose from, but a few different inhalant chemicals that I had tried on myself from time to time in an attempt to fullfill my fetish desires.  I would ask her occasionally if she would ever try some and fullfill the actual desire, and she always shrugged and said maybe.

The day came where our kids went to stay the night with their aunt.  The day progressed normally. my wife and I did chores, went out to eat, and generally enjoyed our day.  I was sitting at my computer, scrolling facebook, when my now fiance came to the entry way of the living room and called out to me.  I turned in my chair, and my my jaw dropped.  Before me was a four foot eleven inch, twenty two year old with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a skimpy nurses outfit I had bought her.  The top was a tank top with little red hearts and white crosses on each breast, leaving her little flat waist exposed.  Along with that was a skirt, again with the heart and cross dead center on her georgous love making parts.

She just smiled silently and let me soak it in.  It wasn't uncommon for her to give into my fantasies by wearing a mask or telling me sleepy stories about her wisdom teeth, but today she had decided to go all out.  I couldn't speak I was in such shock.  She came over and took me by the hand, leading me out of my chair and over to a little love seat we owned.  I sat, she stood over me and let me nibble and lick her tummy, electrifying nerves and making her body go ridgid.  She pushed me back into the love seat and shook her head.  "I'm not quite ready for my examination yet doctor, can I get a few more things?"

"Yeah..." I said breathlessly.

The love of my life smiled at me with her perfectly white teeth and her breasts bounced in the tight fabric of the nurses outfit.  She left the room for a few minutes, and I heard her moving things around in our bedroom. Once she was done, she poked her head around the corner and smiled at me brilliantly.  "Are you ready baby?"

I shifted nervously.  My whole body was already electrified by the outfit alone, and I assumed she was bringing out a mask to complete the picture.  

"Y-yeah..."  I was stammering, trying not to explode right then and there.

I had expected my newly bought black beauty. We had used it a few times and she knew how much I loved seeing her in it.  What I didn't expect was a little bottle I had bought back when I was an experimenting bachelor.  My mouth dropped, I couldn't speak.

Apparently she didn't get the awe, and became a little nervous, "This is the right stuff right?  The stuff you talk about?  Chloroform?"  She unconciously brought the bottle to her face.

I nodded, then shrugged, "N-not really.  Chloroform gives you this massive headache and burns your eyes and nose when you breathe it.  At least the stuff you can buy.  That's Ether, it's much easier and safer."  

She turned the bottle over in her hands, looking at the label.  "Never heard of it."  It was an innocent statement, but to a person whos life revolved around his secret fetish, it almost knocked my jaw loose.  

"Uhhh...that's alright...I can show you what it does if you want,"  I may not have had much practice at being sexy in these passionate moments, but at least I could take a hint on where things were going.  It was surreal though, knowing that my girlfriend was willingly bringing out something that I had hidden away from everyone for my whole life.

She smiled and nodded, "That's why I got all dressed up for you doctor,"  My member engorged at the statement. 

I wasn't really ever one to get too excited over a rag to the face.  Even as their eyes rolled, it was a far second to the hiss of gas, or the seal of an anesthesia mask.  Luckily I had a history of experiments and reaserch that had prepared me for this moment.  My love handed me the black anesthesia mask, and I went to get a paper towel.  As I was folding, I gave her the rundown of what Ether was.  "I'm going to warn you, this stuff stinks like hell.  It isn't as bad as chloroform, I wouldn't wish that shit on anyone, but this stuff just doesn't smell good."  

She rocked her body side to side slowly for me, showing off her tight nurses outfit.  "Okay doctor, just be gentle for widdle ol me."  She said with a sly, but small smile on her lips.  "And don't kill me..."  She decided to add.

I had her sit between my legs, her body leaning against mine.  I tipped her head back into my chest and she sat there a moment, sinking into me.  


"I'm ready Doctor," She gave another knowing smile.  I held the towel in my chin, and held the bottle out before her, opening it carefully.  "So that's the stuff huh doctor?"

"The one and only."  I placed the rag overtop the opening, trapping the fumes.  "Now I gotta warn you, it's going to smell really really bad.  I'm going to start you off slow and easy, and we will go from there."

"Okay doctor, I understand."  My love was trying to be brave for me, but I could see a little concern creep through.

The liquid was on the towel, which was already starting to loose it's vapors to the room.  My love made a face, as I quickly folded and crammed the towel into the black anesthesia mask and covered the openings.  "Ready babe?"

She put on her sexiest voice and wriggled a bit on my chest.  "Oh yes doctor, put me to sleep baby."

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This is a true story...

I'm dating a woman who works at a vet hospital. She brings me in after hours to show me around where she works and we end up in the operating room.

I see the complex, shiny silver anesthesia machine in the corner of the room and ask her about it, confessing to her that I've had a fetish and a fear about being put to sleep/putting someone else to sleep, ever since I was a kid. She smiles and brings me over to the machine, uncovering it so I can take a good look. (My pants feel a bit tight through the crotch.) Seeing my fascination and obvious excitement about this, she asks me if I'd like to see how it works. I'm nervous, but I say 'yes' right away and she laughs. My jeans are getting tighter.

She show me the tanks of chemicals and the hoses and how the gases are mixed with oxygen in the long glass pitot tubes with floating pressure indicators. (I think she can see the bulge down below now.)

Teasing me unmercifully, she turns a couple of knobs and I can hear hissing in the hoses. The dials come up and she explains which one is O2, Isoflurane, Halothane, N2O and so on. Then she asks me if I'd like to see what it smells like... (Oh man, the growing pressure in my jeans is getting painful.)

I'm scared, and starting to shake with nervous excitement, but I try to say 'yes' as calmly as I can. She grabs a black hose off of the machine and moves it near my face so I can smell it. There is a strong, sweet chemical smell as I tentatively inhale shallowly and quickly let the breath back out, unsure what to expect. She keeps the hose where it is, so I figure I'm being invited to try another breath. This time, I get closer to the opening and take a long, deep breath. I can feel the effect instantly as it feels like someone is filling my head up with air and my body gets warm. From the corner of my eye I can see her smiling, but I try not to let on that I see her and as she moves the gas tube even closer to my face, I take a third breath. Now I'm definitely getting light-headed (my GOD, am I actually doing this for real?) and she asks me how it feels.

I am actually shaking with excitement and my manhood is like a hot stone as I try and explain what I'm feeling.

To my astonishment, she moves the gas over to HER FACE and takes a curious breath. This is a thirty-year-old fantasy come to life right before my eyes!

Her first breath is just a whiff, but I know how I reacted to it and I'm not at all surprised to see her quickly follow up with a second, longer one. She then points the steam of gas back at me, but keeps it near her so I have to move very close to take another breath, which I do. I want to grab the hose myself, but I'm afraid she'll see my hands shaking if I do.

Bolder now, and more confident, I take two good long breaths of the Isoflurane/N2O mixture in the tube and I'm getting dizzy. As I stand there trying to get my 'sea legs', I see this beautiful woman move in and take two good, long breaths of her own, similar to mine. As she's letting the second one out, she utters an involuntary 'whoa', and we both laugh in spite of ourselves. This is illegal and wrong and she could get fired if anyone finds out and I couldn't possibly care any less at this moment.

The only thing I've fantasized about more than being put under by a sexy woman... is putting a sexy woman 'under the ether' myself, and my addled brain conceives a wicked idea: For my next breath I place the hose between my lips, but using my decades of experience in controlling my breath while performing professionally as a saxophonist, I constrict my throat so as to draw most of my breath through my nose instead of my mouth, so the gas only affects me a bit. Sure enough, she follows suit, but has no idea what evil I have perpetrated on her this night.

Two more 'trades' of the mouthpiece and she is losing her balance, at which point I help her to the cold steel surgical table and lift her up so she's sitting on its edge. She's getting so drunk that I'm having trouble understanding her, but her kisses and caresses around my face and her fingers playing with my hard nipples make it pretty clear that she's getting as horny as I am! I tell her that it turns me on to watch her breathe from the machine and she is so loving and trusting of me that she just continues to breath that sweet, magical air in as it slowly shuts down her thinking and her beautiful eyes unfocus.

When she slumps forward onto me and I have to keep her from falling off the table, I know that my fantasy of rendering a beautiful woman unconscious and having her under my complete control has just come true. I can't believe it...

Gently and carefully, I lay her down on the table and admire her pretty eyes, closed and dreaming, and her sweet little wisp of a smile that gives hints at what she's dreaming of. I decide to oblige her, unbuttoning her blouse and fondling her, touching her anywhere, everywhere, and any way I want while she lies sleeping, helpless under my touch.

After only a minute or so, she sighs softly and smiles as her hand moves to find my own, which is caressing her left breast. Whatever world she's in, it is one without inhibitions because although she has never taken the initiative in lovemaking, nor been willing to touch herself in front of me, she now reaches with her spare hand for mine and moves it down her flat, golden belly and under her pants, where a warm and glad wetness awaits my touch.

I waste no time divesting myself of my own clothes (free at last!) and those of hers that have yet to be removed and I climb onto that hard table and lay my trembling body down against her welcoming warm embrace. As I reach down and gently part her moist lips, I make my first, tentative push inside her and she opens her eyes and gives me the most sublime smile!

Her right arm flails about clumsily over the side of the table as we begin to search for our rhythm together and I think she must be really out of it, but the surprise is total when she successfully retrieves the anesthesia hose and brings it up squarely under my nose!

Without a sleepy word, her eyes narrow into cat-like slits and she gives me a wicked smile that says she's not as groggy as I had assumed. No, she has her OWN wicked plan and frankly, it's her turn now. So I go on plunging ever deeper inside of her with each thrust as our bodies become accustomed to each other once again after a few days apart, and I become filled with a most delightful combination of sensations, a crescendo of electric warmth, emanating from my nether regions and the feeling of a soft and fluffy, numbing blanket of tingles, slowly being wrapped all around my body. I can barely even smell the gas now as my cerebral cortex becomes unable to process the physical input my body continues to send, but this body does not seem to need any help from its brain as every muscle tirelessly pumps out sex-reps, steady and forceful, from my plank position, and my erection stands as firm and solid as a seventeen year-old's.

The usual sense of sexual communion becomes replaced with a lightness of being which feels like a flying dream. I am losing all sense of my physical body, and existing only as a warm and vibrating cloud of pure pleasure, soaring through a crisp night full of stars. As my new vapor-spirit accelerates into the gathering darkness, I reach escape-velocity and and I am fired from a velvet cannon, gently titanic, unyielding force, shooting straight into the deep night like the first breath of life...

I wake up back on the steel operation table (now quite warm), with my head on her breast and her hands caressing my hair and whispering soft, almost inaudible (or maybe I just can't understand them?) words of love and affection.

I have spent my life chastising myself for being a 'weirdo', and now this wonderful woman has not only coaxed my dark fantasy out of me, but she has joined me in its fulfillment, and mine.

It's hard to believe that this has really happened. And after all of these secret years keeping my 'aberration' tucked away in the recesses of my mind, I am sure of two things: I will never look at hospital operating rooms with such fear again... and I will love this woman always for what she shared with me, how she trusted me and the chances she's taken for us.

This is a fantasy that I really lived, and I did marry that girl for 15 years. Even though divorced now, we are still best friends and laugh often about our crazy adventures whenever we get a chance to talk.

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Charles Kinser, 37, a Chemistry professor at Big Sky Western U. had multiple charges brought on him after testing a new anesthetic on an unsuspecting student. 

Stacie Hubbard, a sophopmore at BSWU, was awakened in her dorm to find Kinser holding a gauze pad doused in the potent anesthetic a few centimeters from her nose and mouth. The anesthetic, which has no smell, had already begun to take affect as she found her self unable to speak clearly or focus her eyes. After a brief struggle the student was no longer to strong enough to fight Kinser off. She remembers him telling her to "take a nice deep breath" before slipping into unconciousness. 

