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Posted by on in Fight KO

Lexi heard that Amber and the skinny bitches were having a pool party this weekend. She planned on crashing the party and getting her revenge.
It might turn out to be a ‘Mission Impossible’ but she was going through with it anyway. Lexi was always dressed to the nines, even when going to a fight. She put on a sheer blouse and left the top three buttons undone to show off her assets. She put on a pair of invisibly sheer pantyhose [with no panties] because she liked the way they held her curves in place. A pair of tight designer jeans slid smoothly over her ‘hose’ and she topped the outfit off with a pair of strappy heels to show off her pretty feet and painted toes. She even did her makeup and paid special attention to her lips, making them full and shiny. She was ready for ‘Mission Impossible’. It really wasn’t much of a plan, she was simply going to take out as many of the ‘enemy’ as possible before making her escape.

The pool party was just down the street so Lexi decided to walk. When she arrived she took a deep breath and strode boldly up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Amber answered the door herself wearing a teenie tiny bikini, heels and a big smile. She obviously was expecting someone else!
Her smile disappeared instantly when she saw Lexi, whose fist was already cocked back like a cobra ready to strike. Amber didn’t have a chance. POW! Lexi’s fist landed right between her eyes. Amber made a funny cartoony face with crossed eyes and a crooked smile. Her eyes rolled around in her head like she was watching birdies circling her head and tweeting. Then the little bitch toppled over backward like a felled tree and landed flat on her back. Out cold.

“Paybacks a bitch.” Lexi said as she reached down and ripped Ambers bikini off, adding “Only sluts wear heels with a bikini. Slut.”
She stood over Ambers naked body for a few more seconds gloating then dragged her away and tucked her in a side room off the entranceway.
“One down, five to go…”

Lexi snuck down the hallway and spied another skinny girl with her back turned, pouring herself a drink at the bar.
It was the same blonde bimbo who KO’d Lexi with a wine bottle! “An eye for an eye”…Lexi said as she grabbed a bottle of wine off the shelf and quietly crept up behind the bimbo. THUNK! Lexi clobbered skinny girl #2. She spun around on impact to face Lexi, gave the cutest little sigh then collapsed onto the floor in a heap like a house of cards. Again Lexi stripped her victim naked and gloated over her naked body. “Look at those tiny little titties” she snickered. “No wonder you can’t get a man”. Lexi grabbed the naked girl by her ankles and dragged her behind the bar. “Two down, four to go…”

Lexi’s confidence was growing, she could see the rest of the gang sunning themselves by the pool.
She’ll have to ambush them one by one as they come into the house looking for their friends.

Suddenly the plan fell apart.
Amber stumbled into the room naked and groggy. Before Lexi could put her out again she started screaming.
“LEXI !!!!!!!!!!!” “LEXI’S HERE !!!!” “HELP!!!”
The other girls came running. Skinny girl #2 crawled out from behind the bar on all fours. Lexi was surrounded. No escape.
“That cunt punched me out!” Amber screeched insanely.
The circle tightened like a noose. Lexi knew she was doomed. Six against one.
In a last desperate act Lexi threw the first punch. All hell broke loose. The skinny girls attacked.
Six pairs of hands slapped, punched, scratched and groped at her.
Lexi’s blouse was torn off, then her bra. Her tits were mauled and scratched. Handfuls of her hair were pulled out. She tried to defend herself but it was useless. It was like a pack of wild jackels taking down a lone lion. She was clearly dazed and slowly began to weaken under the onslaught. Desperate to escape Lexi ran blindly through the crowd of attackers, and directly into the bar. She ended up sprawled across a bar stool where the vicious beating continued. It was over in a quick minute. Lexi finally succumbed to the beating and stopped moving. She lay unconscious across the bar stool, her arms and tits dangling off one side and her ass in the air.

Lexi Barstoll KO

“Not so tough now, are you bitch?” Amber taunted.
Amber is in full bitch mode now and starts pointing and barking out orders to her girls.
“YOU, strip those slutty looking jeans and shoes off!” “YOU, get me some permanent markers!”
The skinny girls do as ordered and peel Lexi’s tight jeans off her body leaving her only in her shiny nude pantyhose.
Amber hands out the black permanent markers and the girls get to work writing and drawing on Lexi’s limp body. One girl grabs Lexi by the hair, tilts her head back and writes ‘WHORE’ across her forehead. “This is fun!” she giggles then writes ‘COCK SLUT’ on her chin. The other girls join in and use Lexi’s body as a canvas writing obscene things like, FUCK PIG… 10¢ BLOWJOBS…. COW…. and MOOOOOO. They write MILK ME on her big tits and draw crude looking big cocks all over her body.

