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Posted by on in Uncategorized

Summer time had finally come back around and me and my favorite Latin girl went hiking in the mountains. She told me about a creek people go to and have cookouts as if they were at the beach. It was hot that day, so I was looking forward to see the creek. We drove up high windy roads that turned narrow. We parked under a tree in a very small neighborhood. Houses people used for vacation I assumed. We happened to be not too far from the creek. I could already hear the soothing sound of the waterfall from where we parked. As we walked towards the creek we both recalled the time she fainted at my house. She knows I have the sleepy fetish and so she laughed and smiled and gave me a look that said she was hot for me. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. She looked at me and said, "It's so hot I might faint right now." I squeezed her frenched her, biting her lip as I pulled away. We finally get to the water and cooled off immediately. We splashed each other with water and kissed over a thousand times. Soaked in dirty creek water. We sat on a log that was over a stream. We had the perfect mix of sun and shade to dry off. We decided to walk back to the car, only the hill we had to walk over was very steep and high and sun was beating down on it. Without even thinking about it we started to walk to the car. I took off my shirt and only hadmy black basketball shorts on and black shoes. She had an old t shirt on, again one of mine. Black tights that stopped at the ankle, and black flip flops. Her hair tied in a ponytail, looking very cute and sexy as always. The walk up the hill was rough but we made it to the car. I leaned against the trunk as she walked towards me. She looked exhausted, I reached out to hold her as she looked faint. Her eyes were low and she was moving slow. She denied my help and said she was okay. Suddenly she falls into my arms, limp like jello. I almost let her fall to the ground as she was slipping out out my arms. The girl has fainted once again. I held her up and kissed her lips. I stroked her forehead and shook her limp sexy body. Her arms dangling, her big breasts in my face. I carried her in my arms and put her in the back seat of the car. She was totally unconscious. Vunerbale and unsuspecting. I had to have her and so I took her. She came to before I finished. A loud moan came out of her and it turned me on so much I let go. I kissed her till I was finished realising. Her arms slipped down and I continued to kiss her. It got really hot in the car and I asked if she was ready to go back outside. She nodded yes and we kissed. I open the door and we stepped outside. She looks at me, jumps onto me and gives me a big kiss, pulls back, takes a deep breath, then fainted in my arms again.

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Posted by on in Sleepy

It was a bright spring day and this girl I had been seeing decide to come visit me at my house to relax after a long night of work. She looked tired, but she was so cute with her hair tied in a bun, black tights that hugged her thick thighs, a black shirt (one of mine she stole), and her black slip on's that immediately slipped off when she walked through the door showing off her soft beautiful feet. A light skinned curvy Latina from Central America. Long black hair, big brown eyes that shinned so bright they touched your soul. Soft luscious lips, and soft creamy skin. She came inside and I greeted her with a hug and kiss. She said she was so exhausted but she wanted to rest in bed with me. We fell asleep for about an hour, we both woke up hungry and thirsty. We walked to the kitchen and she opened up the fridge and I noticed her eyes fluttered. Some how I knew she was going to fall, so I reached out and caught her as she suddenly fell backwards. The sound of her sole sliding off the kitchen floor turned me on. She was conscious but she looked dizzy. I asked her if she was okay and gave her a cup of water and held her close as she drank it. She said she was a little dizzy, I wanted her to lay down in bed again. On the way there she stopped walking. I held her hand, she had the other hand on her head, she put her head down and started to wobble. Again I asked if she was okay. Suddenly she sighs and faints onto the floor. When she hit the floor she let out a sexy sigh. She landed on her back, I went down and tried to revive her. I patted her cheeks and kissed her lips. I called out her name but she wasn't walking up. I lifted her limp body up. Her arms and head dangled down. She awoke as I picked her up. She placed her arms around me, her eyes low with a dizzy confused look in them. I told her that she fainted, and that I needed to take her back to bed. We began walking towards the hallway, and right at the entrance of it she fainted again. This this I played with her feet and kissed her chest. She was so venerable I couldn't help myself. She came to as I was kissing her lips. She kissed me back and placed her hand on my cheek. Her eyes were still closed as I pulled away. She was so weak, breathing so heavily. I picked her up again and before we entered the bedroom she fainted again, this time on me making both of us fall back. I was able to keep her from hitting the floor but now her limp body was sprawled on me. I sat both of us up and lifted her up again. She was still unconscious. I put her arm around me and cradle carried her into the bedroom and onto the bed. I patted her face and called out her name again trying to revive her but she wouldn't come to. She was out this time, so I began to have my fun. And in the middle of my fun she opened her eyes slightly, just to roll them back again and pass out.

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Posted by on in Fight KO

Lexi had heard about a small gathering for professional bachelors and bachelorettes so she put on her sexiest little black dress and Jimmy Choo pumps and headed over to the party.

Lexi Little Black Dress

When she entered the room she saw several handsome men making small talk with a small group of petite pretty woman. As she stood at the entrance scanning the scene all the men one by one stopped what they were doing and stared in her direction. Lexi was looking very nice in her knee length black dress, high heel pumps and shiny pantyhosed legs. The plunging neckline of her dress drew everyone’s eyes to her ample cleavage. Before long all the men were flirting with her and competing for her attention to the clear annoyance of the other woman. The woman quickly came up with a plan to get rid of Lexi and chose Amber to be the leader. She asked the men if they would run out and get more wine and it would give the girls a chance to ‘freshen up’. The men reluctantly agreed to leave Lexi’s side and once they were out the door Amber approached Lexi. “You need to leave… NOW.” She said with a lot of attitude for such a skinny little girl. Lexi put her hands on her hips and stood her ground. She wasn’t going anywhere. The two woman stared each other down waiting for the other to make a move. The other skinny girls started to inch closer until they formed a loose circle around Lexi. “Why do I have to leave?” Lexi asked, trying to stall for time. “Because you and your big tits are getting all the action!” another tiny girl screeched. Lexi took a step back and spread her legs into a fighting stance. “Fuck all you skanks!” Lexi spat. “Last chance, whore.” Amber said threateningly. While Lexi was distracted with Amber one of the other skinny bitches snuck up behind her with a wine bottle raised over her head. Amber gave her a nod and she swung the bottle and landed a hard blow to the back of Lexi’s head. Lexi grunted at the impact and staggered a few steps, teetering on her high heels. Her eyes went crossed and she dropped to her knees. She swayed back and forth on her knees but still wouldn’t go down. “HIT HER AGAIN!” one of the other skinny bitches yelled. Once again the wine bottle came crashing down onto Lexi’s head with a thud. This time her eyes rolled up into her head, she gave a long sexy moan and slowly fell forward onto her face with her ass up in the air. The skinny bitches exchanged high fives then turned their attention to Lexi. “Roll the bitch over”. Amber ordered. The skinny girl gang did as ordered and now Lexi lay unconscious, spread-eagled on her back, with the girls all standing around staring down at her. “She IS kinda pretty”. One girl commented. “SHUT UP!” Amber snapped annoyed. Amber planted a bare foot on Lexi’s face and raised her arms in a victory pose while the other girls snapped pics with their cell phones. “So girls, let’s have a look at what the boys were so interested in.” Amber said tauntingly as she pulled Lexi’s top off. Lexi’s huge beautiful tits spilled out and jiggled into place. “Oh my!” One skinny girl gasped at the site of them! “Wow.” Another skinny girl added. “I said, SHUT UP!” Amber screamed. “Get her out of here before the guys get back!” “What’ll we do with her?” “Stuff her in the trunk of my car and take her home”. Two small girls took hold of Lexi’s arms and dragged her limp body toward the garage. Lexi’s tits swayed and bounced around sexily. Even KO’d Lexi was sexier than any of the skinny bitches. By the time they managed to get Lexi into the trunk her heels had fallen off, her pantyhose were ripped to pieces and her dress was torn and falling off. They backed up to Lexi’s home and dumped her onto the driveway like a bag of trash and drove off. Lexi awoke a short time later and stumbled punch drunk into the house. She immediately started plotting her revenge….