Kinser has been developing his new anesthetic since 2009 and after repeatedly being denied funding for human trials, decided to take matters in his own hands. He snuck into Stacie's dorm room using a stolen master key card and after putting the varsity volleyball player to sleep, proceeded to undress her. 

Stacie says she remembers waking up a few times only to have the gauze pad placed back over her nose and mouth and being forced back to sleep. 

It is unclear as to whether or not Stacie was molested but regardless of that Charles Kinser has had his tenure revoked and will no longer be allowed to teach at any university or public college in the United States.

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Sarah looked at the paperwork and hesitated. She needed money now more than ever, but did that really mean she needed to sell herself for science experiements? Unfortunately after some debate she kept drawing the same conclusion, this was better than most of the alternatives.

Without another thought, she filled out the application and turned it into the front desk. The attendant up front looked it over, and took a moment to enter her into the computer, "Alright Sarah, we actually have an opening right now if you're interested. If you want to, go down the hallway with the green stripe and enter room O-8. All I'm allowed to tell you right now is that it's a medical based experiment that will require multiple sessions, but pays well. Now if you go into O-8, you'll meet up with a doctor who will explain everything," The nurse smiles and hands her a chart to take with her.

Sarah gulped down her nerves and nodded, walking through a set of double doors and into the hallway with a green stripe. It already had an antiseptic smell to it, and immediately reminded her of some of the hospitals she had seen. Towards the end of the hallway was O-8, which was a normal wooden door until she walked through it and saw that instead of the generall medical setup she had expected it looked like a cross between a dentists office and a gynocologists office. The chair itself was dentist like, but the leg area consisted of props that could be manipulated if her doctor wished it. "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

A nurse popped her head in and asked Sarah to put on a hospital gown that was on the counter. Sarah stammered her okay, and got dressed in her new clothes, which looked like a light pink sundress. As the gown went on, her stomache twisted in anticipation of whatever was to come. She wanted to walk out the door and never come back, but just as she began to move the door opened, and a young blond girl walked in sporting a white lab coat and scrubs. "Hi there, you're Sarah? I'm Kimberly, I'll be your doctor."

"Hi..." Sarah said tentatively.

Kim shook her hand and continued, "So, what this is, is an experiement based around fetish play. There's this community out there of people who find themselves turned on by anesthesia, and we're here to record some data on it."

"You have got to be kidding sex fetish stuff?" Sarah didn't know how to say it, as she was listening her mouth had gone wide, and her brain had gone numb. It was rediculous to think that there were places out there actually studying things like this. "I'm not the right person for this Doctor, I think I'm just going to go."

"Actually if you're nerrvous or embarrassed by the idea, you are exactly the right person to do this. My job is to find out if there is in fact a link between anesthesia and your sex drive. I have to figure out a way to get you to verbally communicate to me that you want me to go further with the experiement."

It was impossible, Sarah thought about it, anesthesia was in no way an aphrodisiac, and therefore she wouldn't have anything to worry about, "What if I don't...get off...while under anesthesia?"

The doctor shrugged, "That will be my report then. You'll still get paid well for your help."

Sarah bit her lower lip, "Is it safe?"

"It wouldn't be if you were just doing it at home, but I'm a trained anesthesiologist, so yes." Kim looked at Sarah expectantly.

There was a moment of silence as Sarah went through it in her head. "I need the damn money, so okay."

"You're in good hands Sarah, so scoot on up into that chair, and I'll prepare everything for you. Just try and relax."

Sarah hopped up into the chair which was two sizes too big but comfy. "That last part isn't going to happen," Even her jaw quivered nervously. Sarah shift, setting her legs into the unhoistered stirrups. "So um, are you going to like, give me a shot or something?"

Kims voice was from behind the chair, there was a metalic rustling that Sarah couldn't quite place, "No, we're actually giving you a light anesthestic that will make you woozy and kind of giddy via mask. Then we'll add in something called halothane, which I can control with ease to either just barely put you under, or heavily sedate you." Kim came around the corner. In her hand was a clear plastic mask attached to some tubes that went all the way back behind her chair. Kim positioned it and began to bring it down, but Sarah put up one of her small hands.

"What happens if...if I do become aroused?"

Kimberly just smiles at her, "Well then we'll let you finish. Then I'll put you to sleep and take samples. Are you ready?"

There was another pause, but Sarah dropped her hand and nodded. She felt the cool plastic touch her face as it cut off access to outside air. She could hear the hiss of the gas under the mask, and her first instinct was to stiffen up in fear.

"Shhhhh, relax, this is going to be really easy for you. Just try and relax and breath okay?"

Sarah closed her eyes and began taking deep breaths. She was nervous, her whole body had tightened up and...suddenly she was light headed. "Oh!" Her eyes shot open.

Kimberly chuckles as she looks down upon her, "They call this stuff laughing gas, we'll see how well it works."

As Sarah breathed in the gas, she felt her body going numb and sinking into the chair. Sarah's vision was getting cloudier and cloudier, and finally her mind began to give in to. "Oooohhh..."

Kimberly looked down and saw that Sarahs eyes were still looking about, but slower. "Are you feeling it Sarah?"

"Hehe...I'm hot...and my face is numb...." Sarah looks at the light above her with stoned eyes. Under the mask one side of her mouth is curved up in a prepetual smile.

"Keep breathing," Kim places a hand on Sarahs face and uses her thumb to sooth the stoned girl. "You're doing just great." Kim reaches over and starts to press on the rebreathing bag. Sarah's smile widens.

"Hahaha, Is it hot in here? Woooowwwww I feel goood..." Her whole body was tingling now, and it was still growing. She was feeling heavy, everything around her was hazy, and the wierd feeling made her giggle even more."

"Would you say that right now you felt really high?" Kim asked.

Through the mask Sarah nodded, "Maybe," She laughed at her joke, "Yeah, like, I'm really woozy doctor, I feel drunk!"

Kim nodded and ran her fingers through Sarahs hair. Sarah laughs as her touch sends prickles through her skin. "If I were to try and get you to enjoy sex right now, what would your answer be?"

Sarah stopped for a second and looked at the doctor. "Yeahhhhh, you can do anything to me..." She giggled again.

Kim smiled, "I was hoping you would say that Sarah." She turned up the gas a bit more.

Sarah giggled and breathed it in even more. Her body sunk into the chair and suddenly her mind was floating. She barely knew that her legs were being spread apart.

Kim was smiling, "Well Sarah, I guess it has a certain effect on you as well." She reached up and began to slide down Sarah's panties. "I ask once more Sarah, do you want to play with me right now?"

Sarah's eyes are far away, so Kim repeats herself. Sarah smiles, her eyes narrow. "Yeah...."

Kim smiles, beginning to rub Sarah's clit. "Alright, just relax."

Sarah could feel an electrifying warmth growing in her pelvis. She giggled to herself from behind the sleepy mask. "I feelll gooooooddd...hehe oh..." The warmth was starting to electrify down below, and suddenly she was even more lightheaded. Sarah was giving into it, letting her mind wander even further off as the new euphorias took hold. "mmmmmmm goood..." Her voice was low and turned on.

Kim smiled and continued to rub. With a free hand she raised up Sarahs shirt and began to suck on a nipple. "So my sleepy patient, how do you feel now?"

Sarah made short moans under her mask and breathed heavily. She took in more and more nitrous, and exhaled it against the rubber mask. The mask fogged up, hiding away her slack jawed expression as Kim began to probe deeper. Sarah was wet, and Kim was now using two fingers to probe deeply, while her thumb still ran circles around her clit.

"Oh wiw Sarah, you are absolutely flooding down here."

Sarah began to react to the stimulus. She moaned weakly in a high pitch, her hips were starting to react on automatic. Her head was absolutely spinning now. Suddenly it was as if Sarah's mind was somewhere above her body, as her hips began to rise. She sputtered out one final gasp and began to shake. Kim didn't stop, continueing to rub and finger Sarah. "Good baby, keep it up my sleepy girl!" Kim teased, forgetting she was doing this for science.

Sarah's brain felt like it was about to implode, the intense orgasm left her squirming and sensative as Kim continued to touch her. She had drooled some even, and now her head was absolutely swimming.

Kim smiled and made an adjustement on her anesthesia cart, "You did so well Sarah," she said as she continued to rub Sarahs clit. "You're so wet down here, I'll have plenty of samples for the experiement."

Sarah could smell something new in the mask, but she was so far off that it wasn't phasing her much. As she breathed the gas in, the world began to tilt and shift. The tingling in her face intensified even further, and her eyes were getting heavy. "Go to sleep now babe, this sleepy gas will help you."

"Mmmph..." Sarah uttered. Her eyes were starting to slowly roll. "Mmph..." They rolled up. Then her eyelids closed.

Kim got to work collecting Sarah's fluid and blood samples, taking a moment to taste her success. She honestly hadn't expected the results, but then again, she hadn't heard of any of this before. Now however, she was considering doing this experiment more often. After all, Science needs evidence.

Finally she took off the mask. Sarah was completely relaxed in a deep sleep, and Kim kissed her open lips. "Thank you babe, it was fun..."

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Maggie closed the door to her hotel room. Removing the flash drive from her pocket, she placed it on the table, and took a seat on the couch. She pulled off her high heels, placing them on the floor near the couch, and pulled out a bottle of wine, in celebration of her victory. She plucked a bottle from the rack, and placed it on the counter. She then went to change.

Removing her ridiculous get up, she removed the long floral dress and denim jacket, throwing them to the floor and instead picking out a red button up blouse and a more form-fitting skirt. She threw them on, and walked back into the living room, pouring the champagne into a glass and drinking it slowly, a smile on her face.

Soon she received the call from her employer, asking if she had the device.

“The flash drive is in my possession. When will you arrive for pickup”

“Very soon” Said the voice from the receiver, before hanging up.

Smiling to herself, and regarding the promise of half a million euros. She sipped her champagne. She was aware of a faint odor, and she sniffed the air apprehensively. She didn’t notice the small ripple of air coming from the vents. Strangely, she felt slightly lightheaded. Chalking it down to drinking the champagne on an empty stomach. She stood up and almost immediately knew something was wrong.

The floor seem to warp slightly, at an awkward angle. She blinked, trying to walk forward but her balance seemed so off that she lurched forward and almost fell over. She pushed a hand out to steady herself, gripping the wall tightly. She tried to move up and out of the hallway, but the room started spinning again. She took a step and stumbled forward hazily.

The door to her hotel room opens, and a woman in a sharp business suit steps forward. She’s wearing a gas mask that covers the lower half of her face, but not her sharp, hazel eyes. Her long brown hair flows freely down to her shoulders, and she walks forward easily and determinedly.

Maggie tried to walk past her but her legs gave away and she dropped to the floor. The whole world is spinning, and she can barely move her arms. The woman walked over to the table and took the flash drive. She turned to walk away, but Maggie moaned “Who… are …you?”

The woman bent over, closer to her. She spoke through the mask “Don’t recognize me?”

Maggie remembered the voice, her drug addled brain putting together the voice of her employer. “Coleman…”

“Oh please” She said “Call me Clara.”

Martha groaned, trying to keep her eyelids open. Clara place a finger on Maggie’s lips, stopping her. “Don’t waste your breath. Did you seriously think I would give you half a million euros?”

Maggie tried to move but she was too weak. Her eyelids drooped even more, fluttering slightly. She gave a sigh, and rolled out onto the floor unconscious. Clara smiled, picking her up and placing her on the bed. She gently positioned her so that she would rest comfortably.

She looked at the sleeping beauty sadly.

“I’m sorry it had to be this way dear” She said to the drugged Maggie, sensually caressing her stocking-clad thigh “I truly am. But you were too expensive for my taste.” She lifted up her mask, and blew a brief kiss to the buxom beauty before reapplying the gas mask. She gave the air a sniff. The knockout gas had washed out. She pulled off her mask, revealing her lovely face and gorgeous features.