Lexi Body Writing

Finally their work of art is complete and it’s time to revive Lexi and bask in her humiliation.
“Throw her ass in the pool.” Amber orders. “That’ll wake sleeping beauty up.”
The girls carry Lexi out to the pool, they swing her back and forth, “ONE!” “TWO!” “THREE!”, then heave her over the edge and into the deep end.”
Lexi floats face down for a few seconds, then suddenly starts thrashing around in the water, shocked back to consciousness. She fights to reach the edge of the pool and is barely able to pull herself out. The skinny bitches grab hold of her, drag her over to Amber, and throw her down at her feet. “Stand up!” Amber orders. Lexi remains on all fours gasping and choking, struggling to catch her breath after nearly drowning. “I SAID STAND UP BITCH!” Amber yells like she’s mentally unstable. Lexi slowly get’s to her feet and stands before Amber totally defeated and humiliated. The gang of skinny girls encircled Lexi again. “Paybacks a bitch.” Amber says ominously. Amber makes a tight fist and cocks her arm back. Lexi knows what’s coming but is helpless to do anything. Amber’s fist slams right into Lexi’s forehead. Lexi’s head snaps back on impact and she stumbles backwards into one of the other girls. Skinny girl #2 bitch slaps Lexi and shoves her into skinny bitch #3 who lands a brutal punch to one of Lexi’s exposed tits then pushes her on to the next girl. On and on it goes as Lexi is bounced around from girl to girl like she’s in a pinball machine. BAM! OOF! SLAP! CRACK! POW! Lexi is nearly dead on her feet.
Amber mercifully decides that it’s time to put Lexi out of her misery. Lexi stands in the middle of the circle swaying back and forth and stumbling around.
Amber winds up and throws a vicious uppercut to Lexi’s chin. Lexi’s head snaps back on impact. Her eyes go crossed, her mouth drops open and her tongue dangles out of her mouth. Lexi, in a dreamlike voice says, “Pretty birds… tweeting…” She grasps at the air trying to touch them. The skinny bitches all look at each other and start laughing. Lexi still isn’t going down so they all start to chant, “KNOCK HER OUT!” KNOCK HER OUT!” KNOCK HER OUT!” This time ALL the skinny bitches cock their fists back for the final blow. “ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!”
POW! Lexi is hit with a nuclear bomb. Her birdies are replaced by stars circling in orbit around her head. Her eye’s trace their movement round and round. Lexi teeters back and forth and the skinny bitches all take a step back to give her room to fall. She falls backwards and lands hard on her ass with a thump, knocking the breath out of her. The stars are replaced by total darkness, her eyelids flutter then close. She flops backwards onto her back and the skinny girls all let out a cheer and exchange high fives. They put Lexi in a wheelbarrow and roll her out the front door. They lock the door and go back inside to finish their party.


Lexi wakes up a short time later, she’s naked and covered in obscene words and drawings but has no choice but to walk home.
She looks up and down the street and doesn’t see anyone around so she starts to walk quickly towards her house only a few blocks away.
She’s totally out in the open when a school bus rolls up nearby and lets out a bus load of high school kids! They all point and laugh, they whip out their cell phones and start taking pics and video. Someone calls the police.

Minutes later a police cruiser pulls up alongside of Lexi. Foolishly she tries to make a run for it. The police officer pulls out his taser and hits Lexi in the ass with a dart and 50,000 volts. She falls face first into the dirt, face down ass up, her ass and thighs twitching and quivering from the voltage. She’s roughly placed in handcuffs and stuffed into the back of the cruiser.

Amber and her skinny friends are respectable and powerful business woman, no one will believe Lexi’s wild story.

Maybe she’ll make some new friends in jail. She might look good in an orange jumpsuit….

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Posted by on in Sleepy


Looking at the woman in the car beside her, Amelia shifted nervously. Maggie was sitting next to her, in the car, discussing their plans for the heist later tonight. They were planning on stealing back a list of agents names from international business woman and criminal mastermind Clara Coleman.