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Photo shared by on in Fight KO

Noq watched from the distance as a woman walked through the halls of the resort she was vactioning at in a rather short dress with a bikini underneath and black flip flops a brimmed hat covering her head. 

The woman wasn't just any other woman it was a local lawyer that he had been dreaming about putting to sleep for quite some time now. The woman was a quite popular lawyer around town not only for her skill but because of her attractive looks as well.

Noq had been tortured for so long now watching the sexy woman walking around all the time in her tight buisness pants and skirts and high heels. He just couldn't take it any longer.

He watched as the woman made her way to a beach chair off in the distance by the pool laying back in it completley relaxed. Smiling to himself he waited until the coast was clear and then began to make his way over towards his sexy lawyer.

Noq moved very carefully making sure not to be seen by anyone as he came closer and closer toward the woman who was lounged back in her short sun dress,hat,sunglasses and now smoking a expensive cigar. He licked his lips more aroused watching the womans full lips around the cigar before blowing out the smoke.

Luckily for him there weren't all that many people outside near the pool area of the resort at the moment and she was prime for the taking. He clenched the blackjack he was holding behind him and neared the woman watching as she took a sip of her drink before sticking her cigar back in her mouth.

In a swift motion Nos moved forward and brought the blackjack down over the back of the sexy lawyers head.

"ohhhh!...." she moaned not knowing what hit her before slinking down into her beach chair unconsious.

Noq smiled stepping around to look at the woman the cigar hanging loosely from her lips about to fall out. He reached over taking the cigar from her lip and took a puff himself "mmmmm cuban...' he said delighted before laying the cigar down.

He then looked at the unconsious woman in front of him that he had been wanting to send to dream land for so long. Knowing he had to act fast Nos picked the woman up in a cradle and carried her further toward the back where they wouldn't be seen.

Laying the woman down he looked her over admiring her toned slender figure. He slipped her hait off her head lowered her sun glasses down peeling her eye lid back to gaze into her sleepy eyes.

Noq loving the sight moved his hands down feeling the womans breasts and running them along her legs hitching her sun dress up a bit to get a good squeeze of her ass.

"mmmmm....wh...what happened...where am I?" she moaned beggining to come to a bit but still dazed.

Noq watched as the woman awoke and simply smiled looking at her "your about to be in dream land my dear have a good trip" he said before slapping the blackjack over her head again.

"wha....ohhhhhh!" she groaned her eyes fluttering for a moment before rolling back and falling back again out cold.

Noq smiled once more enjoying the sleepy body of his unconsious lawyer. He felt her up a bit more and then sighed knowing that it was about time for his fun to end. 

He grabbed the woman by her ankles dragging her across the floor arms spreading out wide above her head limp back toward the pool area.

Lifting her up and placing her limp sleepy body back in her beach chair Noq tilted her head back up right and placed her hat over her tilting it down a bit to cover her sleepy face.

He smiled reaching over and grabbing the cigar and placing it back in her mouth taking in one last sight of the sleepy lawyer "nothing like a good ko and smoke" he said before walking off.


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Photo shared by on in General

Jake was already highly enjoying himself just as he knew that he would be but things were just getting started.

He walked around outside back in the restraunt making sure to keep up his limp in cas he needed to use the ploy again. He moved his eyes around the room trying to figure out his next move. His eyes stopped resting on a female as she seemed to be making her way toward the front door of the retsraunt carrying some food.


He smiled to himself as it just seemed everything was going perfectly for him tonight. He watched as the blondes as swayed in her orange shorts walking outside to hand off some food to a customer outside.

Jake made his way outside the restraunt and made sure to wait until the car that the blonde whos name tag read Casey drove off. He then faked a very realistic looking fall holding on to his legs "ah damn it!" he yelped holding his fake injury and sitting on the ground. He waited with a fake look of pain barely able to hold back a grin as he began to hear the sound of sneakers running toward him.

Casey kneeled down touching the mans shoulder "oh my gosh are you alright sir! I can get help" she said looking at him.

Jake shook his head "no no if you could just help me to ym car it'll be fine" he said forcing himself up hobbling.

Casey helped him up holding him up a bit on her shoulder "are you sure?" she asked moving with him toward his car.

Jake nodded 'yeah yeah it'll be fine" he said taking ahold of the car and turning himself around as they reached it "could you open the door for me please?" he asked

Casey nodded "yeah sure of course" she said leaning over and opening the car door.

Jake watched her moving a bit back toward his open back window "and one last thing if it's not to much trouble could you reach in there and hand me my phone on the other side?" he asked

Casey nodded "no problem" she said reaching into the car looking around.

Slipping a blackjack out from his backseat through the window Jake smiled moving over behind Caey and slapping it over the back of her blonde head.

"ughhh" Caseys eyes rolled back bouncing limp off the car seat.

"to easy" Jake said with a smirk as he grabbed Caseys socked ankles stuffing her in the car. He ran his hands along her thighs and ass before stuffing her in the back seat where she couldn't be seen "I might actually get to keep you for later" he said with a smile reaching over and grabbing soem chloroform and a rag soaking it. He placed it over Caseys lips and closed the door.