Stroking Maggie’s chest, she pulled her blouse open, and admired her magenta bra before tossing her shirt to the floor. Stroking her now iexposed stomach, she kissed the flat of her belly, moving from from her chest to the bottom. 

Not stopping, she pulled off the dark skinned woman's skirt, revealing her panties whcih matched her bra. Tracing a finger of her inner thigh, she illiceted a shudder from Maggie. Smiling, she stripped off her own shirt, admiring her ass in the mirror as she undressed.

'my god i look great' she thought, stripping her skirt and panties. She looked over to Maggie, who was still sleeping peacfully and nakedly on the bed. She climbed onto her, her busy chest buncing with every step. Her nipples were already errect, and she was beyond controlling herself now. 

She pressed herself closer to martha's body, panting and sweatign as she did so. She gyarated her hips, getting a quick response from maggie.

'She's very eager' She though, rubbing maggie and herself. Panting and moaning, she exploded, with such force that she rolled off of Maggie, onto the bed. She heaved, her perfect breasts rising anf falling evenly. Sighing, she rolled off and slid on her clothes, wiping her hair back into place in the mirror. 

Taking Maggie's clothing, she redressed her casually, and placed head onto the pillow. She took a small bottle of chloroform, and dribbled some onto the pillow, ensuring Maggie wouldn't awake for several hours at least. She caught a wiff of the vapors as she poured.


She took a step forward, slightly dizzy from the fumes, before walking away from the luxurious apartment and the luscious women that lay sleeping in it.

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Amelia shuffled down the building steps. She was dressed for her job, a short black skirt, a simple white blouse, and a black vest with the words ‘Police’ written across her chest. Underneath, she wore sheer grey stockings. Her stunning red hair flowed down to her shoulders, and as usual, she looked stunning.

She was walking around the street in her police uniform, watching the people crossing the street at the busy intersection. She kept a close eye on the people that walked past. Today, she wasn’t here on official police business. She was never here on official police business. That was mainly due to the fact that she was not herself a police officer.

She was a spy.

Amelia had worked for the SIS for quite some time now. This morning, she was preparing for a high risk trade off. Inside her purse, she had over half a million dollars. She was looking for the woman in the purple shirt. She was giving her the names of twenty undercover agents working for a radical anarchist group.

“So you enjoy the weather?”

She turned to face the woman behind her, who was wearing a purple shirt. Racking her brain, she remembered the code word.

“Yes, but I prefer the winter.”

The woman smiled, reaching out her hand for her to shake. Inside her palm, Amelia saw the flash drive, and she reached over and grasped it, sliding her purse off her shoulder. The woman took the purse as the two women smiled falsely. She placed the flash drive in her breast pocket, then, with a quick glance around, headed towards her base.

Walking quickly but confidently, she walked down the street. All around, she saw a lot of men and even a few women eyeing her long, slender legs. She smiled them off, however, and continued her focused walk. Eventually, the streets cleared up and she was alone.

“Excuse me, polizia, which way go Downing Street?”

The accent was heavy. She turned to look at who it was.


The woman in the large blue sun hat held a map in front of her. There were circles in blue and red ink all around the national landmarks. Judging by her accent, she had come from some Greek or Roman country.

Sighing, she realized that there was no way that the foreigner would understand that she wasn’t a police officer, she gave in and took the map. The tourist moved up to her left, pointing to downing street.

“No, that’s not the right direction. TO get there, you need to move north-”

She began but she was cut off by a sharp stinging sensation in her ass, just above her left leg. She pulled away, sharply, turning to look at her wounds. Looking down, she saw an empty syringe sticking out of her fatty tissue. She yanked it out, to examine it better.

“What the hell is this? What did you give me?” She yelled, angrily.

The woman pulled her hat off, revealing gorgeous dark features and a slender complexion. It took Amelia a second, but she recognized the woman’s beautiful face.

“Maggie?” She asked, blinking.

“Hello darling.” She spoke, softly rubbing grasping Amelia’s shoulder.

“What are doin… what are you doing?” She said, her speech slurring.

She took step back, trying to distance herself from the secret agent, but she found herself stumbling back three or four feet. Maggie Taylor, spy-for-hire, rushed forward to steady her. Maggie and Amelia used to work for the same agency (and date as well) before Maggie decided to go freelance, splitting the two down a rocky road.

Amelia’s legs began feel heavy, her head feeling lightheaded. She blinked a few times, to try and recover, but her vision blurred over and her eyelids started drooping.

“Hey, hey, hey, relax.”

“Noo, get o… get off, I nee… I need…” She tried to argue, her tongue numb. She tried to stand up but her legs felt like lead pipes and she felt so tired, she started to drop. Maggie was there, easing behind her, the soft touch of her hands steadying her. Maggie brushed a strand of hair from Amelia’s face, Amelia shuddering at the touch.

Amelia slumped deeper into Maggie’s soft touch. Her arm weakly flopped against her chest in an effort to push her away. Maggie stepped back, lowering her gently to the floor, her legs sprawling out into the street. Maggie placed a finger on her thigh, gently running her hands against the smooth nylon. Amelia took a sharp breath inwards, her chest heaving suddenly. She struggled to keep her eyelids open. Her head lolled into Maggie’s embrace and, and she mumbled out a few soft sentences.

“Shush now, go to sleep.” Said Maggie softly, stroking the side of her face gently.

“No, let goo of meeeeeee…” She trailed off, her eyes rolling back and her breathing falling into a steady, stable rhythm. Maggie laid her down onto the ground, stripping off her vest. She ran her flinger over the lest, looking for any bulges. Finding nothing, she instead searched her person. Searching her breast pocket, she took a moment to be distracted by her see through shirt, which showed her maroon lace bra clearly.

All of a sudden, she was distracted. Busting Amelia’s blouse open, she cupped her firm, C cups in her hand, playing with them. Almost immediately, her nipples went rock solid. She felt a tightness build up in her own chest, and she quickly moved Amelia to the building across the street, carrying her in her arms.

Tossing her onto the bed, she climbed on top of her seductively. Running her hands down the side of Amelia’s body, she pulled her skirt down of her perfect ass. She tossed it aside and admired the view of the stunning redhead in her lingerie. She reached under her and grabbed her ass, fondling it as she trailed kisses down the side of her neck. Amelia’s unconscious body shuddered at the touch. She slowly started to gyrate her hips, Amelia’s body moving in rhythm as she rose and fell. Quickly, Maggie shoved off her own clothing as well.

She then reached for the strap of Amelia’s bra, sliding it down off to the side. She looked at the gorgeous woman while she trailed kisses down the flat of her stomach, causing Amelia’s back to arch. She remembered a simpler time when the two had been lovers. She moved her hips in slow rhythm, which sped up slightly as Amelia’s movements began to match her own. She moaned loudly, before exploding. Seconds later, Amelia’s back arched, her sleeping body inhaling sharply before collapsing once more onto the bed.


Amelia groaned, signaling her waking up. Hurriedly, Maggie dressed herself and went through Amelia's clothing. Searching her shirt, she felt the cold plastic flash drive, and pulled it out. Grinning, she pocketed the disk and disappeared. 

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New York, 1957

Wonder Woman had tracked the spy to an Uptown three storey house in her Diana Prince disguise. As Diana, she got out of the yellow cab and smoothed down the hem of her naval uniform skirt. Diana had to adjust her wide framed glasses as she looked up at the imposing building. The streetlights bathed the facade in a dim orange glow which Diana found suddenly comforting. A chill October breeze rustled the trees on the sidewalk. Diana thought about calling Steve at the C.I.A.'s brand new offices - if Steve knew the risk she was taking by tracking the spy all by herself he would be annoyed to say the least!

Diana glanced at the pristine phone booth across the street. Diana aka Wonder Woman smiled to herself: I can take care of myself! she thought and made for the building entrance. There was only one tenant in the third floor apartment where the spy could be...A womans name was in the name slot: Elizabetha Malpez Valentina. Could she be the spy who had somehow gotten onto the base and taken the microfilm photos last night? If so, this Elizabetha woman had left only a bewelidered MP Guard in a hypnotic trance in the file store room hallway; the guard's memory had somehow been erased! A car that matched Elizabetha's in make and model was spotted parked waiting on the base's outskirts before and just after the break-in was reported. Guards reported seeing a "black shadow, moving very quickly" getting into the front passenger side while someone drove. Wonder Woman had personally tracked this car to Elizabetha's address.

There were no coincidences, Wonder Woman thought to herself. She rang the bell and shortly thereafter a man came to the front door. He wore a well-made suit and smiled through the expensive glass on the front door as he greeted Diana Prince, opening the door.

" Hello, good evening. How may I help you?"

Diana was a bit thrown off by the man's kind and pleasant demeanour, she exhaled a small laugh.

" Hello, I'm Diana Prince, here is my identification," she showed him her Air Force I.D. card. " I'm hoping to ask you some questions about your car. You see, it may have been involved in some kind of break-in last night. I take it Miss. Elizabetha Valentina is the owner?"

" Yes. Yes, she is."

" Well, may I come in? I just need to ask you both some questions."

" Very well....Please."

He opened the door fully and Diana entered, a delicious chill running up her spine as she passed by him. The door was closed quietly. Diana admired the interior lobby Art Deco decor.

" Please follow me, mademoiselle? My name is Sebastian."

" Very pleased to meet you."

Sebastian bowed and kissed Diana's hand. She couldn't be sure, but it almost seemed as though Sebastian's throat growled when his lips touched her bare skin!


Sebastian opened the third floor apartment door and ushered Diana inside. The apartment's beautiful decor drew her breath away! Beautiful oil paintings were on some of the walls, the curtains and furnishings from all over the world spoke of fine living. A cosy atmosphere pervaded over everything and a smell of jasmine. A gramophone record player was spinning a soft Duke Ellington song. The only downer was the dim lighting level.

Sebastian kindly took Diana's coat, though she held onto her briefcase bag.

Diana walked around the lush apartment, marvelling at the old paintings and the lovely heirlooms in small glass cases. She had not realised that Sebastian had disapeared either because he wore only socks and no shoes or since he moved so silently.

" Good evening, Miss. Diana Prince."

Diana turned to see Elizabetha Malpez Valentina greeting her beneath the wide archway seperating the living room from the dining room and kitchen areas. Elizabetha looked simply stunning in a designer women's white and black suit, made of a diaphenous material like silk. The white top's arms elegantly loosely fitting Elizabetha. As she spoke, her Russian accent came through proudly. Sebastian stood but a few feet behind his mistress, hands in his trouser pockets. Elizabetha had already gotten the lowdown from him on why Diana was there.

Introductions were made between them. Elizabetha's dark brown eyes never seemed to leave Diana's face as they shook hands. A knowing, almost animal-like quality glinted within those eyes and again a low growl came as Elizabetha Valentina held onto Diana's hand in greeting, left it in sorrow for more contact...Diana found herself blushing, her cheeks flushed red and a sudden dryness in her throat. She had almost forgotten why she had come here after looking into Elizabetha's eyes.

Sebastian made tea as both his mistress and Diana sat down. Diana sat on one of the two antique ottoman couches facing the other, while Elizabetha took the other. Diana suddenly noticed that neither Sebastian nor Elizabetha wore shoes inside. Elizabetha's body sleeked over the other couch, comfortable and content.

Diana took out her notepad and pen and rested them on her skirted lap. She breathed a smile.

Elizabetha gazed over all of Diana. Hungry. Fascinated. Smiling ever so slightly.

Sebastian returned with the tea and served one china cup and saucer for his mistress and the other for Diana, who refused sugar. Sebastian returned to the kitchen. Elizabetha dunked a chocolate biscuit into her own cup and deliciously savoured the taste. Grunting. Diana was about to start asking questions before witnessing this. Diana took in a gulp of the delicious tea, resting it and the saucer very delicately down onto the coffee table.

