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Posted by on in Chloro

Krysten’s chloroform adventures

            Krysten was not a submissive girl. Her boyfriend, Ryan, loved to dominate her while they were intimate. The only reason she did it was because she wanted to sexually satisfy her boyfriend. Deep down inside she badly wanted to be the one to do all the dominating. When she introduced the idea of her as the dominant one, her boyfriend disagreed. She didn’t protest, but only because they didn’t have to argue.

            She didn’t want to be denied, though. Since her boyfriend wasn’t going to let her dominate him, then she was just going to have to find somebody else. She knew just the perfect prey: her friends!

            All of her friends were hot and young. The best thing out of all of this was that Krysten knew that her girlfriends were gullible enough to fall into her dominating traps.

These are Krysten’s chloroform adventures:

Story 1: Wendy learns self-defense

            Krysten was excited to finally get to dominate someone, but who? She had so many friends. She logged onto her Facebook to look for someone who wanted to be surprised. Scrolling down her friends list, she suddenly stopped at Wendy’s profile.  Wendy was perfect! She clicked on Wendy’s page and went to her photos. In every photo she was wearing either a really short skirt or in a small bikini. What a slut, Krysten thought to herself.

            Krysten knew that Wendy’s boyfriend hit her sometimes. Now she had a plan to capture Wendy. She was going to teach her self-defense; she was going to teach her the sleeper hold. During the practice demonstration she was going to apply pressure long enough to put Wendy to sleep.

            She dialed Wendy’s number and then pressed send.

            “Hello?” Wendy said cheerfully.

            “Hey, Wendy, it’s Krysten. How are ya?” Krysten said with fake enthusiasm.

            “I’m okay. how are you?”

            “Good. I was calling because I had heard that your boyfriend hits you. I’m wondering if you want that to change?”

            Wendy hesitated before she answered. “um…he said he wasn’t going to going to hit me anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter. You need to be prepared to defend yourself at all times.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that. What moves are you going to teach me?”

Krysten didn’t want her to know that she was going to use a technique called the sleeper hold on her, so she told her something that wasn’t a complete lie. “It’s a headlock. It’s supposed to put the attacker down.” She half-lied.

“Oh. That sounds pretty cool. Did you want to do this tomorrow after school?” Wendy asked.

Yeah, that’s perfect. I’ll meet you at the flag pole at 3:13.”

“Great. I’ll see you there. Bye.”


When the bell rang Krysten quickly walked to the flag pole. Arriving there, she could see that Wendy was there waiting for here. Krysten liked what she saw. Wendy was dressed like a slut, just like she had predicted. Wendy was wearing a very short denim skirt. She was showing a lot of leg and if it was any shorter her butt would be sticking out. She also had on a tight red tank top on, her tits were almost popping out of it.  This wouldn’t be too hard to do. Krysten knew Wendy would dress like a skank because that was the way Wendy usually dressed. She couldn’t wait to get her in her room.

“Hey, Wendy. What up girl?” Krysten said.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” Wendy replied.

“I would have been here sooner but I had to get something out of my locker.”

“It’s okay. I’m really excited to learn some self-defense. I can’t wait.”

“Me too! Let’s get out of here?” Krysten said anxiously.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Wendy replied.

They left the school and started walking towards Krysten’s house. They talked about boys and music during their walk. Ten minutes later they were at Krysten’s place. They entered the house.

“Wow! Your house is kind of big.” Wendy said.

“Thanks! Let’s go to my room.” Krysten said.


They walked upstairs and entered Krysten’s room. She locked the door behind her, she didn’t want Wendy to escape. They took off their backpacks and laid them down on the floor.

“Are you ready to learn how to mess somebody up if they fuck with you?” Krysten asked.

“Yeah. You’re going to teach some sort of headlock, right?” Wendy asked, curious about what was going to happen next.

“Yes. It’s a light choke that puts the attacker on their knees.”

“Will it hurt?”

“No. it’s painless.”

“Show me how to do it.”

“Okay. First, I want you to swing at me as if you were going to punch me.”

Wendy slowly made the motion of a punch.

“Good. Now freeze when your arm is out all the way.”

Wendy froze while her arm was extended.

“While your opponents arm is out you have to duck underneath the punch and go around the person quickly enough to get behind them.”

Krysten went around Wendy and stood behind her.

“Then you take your right arm and put it around their neck, then you take your left arm and hook the left elbow with the other elbow. Thus creating a lock. With your left hand you want to put it behind their head and push forward. That way it’s very difficult for the attacker to get out of the choke hold.”

“Now I know how to do it.” Wendy said.

“I’m going to apply pressure, but first I need to use the bathroom.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Krysten let go of Wendy and left her in the room. While she was in the bathroom she opened the cupboard underneath the sink and retrieved a bottle of chloroform and some handcuffs. She had stashed them there the previous night. She put the handcuffs in her back pocket, then she grabbed a white rag and folded it into a square large enough to cover Wendy’s mouth and nose. She poured the chloroform on the white rag, then she put the rag in her front pocket.