Jake grinned and headed back into the restraunt and just in time to. He watched as a woman a bit on the older side side but still with quite the body for her age stood up from her table and began to make her way toward the restroom where Jake had left the bodacious blonde Hannah and sultry red head Megan limp and in dream land.

He followed behind the woman her dark red flip flops flapping on her feet ass her ass hugged her matching red colored jeans. Jake shurgged and smiled to himself. Maybe this was just a little bonus for him. He watched the blonde woman walk into the bathroom.

Julie scrunched her eyes as she noticed some feet under the bathroom stalls. It was a bit off that someone was barefoot in the bathroom after all "hello?" she called out but continued walking forward after getting to answer "are you alright in there?" she asked.

Julie slowly reached over and opened the bathroom stall door to see a completley naked blonde propped up on the toilet unconsious "oh my god!" she said covering her mouth but before she could even think an arm wrapped around her throat tightly "guhhhh!' Julie stumbled back her flip flops flying off her now bare feet.

Jake smiled "sorry about this wrong place wrong time but i'm not complaining" he laughed squeezing her neck in a sleeper hold watching as her bare red painted toes stretched out struggling his recetion growing pressing into her ass in her tight jeans from behind.

Julie gasped for air her face turning quite red "" she tried to choke out calling to her husband outside in the retsraunt. Slowly Julies eyes rolled back and then finally her arms fell limp. Julies legs slowly slid down on to the floor as she was rendered unconsious. 

Jake smiled as he felt Julie go limp allowing her to lie flat on her back out of it. He laughed "night night" he said looking her over "hmmmm..." he reached down pulling her shirt off and then her tank top over her head her breasts falling out not wearing a bra. He smiled groping Julies mature breasts  before standing up and getting one last look at her topless in her tight jeans.

He dragged her over toward the stall with Hannah and placed her across the blonde hooters waitress lap giving her ass a smack in her tight red jeans.

Walking out of the bathroom Jake walked across back toward his table 

A man walked toward Jake "hello sir would happened to have seen my wife I was ordering and i'm not sure where she went. Shes blonde and had on some red jeans red flip flops" he said.

Jake shook his head "no sire haven't seen her i'm afraid" he lied 

"alright thank you" the man said walking off confused.

Jake just smiled taking his seat at his table pleased with his work so far.


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Jake licked his lips as he walked into the restraunt that he had been picking out for quite some time now. Jake had been planning on sending some ladies to dream land and figured what better place than Hooters itself. They kept the exy girls by the stock pile and put them on display.

There were several different hooters restraunts though and he had been taking his time knowing that he would have but one shot at making his dreams come true. He had been scoping out different hooters until finally he had found the perfect one. Completley stock piled with different sexy women for him to put to sleep.

He stepped inside the place glancing around. It was in full swing and some of the ladies where walking around handing out food while others chatted up the costumers as hooters girls always did. Two others behind the bar. After spotting all of the girls he smiled to himself making sure he had allof his details right about the place.

Moving his eyes along the entire restraunt he nodded to hismelf happily having it down to a science of how he was going to go about this whole thing. Jake looked down at his foot that was in a cast but in reality was perfectly fine. This would give him an advantage in getting the girls to do what he wanted them to do.

Now it was time. 

Jake walked over to a free table and took a seat making sure to limp a bit as he did. He scanned the room waiting and then watched as one of the lovely hooters girls began to walk up toward him with a notepad in hand. He watched as her thick hips swayed in her tight orange shorts nearly riding up her ass in her equally tight shirt showing off her large breasts. 

So this blonde would be his first target of the night it seemed. 

"hello sir i'm Hannah what would you like to have today? she asked leaning over the table a bit "you look nice tonight by the way" she said with what looked to be a sort of a wink.

Jake just grinned at the usual tactics of the hooters girls to chat up their costumers and smiled "yeah wish I felt nice" he said making his cast visible.

Hannah looked down at his cast her blonde looks hanging on her shoulders "oh i'm sorry about that well anything that we can do just let us know" she said with a smile.

He nodded and scratched his head a bit 'well I hate to be a bother but i'm really having trouble walking and it causes some pain would you mind helping me to the bathroom real quickly" he said shaking his head "I hate to ask"

Hannah looked at him and shook her head thinking it was a bit odd and unusual but it made sense and it was their job to help the costumer and do as they wished. She nodded "sure no problem come on" she said reaching over and helping him up.

Jake stumbled up a bit catching a great glimpse of Hannahs clevage under her tight shirt as he did. With her help her began to make his way to the bathroom oing a bit fast so that none of the other waitresses would notice Hannah going back there with him.

Hannah smiled as they got to the bathroom doors "will you be alright or do you need my help? I can come back right after I take this next order won't be a second" she said looking at him.

Jake smirked and shook his head resting his fake injured foot down "no need your coming with me" he said covering Hannahs mouth and jerking her into the bathroom the doors closing behind them.

"mmmmm! mph mmmm!" Hannah gasped struggling aginst the man dropping her pen and notepad once they were inside the bathroom.

Jake pulled Hannah into the stall and sat down on the toilet keeping hold of her. He quickly moved his arm around her neck and applied pressure in a choke hold.

Hannah gasped grabbing at her throat kicking around trying to free herself from his grasp but could feel herself weaking.

Jake held Hannah tight watching as her face began to turn red and her struggle slowed.

Hannahs eyes fluttered as she coughed a bit of saliva dripping down her chin as her vision began to leave her.

Jake watched Hannahs lovely eyes flutter his erection growing pressing against her orange shorts as he held her in place and then finally her eyes rolled back and she want limp. He held the choke a few seconds longer and then raised Hannah limp arm watching it fall.

He smiled raising up and sitting her limp body up on the toilet.  He smiled looking at the sexy blonde hooters girl that was now in dream land and reached over groping her large breasts in her tight shirt "yeahhhh there we go...." he said looking up to see the slight drool on her chin from the struggle.

Jake leaned over licking the drool from her chin and lips savoring the taste. He then ripped her shirt open her breasts spilling out not wearing a bra. He felt them rubbing his thumb along her nipples before bending down and raising her tan toned legs up. He slid her white sneakers off rubbing her thick white socks. Slowly he rolled the white socks down and off of Hannah feet. 

He grinned licking the unconsious blondes bare sweaty feet rubbing her wrinkled soles. Next he pulled her tight orange shorts down her legs allowing her legs to drop limp after they were off. He sniffed the orange shorts and laid them down he would take them for a prize later. He looked over the blonde waitress sitting on the toilet now in just her black and pink thong.