" Would you mind if I asked you where you were last night?"

" No, not at all. May I call you Diana?"

" Sure!"

" Good. Although, you don't look like who you claim to be."

" What do you mean?"

Elizabetha's facial expression became playful. " I mean, you don't appear all that you seem to be."

An awkward moment of silence prevaded over the room. Diana Prince smiled nervously.

" I told you who I am. I'm..."

Diana's eyes blinked, the room started to move around her.

" Yes? Please continue, Diana."

Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman glanced down at the cup of tea. A coldness creeping up from her stomach. Also feeling dizzy. The tea had been drugged.

" You drugged me!?"

" Yes, we have. Don't fight it."

The room lights spun as Diana's head lolled backwards onto the sofa head rest. She gasped for air, desperate not to lose consciousness. Elizabetha was now on top of Diana's prone body. Elizabetha lovingly fondled Diana's face, taking off her glasses with serpentine grace and leaving them on the coffee table.

" Who are you, really?"

Diana's mouth mouthed the beginnings of words, but her still conscious mind closed her glistening red lips. Lips which Elizabetha kissed. Diana smiled, feeling a growing hot wetness spreading from her vagina. No no, she had to tell herself...Don't give in. Diana minutely frowned and tried to move her face away.

" You do not wish to tell? Very well." Elizabetha ceased kissing Diana and turned to the kitchen area where Sebastian was. " Bring one of the Chloroform bottles and a rag!"

A few seconds passed by with no results, finally, Sebastian's voice replied:" I can't find them!"

" Ugh!...Typical man." Elizabetha said and returned to fondle and kiss Diana.

" I heard that!"

Elizabetha smiled and laughed as did Diana. Diana's eyes sparkled. Behind Elizabetha, she saw Sebastian enter with a small brown bottle with a black handkerchief wrapped around it. The bottle's label said: CHLOROFORM. CHCI. FOR REAGENT USE ONLY. MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS AND UNONSCIOUSNESS. Diana instantly began to squirm - Not Chloroform AGAIN! Her thoughts raced and as Elizabetha rose to take the Chloroform bottle from Sebastian, Diana had rolled away and onto the carpet. Diana stood as best she could while Elizabetha and Sebastian wondered what Diana was trying to do with no visible escape and barely seconds before she momentarily passed out and then would come the sweet Chloroform...

Diana spun herself around, and a great flash of light dazzled Elizabetha and Sebastian as Diana transformed into Wonder Woman! Elizabetha and Sebastian growled angrily at the sudden flash of light. Beholding Wonder Woman herself, golden lasso in hand! Wonder Woman twirled her lasso over Sebastian, instantly hypnotising the vampire and freezing him in place. Before she could attach the other side of the lasso to Elizabetha, the vampiress moved too fast for the naked eye and was behind Wonder Woman with the black handkerchief already soaked with Chloroform. Elizabetha wrestled with her and forced the sickly-sweet Chloroform rag over Wonder Woman's nose and mouth. Wonder Woman's beautiful blue eyes stared out in alarm as she involuntarily inhaled some of the Chloroform. Not Chloroform again, she thought.

" Mmm!" Wonder Woman cried out.

" Got you now - Wonder Woman! I knew there was something about you..."

Elizabetha laughed and held onto W.W.'s waist with a free left hand while her right hand held the Chloroform rag tightly on W.W.'s face. Wonder Woman held her breath, desperate not to inhale more Chloroform. Her throat burned slightly and the familiar headrush and coldness in her stomach warning her how easily the Chloroform could take her into the red-tinged nightmare/dreamland...

" Don't hold your breath! Don't...Hey! Don't fight!"

Wonder Woman felt Elizabetha caress her unitard waist and her breasts...W.W. gasped and inhaled another breath of Chloroform from the soaked rag pressing hard on her face...Ohno, thought.

" That's it...We often use Chloroform in our games and when we encounter troublesome female spies! Keep breathing...You have a beautiful body."

" Mm..Mmm..." Wonder Woman heard the familiar ringing in her ears as her heart slowed down.Staring up at Elizabetha's sharp fangs. Her head lolled backwards as she lost control of movement in her legs and arms. Wonder Woman's lungs sucked in another gasp of Chloroform from the black rag smothering her face. Her upper chest convulsed as the Chloroform vapour put her lungs to sleepy rest. A delicious, familiar anaesthetic warmth creeping up from her toes to her head...

" Sssh..." Elizabetha gently took Wonder Woman down to the floor. Taking care to allow W.W.'s limp legs to bend and smooth down in a comfortable way on the carpet with her. Wonder Woman's now drugged and glazed bright blue eyes staring out. Eyelids fluttering. Barely feeling her head being laid down, the Chloroform making W.W.'s head feel as though stuffed with cotton. Elizabetha withdrew the Chloroform rag a few inches away from W.W.'s delicate nose and mouth. The Chloroform had whitened her face and the rag had wiped away some of her bright red lipstick. Wonder Woman's nostrils took in the still present heady sickly-sweet Chloroform smell.

" Um..." Wonder Woman's open mouth gasped, out of breath and nearly unconscious.

" Sssh."

Elizabetha's curtain of hair trailed down over Wonder Woman's gasping face. Elizabetha fondled Wonder Woman's cheeks. She put Wonder Woman's head up on her open lap. Elizabetha's nose wrinkled as she inhaled traces of the Chloroform in the air, she laughed and smiled, revealing more of her jagged vampire teeth. Wonder Woman's head sank down deeper into Elizabetha's lap. Now between her clothed and warm thighs...

" Go to sleep now, Wonder Woman-"

"..Mmh?...Noh..nn." the Chloroform in her lungs driving Wonder Woman into the familiar dreamland. Every week it seemed someone was there to Chloroform her or use some kind of Sleep Gas!...Wonder Woman found herself smiling for some reason. Thinking about the sensations of being drugged or gassed again and again - especially the Chloroform chemical, which Wonder Woman had never encountered before leaving Paradise Island. Wonder Woman closed her fluttering eyes for a long moment, opening them as fully as she could on Elizabetha looking down at her lovingly.

" M..more..." Wonder Woman gasped.

Elizabetha nodded and brought the Chloroform rag over Wonder Woman's face. Wonder Woman gasped and inhaled two loooong breaths from the Chloroform-soaked cloth.


Wonder Woman's blue eyes closed as the Chloroform rendered her unconscious and the red darkness and Chloroform fugue came over her senses like a falling curtain, then unconscious oblivion Elizabetha left the Chloroform-soaked cloth over W.W.'s nose and mouth for another minute before withdrawing it. She gazed in awe for a moment at the beauty of Wonder Woman's sleeping face.

Elizabetha Malpez Valentina pocketed the now almost dry Chloroform rag, she picked Wonder Woman up easily and carried her sleeping body over to her luxurious bedroom, beside her and Sebastian's jointly-shared antique coffin. Gently laying down Wonder Woman's sleeping body over the silken bed. The wide body freezer in the bedroom's corner thrumming gently in the background...Elizabetha undressed Wonder Woman's unconscious body, folding her outfit and leggings and Magic Belt and leaving them on the carpet by the bed. Elizabetha then tied Wonder Woman's arms to each bedstead with the blue satin scarves Sebastian and she used in their Chloroform sex games. Naked, unconscious and helpless...

Elizabetha kissed those sleeping lips before going to find Sebastian

" About time you got here!" Sebastian's hypnotised voice told Elizabetha as she stood over him.

But before she untied him, she remembered something abut how Wonder Woman's lasso always made people tell the truth and Elizabetha had always wanted to know something from Sebastian.

" What are you waiting for, please untie me!"

Elizabetha Malpez Valentina looked deeply into her lover's eyes. They changed colour from lupine yellow to green and then to dark red.

" Tell me something first...Did you sleep with that Countess DeWinter girl in eighteen twenty three?"

Sebastian tried not to answer but the magic lasso made him! " Yes."

" I knew it." Elizabetha left him to fetch something.

" What - what are you doing, Elizabetha?"

She returned with the Chloroform bottle and black cloth. Sebastian frowned, watching her unscrew the bottle and wash the black cloth in Chloroform. Refastening the lid and leaving the Chloroform bottle to roll against Sebastian's face.

" What're y-"

" Sssh!" Elizabetha said and smothered his face with the Chloroform-soaked cloth. Sebastian struggled, eyes staring out, his throat and nostrils stinging from the Chloroform vapours.

" Mmmph!?" he inhaled several minute breaths from the heavily soaked Chloroform cloth, eyes watering. "Mmn..m..."

Elizabetha's free hand untied him from the magic lasso, now he was free from the hypnotising magic but the Chloroform was knocking Sebastian unconscious. His upper chest rose up sharply as his lungs took in more Chloroform vapour.

" You'll wake up in bed, after I get to play with our captive first."

Sebastian's fluttering eyelids dimmed..." Mmph!"

" Sweet dreams, my love." Elizabetha said as her lover's eyes swam closed.


Wonder Woman woke up fifty minutes later to find herself tied up and naked with Elizabetha's sweating naked body on top of her...Her breath caught in a pleasureable gasp as she felt Elizabetha's slicked-wet fingers inside on her dripping vagina. Wonder Woman looked down and bit her lip, mouth opening in ecstasy! Sebastian's unconscious naked body was rolled against her, his mouth open slightly. Wonder Woman listenened to the small breathing sounds he made. Elizabetha kissed Sebastian. And then Wonder Woman, locking eyes, licking then at each other's faces.

Elizabetha brought down the freshly-soaked Chloroform cloth onto Wonder Woman's face.

" Mmmph!..."

Elizabetha laughed giddily." Sssh!"

Wonder Woman inhaled deeply as Elizabetha's stroking index finger found her clit and rubbed it eagerly. Wonder Woman's body thrashed with ecstasy as she came. Breathing in lungfulls of Chloroform...

After the Chloroform took her down again, Wonder Woman woke up with a smile, feeling high and giddy.

She saw Sebastian was busy smothering Elizabetha's face with the Chloroform cloth, Wonder Woman gasped as Elizabetha's naked, cool thigh pressed against her side. Trying to fight him off before the Chloroform took her.

" Deep breaths-" Sebastian told hs mistress. His naked body between her legs, deepening his thrust inside of her.

" Mmm!" Elizabetha pleasurably sighed beneath the cloth.

Wonder Woman closed her eyes and hummed, hearing Elizabetha's grunting orgasm.

" MMM!!!" Elizabetha sighed, now Chloroformed.

Sebastian took the cloth off of her face and replaced onto Wonder Woman's face! Wonder Woman's eyes opened, attempting to hold her breath...Feeling him kiss her neck, which also felt wet, she realised...Holding onto consciousness barely, but the Chloroform took her down again.


Wonder Woman woke up at dawn a day later in her own apartment bed, naked underneath her bedsheets. Her whole outfit, belt, gauntlets and golden lasso folded beside her, W.W.'s awareness returned slowly...Her head spinning. Elizabetha and Sebastian must have brought her here before the sun rose. Still disorientated and half-remembering the previous night's of pleasure...Wonder Woman managed to get up.

Diana's neck and thighs felt sore - looking at her pale, mirrored reflection showed two sets of plasters on her neck. She peeled them back to reveal they hid bite marks in her neck...It shook her up to find other sets of plasters on her inner thighs and inches close to her vagina...Wonder Woman took some time to shakily gather herself together before she showered. She redressed her bite marks, which were already fading and after re-dressing and transforming back into Diana Prince, she took a cab back to Elizabetha Malpez Valentina and Sebastian's apartment.

They had gone in the night, taking everything, including the stolen microfilm plans with them. Diana aka Wonder Woman found a handwritten note on a windowsill.

It read:

Dear Wonder Woman, thank you for last night...We must leave now, but we will meet again. Love, Elizabetha Malpez Valentina.

Diana Prince sighed to herself and smiled: She hoped they would meet again soon!