She was ready.

Krysten walked into her room to find Wendy looking at a magazine, she made sure the door was locked while Wendy was browsing through the magazine.

“Hey! Let’s try the choke hold.” Krysten said, smiling.

“I’m ready.” Said Wendy, standing up.

Krysten walked around Wendy and put her in the sleeper hold. She only applied light pressure, she wanted to tease Wendy first before knocking her out.

“We should sit down”. Krysten said. Suddenly sitting down, she forced Wendy to sit on her lap. She wanted Wendy to pass out on her lap so she could turn her into a sleepy ragdoll and have her way with her.

Krysten applied more pressure to Wendy’s neck. Wendy’s face contorted a little as she grabbed Krysten’s right arm with both hands.

She can’t breathe, I guess I’ll tease her a little bit before putting her out. Krysten thought to herself.

Krysten stopped applying pressure, but kept her in the sleeper hold. Wendy gasped for air as she held on to Krysten’s arm.

“Oh my god! I couldn’t breathe.” Wendy said as she tried to get her breathe back.

“I know…that’s what the sleeper hold does to you.” Krysten said as she gave an evil smile to Wendy. Wendy looked scared as she finally caught on to what her friend said.

“What do you mean sleeper hold?” Wendy asked nervously.

“It means if I apply more pressure for a little longer you’ll go to sleep.”

“What? I’m not down for th-”

Suddenly Krysten applied all her strength into Wendy’s neck. Wendy’s grip hardened on Krysten’s wrists as she tries to get out of the sleeper hold. Wendy squirms around but can’t get out because Krysten has a strong grip on her. Wendy slowly stops moving around as her grip starts to slacken. Wendy opens her eyes only to start having difficulty keeping them open, her eyes then start to slowly flutter as her hands lose their grip and fall to her sides. Her eyes are fluttering rapidly as her body goes limp against Krysten’s body.

She’s out cold, Krysten thought.

Krysten’s pussy started to get wet as she looked down on Wendy’s unconscious body. Krysten started to massage Wendy’s tits with her hands. She decided she was going to lift Wendy’s miniskirt, but while she was tied up. Krysten wanted to knock her out one more time using the sleeper hold.

Krysten released the pressure off the sleeper hold. Wendy snorted as she inhaled sharply, then coughed until she was coherent once again.

“Let me go, Krysten. Please don’t knock me out again.” Wendy pleaded as she tried to get Krysten to release her from the sleeper hold.

“I don’t think so, slut! I’m kind of curious as to what kind of underwear you’re wearing.” Krysten said.

“My underwear? I’m not showing you my underwear.”

“I know you’re not, but I’m going to give myself a sneak peek while you’re asleep.”

“Someone hel-”

Krysten tightened the sleeper hold as Wendy tried to scream for help. Wendy made choking noises as she grabbed Krysten’s arm. She attempted to get out of the sleeper hold, but to no avail. Wendy was trapped in the sleeper hold. She slowly started to lose her energy and urgency as her eyes slowly began to roll over. Wendy’s grip on Krysten’s arm slackened, and her arms fell onto her lap. Her eyes were fluttering, then closed as her body went limp against Krysten’s body.

Krysten reached into her back pocket and pulled out the handcuffs. She handcuffed Wendy’s left wrist. To get both of Wendy’s wrists behind her back she needed both of her hands, and that meant stopping the sleeper hold. She was ready.  Krysten let go of Wendy while she was passed out, then she quickly grabbed Wendy’s already cuffed wrist, then grabbed her right wrist, then she put both behind her and cuffed the right wrist. With Wendy fully handcuffed she put her back into the sleeper hold just as she was waking up.

Wendy looked scared when she figured out that she was restrained. “Did you handcuff me?” She said, very paranoid.

“Of course! I want to play with your body, and I need to make sure that you can’t get away.” Krysten said, smiling.

“Don’t do this to me. Please let me go.”

“Let’s see what kind of underwear you’re wearing.”

“What?” Wendy said, extremely panicked.

Krysten reached down and pinched each end of Wendy’s skirt. She slowly pulled up her skirt until it was at her waist. Krysten’s pussy got wet as she noticed that Wendy was wearing black Victoria’s Secret panties.

“Oh! You look so cute in your black underwear.” Krysten said in a lustful manner.

“Stop, Krysten. Put my skirt down!” Wendy cried out.

“Are you wearing those sexy black panties for me?”

Wendy looked around nervously before answering. “Um…I was gonna go to a guy’s house after this.” She said.

Krysten became angry. “You slut! I knew you were a skank! It’s okay, though, because I like to put little sluts like you to sleep.”