He reached down under her thong feeeling her lightly and moving one finger inside of her. He took a moment and was about to insert another when he began to hear foot steps outside the door.


Thinking quickly Jake grabbed Hannahs feet raising them up on the toilet so that she wouldn't be seen from under the stall. He then stood back watching as to white sneakers with fluffy socks walked by.

"Hannah ya in here we got some orders to fill?" Megan called out looking around but shrugged once she got no answer "guess not..." she said turning to the sink to wash her hands.

Jake peaked out from the stall to see the sexy red haired waitress at the sink looking her up and down. Her breasts were modest compared to Hannahs but her ass was on a whole other level looking like it could burst out of her tight orange shorts at any moment. 

He smiled and twitched his fingers a bit. This one had come right to him making things even easier. Jake moved as quietly as possible squeezing through the crack in the stall door and moved up closer and closer behind the red haired goddess.

Megan oblivious to what was coming stood at the sink washing her hands about to go back out and take some orders "mpppph!" she gasped her eyes widened as a hand clamped over her mouth. Megan looked up in the mirror to see the man behind her struggling with him 'mmmmm mmmm!'

Jake gritted his teeth holding the red haired girl in place this one was stronger than the last and putting up a decent fight. He moved his arm up toward her throat but found she was fast sliding out from under his arm.

Megan slipped free and darted toward the door "help! hel...." she tried to call out sliding on the wet bathroom floor a bit losing he balance and falling to the ground.

Jake grabbed Megan by her socked ankle pulling her back towards him and raised her up. He covered her mouth as she tried to scream again mufflinf it and looked around trying to think fast. Jake took Megan by her red locks and banged her head off of the sink. He took a deep breath letting go and watching as her sexy body crashed down to to ground on her stomach her ass jiggling in her skin tight orange shorts on impact.

That was a close one...he thought to himself grabbing Megan by her ankles and dragging her over toward the next stall. He picked her up over his shoulder getting a good feel of her perfect ass and sat her up on the toilet just like he had her blonde co worker Hannah. He moved some her away from Megans face and smirked "lovely" he said sliding her shirt over her head revealing her white bra before taking it off as well. 

Next her removed her sneakers getting a whiff of her stinky white socks drenched in sweat. She must have been working harder than sweet Hannah. He rolled the fluffy white socks down her feet and let her bare feet drop.

Jake reached over sliding Megans shorts down struggling a bit to get them down over her ass and licked his lips at the white thong under neath. He leaned Megan forrward smacking her ass and getting a good feel for it before sliding her thong off. He stepped back admiring his work at another sexy waitress sent to dream land.

The night was far from over for him though.




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Arnold had been watching the woman from across the street for quite some time and it was beggining to become just to much for him. Cindy was his next door neihbour. A brown haired mother of three that was just to tempting. Arnold couldn't count how many times he had fantasized about putting her to sleep when she walked out in her robe of the mornings to get the paper or any other time he had seen her about really.

Cindy was the standard great mother. She got up early to take her kids to school. She could always be seen going with them to sporting event....oh that was definatly one day he had to restrain himself when she came out with her kids in knee high socks and sneakers in daisy dukes getting ready to go cheer on her kids at their game.

That and the time in their yard when she was play fighting with one of her kids in some tight yoga pants barefoot and pretended to get knocked out on the grass. Arnold shook his head as he thought about it trying to get it out of his head to focus.

Arnold had tried his hardest to resist but it was just to tempting and today was going to be the day that he finally got to see Cindy go to sleep. Arnold waited inside of his house carefully watching outside the window as Cindy walked outside with her kids that morning to take them to school noting that her outfit seemed to be some pants and heels though he couldn't see well behind the cutrains. He waited until her car pulled back into the yard and then watched her walk back inside the house.

Arnold prepared himself and then walked over to the house next door after a few minutes knocking lightly.

"one second please!" he heard Cindy call out from inside it seemed that she was doing something. He waited and then blinked looking the woman up and down from her perfect face to her high waisted pants all the way down to her heels "sorry to bother you Cindy I was just wondering if I could borrow some milk"

Cindy stood at the door leaning against the frame with a smile on her face 'oh it's no problem I was just cleaning ya know the kids" she laughed. Cindy nodded looking at him "yeah sure come on inside and i'll grab it for you" she said stepping back from the door to let him in.

Arnold hadn't expected her to actually invite him inside this would make things even easier.

Cindy smiled as he stepped inside "just one second" she said turning and walking toward the kitchen.

Arnold watched her slender hips turn and her ass move in her pants as she walked her heels flapping as she did allowing him to see the heels of her feet. He waited until she was in the kitchen and turned aroudn slowly and quietly closing the door behind him. 

Arnold moved toward the kitchen watching carefully. He watched Cindy open the refridgerator bending over slightly.

He licked his lips feeling like he was about to explode. He was finally about to get what he had been wanting for so long. He slowly moved up behind Cindy.

Cindy blinked lightly hearing someone behind her and turned bumping into Arnold the milk in her hand splashing on the floor "oh!" she looked down at the spilled milk and then held her chest laughing " I didn't know you were going to come into the kitchen" she laughed looking at him.

Arnold almost let out a sigh of relief as she didn't think anything of him coming into the kitchen. Things had almost went badly there "sorry about that" he said.

Cindy shook her head "no big deal" she said with a smile walking over and grabbing some paper towels and kneeling down soaking the milk up with them "hey if you still want the milk you ca....mmmmmmpphhhhh!"

Arnold watched Cindy kneel down her heels dangling on her feet and clamped the wet chloroform soaked rag over her mouth.

Cindys eyes widened grabbing at his hands "mmmmm! mppphhhhh ummmmm!" 

Arnold watched Cindy struggle holding the rag tight to her mouth.

Cindy kicked out one of her heels flying off across the room as her eyes fluttered her vision starting to get hazy "mmmmmm........."

Arnold watched as Cindys struggles slowed "yes...that's right go to sleep Cindy" he said.

Cindys movements slowed more and more her eyes rolling back and then after a moment longer her arms fell limp to her side along with her one bare and one heeled foot.

Arnold held the rag over Cindys mouth a bit extra and then slowly moved it. He looked down at her unconsious face lips slightly parted a bit of drool having escaped her mouth.  He slowly stepped back letting her head touch the floor and looked down at her limp body spready out across her kitchen floor.