“You know the plan?” She asked, nervously.

“Yes, I know the plan” Maggie replied boredly. She was fiddling with the zipper on her cat suit, which was significantly more formfitting than any type of public clothing. Amelia smacked her hand away from the woman, secretly harboring slight attraction to the whole spy get up.

“Focus!” She hissed, rigidly. She was not used to breaking orders and running off like this, and the whole experience was setting her on edge. She looked down at her own black catsuit, which was much like Maggie’s except that Maggie had unzipped hers to reveal a more than appropriate amount of cleavage.

“Go through it one more time” She said, watching the back exit.

“Oh my god, you are such a bore” she said, rolling her eyes “We go in through the back exit. We get up to the main suite. We ask her where the flash drive is. We take it, we make sure she won’t be remembering this. Then we leave” She pulled on her gloves, making sure they were tight.

She spotted Coleman walking across the street into her suite, her red dress contrasting highly with the night. She was returning from a fundraising event that made her seem like a concerned and caring citizen to the ordinary people, and which raised suspicion for the government agencies.

The two climbed out the car, walking across the pavement quickly and efficiently. Upon reaching the lock, Maggie gave it a quick picking and it sprung open, allowing them access to the inside. They walked down the well-furnished hotel corridor, their boots thumping against the carpeted floor.

Soon they reached the service elevator. It was only a few more seconds before they were off towards the penthouse suite. Maggie and Amelia took the time to pull out their guns and make sure they were ready. The clicked them back into their holsters and the metal doors creaked open.

Amelia and Maggie stepped over to the penthouse door. Placing an ear, she heard the gently hums of an old record playing. Satisfied that Coleman was in fact the one standing in the room, she signaled for Maggie to unlock it. She did so smoothly and pushed the door open, walking into the room with a gun in her hand.

Coleman looked shocked for a moment, before she returned to normal and stood up to face them.

“Hello Maggie. I see you’ve come for the flash drive.” She said, her smooth, northern England accent oozing sophistication. “And I see you’ve brought yourself a little bit of help, didn’t you?”

“Where is it Coleman?” Amelia asked, angrily.

“How on earth should I know?” She said, with mock sincerity.

“Cut the games!” Warned Maggie, waving the gun.

“Are you threatening me, Miss Taylor?” She asked, smiling.

“I might be” She said, gesturing to the gun.

“All I needed to hear” She said, sitting down. Silently, she pressed a button on the side of her chair, which activated the camera’s in the corner of her office. The camera was heat seeking, but the chair told the camera not to register whoever was sitting in it. As the camera locked onto the two hostile heat sources, it lined up the small tubes underneath then targeted any exposed muscle it could find. Once it had a lock, it was ready to fire.

Maggie saw the tube aiming a moment before it fired. “Amelia get down!” She yelled, running over and throwing herself onto her protectively. The darts that had been aimed at her thigh missed, embedding themselves into the floor. The cameras were preparing themselves for the next strike, once they reloaded in two minutes.

Coleman jumped up, momentarily terrified. In the confusion, she reached for a drawer under her desk.

“Thanks” Breathed Amelia, on the floor next to Maggie.

“No problem” She breathed back with a smile.

Coleman pulled out a gun and went to fire it, but Amelia saw her coming and pushed off Maggie, grabbing her wrist and tossing it to the side. Maggie went over with her and grabbed for the gun. There was a brief struggle, but Coleman pushed off Maggie and then twisted Amelia’s arm, breaking her grip and pushing her to the side. She stepped back, the two agents on the floor beside her, and pointed the gun triumphantly.

“Did you really think you would accomplish anything so easily?” She said, with a small laugh.

She stepped back for a moment, to rest her butt against the side of the desk. She noticed Maggie and Amelia’s lack of fear or disappointment.

“What?” She asked, steadying herself on the desk “What’d I misss?”

“Don’t waste your breathe, dear” Maggie said with contempt, gazing over her body and ending at her thigh. Clara Coleman looked down at her own thigh, where a hollow syringe protruded lazily.

“No, but thatss imposssibleee” She slurred, slouching slightly as she laid a hand on her desk. “When diddd youuu…” She lurched forward slightly, losing her balance for a moment. She tried to raise her gun but her arm felt limp. She dropped the gun, felling to her knees as the world spun around her. Amelia and Maggie were up in a flash, kicking the gun away.

