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Posted by on in Sleepy

When I was about 4, I was baby sat once by this girl who's family was very involved with the church down the street from my old house. We were in my room playing with toy guns. We pretended to shoot at each other and at one point I said, "Bang! I got you!" She suddenly rolls her eyes back, sighs, and falls limp onto the floor. She stayed that way for a bit then got back up. I liked it so much I kept reapting "I got you" so that I could watch her do it again and she did. I remember I even played with her limp arms. That's when my fetish started. During that time I remember hoping that every girl would faint in every movie or TV show I watched. So when movies like "The 13th year, George of the jungle, or King Long" would come out I'd watch it till the fainting scene passed. I love how limp the actress was in the old but recent King Kong. In 5th grade I asked my sister one day if she would pretend to faint. Immediately with no questions asked, she faints. I patted her cheeks and her hands as she giggled. Then I asked her to faint again but this time I wanted to carry her. Again she immediately faints and I carried her in my arms. I carried her throughout the house then threw her onto her bed. This became something we called "the Fainting game." We played this game almost every Friday after school. We would come up with different ways of her to faint like pretending to hypnotize her or hit her with a sleep dart. But mostly she'd just faint out of no where or when ever something surprised her like when I let her have the rest of my chocolate after Halloween or when she'd win or lose at a game. Once to be mean I scared her when she came out of her room. She screamed and pretended to faint. I caught before she hit the floor, she caught me off guard. Eventually she grew tired of the fainting game and we stopped playing this game I made out of my fetish. Although there were a few times when she'd let me carry her again. In middle school I discovered a site called Feet&sleep and was surprised at what was on the site because I thought I was the only one who had a sleepy fetish. That's when my fetish grew and I realized that this fetish is a sexual thing. I began to wish that some of the girls I hanged out with in school would faint, especially the ones I had crushes on. My wishes would come true eventually, the girls would sometimes chase each other around till one would fall on the grass and pretend to be unconscious. That was the only reason why I'd hang around them just to watch them collapse. There was this one girl out of the group who I liked a lot and I would always imagine her passing out. I'd picture it in my mind on how she would faint and how I'd catch her and carry her in my arms. I wanted it to happen so bad I wanted to make a clone of her and command the clone to faint for me. One morning walking to school she caught up with me and immediately tells me that she fainted during the weekend. I thought to myself, "You fainted and I wasn't there!?" I asked her to give me detail and she said that all she remembered was having a bad headache then looking up at the ceiling then suddenly ending up on the floor. She said she did not regain consciousness and was in the hospital for 7 hours. Then I thought "not only did she faint, she was totally out!" The story gave me a good idea of how it looked like and that was good enough for me. Although I wanted to hold the girl I had a huge crush on, but that didn't stop me from holding my future crushes in my arms later on in life. 

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Posted by on in Sleepy

It was a bright spring day and this girl I had been seeing decide to come visit me at my house to relax after a long night of work. She looked tired, but she was so cute with her hair tied in a bun, black tights that hugged her thick thighs, a black shirt (one of mine she stole), and her black slip on's that immediately slipped off when she walked through the door showing off her soft beautiful feet. A light skinned curvy Latina from Central America. Long black hair, big brown eyes that shinned so bright they touched your soul. Soft luscious lips, and soft creamy skin. She came inside and I greeted her with a hug and kiss. She said she was so exhausted but she wanted to rest in bed with me. We fell asleep for about an hour, we both woke up hungry and thirsty. We walked to the kitchen and she opened up the fridge and I noticed her eyes fluttered. Some how I knew she was going to fall, so I reached out and caught her as she suddenly fell backwards. The sound of her sole sliding off the kitchen floor turned me on. She was conscious but she looked dizzy. I asked her if she was okay and gave her a cup of water and held her close as she drank it. She said she was a little dizzy, I wanted her to lay down in bed again. On the way there she stopped walking. I held her hand, she had the other hand on her head, she put her head down and started to wobble. Again I asked if she was okay. Suddenly she sighs and faints onto the floor. When she hit the floor she let out a sexy sigh. She landed on her back, I went down and tried to revive her. I patted her cheeks and kissed her lips. I called out her name but she wasn't walking up. I lifted her limp body up. Her arms and head dangled down. She awoke as I picked her up. She placed her arms around me, her eyes low with a dizzy confused look in them. I told her that she fainted, and that I needed to take her back to bed. We began walking towards the hallway, and right at the entrance of it she fainted again. This this I played with her feet and kissed her chest. She was so venerable I couldn't help myself. She came to as I was kissing her lips. She kissed me back and placed her hand on my cheek. Her eyes were still closed as I pulled away. She was so weak, breathing so heavily. I picked her up again and before we entered the bedroom she fainted again, this time on me making both of us fall back. I was able to keep her from hitting the floor but now her limp body was sprawled on me. I sat both of us up and lifted her up again. She was still unconscious. I put her arm around me and cradle carried her into the bedroom and onto the bed. I patted her face and called out her name again trying to revive her but she wouldn't come to. She was out this time, so I began to have my fun. And in the middle of my fun she opened her eyes slightly, just to roll them back again and pass out.

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