He licked his lips at the sight pulling out his phone and sapping a few pictures from different angles. He then reached down grabbing her already bare foot and rubbing her wrinkled solves before letting it drop and reaching over sliding her other heel off and rubbing that sole. He took a close up shot of it and then licked it. 

Arnold walked over raising Cindy up her her arms sliding her shirt up and over her head. He let her set up in a sitting postition like that and snapped a few more shorts her belt digging into her stomach. He reached over taking off her belt and then flipped her over her ass showing nicelyin her pants. he snapped a few more shots and then slid her pants down. He looked down at her in her blue bra and thong.


Arnolds eyes snapped open as he noticed Cindy beggining to wake up.

"wha...what happened" she groand grabbing her head as she began to look up.

Arnold looked around reacing over and grabbin the remote from a table and quickly hit her over the back of the head with it.

"uhhhhh!' Cindys eyes rolled back and she fell straight back again out cold.

Arnold snapped a few more shots and then flipped Cindy over smacking her ass and feeling it up before snapping a few final pictures. Arnold grabbed Cindy by the ankles dragging her across the kitchen and into the living room. He raised her up sitting her in a chair in the living room "cindy...cindy wake up" he said smacking her face lightly.

"mmmm..." Cindy groaned her head throbbing slowly blinking her eyes open.

Arnold walked aroudn behind Cindy in the chair and wrapped his hand around her head

"what's happening..." *Crack!* with one swift motion Cindys head snapped to the side eyes widened and then her eyes glazed over head slumping to the side.

Arnold let out a sigh of relief stepping back and taking one final picture. He then walked toward the door leaving Cindy in her blue bra and thong motionless in the chair for her kids to return home to.


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Michael walked down the street with one goal in mind.He knew that he had to be very careful about things for this to work but he was detrmined.He glanced up and looked ahead as a local bar came into view.A smile crossing his face as he looked at it. 


This wasn't just any bar it was the bar that a new girl had just started working at as a bartender.He smiled thinking about it having already vistied the bar a couple of times.


The moment that he had seen her he knew that he had to see her unconsious.The sexy blonde named Misty was around 5"5 with the perfect body and was just something else.


He had returned to the bar a couple of times already to figure out Mistys work schedule and when the bar was usually crowded of course the night being when it most was.Today was a Sunday and around 5 pm the middle of the day.Not a single car was parked outside the bar and only one person had walked inside all day and they had left a few minutes ago.


Michael knew that he had to do this just right and with that he quickly walked over and then into the bar.He glanced around until she came into site a grin crossing his face.He looked Misty up and down behind the counter cleaning a glass in a tight pair of jeans.


He smirked walking over to the counter "a shot of Whiskey please" he said taking a seat.


Misty glanced up hearing the mans voice and smiled sitting the glass she was cleaning down "starting early are we?" she asked with a laugh turning around to get the bottle and glass.


Michael watched her as she turned around to get the drink her ass formed tightly in her jeans.He licked his lips a bit feeling himself getting a bit excited looking at her but stayed calm "something like that" he said with a smile taking the glass as she slid it across the table to him.He looked at her "ya usually get much buisness during the day?" he asked taking the shot.


Misty laughed shaking her head as she moved around cleaning different things behind the bar "no honestly I would be surprised if we got another person in here within the next hour or two" she said truthfully.


Michael held back a bit of a smirk listening to her and nodded "I see" he said looking at her "another shot please" he said then waited a moment standing up "i'll be right back going to use the bathroom" he said standing up from his seat.


Misty looked back toward him with a smile making the drink "sure" she said.


Michael walked back into the restroom making sure that she slapjack in his pokcket was still there and it was.He then waited a couple minutes before walking out of the restroom toward the counter "hey!" he called out as he walked.


Misty turned around toward him as he walked back toward the counter "yeah?" she asked


"This is kind of embarassing" he laughed "but I kind of lost my contact somewhere in the restroom just now would you mind please helping me look for it?" he asked looking at her.


Misty looked at him and blinked a bit then laughed with a nod "yeah sure no buisness right now anyway" she said opening the counter and stepping outside of it walking with him toward the restroom.


Michael watched as she stepped out from behind the bar and then let her walk a bit in front of him he ass swaying in her jeans black heels clicking on the floor.He then stepped inside the restroom behind her letting the door close behind them "thanks I really appreciate this" he said pretending to start lookin for the contact.


Misty laughed bending over looking around the floor "no problem like I said no buisness anyway" she said scanning the floor.


Michael stopped turning and watching her as she looked for the contact bent over jeans riding up a bit squeezing against her ass tightly.He was full blown hard now.He slowly pulled out the black jack and began moving quietly toward her.


Misty continued looking around the floor "ya sure ya lost it in here?" she asked stopping for a moment as she didn't get an answer and laughed a bit "did ya hear m......" she was cut off as the blackjack smacked her in the back of the head.


"ughhhhh...!" Misty stumbled forward on to her hands and knees eyes fluttering "ohhhhh..." she groaned falling forward as her eyes rolled back heavily.


Michael smiled watching as she fell forward and looked at her in a bit of an akward postition face down ass up out cold one of her heels dangling a bit off her foot.He walked over toward her reaching down and feeling up her ass in her jeans "yes..." he muttered standing up.


Reaching down Mihceal straightened her legs out and sat down lightly on her mounting her right onf her ass his rubbing against it.He ran his hands down her sides and tighs before standing up again and grabbing her by the ankles and dragging her inside one of the stalls.He sat her up on the toilet seat wiping some hair from her face "perfect" he said looking at her.


He slipped off her heels rubbing the solves of her feet before letting them dropand moving up sliding her shirt off over her head.He licked his lips as he un did her bra her breasts falling out in front of him.He brought his hands up groping them tightly closing his eyes.After a moment he stopped and un buttoned her jeans sliding them off over her toned legs.He then slowly slid off her white thong.Running his hands down her side he stopped at her vagine running his finger along it lightly.


He lingered a moment longer and then stepped back taking out his phone and snapping a few pictures.He then picked her up bridal style and carried her back into the ront of the bar smiling as there wasn't anybody there yet.He laid her down on the bar face down on her stomach and then smiled giving her one last slap on the ass and grabbing the shot still sitting there that she had prepared downing it "nothing like a mid day drink' he said with a grin walking out of the bar leaving her there for the next customer to find.










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Kenny figeted with his hands nervously.Was he really going to actually go through with this? Jared had been Kennys best friend since they were little kids.They played togeather went to school togeather and ..... stayed at each others house.He shook his head.He was suppossed to be dropping off a game he borrowed from Jared at his house while he was at basketball practice and that was the problem.He stopped as he got to the house and reached up with a sigh knocking on the door.