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(Dedicated to ALL Sleepy Fetishtists Everywhere)

Brighton, 1893.

Master Edward Doyle watched the hansom cab horses clip-clop past his house from the upstairs window, in the cobblestoned street below, people walked to and fro. Oblivious to what he had in mind inside of his house! He turned away, shoes creaking a little on the hardwood floor even beneath the exotic carpet. Only one of the maids now remained inside, cleaning the upstairs bedroom next door. Master Edward smiled. He dug into his jacket pocket and withdrew the clear glass bottle of Chloroform: For Anesthetic Use, it said on the label and a purple handkerchief wrapped around it. No one would disturb them!

Master Edward crept through the house, gently uncorking the Chloroform bottle and taking great care only to soak the purple handkerchief until it was thoroughly wet in the centre and only dripping a few sweet pungent drops onto the carpet. He recorked the bottle and pocketed it. Even though the Chloroform-soaked purple handkerchief was at arms length, the sickly-sweet Chloroform odour was heavy in the air as he made his stealthy way towards the unsuspecting maid.

There he found the twenty-five-year-old girl, in her silken Maid's Uniform, busily patting down the bed linens. Her brunette hair tightly wound, her firm neckline, breathing hard as she worked. Bending over the bed, ruffling her maid's black skirt. The barest hint of her black stockings on her curvy ankles.

Suddenly she noticed Master Edward standing behind her.

" Oh, sorry sir. Won't be a minute more, sir."

" That's quite alright, Camilla. Please continue." Hiding the Chloroformed handkerchief behind his back.

A slight blush on her cheeks," Very good, sir."

Camilla returned to her work. She bent over once again and Master Edward's brow perspired. He wiped at the sweat with the hand with the Chloroformed handkerchief! His vision blurred for a moment and he stumbled towards the maid, Camilla.

This will not do! He thought and simply grabbed at Camilla. Thrusting the Chloroform-soaked handkerchief over Camilla's shocked nose and mouth.

" Oi! WHAT T-Mmmph?!!!" Camilla screamed underneath the rag.

" Ssssh!"

Camilla struggled against her attacker.

" Mmmmmph! No! Noooommph...Mm..."

Camilla's suspended, stockinged feet dangled above the hardwood floor, her body convulsing with the effort to free herself.

" Mmm..." Camilla inhaled a large gulpfull of Chloroform and her beautiful eyes watered. Her facial muscles feeling dulled by the Chloroform vapour stinging her soft nostrils and throat slightly. Camilla could now hear a shrill ringing in her ears. Camilla tried her best to wrestle free, but the more she physically struggled, the more Chloroform she then inhaled! Camilla's face began to tingle with a pins and needles sensation and a creeping warmth moved up from her kicking legs to her head.

" Sssh, that's it! Keep breathing, Camilla. Good girl."

" Mmph?" Camilla stared out at the room, which seemed to move, somehow! Camilla's lungs convulsed and her heart started beating slower. Slower. Her arms felt heavier now...difficult to move them.

What...was...happening? Camilla thought, inhaling more Chloroform.

" Good...Keep breathing."

Camilla heard the tinny ringing in her ears become louder with each Chloroform inhale...Unaware that her legs had ceased struggling.Feeling the Chloroform-soaked handkerchief now being lightly pressed onto her delicate nose and mouth, which were now momentarly slightly reddened by the Chloroform chemical, although her skin would return to normal afterwards.

"" Camilla felt her arms go limp to her sides." Mm..." Seeing only the thin outline of the purple handkerchief over her nose and mouth.

Camilla breathed in the now deliciously intoxicating Chloroform freely!Her mouth resting open and smiling ever so lightly.

Master Edward knew that Camilla was now almost completely unconscious and only a few more subtle breaths would render Camilla insensible. Perfect for what he had in mind!

" Can you still hear me, Camilla?"

Camilla's eyelids fluttered, barely hearing full sentences of words: ""

Feeling the Chloroform-tinged darkness in her blurred vision sending her away into a deep slumber.

A last, long delicate whimper underneath the Chloroform-soaked handkerchief: " ...mmmmmmph..." Camilla was now unconscious...

Master Edward left the Chloroformed purple handkerchief on her face for another thirty seconds before he withdrew it, to ensure Camilla would be unconscious for at least one hour. Camillia snored softly, her whitened lips issuing forth her distressed breathing...Master Doyle stroked her lips and it caused Camilla to gasp deeply! Camilla's lips closed on his right index finger, as he placed it between her soft lips. Camilla breathed nasally for a moment before her mouth unconsciously reopened and she took in more oxygen. The Chloroform would usually last around two hours, but it was dangerous to use and the Chloroformed subject's came around quicker - if their body's were being "moved around".

He genly cradled Camilla's unconscious body, flopping over his right arm, leaving Camilla's insensible upper body dangling down with her limp arms. Master Edward tried calming his own heartbeat as he laid Camilla's drugged body on the bed, facing up. His eyes blinked as he took in the sight of Camilla's unconscious body there...Left arm limp at her side, palm open, her right arm limp across her maid's uniform, on her crotch area. The right palm open. Tied hair strands had come loose from a woven knot and laid over her sweat-and-Chloroform-dampened face. Her face whitened from the Chloroform anesthetic. Camilla's chest rose and fell lightly with quiet but gurgling respiration.

" Beautiful." Master Edward said.

Camilla's mouth expelling tiny, tiny breaths of air. Sleeping troubled Chloroform dreams.

Master Edward closed the bedroom curtains. He turned on the bedroom's gas lights and locked the door. He kept the Chloroform bottle and now drying handkerchief within reach on a table stand, for when Camilla started to regain consciousness! He got undressed and began unpopping the many fastenings on Camilla's maid uniform. Camilla's unconscious, luminescent beautiful body was now fully naked beneath him.

Master Edward very gently moved down...


Camilla woke up from the ecstatic erotic dream! to find Master Edward on top of her. Camilla Doyle smiled up at her husband: Edward Doyle! Gulping fresh air and still tasting traces of delicious Chloroform on her lips as she licked them. They often enjoyed playing their erotic game, where Camilla Doyle pretended to be a maid. Dressed in the complete maid's outfit. Sometimes it was Camilla, the maid who Chloroformed her husband Edward in the kitchen or in the living room!

" Hello, did you sleep well?"

" You know I did not!"

Camilla Doyle's eager face dove up and kissed him.

" Oh? You slept longer, this time."

" I will get my revenge on you, when you sleep tonight! I will Chloroform you, my dearest husband."

Edward's free hand brought over the corked Chloroform bottle, passing it in front of Camilla's face. She bit her lower lip and her body writhed in excitement!

" Not just yet, however!" Camilla, his Chloroform Bride, told him.



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( Dedicated to Munroe Purify and ALL Sleepy Fetishist's everywhere)

Samantha Kingston entered her house in the pitch black, fumbling with her keys. Throwing them down on the floor! A bad day at work at the Pittsburgh PD. She threw off her shoes, feeling the bristling carpet threads tickling her panythosed feet.

" Ellie?" she called out, closing the door. Samantha breathed out heavily as the day's excesses left her, now at home. But where was her lover? Samantha walked past the open living room door, now at the light switch in the dark. Nothing happened when she flicked the switch..." What th-" she was about to say when Samantha felt the man jumping out from behind her in the dark from the open living room doorway!

"Mmmph!" Samantha thrashed about as her male attacker forced a large sponge dampened with Chloroform onto her face! " Mmm-Noohmmph!..." Samantha breathed in, the sweeet Chloroform, lifted off her feet. The Chloroform stinging her soft nostrils and her throat. Strong arms pinning her - difficult to defend herself. Samantha's hands tried to pull off the Chloroform sponge. She inhaled another gulp of Chloroform, tears ran down from her beautiful eyes, wringing them closed. Unable to breathe anything but the Chloroform-soaked sponge. Samantha tried holding her breath and listened to her heart beating even faster with no oxygen...The inhaled Chloroform fumes slowing her breathing, heading into Chloroform syncope territory. Samantha realised this and started inhaling as slowly as she could...No escape from the Chloroform...

"mmmnn...nn," Samantha's coughing voice sputtered. Samantha's upper body convulsed as her lungs took in the Chloroform vapour. Heartbeat slowing down. Her ears now ringing!! Unable to breathe air! Almost suffocated into red, cloudy sexy darkness...Unable to breathe anything but the Chloroform! Samantha's eyes began to flutter closed...


Elwyn Roberts woke from the dream with a horrified yell. Samantha immediately woke up beside him in their bed.

" Wh-what?" she asked him, half asleep.

Elwyn caught his breath - Finally able to breathe air now that the dream had ended again.

" I'm okay...It's nothing."

" Oh yeah-right! I can tell when you're downplaying, babe!"

Elwyn shrugged and looked at Samantha's naked body and face. " Okay. It was the dream again."

" The one where I get chloroformed at the front door?"

He nodded, still a little shaken. Samantha Kingston laid hands on Elwyn, drawing him down beside her soft kissing lips, staring into his eyes in the bedroom's dim early morning light.

" I'm fine. We've checked and re-checked all the security stuff every night for a week now, Ellie."

" I know...It frightens me. You can't breathe when you're being Chloroformed! It's like being halothaned by you again, except I don't know who it is or what happens to you."

Samantha carresed his cheek," I know. But I'm a big girl. It could even be you Chloroforming me!" she laughed.

" Yeah, it could. I do never see his face, though."

" There you go; it could be you, after all, and not some thug looking for payback."

" Or worse..."

Samantha exhaled an exasperated sigh " Get some sleep!" she kissed him one last time and settled back into bed. Spooning him, though Samantha usually disliked getting "poked" when Elwyn got wood against her spine or dribbling precum onto her gorgeous ass in the early morning hours!

" Okay...Goodnight, Sam." Elwyn tried closing his eyes, hugging Samantha softly. He could feel her delicate sexy smirk all the way on the other side...A few seconds later, Samantha turned over and she opened her thighs over his erection. Fumbling around as Sam guided his cock towards her open pussy. No words were needed as Samantha's wet pussy accepted his pulsing cock. She groaned, already hot. She put his right hand on her left breast, hoping he would tease the nipple before she did, about to cum. Connected.


Each of them had a big day, this morning: the Carfax girl kidnapping for ransom was all over the state and everyone wanted to find her. Today the Five Million Dollar ransom was going to be paid in uncut diamonds - diamonds -which Elwyn had a particular dislike for many reasons. He had a recent vision in which eighteen-year-old Peggy Carfax was abducted while visiting an off-hours Dentist's office. He saw Peggy Carfax get on the Dentist's Chair, saw the back of the female dentist as she walked in. They got to talking and then offered Peggy "some Nitrous?" and Peggy agreed. The nose mask went on, Peggy breathed in the sweet Nitrous Oxide and more gas than oxygen flooded her senses...Losing consciousness. Peggy Carfax's eyes fluttered, realising she was being given too much Nitrous!

"" Peggy gasped, open-mouthed, she even laughed from the Nitrous' effects.

"Sssh, Peggy, breathe it in, good girl! You know...You're worth a of money to your parents." The female Dentist/Kidnapper told her...

Peggy Carfax's open mouth flopped open lazily, trace amounts of Nitrous Oxide gas breathed out with each sleepy breath. Her eyes closed.

At that point, Elwyn always woke up, but without seeing the female kidnapper's face. He could still taste the Nitrous, feel the cold rubber nose mask, still feeling dizzy. And a little cum on the bedsheets. Samantha listened excitedly as he told her about the dream - Samantha bit her lip, turned on. Getting ideas on how to recreate it in their bed! Nitrous was easy to get..."Mmmm..." Samantha felt herself getting wetter just thinking about it!

But today they had to quickly finish breakfast and drive to work. Samantha chugged back some water with her morning-after pill and wiped off a tiny dribble of water she thought he hadn't seen, but he had, his face serene, loving. Just listening to Samantha's breath or inhaling her delicate scent was enough sometimes. The little things.