Coleman’s body slumped to the floor, her chest heaving. "Mmmpphhh..." She groaned, trying to crawal upwards. She felt herself leaden, and with one final, orgasmic sigh, she stumbled to the floor. She took slow, even breaths, her large, plump breasts heaving as she slept. Amelia help Maggie up. Maggie stumbled slightly, steadying herself onto the desk.

“Are you ok?” Asked Amelia looking concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, the adrenaline is wearing off” She blinked, her speech slurring a tiny bit. “So it’s kicking in”

“What’s kicking in?” Asked Amelia. Maggie turned towards her, showing Amelia her backside. A small needle with a purple tassel was embedded in her skin, the contents of its vial now empty. “When did that happen?” She asked, realizing immediately when. Maggie had covered Amelia, taking the dart herself. She had sacrificed herself for Amelia.

“I don’t… I can’t…” She stumbled on the desk, almost falling. Amelia rushed over to steady her. Maggie tried to smile as she sleepily pressed her face against Amelia’s chest. She tried to stand, but her knees gave away and she fell to the floor, weakly trying to stay awake.

“Amelia… Amy… a…” She muttered weakly, before her arms gave way and the fell to the floor, her sleeping looking calm and relaxed.

Amelia looked at her friend, and she realized she now faced a decision. What was she going to do with Maggie?


Turn her in? (Comment A)


Let her go? (Comment B)

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Posted by on in Sleepy

Amelia sighed as she pushed the key into the lock of her own door. Earlier, she had told the agency what happened in the street, and how she woke up in nothing but her panties. It hadn’t done much for her reputation, but the agency knew just how well they had trained Maggie, and how any other agent in her position would have been subdued just as easily.

She rubbed her sore neck, and she tossed her purse to the side. She had ditched the police vest but she still had on the tight skirt, the stockings and the white blouse. Kicking of her shoes by the front door, she clambered up the stairs and went into her bedroom, quickly pulling off her blouse and tossing it into her hamper.

“Hello Amelia” Said a smooth voice from behind her.

She whirled around to face the woman who was sitting in her chair with her legs crossed.

“Maggie?” She said, glaring at the buxom beauty before her.

Maggie Taylor, the spy for hire who had used to be her lover, and who had more recently drugged and robbed Amelia, uncrossed her legs. She tried to sit up.

“Amelia, let me explain-” She began, pushing herself up from the chair.

“No, not another word out of you!” She cried, reaching for a drawer by her bedside.

Pulling the drawer open with one swift move, she reached in and pulled out a small pistol, pivoting back to face Maggie who had managed to stand up before pressing the trigger and releasing a small whoosh of air followed a hypodermic dart being launched out.

“Ow!” Yelped Maggie, pulling the empty needle out of her hip.

“Amelia, whyyyyyyyy…..” She trailed off, going limp and falling to the floor.

Amelia didn’t even step forward to catch her as she fell to the floor




Amelia gazed down at the sleeping woman before her. She trailer a hand down the side of her leg, feeling goosebumps form as she did. She remembered the nights they had spent together, how much fun they had had, and for a moment her resolve slipped.

She reached over and pulled off her shirt, tossing it aside. She did the same to her skirt, throwing it onto the pile on the floor. She ogled the black woman’s smooth skin, her chest rising and falling gently as she slept. She reached down and cupped her bra.

She pulled it down, gently rubbing the tips of her fingers on her skin as they used to. Maggie’s nipples quickly hardened. Amelia breathed out quickly, unable to hold her lust back any longer, she slid onto Freema and straddled her as she began trailing kisses down her collarbone. She moaned, orgasmically as she made her way downwards. She heard another moan, only this time it wasn’t her own.

‘Crap’ she thought, her make out session cut short. She rolled off of Maggie and got into position, waiting for her to wake up.

Maggie groaned and rolled around on the bed. She moved to slide her arm under her head but when she pulled she was met with resistance. Moving slightly, she saw that her hands were bound to the posts on the side of her bed, with some industrial grade black handcuffs. Scrambling slightly, she looked around.

She was tied to a simple bed, and her shirt and skirt had been stolen from her. She looked down at her now obvious magenta bra and panties. She was spread eagle, and she felt the rush of the cold air on her exposed stomach. She looked around and saw a familiar face. From across the room, Amelia stood with her arms crossed.