"One second please!"


He heard the familar voice call out getting chills.He then looked up as she answered the door.


"Oh, hey there sweetey if your looking for Jared he's still at practice but you can wait here if you'd like" Mrs Williams said with a warm smile.


He kept his eyes locked on her swallowing a bit trying to stay calm.There she was standing there.He looked from her bright blue eyes to her red lips all the way down to her shiny red heels on her feet.Jareds mother Mrs Williams had always been around.Always at every sporting event they had anything involving school and where he had always been tempted the most when he stayed over at Jareds.He had been tempted by her ever since they were little kids.He had to do it! today was the day this was just to much.He snapped back into it looking at her not mentioning the game "Yeah thanks Mrs Williams that would be great" he said.


She smiled stepping back opening the door wider letting him in.


He walked inside turning his head watching her as she turned her back to him closing the door.He watched her ass move a little in her pants as she closed it turning his head back around swallowing hard.


She turned back around waving toward the couch as she walked back toward the kitchen looking at him "make yourself at home you know your like a second son to me" she said with a smile.


He nodded slowly sitting down watching her walk back into the kitchen hearing the clatter of metal from pots and pans and the sound of her heels clicking on the kitchen floor.


She smiled bending over in the kitchen looking into the oven "i'm baking cookies Peanut butter your favorite" she said sniffing them "I'm taking them to the church in a little bit so go easy on them when there done" she laughed.


He sat there half listening to her trying to come up with a gameplan "yes maam" he called out looking around then turned his head around as she walked back into the room.


She reached over grabbing her car keys off the table and looked over at him smiling "I won't be gone lonng just gotta drop some of these cookies off once there done.If Jared happens to get home before me tell him dinner will be done in a little bit" she said turning back to walk into the kitchen to get the cookies.


"Mrs Williams!" he said trying to think on the fly "what are the cookies for is the church having some kind of service?" he asked.


She stopped turning on her heels to look at him and and smiled answering "There going to be giving free meals to the needy and I figured i would help out some" she said.


He nodded "oh!, hey Mrs Williams I almost forgot I brought this game here.Jared and I are going to trade for the weekend"He said pretending to reach into his bag and look through it "uh could you go over to Jared games and grab it for me it's called ....... Galactic warrior battle three" he said.


She listened to him tilting her head to the side a bit and then smiled "sure honey" she said turning around and walking over toward the tv "I don't remember that one" she laughed kneeling down toward the cabniet under the tv with Jareds games in it.


He continued pretending to go through his bag watching her out of the corner of his eyes as she walked over and kneeled down.He watched her as she went through the games her red heel dangling off her foot a bit as she kneeled.


She continued looking through the games but tilted her head to the side a bit not being able to find it "i'm having trouble finding it" she said reaching in further and looking.


He looked around the room quickly scanning it "uh yeah it's an older game it may be toward the bottom" he said his eyes stopping on a large glass lamp.He glanced at her and then slowly moved his hand toward the lamp but quickly jerked it back relaxing casually.


She turned her head around frowning a bit looking back at him her pony tail moving a bit "are you sure it's in here hun?" she asked.


He nodded with a fake smile "yes maam i'm pretty sure" he said waiting until she began looking again and then reached over grabbing the lamp and slowly stood up his eyes locked on her back.


She looked and flipped over a game inside picking it up looking down at it "is this maybe it honey it's called space something and has a bunch of ships on it" she asked looking don at it.


"Never mind Mrs Williams I forgot it doesn't exist" he said standing directly over top of her behind her.


"Huh?" she scrunched her eyes about to turn around but then with a loud shattering sound the lamp smashed over her head.She fell over with a thump on her side fingers twitching a bit then going still out cold.


He looked down at her on the ground swallowing.He stared at her her long lashes closed lips parted a bit.He swallowed hard slowly reaching hit foot over tapping her lightly and nothing ..... she was out.He looked down at her it had finally been done.He stepped over some of the broken shards of glass and looked down at her kneeling down running his thumb slowly down her bottom lip.He smiled standing back up and reached down grabbing her by her wrists and dragged her limp body to the center of the room.He let her arms drop moving down toward her feet taking one and lifting it up the light sparkling off the red heel.He slowly removed the heels squeezing the wrinkled sole of her foot then did the same to the other.He reached over slowly rising the bottom of her shirt up her bare stomach showing running his hand along it.Standing up he walked over raising her up into a sitting postition.He sat down behind her raising her limp arms up like a doll moving them around smiling.He slid her hairbow off allowing her blonde hair to fall down her back.He smiled caressing her face slowly turning it around toward him and moving in and locked lips with her kissing her.He took it in licking her bottom lip a bit tasting it and then let go allowing her to drop back down to the floor limp.He then looked over as there was a knock at the door 


"mom? i'm home"


He smiled looking down at her knowing time was up.He stood up walking toward the kitchen to go out the back door and reached over grabbing a cookie biting it.He swallowed it and smiled "your right Mrs Williams..... my favorite" he said.



 The End Comments appreciated :) more to come just a starter.Take requests as well.


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It had all come down to this.  A set of abandoned warehouses on the outskirts of Las Angeles.  A black haired, brown eyed girl creeps along the building, taser drawn and ready.  She makes sure she isn't seen through any of the large industrial windows, though from time to time she peeks in to see if she can catch a glimpse of what she's looking for.  

She comes to a door, probably used for smoke breaks as it opened up to an old rotting picnic pavillion in the center of the large buildings.  The woman opens it slowly, keeping out of site and waiting a moment before peering around the corner.  The whole thing was honestly forgien to her, she was a private investigator for a firm in LA, but most perps she had apprehended were slow moving slobs and druggies, or gave up on the spot.  This was the first real time she had ever really been in danger, but this was one that she had to do on her own.  Whether they were bought out or too stupid to do anything about it, the cops had simply refused her request to investigate the old industrial ruins, reciting a few laws and addendums about proof, and a few cliche's  about what the judge will do if they throw a hunch at him and ask for a search warrent.  For the time being, she was on her own.

The hallway was empty that she could see.  No trip wires, no bad guys in wait.  Her body loosened, and she walked in.  It wasn't too steps until she her a zipping sound and felt a sharp pain in her butt.  She turned around with a gasp, noticing suddenly an out of place working camera above her.  under it was a tube-like hole, and in her ass was a dart.  The black haired girl looked around frantically, and started to limp towards the doorway, but her legs were already tingling, and her body felt like it was swelling.  She noticed that her breathing seemed to be getting louder, and echoey, her eyes began to relax, and the spark of life within her faded.  The girl fell.