Samantha refastened the holster for the gat on her hip," Okay, you ready?"

" No, I'm a mess!"

" But you're always a mess..."

Elwyn nodded in agreement as his lover spanked him out the kitchen! " Ow!" he mockingly yelped.


Back at the PD briefing room a hour later, Samantha and Elwyn pretended they weren't an item - even though everyone knew. Samantha kept herself a few feet's distance from him at the briefing room desk as she stood up to talk with The Man and the nine other Suits on the kidnapping taskforce. The FBI guys there were too busy making calls and looking over maps for the ransom drop, so they were oblivious to the still welcoming warmth between Elwyn and Samantha...Elwyn had his hands on the desk, half focusing on the file...Samantha...tantalisingly within his reach and vice versa. Samantha rubbed at her neck, turning her face away, but still feeling him, taste, smell.

Elwyn closed the hardcopy file and went to get some cappuccino coffee from the breakroom. An uniform opened a door ahead of him - a brief vision: Samantha parked up at an off-hours Dentist's Office and walked inside.

The vision continued: Samantha called out in the open but seemingly deserted building. He saw her search rooms and go inside an Operating Room.

" Hello? Anyone here?"

" Anything I can do for you, officer?" the Kidnapper asked behind Samantha.

" -Wh...-" A clear plastic gas mask was suddenly forced over Sam's face! Cold, sweet-smelling Nitrous Oxide flooding her nose and mouth!

The kidnapper wrestled with Samantha for a moment - the Nitrous worked it's sultry magic fast enough...Samantha's body went limp in her attacker's arms, breathing in the Nitrous from the carry bottle.

- The vision ended just as Samantha dove into unconsciousness.

" You okay, sir?" the uniformed cop asked Elwyn.

" I'm fine, thanks...Thanks." On edge, shaky voice.

Dazed, he walked past the uniformed cop to the breakroom.


Detective Samantha Kingston suddenly felt uneasy, as though something was wrong. She instantly thought of Elwyn and excused herself to follow him to the breakroom. She found him there, exhaling a deep breath with his back turned.

" Hey?" Samantha knew he was troubled by something.

" Oh...Hi, just went to get some java."

" Is that why you look like you've seen a Ghost?"

Elwyn suddenly started to shake his head a little - he had to hide it and maybe also what he had just seen.

" What's wrong?" Samantha forgot the playacting and came up to Elwyn. Her soft hands grasping fingers onto his.

He told Samantha about the vision. She frowned quizzically, more than a little excited by the scenario!

" Oh...But you're sure you didn't imagine it?"

Elwyn fought the urge to show an Really? - It's Me Here! look. Samantha felt the emotion regardless.

" Okay, then I'll be careful while I'm following leads." She kissed him quickly. Elwyn smiled.

As she walked away, " You're not going alone?" he asked.

" No. Doyle is partnering with me for the searches. Jealous?!"

" No! Just be careful, please?"

" I will be. The ransom drop's happening in the next hour anyway; we'll catch the kidnapper and recover the Carfax girl all in one day."

" Yeah...Wait-" Elwyn suddenly had a thought. " Erm, why did you just come over like this?"

Samantha had to think Why she had done so. Her beautiful lips moved without consciously thinking of a response.

: " I felt you were in trouble, or something?"

Elwyn nodded as she left him there in the breakroom. Elwyn anxiously looked at his watch.


The ransom drop was a shambles: the kidnapper snatched the thoroughly untracked diamond bag ransom right under everyone's noses. The ransom had been delivered, but Peggy Carfax had still not been found! Now it was a citywide manhunt, with most bridges patrolled and possible escape routes covered.

Elwyn sat at his tiny little so-called "desk" at the back of the Major Crimes offices. Bored and now aware that Samantha, along with every other Detective and uniform were searching the city and the last few Dentist's offices.

Elwyn's bored legs swung under his desk, swiveling his chair to and fro. It squeaked! So he stopped and sat up. His mobile rang with a text from Sam : still searching. doyle split up with me! lol. xoxo.

That meant Doyle had been dropped off to search on-foot...Which meant that Samantha was alone...In the car, doing checks on the last few Dentist's offices!

"Oh no-" Elwyn got up with a groan from his awkward seating position. He cracked his neck muscles and stretched.

Next he checked the tracker on Sam's car, which showed it parked at a Dentist's now at 4.56PM. The female Dentist was named : Munroe Purify, DDS. He knew it had to be the same one in his vision. Elwyn tried calling it in but the switchboard was jammed, so he left a quick message, unsure whether the system had even registered it or not and was out the door to rescue Samantha!


Detective Samantha Kingston was already inside the building and walking towards an open door. She remembered what Elwyn had told her about his vision, so she looked back over her shoulder! - The woman grabbed at her shoulder, one hand on Sam's lapel. With Samantha already turning, her balance was off, and her attacker pushed her body against the open door frame. Oooff! Sam's lower body squashed against the door, her attacker pinning her arms as she brought the small carry canister of Nitrous Oxide over Sam's face!

" NO! Get...OFF--OF!..." Sam yelled. The clear plastic gas mask now on her face. Munroe pressed on the Release button and the Nitrous flooded the mask and over Sam's face. " Nohh...Nn..o.." The mask sexily distorted her voice, suffocating her senses...

" Sssh! Breathe it in!" Munroe told her.

Samantha involuntarily inhaled, feeling her face becoming numb, loving the sweet smell of the intoxicating Nitrous. Sending her into the wispy clouds of pink oblivion...What would happen if she kept inhaling and passed out? " Mm...nno..n...." Samantha's upper body convulsed as the Nitrous began to knock her out. Sam huffed in one last, looonng breath: "Mmmm....guh..."

" That's it! Good, good." Munroe purred.

She gently cradled Samanatha's limp and almost totally unconscious body, bring her down to the floor with a grunt of effort. " Good...Sleep now..."

Samantha's lips curled into a sly smile, both from the Nitrous and from the erotic pleasure! Munroe gently stroked wisps of red hair from Samantha's face...Tiny, tiny mumbles of breaths escaping Sam's lips...Sleeping blissfully.

" Good...Very nice." Munroe took the gas mask off of Sam's face, inhaling trace amounts of Nitrous in the air. Munroe Purify DDS smiled " Mmm.." Bit on her lower lip and caressing Samantha's unconscious whitened face. Sam's lips opened unconsciously, exposing the top of her subtle overbite, tiny breaths of air coming out. Helpless.

Munroe's male partner showed up at the doorway, dressed in a fancy dress store police uniform. Peter smiled at the scene before him. Munroe s-l-o-w-l-y moved her downward gaze up and towards Peter. Lust and craven attitude written all over her face.

" Hey babe."

" Hey - WTF?" Peter asked.

" She's just some cop nosing around. Did the drop go okay?"

Peter showed off the velvet diamond bag in his right hand. " Like clockwork. I lost them. What do we do about her?!"

Munroe thought for a moment..." Hmm, we should play with her."

" Girl - our plane leaves the airfield at Five A.M. tomorrow morning."

" So? We'll make time. Little Peggy Carfax is still sleeping off the Propafol I.V. in the basement. She won't remember ...too much" she smiled devilishly," of what we did to her. So, neither will this sleeping beauty."

" She's out?" Peter took a long look at Samantha's face.

" Mmm hmm! She'll be out for at least an hour from the Nitrous!"

Peter steadied himself, feeling giddy with excitement. " Good. I'll finish up-" He handed Munroe the bag and disapeared to finish packing things. Munroe took a glance inside the bag at the uncut rocks. And then back to Sam.

" Good girl!" Munroe purred, moving her hands down. Over her unconscious captive's neck. Humming sweetly to herself as she moved her hands onto Sam's jacket and onto her twin mounds.. Caressing the BC Cup breasts she felt underneath the clothes...Munroe began unbuttoning her captive's clothes...


Elwyn Roberts immediately felt another jolt in his gut - telling him Samantha was in trouble. He braked the car to a sandstill, parked awkwardly in suburbia and not far from Munroe DDS's office. No cars behind or in front. Elwyn sighed out deeply and took his shaded driving glasses one handed. He disliked driving at night like this, with all of the lights much brighter. Someone honked at him, so he resumed driving. Eventually parking up at Munroe's offices.

He got out. No gat and only a measly switchboard message on the overloaded system back at the PD to back him up! Elwyn saw that Sam's car was parked a few metres away: he knew she was inside.

Without thinking, walking up to the door. Unlocked. Elwyn crept in as silently as he could. He heard grunting sounds from the back! And a woman's laughter...Munroe's laughter and delight at something she was doing to Sam!

Heartbeat thudding in his chest now...Elwyn approached the open doorway of the operating room.

There he saw Samantha taped up to the Dentist's Chair.Samantha's sleeping face turned to one side, her lips closed. Her colour mismatching red and white polka dot bra and black silk panties still on her body. Her legs spread apart. Ankles taped to metal poles on either side with medical tape. Her limp arms taped to the chair's arm rests.

" Sam..."

Elwyn started for her, when he saw Munroe hiding behind the door, now at least a full metre away from him. Sam's gat in her hands, pointed directly at him. Elwyn stopped, almost about to raise his arms. What to do? Munroe was too far away to make a grab for the gat, like in the movies. Munroe was also holding it correctly. Trained.

" Who are you? It doesn't matter - get on your knees!"

Elwyn slowly did so, tears welling up and scared for Sam. " Oh...Okay. Just release her -" to Sam, " Safe and everything and I won't make a fuss."

Munroe understood, shaking her head." I won't kill you, whoever you are. "

Elwyn frowned," Then, wha-"

" Sssh! Finish kneeling. Good. Now reach with your hands for that black beauty gas mask on the anaesthesia stand by your beautiful cop friend's body!" Munroe watched with glee as Elwyn did so. " Okay-"

" What did you do with Peggy Carfax?"

" Oh, she's safe right now."

Munroe Purify and Elwyn Roberts locked gazes.

" Mmm. Peggy is half unconscious in the basement of my house. Probably having sexy dreams. Tied up."

Realising they both had a great deal in common. Munroe exhaled in surprise.

" Small world, huh?"

Shaking a little, Elwyn nodded. He picked up the black beauty full gas mask.

" Now-"

" Elwyn."

" Elwyn, put it on your face and then I want you to turn that big red nozzle a quarter clockwise until it hits nine o' clock."

Elwyn took a moment to decide. Glancing at Samantha's unconscioius body.

" Don't be afraid, Elwyn. I just want to play with you both, with my boyfriend for a while. You'll love it!"

Elwyn placed the cold rubber black beauty gas mask over his nose and mouth. He could taste remnants of previous amounts of Nitrous in the mask. Feminine perfume, traces of make-up...Munroe's sexy smirk goading him on!

Elwyn turned the gas release nozzle as instructed. A low hissing noise filled the mask and he inhaled deeply. Elwyn breathed in more Nitrous...It had a vanilla and rubber type of taste to it.

"...keep breathing. That's it."

Already getting dizzy and intoxicated. Elwyn grabbed at the mask as it started to slip - why did I do that?!!! He thought...Elwyn's toes began to tingle with a pins and needles sensation, growing up his body.

Body movement went bye bye and his limp body slid against the Dental Chair's light brown leather bottom. The gas mask slipped off...Time sped up for him, as it always did after anesthesia at the Dentist's! Munroe moved at a speed beyond him, holstering the gat, turning off the Nitrous, positioning his body more comfortably. Elwyn's face now a few inches from Samantha's taped, bare legs. He unconsciously kissed one bare taped ankle and smiled, humming to himself: soooo high!

Munroe's boyfriend came in at some point...Munroe and he got undressed...