“You had a lot of nerve coming here after the stunt you pulled earlier today.” She said, stepping closer. She had changed into a red shirt and a black skirt, so short it almost could be reclassified as a belt. “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t pick up the phone and call headquarters, then have you arrested?”

Maggie twisted herself upright and began speaking.

“You mean other than the fact that I hid a signal jammer in your house?” Amelia groaned, but Maggie continued “I need your help”

“Huh” Amelia snorted, chuckling lightly “Why on earth would I help you?”

“Because I can get you that list back” She said, trying to sit up comfortably.

“I thought you had it” Amelia said, narrowing her eyes.

“It… Was stolen from me” She said, pulling on her bonds.

“Someone robbed the thief?” Amelia said, with a smile.

“Not someone, I know who.” She said.


“Let me out and I’ll tell you”

“Not a chance” Said Amelia “All I have to do is pick up a phone and you’ll be locked away for the rest of your life.”

Maggie shifted nervously. “Fine. It was Clara Coleman.”

The Clara Coleman?” Asked Amelia incredulously “The world class criminal? And you were going to sell state secrets to her?” Amelia looked absolutely furious.

“Look, I’m sorry. But right now, there’s the small issue of getting the names back”

“Why would you even tell me anything?” Asked Amelia, hands on her hips?

“Because you want the names back.” Said Maggie, smiling mischievously.

“And what’s in it for you?”

“Revenge” Said Maggie, eyes ablaze.

Amelia considered it. Time and time again, Maggie had proven to be untrustworthy beyond belief. She had double crossed her on more than one occasion. But one thing Maggie had always been was a formidable foe, and right now, Maggie’s enemy seemed to be the same as Amelia’s, so Maggie’s skill sets would be directed at her and not Amelia.

Maggie waited while Amelia came up with the verdict. Eventually, Amelia looked at Maggie. “We do this, we do it by my rules. Rule one, you do what I say”

“Fair enough”

“Rule two; No stealing while were working together”


“And rule three; when were done, you don’t get to run along. You get a 24 hour head start, that’s all. Understood?”

“Yes” Said Maggie, smiling. “Now uncuff me.”

“In a second” She said, turning around and rummaging through a drawer. Maggie tilted her head back, closing her eyes. Today had been stressful day, and the relief of knowing that Amelia would be one her side was incredibly high.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp stabbing pain in her leg. Looking down, she saw Amelia emptying the contents of her own syringe into her thigh muscle.

“What the hell Amelia?” She asked, angrily.

“I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you. So the handcuffs don’t come off unless you’re asleep” She said. Noticing Maggie’s drooping eyelids, she smiled, realizing that soon, she could finish her interrupted fantasy “And sleep seems to be coming sooner than expected. Higher dosage for me?”

“I’m not… I just neee… need a mommeeee…” Her syllables slurred as her tongue grew heavy. Her head started loll, and she felt herself sinking deeper into the bed. Amelia bent over, climbing in top of Maggie, and spoke “Sorry darling. You started this” And as Maggie’s head sank deeper into the pillow, she leaned down and kissed her on the lips, the taste of Maggie bringing back many memories.


She pulled herself off when she felt Maggie go limp. She then undid her handcuffs and carried the dark woman down into her car, sliding her into the backseat. She clicked in her own seatbelt and drove off into the night.

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It had all come down to this.  A set of abandoned warehouses on the outskirts of Las Angeles.  A black haired, brown eyed girl creeps along the building, taser drawn and ready.  She makes sure she isn't seen through any of the large industrial windows, though from time to time she peeks in to see if she can catch a glimpse of what she's looking for.  

She comes to a door, probably used for smoke breaks as it opened up to an old rotting picnic pavillion in the center of the large buildings.  The woman opens it slowly, keeping out of site and waiting a moment before peering around the corner.  The whole thing was honestly forgien to her, she was a private investigator for a firm in LA, but most perps she had apprehended were slow moving slobs and druggies, or gave up on the spot.  This was the first real time she had ever really been in danger, but this was one that she had to do on her own.  Whether they were bought out or too stupid to do anything about it, the cops had simply refused her request to investigate the old industrial ruins, reciting a few laws and addendums about proof, and a few cliche's  about what the judge will do if they throw a hunch at him and ask for a search warrent.  For the time being, she was on her own.