Now she lies on the ground, helpless.  The world was an echo chamber, and making less and less sense as her brain began to shut down.  A person came around the corner and stared at her.  She looked at him, her mouth hanging open, her eyes barely open.  "Who...who are you?"  Her words are heavily slurred.

The man just laughs, though by this point the girl can't hear his muffled voice.  She gives a last frustrated moan and goes completely limp, her eyes going completely dead, and finally closing.  The man comes over, giving her a look.  The Black haired woman is attractive, certainly by his standards, and most undoubtedly by the standards of any of his buyers.  He moves her, testing her weight and happy that she's light.  Suddenly she's up in his arms, her head limply rolling with the gait of his movements.  

He carries her to a room in the middle of the building, away from all windows.  It has two cages that seemed to have been welded in place after the factory was shut down.  In one of them is a sholder length redheaded girl, who immediately stands up in horror when she sees the man enter.  "What the fuck did you do to her!  Is she..."

"It's the same thing I did to you.  Your friend is a sleepy girl ight now, but she will wake up soon enough."  The man wears an Israeli style gas mask over his face, concealing his identity.  The mask makes his voice sound distorted and deep.  "Prepare her Abby.  I want her to know what's going to happen."  The man locks the black haired girl in her new cell and leaves.  

Abby simply stares at her friend, a sinking feeling in her heart.  Now they were both trapped, and escape was impossible, just as the man had told her when she had been taken in an ally in what now seemed forever ago.  

The new girl begins to move, Abby runs over to the cage bars and rattles them, closely monitoring the her friends movements.  The girl with the black hair stretches out, her eyes opening and closing slowly, ""  

Abby turns as red as her hair, suddenly frustrated.  "Sophie why are you here?  Why would you come alone!  You had to know what would happen if you did!"  Her friend seems to try to respond but her mouth just hangs open and she moans again, stretching on the floor one more time.  Abby feels a cold chill run up her, tears well in her eyes.  "I'm sorry hun,"  she leans on the bars and slides down into a crouched sitting position.  "I'm sorry I got you into this."

"I had to try Abby...I had to find you.  I told the cops about the slave market in LA, but they didn't believe me, so I had to come find you myself.  Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm still going to find a way out of this..."  The sleepy girl still lies on the floor, her body still shakey from the drugs.  "What did he do to you AbbY?  Where did they find you?  Are you okay?"

Abby nods her head, though the other girl doesn't see it.  "Yeah I'm fine.  Remember the Gullespie case I was free lansing for?  The mafia don's son got in some deep shit one moment, and the next all the evidence in lockup goes missing?  I was tracking that down, and got a call from a guy who had information for me.  He said he'd meet me.  Next thing I know, I'm getting shot by a dart gun, and wake up here."  Abby looks over at Sophie, who is just now trying to sit up.  "He feeds me well enough, lets me go to the bathroom when I need to, but there's something else Abby...this guy tries to train his women into submission, and he has all the tools to do it too.  I've been shot with darts, chloroformed, injected...I mean jesus this guy even has his own anesthesia theater in the next room!  Then when you're too weak to fight, he takes advantage of you, and tries to break your will..."

Sophie has herself propped up against the bars, althoug her body still slumps and her eyes are still dialated.  Unfocusedly they glance over at Abby, her mouth hangs open sleepily and with suprise.  "Oh my god, I'm sorry Abby, we'll get out of here."

Abby shakes her head and looks over at her friend, "Sophie, at this point I've had more chemicles in me than Arnold Schwartzenegger.  When I am awake my head is usually pounding, and the only way to make it subside is for that next round of knock outs to come.  Honestly I can barely wait at this point."

They sit in silence for a few minutes, when the masked man walks back in.  Sophie's unfocused eyes go wide, and a sudden burst of energy burns through the haze, but she isn't able to mask her fear.  The man in the gas mask looks at her silently, as she back peddles against the concrete floor to the bars behind her, subconciously wanting to get as far away from the man as possible.  

The man has delighted in keeping his intentions a secret, watching the mind of his new victim race.   Then he turns his attention to the other one, his red head, and holds up a cloth.  

Abby looks at him and stands up, her back to the bars.  Unlike Sophie however, she doesn't flinch at hs every movement.  "So, are we doing this like normal Gas Mask guy?"  She keeps her head held high, her look defiant, as she stares him down.

He nods, his movements deliberate to look just as imposing.  "Breath deeply Abby.  As for you new girl, I want you to watch carefully, as you are my newest puppet."  In his other hand he holds a brown bottle.  He puts the cloth up to it, and turns it over.  A slightly sweet chemical oder reaches Sophie's nose.

"No!  Don't you touch her!!"  Sophie replies.  She's still have numb from the dart, but she begins to fight her way to her feet.

The gas masked man walks over to Abby's cage and opens the door to it.  "Stay Standing, I'll catch you."  Suddenly the chloth is pressed against her nose and mouth.  Abby yelps, but then stares her captor directly in his eyes and furrows her brow.  It was a scenario she was used too, and she knew he was too strong to fight off, but she wouldn't go down without him knowing he hadn't won.  

He could hear her breathing from the cloth, her eyes were watering from the chemicals, and it looks as though her defiant stare was becoming a stoned dull one.  

"Mmmph!"  Abby wanted to hold out as long as possible, if only to show him that she was fighting.  "Mmmph...mmmph..."  It was no good, her head was becoming heavier than her body, her legs were nowhere to be found.

Her head went first.  All of her red hair fell forward, covering her face as her eyes slid closed.  Then her legs buckled, and the man caught her, lowering her down to the floor.  

He decided to talk from inside Abby's cage.  He had always had a flair for the dramatics, a good nightmare scenario always involved a masked man partially obscured by obstacles, and what was better than trapping steel?  He turned to Sophie, "Your cage has a computer system that changes pin numbers every single time I open and close the door.  I recieve the new ones at an undisclosed location, but you will never know them.  In the event you do escape, be warned that this entire building has been relined with traps.  While you slept, I went from doorway to doorway, securing this place with leathal killing machines.  No more nap times for you if you fail to comply with my wishes.  Do you understand?"

"Go to hell!"

He's on the move, resoaking his cloth as he goes.  "I understand your hesitation to comply with my wishes.  After all, you were supposed to have stopped me by now.  Your mind will change soon though."

The man types in the code for Sophie's door and opens it, closing it behind him.  Sophie stands there, ready to sprint, but still holding heavily onto the cage for support.  Her captor stands in front of her, waiting for her to make a first move.  