Elwyn was positioned onto a couch...Felt his arms being pulled up...Clothes being taken off...Samantha placed beside him on the big green leather couch...Samantha's underwear being taken off...Her black silk panties being doused with some kind of liquid now from an upturned plastic bottle by Munroe's naked boyfriend...Some writing on the plastic bottle: Chloroform: CHCI. Laboratory Grade Reagent.

" Sssh." Munroe's delicate hands caressing...Lips moving. The low hiss of the Nitrous gas mask coming down again now on Elwyn's face...One last look: seeing the boyfriend gently applying the Chloroform-soaked black silk panties on Sam's face. Sending her deeper down into cloying, suffocating unconsciousness...Sam's face moved as she inhaled, she grumbled under the black Chloroform-soaked panties. Sam's face slackened. Unconscious.

" Deep breaths...Sssh." Munroe Purify DDS told him.

" ...ssshhh...", said Munroe's soft voice.

Elwyn's eyes gradually closed, his now whitened facial muscles slackened...Dreaming of drowning inside of a suffocating, immensely pleasurable pink ocean...


Unable to breathe...Falling down, dowwwwnnnnn into the depths...Sam's drowning face welcoming his...Embracing him under the pink ocean...Kissing and embracing one another...An octopus or something wet and slimy grabbed at therir ankles and pulled them both further down...The octopus brought their bodies inside it's welcoming, pulsating sideways mouth....Swallowing their bodies face-first...Legs kicking outward, toes curling with pleasure...Their arms and legs moving slowly. Spurts of intense, but short warmth jutting out from their groins...Pulling, sucking...Warm things smothering their faces...Trying to escape the fleshy mouths and thighs that held them down...And then a cold but pleasurable sweet smell sending Elwyn and Sam into the darkness...


Samantha woke up slowly, underneath Elwyn, she stretched momentarily, then remembered. Wet liquid and sweat on her naked body: saliva, semen and female juices. She shook Elwyn awake on top of her. Daylight streaming in through the operating room blinds. They had been OUT for hours and hours. Chloroformed and also given Nitrous...Elwyn took longer to recover his senses. Sam looked at a far off digital display and saw it was Six Thirty A.M.! They kissed and he got up first...Sam's black silk panties fell off his lower back onto the floor.

Sam instinctively touched a hand on her face, remembering. The noisy cleaning room staff surprised them both at the doorway! The two elderly women in their cleaning overalls GASPING at the scene!

" Erm...Good morning!" Elwyn quipped.


They made their quick apologies to the amused cleaning crew after getting dressed and taking a cab to Munroe Purify's house - they were too wiped out to trust themselves at the wheel! Sam called for backup as best she could, with her returned gat in her hands, hoping not to have an accidental discharge. The house was unlocked and they found eighteen-year-old Peggy Carfax still heavily sedated with a diluted Propafol I.V. in the basement.

Resisting their urges, they "rescued" Peggy Carfax and took her groggy body up the stairs. The World waiting for them up top: swirling patrol car lights and lots of uniforms swirling around. Radio chatter. Samantha went out first, a blanket over Peggy's clothed but distressed body. Elwyn stopped on the porch, puting on sunglasses. Gleaming sunshine and the swirling patrol car lights. He yawned. Amused and high. The press swarmed over Sam and Peggy Carfax. The girl was safe, but the kidnappers had gotten away free and clear to Rio or somewhere sunny. Elwyn thought about the night and instinctively touched at his mouth...Lots of journalists asking questions followed and Detective Samantha Kingston received a Commendation for Bravery.

After some of the hooplah had died down, Sam finally asked Elwyn in her kitchen over dinner. Samantha had become a great deal more "sensitive" over the time they had become lovers.

" How come I feel so...different since we've gotten close? And how do I always know these things now?"

" It...could be that us being together has stirred something up. It's a gift and everyone has the ability. And we can help each other."

Holding hands on the dinner table, Elwyn kissed her.


Two weeks later.

Elwyn Roberts waited patiently in the house's downstairs living room. In the dark. He saw Sam's car park up. She got out, tired, aching after a crappy day at work.

Elwyn smiled: Don't worry, Sam. Now that I know it was me in the dream, we are gonna have so much fun!

He unrolled the Chloroform bottle's cap and poured almost exactly 20millilitres of the sickly sweet Chloroform liquid onto a pair of Sam's black silk panties and replaced the cap. He could already smell the Chloroform odour! Slightly dizzy. Hearing Samantha's footsteps approaching...Keys in the latch. Door opening. She called out and took off her shoes.

Elwyn grabbed her and clasped the Chloroform-soaked panties onto Sam's face! She screamed under the wet panties.

"Mmmmph!...Nnnoo.n.." Struggling with every breath.

" Sssh, Sam. It's me...Sssh."

Sam grunted in surprise! Almost wishing to prolong the unknown sexual thrill.

She breathed in...Elwyn felt her getting weaker and weaker with each reluctant breath. Half fighting her chloroforming...Sam was now almost unconscious. Half awake, she gave in to the Chloroform as he took her upstairs to their bedroom.

Samantha's eyes swam and she groaned one tiny set of final whimpers.

"mm.m..." eyes closing. Mouth resting open as the Chloroformed panties were withdrawn. He took her upstairs for their playtime!



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( This fiction story is dedicated to Tanja396 and ALL sleepy fetishists' everywhere) ( It is a semi-autobiographical fiction story. ENJOY!)

Elwyn knew that Detective Samantha Kingston had fabricated evidence to ensure the female drug kingpin was arrested at the scene. Elwyn worked voluntarily as an unpaid "psychic consultant" for the Pittsburgh P.D.. He saw Detective Samantha Kingston drugging the drug kingpin with a halothane-soaked cloth and planting the cocaine at the scene, an hour before she made the call and ensured the arrest!

So, Elwyn gently confronted Det. Kingston in the break room. Samantha looked at his face: a mixture of sexual excitement and a little bit of disgust at his own pleasure of the memory of the event, since everyone in the Department, etc, knew Elwyn had a sleepy-fetish and a few others! Det. Samantha Kingston put down her coffee demurely and absently scratched at her neck. " Okay. What?" Elwyn took in a breath: " I saw what you did yeterday...", " Oh...Do you think anyone's gonna believe you, psychic boy?!" She shrugged, folding her arms. Another Detective came in, breaking the tension for a moment as he picked up some sugar packets and left. " I have to tell The Man what you did. You know I do..."Samantha put her head down, nibbling on her lower lip, she raised her face and exhaled a laugh.

" Elwyn, Elwyn; I know you don't judge anyone, ever. You let "bad guys" go all the time. I know you forgive me. Let's save each other a lot of fuss right now and you give me your word you will forget about it? I know you'd rather not ever break your word, Elwyn. Come on..."

Elwyn looked away, wanting to let it go. To tell Samantha he secretly loved her and had been in love with her for years. Personal love. Elwyn loved everyone anyway, loved life, but with no female partner waiting for him when he got home. Elwyn sighed and began to walk away, facing Det. Kingston. " I...I can't. I have to think about it, Sam" Samantha watched him go with a knowing look.

The next morning, after a sleepless night that troubled Elwyn, he drove into the P.D. parking lot, early, ready for a new day of consulting on horrific crime scenes and photos. Elwyn parked up and noticed Samantha's car already there. As he got out, he saw Samantha doing the same a few feet away from his space. Something made him notice that the CCTV camera was unplugged...Elwyn locked the car, holding a recyclable plastic bag containing his stuff for the day.

Detective Samantha Kingston spoke to Elwyn as she walked closer..." Hey, morning!"

" Good morning. " Then, he remembered yesterday. " We'll talk later on, or something, okay?"

"...Okay." Samantha replied, her voice busy while she did something behind Elwyn.

The halothane-soaked cloth was already on Elwyn's surprised face before he realised Samantha had closed the distance: " WHat Th-MMmp! Mnmm!!!"

" Sshh,ssh, take it in. Deep breaths!" Samantha grunted in his right ear, holding him as the halothane burned his throat, caused him to hold his breath a little. Samantha's breath warming his ear, grunting with the effort of holding him. The world started to spin before his eyes - the halothane worked incredibly fast!

"Mmph...Nnoo...Nnnaohh...Nmm...Mmm...mmm..." A creeping warmth moving up Elwyn's body. His eyes swam. Thumping darkness knocking Elwyn down, down, unable to breathe.

" That's it...Breathe it in: I know you. I know you love this...Sssh, sssh."

...Elwyn's heart started thumping lower, lower...Darkness falling on him. Samantha's voice dropping in and out, his ears ringing. He realised he had a huge erection in his pants! A little pre-cum gushing out into his boxer shorts!

Darkness. He felt his limp body being moved. Samantha moving him into her car...


Elwyn woke up from the halothane over an hour later. " Huhhh...," he groaned, eyes opening.

" Hi! I know you probably just hate me right now-" Samantha's voice beside him.

" Nuh,nno, I, I don't hate you...Whhere..."

" Where are you? In my bedroom. I took the day off, and so did you, by text and E-mail! I had a uniform take your car back."

Elwyn looked around, realising he was still clothed, but handcuffed comfortably, with pink fluffy-lined handcuffs to Samantha's bed! Oh, great, Elwyn thought: all this time I've always wanted to be inside Sam's house, or her bedroom, and THIS is how it turns out!

" Sorry about the halothane and everything, but I couldn't take the risk."

Elwyn frowned and his face made Samantha laugh at his almost comical expression. " What?"

" Nothing; you should just see your face right now...So, do you forgive me?"

" Yes." Elwyn said, with a sigh.

They locked eyes. Samantha lolled her beautiful face to one side, her long red hair falling down until she swiped it back and took in a nasal breath. Elwyn's heart skipped a beat, watching her nose minutely crinkle. He blinked softly.

" So you're okay with this?"

Elwyn nodded, looking at the casual work suit Samantha wore. Samantha noticed. Silence between them both. Samantha stood up and started undressing Elwyn. Taking off his shoes and socks. She stopped for a beat, unzipping Elwyn's pants and grunted as she pulled them down. "Ugh!...Ha..." She said, throwing them down on the bedroom floor. Samantha straightened herself, awkwardly unzipping her entire suit garments. Elwyn breathed in, catching her deoderant's fresh scent and her subtle sweat scent.

" Ahh..," Samantha exhaled, now pawing the bed, arms between his prone body, looking down into Elwyn's fascinated eyes. Her red hair becoming a curtain on one side of his face, tickling him!

" Wow..." was all he could say. " My...My shirt and stuff?"

Samantha smiled, uncuffing him so as to undress him completely: " Don't do anything! Okay? I've got a pre-soaked halothane cloth on the nightstand over there!" She pointed to the wet cloth inside a ziplock bag. Elwyn looked and back to her, he licked dry lips...Hoping she would! again...Heart beating in his chest. Samantha knew by his expression how turned on he was. She got comfortable on his crotch, feeling Elwyn's erection pushing up! Her wetness growing.

" okay," he said," I'll behave..." failing to hide his smirk.

" You will or I'll gag you with my panties! OR...I'll soak these panties in halothane and I'll knock you out with them! Sound good?"

Elwyn mimed a mock YELL, but she clamped a soft hand over his mouth! Elwyn smiled and she released her hand. Samantha undressed Elwyn's shirt. She warmed her hands on his chest. Next she turned away and managed to take off her dampened panties, sitting on Elwyn's legs. Elwyn felt her warmth and weight there. Samantha threw the panties and they landed near Elwyn's face. "Oops!" Samantha laughed. The sweet smelling panties flopped down by her captive's neck, before he picked them up, she recuffed him, moving her body forward and noticing Elwyn's four inch erection beneath her slim belly. Samantha finished and leant down. Her warm, moist lips kissing his dry mouth, then sucking on each other's mouths. Elwyn loved feeling her tounge then licking the left side of his face, down, then up...