“Please, Krysten, don’t put me in the sleeper hold again.”

“You don’t have to worry about that anymore, Wendy.”

“Huh?” Wendy asked, scared.

“I’m going to introduce you to some chloroform.”

Krysten then grabbed a handful of Wendy’s hair and pulled it so that Wendy was forced to look up.

“Let go or I’ll scre-”

Krysten put her chloroform soaked rag over Wendy’s mouth and nose. Using her other arm, she out it around Wendy’s waist to make sure she couldn’t get away. Wendy squirmed around as she tried to stand up, she also tried to move her head around, but Krysten was too strong. Krysten’s arm was clamped around Wendy’s face.

“Mph-mmpphh!” Wendy’s protests were muffled.

Wendy’s energy was draining, she slowly stopped moving. Wendy tried to keep her eyes open, but they on rolling over. They started to flutter as her muffled protests became weak moans. Krysten watched Wendy’s eyes as they slowly closed, then Wendy went limp.

“You’re all mine now you little slut.” Krysten whispered into Wendy’s ear as she held the sleepy rag over Wendy’s mouth and nose. Krysten held it there for a minute to keep Wendy in a deeper sleep for a while. Krysten looked at Wendy’s eyes, they were closed.

Krysten removed the sleepy rag from Wendy’s face. Her mouth was partially open. Krysten threw the rag to the side. She looked and couldn’t stop looking at Wendy’s legs. Satisfaction surrounded her as she realized that she had a cute girl knocked out in her underwear on her lap. Now that Wendy was unconscious Krysten was going to take advantage of her.

Curious to see the rest of her friend’s body, Krysten lifted Wendy’s tank top high enough to expose her breasts. Krysten’s gaze went straight to Wendy’s tits, she saw that her friend was wearing a black bra to match with her black panties. She wasn’t surprised to see her slutty friend in lingerie since she was going to go fuck some guy after this, but that wasn’t going to happen anymore.

“You’re going to have an extended visit now, you stupid skank!” Krysten whispered to an unconscious Wendy.

Krysten reached down and pulled Wendy’s bra down so that her breasts popped out. She became wet as she looked at her friend’s small nipples. Using both of her hands, Krysten started to grope Wendy’s tits. She couldn’t keep her hands off her friend’s dd’s. she played with Wendy’s nipples, pinching them to make them get hard. She wanted more of Wendy.

Krysten picked up Wendy’s limp body and laid her on her back, on top of her bed. She looked down at her unconscious friend, she was getting really horny knowing she finally gets to have her way with Wendy. Krysten grabbed Wendy’s ankles and spread her legs wide open. She crawled to her friend’s head and began kissing Wendy’s nipples. She was licking them like they were made of ice cream. While she was sucking on Wendy’s tit she started massaging her pussy. Krysten stopped sucking on Wendy’s tit and shoved her tongue into her friend’s mouth. While she was making out with Wendy she stopped massaging her and began groping her tits. Krysten slowly licked Wendy’s lips as she pinched her nipples.

Krysten wished so bad that she could fuck Wendy, but not in the way that girls have sex. She wanted to violate her like a guy could. Krysten decided that she was going to have to visit the local sex shop and buy herself a strap-on dildo.

Looking at her bedside clock, Krysten realized that a whole hour had passed by while she was having her way with Wendy’s body. Wendy was going to wake up soon.

Krysten flipped Wendy’s body so that she was on her stomach. She went to her drawer and grabbed the handcuff keys. Going back to the bed, she unlocked the cuffs and threw them aside. Krysten was still horny, and Wendy’s skirt was still pushed up, revealing her big firm butt in those sexy black panties. Krysten grabbed Wendy’s butt and squeezed it hard, then she did it a few more times. When she was done, she pulled down Wendy’s skirt all the way, then she flipped Wendy so she was on her back and pulled down her tank top.

Now that Wendy was fully clothed again Krysten turned on the tv and waited for Wendy to wake up. Within ten minutes Wendy had awakened.

“Uh…what happened?” Wendy said groggily.

“You don’t remember? I was teaching you self-defense. I guess I put too much strength into my headlock because you ended up passing out.” Krysten said, lying.

“Really? I don’t remember any of that happening. How long was I out for?”

“Um…a few minutes.”

“Wow, that’s crazy! The good thing now is that I can defend myself, but don’t worry, my boyfriend said that he wasn’t going to hit me anymore.” Wendy said, unsure of herself.

“Sure. Whatever you say.”

“This has been fun, but I have to go.”

“Alright. I’ll see you at school.”

“Okay, bye.”


Wendy stood up and grabbed her backpack. She made her way out of the room. As Wendy walked out Krysten stared at her ass, a mischievous smile appeared on her face. Krysten felt so good that she finally got to have her way with one of her slutty friends. She couldn’t wait to do it again to one of her other skanky friends.

Until next time…….


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