The hallway was empty that she could see.  No trip wires, no bad guys in wait.  Her body loosened, and she walked in.  It wasn't too steps until she her a zipping sound and felt a sharp pain in her butt.  She turned around with a gasp, noticing suddenly an out of place working camera above her.  under it was a tube-like hole, and in her ass was a dart.  The black haired girl looked around frantically, and started to limp towards the doorway, but her legs were already tingling, and her body felt like it was swelling.  She noticed that her breathing seemed to be getting louder, and echoey, her eyes began to relax, and the spark of life within her faded.  The girl fell.

Now she lies on the ground, helpless.  The world was an echo chamber, and making less and less sense as her brain began to shut down.  A person came around the corner and stared at her.  She looked at him, her mouth hanging open, her eyes barely open.  "Who...who are you?"  Her words are heavily slurred.

The man just laughs, though by this point the girl can't hear his muffled voice.  She gives a last frustrated moan and goes completely limp, her eyes going completely dead, and finally closing.  The man comes over, giving her a look.  The Black haired woman is attractive, certainly by his standards, and most undoubtedly by the standards of any of his buyers.  He moves her, testing her weight and happy that she's light.  Suddenly she's up in his arms, her head limply rolling with the gait of his movements.  

He carries her to a room in the middle of the building, away from all windows.  It has two cages that seemed to have been welded in place after the factory was shut down.  In one of them is a sholder length redheaded girl, who immediately stands up in horror when she sees the man enter.  "What the fuck did you do to her!  Is she..."

"It's the same thing I did to you.  Your friend is a sleepy girl ight now, but she will wake up soon enough."  The man wears an Israeli style gas mask over his face, concealing his identity.  The mask makes his voice sound distorted and deep.  "Prepare her Abby.  I want her to know what's going to happen."  The man locks the black haired girl in her new cell and leaves.  

Abby simply stares at her friend, a sinking feeling in her heart.  Now they were both trapped, and escape was impossible, just as the man had told her when she had been taken in an ally in what now seemed forever ago.  

The new girl begins to move, Abby runs over to the cage bars and rattles them, closely monitoring the her friends movements.  The girl with the black hair stretches out, her eyes opening and closing slowly, ""  

Abby turns as red as her hair, suddenly frustrated.  "Sophie why are you here?  Why would you come alone!  You had to know what would happen if you did!"  Her friend seems to try to respond but her mouth just hangs open and she moans again, stretching on the floor one more time.  Abby feels a cold chill run up her, tears well in her eyes.  "I'm sorry hun,"  she leans on the bars and slides down into a crouched sitting position.  "I'm sorry I got you into this."

"I had to try Abby...I had to find you.  I told the cops about the slave market in LA, but they didn't believe me, so I had to come find you myself.  Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm still going to find a way out of this..."  The sleepy girl still lies on the floor, her body still shakey from the drugs.  "What did he do to you AbbY?  Where did they find you?  Are you okay?"

Abby nods her head, though the other girl doesn't see it.  "Yeah I'm fine.  Remember the Gullespie case I was free lansing for?  The mafia don's son got in some deep shit one moment, and the next all the evidence in lockup goes missing?  I was tracking that down, and got a call from a guy who had information for me.  He said he'd meet me.  Next thing I know, I'm getting shot by a dart gun, and wake up here."  Abby looks over at Sophie, who is just now trying to sit up.  "He feeds me well enough, lets me go to the bathroom when I need to, but there's something else Abby...this guy tries to train his women into submission, and he has all the tools to do it too.  I've been shot with darts, chloroformed, injected...I mean jesus this guy even has his own anesthesia theater in the next room!  Then when you're too weak to fight, he takes advantage of you, and tries to break your will..."

Sophie has herself propped up against the bars, althoug her body still slumps and her eyes are still dialated.  Unfocusedly they glance over at Abby, her mouth hangs open sleepily and with suprise.  "Oh my god, I'm sorry Abby, we'll get out of here."

Abby shakes her head and looks over at her friend, "Sophie, at this point I've had more chemicles in me than Arnold Schwartzenegger.  When I am awake my head is usually pounding, and the only way to make it subside is for that next round of knock outs to come.  Honestly I can barely wait at this point."