He panted, erection bobbing up and around with excitement, some of her pussy's juices dripping down on his stomach. Samantha gently withdrew to fetch a condom packet, biting off one side. Elwyn sighed with a little bit of disappointment: he wanted desperately to "feel" inside her pussy; bareback. Samantha put the condom onto Elwyn's throbbing erection, admiring it and then positioned herself..."Oh! Ooo!..", she exhaled as he entered her wet pussy lips. Elwyn felt the beautiful wetness pushing down and around his cock, felt Samantha's needs and desires: connected. And she felt him too, he was sure. Connected in a physical way, as all lovers are, when fucking or lovemaking. Samantha drew up her spine. Bit her lower lip. Out of breath...Excited beyond measure. She laughed and so did he.

" DON'T TALK!" Samantha told Elwyn. He agreed with a rapid nod. Samantha pressed herself onto him, squashing her BC cup breasts onto his chest, kissing, licking his face, eyes open. Staring into his beautiful eyes. Time got lost between them. Samantha's bucking motion got faster, digging herself in. Staring into his face...Elwyn's eyes went wider, feeling Samantha's orgasm starting to rise..Samantha's mouth gaped open - the gushing orgasm SURPRISING HERSELF!

Samantha let out a tinny, plaintative animal-like whine as she CAME!: " Who- Ooo...Oh...Umm...Ooo, ooo..." slowing down her pelvic grinding, smiling now. Samantha started to laugh giddily immediately after...

Samantha kissed her lover and saw the tears running down his face...

" What? You okay?"

" I'm fine. You're just so beautiful..."

" Awww..." She kissed him slowly. " You're so sweet..."

Samantha's face lit up and she blinked. She kissed him, still giddy and grabbed for the ziplock bag, opening it. Elwyn had no idea as Samantha held the halothane-soaked cloth over his surprised face.

" Now - CUM!" She ordered him!

" Mmmph..." Elwyn sighed, sucking in the halothane fumes.

" Cum for me..."

Samantha came again, her orgasm flipping over and over in waves of pleasure...Elwyn's eyes swam...Feeling so much at once as the pleasureable darkness overcame him, he squirted cum inside her as he passed out. Samantha withdrew the cloth, leaning down to kiss him.

" ...Poor baby..." she sighed, inhaling...A chemical taste in her mouth...The room spun. Heartbeat thump-thumping in her ears and a ringing sound.

Oh, no, she thought, realising she was sharing a contact high from the halothane stink all over her lover's sleeping face! : I'm gonna pass out, she thought.

" Oh...fahk!..." she said in a low whisper, face numb. Her eyes swam. Samantha's body went limp and she dove into unconsciousness over Elwyn's.

Faces together, sleeping off the halothane.


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The man studied his new subject.  She seemed to have a strong will to go along with her georgous body.  It was as he liked though, the man was an expert of breaking the will of a woman.  He always liked the next part.  He didn't do anything that would harm the girl, violence wasn't the answer when their looks meant their price.  Not tto mention his buyers liked their new slaves to be well adapted to the things they would soon be doing.  

He grabbed the limp girl, One arm to steady the body, one hand in the belt loops of Sophies pants, and hefted her up on his shoulder.  She was light as a feather in his arms, and he went over the list of buyers he could request who would pay handsomly for her figure.  

He took her out of the cage, making doubly sure she was still asleep.  The girl was snoring lightly.  He walked her out of the room where Abby still slept on the floor.  With one hand, he opened a door, revealing a room he was very proud of.  

The room was big and ugly, paint chipped off the walls giving it a familiar Steven King tone.  In the middle of the room there was an operating table he had embedded into the floor.  Beside it was a cart with all the familiar paraphinalia.  Gas Tanks, hoses, rebreather bag, valves, and guages were all there as if it were any normal operating theater.  The table itself had had been used for multiple types of operations, and included movable joints at the hip and shoulder areas.  He could stretch a person out, especially with the straps he had embedded into it.  

He set Sophie on the table, and went to work strapping her in.  Her head bobbed, and he knew she was on the brink of regaining conciousness.  With that in mind he worked quickly, making sure Sophie was secure before turning to his equipment and preparing it.  Once he was pleased that everything seemed okay, he tuned back to her and began to tap her lightly on the cheek.  "I want you awake for this part dear, don't disapoint me."

Sophies closed eyes seemed to blink, she was coming too.  Little frustrated moans came out of her, and her eyes opened with a dazed look.  "What?"  It takes her a minute, but she seems to realize her situation bit by bit.  "You again"  She moves, and her eyebrows knit as she uses what little energy she has to look down at herself.  Sudden a look of anger and terror flood her.  "Let me go!  Get this straps off me!  Who the hell are you!"

"I'm your host.  I normally deal in crack whores who don't pay their dues, but some very powerful people wanted your friend gone, and a slaver is a quick way to do it.  They had the money, they got the best.  Your friend didn't even know she was being followed until I shot her with the dart.  Then she woke up acting tough, telling me that people would find her.  If you want to blame anyone for your current situation, blame your friend.  Because you know my location, I need to take you out of the equation.  I have to break your will like some common gutter slut.  I apologize, but you are now the property of the black market.  Speaking of black..."  He turns away from Sophie, picks up a mask he had connected to the hoses and shows it to her.  "What do you think of this?  This amazing little rubber piece is called black beauty.  It's going to go over your nose and mouth and feed you gas that will turn you into my drooling little bitch.  You saw your friend, how she just stood their and let me chloroform her.  That will be you soon."

"Let us go!  Hell I'm sure Abby will even drop out of the Gillespie case!  You've had your fun with her!  She's under your power!  All you have to do is tell her not to pursue it and she won't!"

The man stares down at his terrified victem and smiles beneath his gas mask.  She tries to work at the restraints, but it's no use. He tuens back around and turns a dial that inflates the rebreather bag.  "This next one is called Nitrous Oxide.  For anybody who has ever had a cracker and a balloon it's laughing gas though.  I'm sure you'll be more compliant in just a little bit.  Enjoy it." 

"No!  I don't want it! MMPH!"  The mask is clamped down over her nose and mouth, "Mmmph  mmmph...I don't want it!"  Sophie gives the man a grumble and then glares at him.  The man nods as he watches her breathing willingly this time.  

"Good girl, you aren't fighting the mask, you couldn't if you tried."  He watches, as Sophie's eyes suddenly get wide for just a moment.  "It's a high concentration of gas.  You're already feeling it and it will only intensify."  

To the man, Sophies eyes tell the story.  Right now the buzzing was getting stronger.  Her ears were echoing everything and there was a pulsing pattern of color starting to take over the world around her.  Next her muscles would begin to relax as she completely unfocused from the world.  After that...Sophie giggled.

"So how do you feel Sophie?  Are you ready to cooperate with me?  I can always up the concentration of the gas for you." 

"I feel like I'm flying,"  Her eyes float about the room, as her eye lids stay just barely open.  The man looks at her with approval as it's clear she's succumbed to the gas.  "I don't need anymore of this, I'm already stoned.  I'll cooperate, just no more."  Sophie would have questioned herself had she the ability to think at the moment.  It was like suddenly nothing mattered, she was relaxed, watching the room pulse.  Her kidnap, and that of her friends didn't seem to affect her now.

 This was one of the easier inductions the man had been through.  Sophie hadn't resisted him much this time around, she was smart enough to know the end game.  With approval, the man stroked her face softly, letting his hand run down off her chin, down the arc of her neck, and onto her breast.  "Lets start simple, tell me your name."

Sophie giggled again, and looked at him, "My name is Sophie.  What do you want from me?"

"I want you to call me master Sophie.  I haven't quite made that happen yet with Abby, but in time you will learn."

Suddenly her focus seemed to come back, nothing is better at sobering a person than kidnap.  "No!  You're not my master!  Where's Abby?  I want to see her!"  Her words come out stumbly and almost childish.  

"She's sleeping Sophie, I doubt there's much to see except for a drooling mess on the floor.  It's too bad you won't call me master, it would have made things a little easier for you.  After I break you, I'm going to sell you to the highest bidder.  They all like my products, because they're all top of the line.  I don't know about you though, so I think it's time to examine my newest slave."

"NO!  DON'T TOUCH ME!"  It was meant to be a scream, but came out as a muffled whine.  

The man simply turned around and turned up the gas.  He waited, watching her.  Each stared at the other, Sophie breathed.  Then her head lulled to the side, her mind no longer able to make out the world around her.  Her eyes remained open, but her head was so full of the gas that the next couple of hours would be barely noticable for her, if at all.  She was his, whether she liked it or not.

End Episode 2

BASED on an RP done between myself and Sophie.  Thank you for some wonderful ideas, the legacy will continue


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Being a full time college student sure had it's expenses. Aside from tuition Kelsi also had some hefty car payments, food expenses and basic living needs. She was hoping she could get by on the money her parents were sending her but it just wasn't enough. One morning she was looking through the classifieds when she came across a job that looked just right for her. The ad read:






She drove down to the office, filled out an application and was hired on the spot. This was a good job for her. She had money coming in and after her first three weeks she would get free dental exams after hours. 


The first three weeks were spent learning how to use the online catalog system and how to file patients records. Kelsi caught on very quickly. One afternoon the dentist called her back into his office. He was a young man, early thirties with blonde hair and a great smile. Kelsi entered and sat down in front of his desk.


"So how do you like working here so far?" He asked.


"It's been great. I'm glad I found something that works around my college schedule."


"Well I called you in here because you're first three weeks are up. You now get free exams whenever you want so long as they're after hours."


"Oh wow. Well I don't have anything on Thursday night. Could we do it then?


"Absolutely. I'll pencil you in right now."


Kelsi spent the next few days filing away records and updating the computer system. After she finished her shit on Thursday she went back to the dentist's office and asked when he would be ready. He told her to go into one of the exam rooms and take a seat and he would be there after he closed up the office. 


Kelsi sat anxiously in one of the dentist chairs. About ten minutes had gone by when she saw the lights out in the lobby turn off. The dentist then walked into the room.


"Are you nervous?"


"Ummm...a little."


"That's perfectly normal. I can give you a bit of laughing gas to calm you down."


"Will that put me to sleep?"


"No it will just make you feel all silly and giggly. Trust me it's a lot of fun."


Kelsi had never had laughing gas before. She was excited. The dentist placed a nasal hood over her nose. All she could smell was plastic.


"Okay Kelsi I'm gonna start the gas now. Just breath deeply through your nose."


Kelsi took several deep breaths and didn't feel anything. She took one more and her eyes began to lose focus.


"I think it's starting to work." She said.


"Just keep breathing."


She did as she was told. Her eyelids began feeling heavy. Her legs felt like they were weighted down. She could swear that the ceiling she was staring up at was moving slightly. 


The dentist began his exam. He prodded around her mouth with his various tools for a few minutes before speaking. 


"I see you still have your wisdom teeth. Those will have to come out."


Kelsi spoke with a slurred voice. 


"No way...I'm too scared."


"That's okay. I'll put you to sleep and you won't feel a thing."


Kelsi felt slightly panicked. Did he mean right now? She wasn't ready for that.


"Wait. I can't right now."


"Kelsi they need to come out ASAP. You're already partly sedated. Now is the best time. Just let me switch masks."


Kelsi tried to sit up but was unable to muster the strength. 


"Please no mmmmph!!!" A latex gloved hand was placed over her mouth to silence her.


"You be still." He ordered.


Kelsi's heart was racing. She felt the nasal hood being lifted off her nose but a larger mask was immediately placed over her face. She tried to kick but her legs felt too heavy. 


"Kelsi I want you to count back from 10 with me."


A puff of air hit her in the face. The dentist started counting.




Kelsi felt her face getting hot.




It felt like her body was paralyzed. She couldn't feel much.




She could feel her eyes begin to roll back. She kept fighting it, trying to look forward but they kept rolling right on back.




Kelsi made one final attempt to move and it took all the energy she had left. Her eyes rolled shut and she felt as if a massive weight was pushing her into the chair. A buzzing in her ears is the last thing she remembered...


To be continued...


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