They sit in silence for a few minutes, when the masked man walks back in.  Sophie's unfocused eyes go wide, and a sudden burst of energy burns through the haze, but she isn't able to mask her fear.  The man in the gas mask looks at her silently, as she back peddles against the concrete floor to the bars behind her, subconciously wanting to get as far away from the man as possible.  

The man has delighted in keeping his intentions a secret, watching the mind of his new victim race.   Then he turns his attention to the other one, his red head, and holds up a cloth.  

Abby looks at him and stands up, her back to the bars.  Unlike Sophie however, she doesn't flinch at hs every movement.  "So, are we doing this like normal Gas Mask guy?"  She keeps her head held high, her look defiant, as she stares him down.

He nods, his movements deliberate to look just as imposing.  "Breath deeply Abby.  As for you new girl, I want you to watch carefully, as you are my newest puppet."  In his other hand he holds a brown bottle.  He puts the cloth up to it, and turns it over.  A slightly sweet chemical oder reaches Sophie's nose.

"No!  Don't you touch her!!"  Sophie replies.  She's still have numb from the dart, but she begins to fight her way to her feet.

The gas masked man walks over to Abby's cage and opens the door to it.  "Stay Standing, I'll catch you."  Suddenly the chloth is pressed against her nose and mouth.  Abby yelps, but then stares her captor directly in his eyes and furrows her brow.  It was a scenario she was used too, and she knew he was too strong to fight off, but she wouldn't go down without him knowing he hadn't won.  

He could hear her breathing from the cloth, her eyes were watering from the chemicals, and it looks as though her defiant stare was becoming a stoned dull one.  

"Mmmph!"  Abby wanted to hold out as long as possible, if only to show him that she was fighting.  "Mmmph...mmmph..."  It was no good, her head was becoming heavier than her body, her legs were nowhere to be found.

Her head went first.  All of her red hair fell forward, covering her face as her eyes slid closed.  Then her legs buckled, and the man caught her, lowering her down to the floor.  

He decided to talk from inside Abby's cage.  He had always had a flair for the dramatics, a good nightmare scenario always involved a masked man partially obscured by obstacles, and what was better than trapping steel?  He turned to Sophie, "Your cage has a computer system that changes pin numbers every single time I open and close the door.  I recieve the new ones at an undisclosed location, but you will never know them.  In the event you do escape, be warned that this entire building has been relined with traps.  While you slept, I went from doorway to doorway, securing this place with leathal killing machines.  No more nap times for you if you fail to comply with my wishes.  Do you understand?"

"Go to hell!"

He's on the move, resoaking his cloth as he goes.  "I understand your hesitation to comply with my wishes.  After all, you were supposed to have stopped me by now.  Your mind will change soon though."

The man types in the code for Sophie's door and opens it, closing it behind him.  Sophie stands there, ready to sprint, but still holding heavily onto the cage for support.  Her captor stands in front of her, waiting for her to make a first move.  

Sophie watches the man, cloth in hand and ready.  Her jaw quivers, and she knows she not up for fighting him, but she has to try something.  With that she lunges foward, trying to find a weakness in the man.  

The girl hits him suprisingly solidly in the stomach, though still without the power needed to double him.  He grabs her and sends her back against the cage.  

"NO!"  She yells, the cloths goes over her face, and suddenly she's twisting and turning, trying to break free.  One of her hands tries to pry the hand away from her face, and the other claws at him.  It's clear to the man that she's holding her breath, so he decides to help her.  

With a firm grasp on her stomach, he pushes inward, feeling her hot breath exhale forcefully through the cloth, and the coolness of her inhale as she gets her first lungfull of chloroform.  She coughs, and tries to claw him, but the chloroform has already made her feel even weaker than she was already.

"You're going to sleep now girl.  You're already having trouble fighting it.  Just give in."

The black haired girl gives a growl, but even that is followed by a quick panicked moan.  He presseds on her stomache again, another breath.  She squeals, but this time the world doesn't stop spinning around her.  Her eyes go crossed, "Mmmph....mmph...mmph..."  Her moans are weaker now.  She takes another breath of her own free will.  "Mmmph...mmmph..."  Her eyes flutter.  "Mph..."  Sophie closes her eyes, sleepiness overpowering her wll.  

"I have special plans for you girl."  The man says to her limp body...

End of Episode 1

BASED on an RP done between myself and Sophie.  Thank you for some wonderful ideas, the legacy will continue.


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