Sophie watches the man, cloth in hand and ready.  Her jaw quivers, and she knows she not up for fighting him, but she has to try something.  With that she lunges foward, trying to find a weakness in the man.  

The girl hits him suprisingly solidly in the stomach, though still without the power needed to double him.  He grabs her and sends her back against the cage.  

"NO!"  She yells, the cloths goes over her face, and suddenly she's twisting and turning, trying to break free.  One of her hands tries to pry the hand away from her face, and the other claws at him.  It's clear to the man that she's holding her breath, so he decides to help her.  

With a firm grasp on her stomach, he pushes inward, feeling her hot breath exhale forcefully through the cloth, and the coolness of her inhale as she gets her first lungfull of chloroform.  She coughs, and tries to claw him, but the chloroform has already made her feel even weaker than she was already.

"You're going to sleep now girl.  You're already having trouble fighting it.  Just give in."

The black haired girl gives a growl, but even that is followed by a quick panicked moan.  He presseds on her stomache again, another breath.  She squeals, but this time the world doesn't stop spinning around her.  Her eyes go crossed, "Mmmph....mmph...mmph..."  Her moans are weaker now.  She takes another breath of her own free will.  "Mmmph...mmmph..."  Her eyes flutter.  "Mph..."  Sophie closes her eyes, sleepiness overpowering her wll.  

"I have special plans for you girl."  The man says to her limp body...

End of Episode 1

BASED on an RP done between myself and Sophie.  Thank you for some wonderful ideas, the legacy will continue.


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My name is Jackie and I am a special CIA agent. A month ago, I was called to headquarters where I was given a mission. I had to steal the complete list of Czech spies in USA. I was told that in Prague's downtown there is a top secret office located in an apartment where all that information is processed. The mission was to copy the registry files from the office chief's computer, the only computer where the whole information was stored.I was told too that the office chief's name was Juddy, the best agent of the Czech security agency. Juddy used to work alone by night, protected by one security guard, always females that took turns. It was important to act with Juddy in office, as the computer's password was not known and was unbreakable.Also, I should do everything alone, as we knew that we were infiltrated by the Czechs, so secret was key to have a successful mission. I was given the usual equipment: sleep gas, chloro, blackjack, dart gun, some drug needles, and a new drug called FS-1 which once injected its effect is to make the drugged person to forget the short term memory. I was given too the list of turns of the security guards. There it was identified a new one, who had her first turn in two days. I had her address too. Her name was Anna.So I rushed to Prague and booked a room at a hotel. On the afternoon before Anna's first turn I went to her apartment. I saw her exiting so I managed to enter in the place. There when I saw her by the window returning I got hidden in her room's closet. I left the door ajar so I saw her getting undressed and going to the bathroom. As she was taking a shower I exited the closet and stood by the bathroom's door.When she entered back the room, still wet and covered only by a white towel, she did'nt notice me. She put the towel on the bed, and there she was: beautiful, with her long blond hair and nice butt...I raised my hand with the blackjack, but at that time she turned around and saw me. She was quick: she promptly kicked my hand and the blackjack flew away. Then she punched my belly. It was strong and I got a bit dizzy, but I managed to take my dart gun and shot her two darts on her belly.Ouch! Ouch! I heard, then she took the darts away and tried to run to the living room to take her phone, but it was not possible. The drug had already arrived to his brain, so she fell on the floor, where she, still with her eyes open, moaned a couple of times and went right to Dreamland.As I saw her limp body lying on the floor, I thought how well prepared are the Czech agents, and I thought that I would have to be very careful.I carried Anna to the bed and put her on it, face up. Then I tied her hands and feet to the bed, leaving her like an X. Then, looking at her, I thought how beautiful she was. Her face was wonderful, and all her skin was perfectly white. She had big tits with pronounced nipples, and a pretty hairy pussy, which was a little wet.It was that last vision, along with her open mouth which turned me on. Fortunately, I remembered my duty. I looked at my watch, and I had just the time to arrive to "my" guard turn.So I injected Anna enough drug to keep her sleeping for the appropriate time and then I put on her uniform, not forgetting the badge nor her security card. I put my stuff in her purse and then I couldn't resist to give her a passionate French kiss before going to office."Bye baby, I have great plans for later", I said before closing her apartment's  door.Anna's car's GPS made easy to arrive on time. I parked the car, took the elevator and ringed the bell at Juddy's secret office. "Hi, I'm Anna, the new guard", I said. "Hi, I'm Jane" she said."Could you please introduce me to Agent Juddy and then show me the place, as today's my first day?". "Of course, Anna"So Jane showed me the place and headed to Juddy's office. There she was, working with her computer. She stood up to say hello. She gave me her hand then a kiss on my right cheek. I felt a very sexy smell. "Hello, Anna, good to have you in my team".Juddy was dressed in black leather. She was using a short jacket (later I would realize that there was nothing under that jacket), and an also short skirt. It seems that black was her favorite color, as her stockings and long boots were black too...Then she walked to the small living in her office where she sat down on a sofa, and asked me to sit down in front of her. Then when she crossed her legs I saw that her beautiful black fishnet stockings were tigh high. "Oh my God!", I thought.Then she dismissed Jane and began a conversation about me. I had studied Anna's profile so it was no problem. As she spoke, I was getting hotter and hotter ant trying to not lose focus on my mission, which was becoming increasingly difficult.Finally, Juddy asked me a black coffee and went to her office. That was my golden opportunity, I thought. I headed to the kitchen and prepared a good black coffee mug (a black mug!). I then put a couple of strong sleeping drug drops in it and went to Juddy's office to give it to her."Here is your black coffee, Agent Juddy", I said. "Thanks, could you please put it on the desk" she said. I did it. "I will be in the living room" I said and went reading, waiting for the drug's effect.I thought that, as she liked black so much she would not mind to go black..

When I was reading I heard a weak voice: "A...a....a...a...ann....anna..." and I heard the sound of Agent Juddy's heels on the floor. So I stood up and went to the office. There she was at the office's door. Then I realized that I had made a mistake... the two drop drug dose was good for a sleep drink but not for a cup of black coffee, so she was still awake, yet dizzy."P...p...please me...", she said with a voice that was getting weaker by the second. I went in front of her and with my two thumbs I delicately pinched both sides of her sexy neck in order to promptly finish the job. When she realized that, she opened her beautiful eyes as she got quite surprised, but she was then so weak that she couldn't resist.."Nighty night, baby". I said as I pressed. "A...a...aarrgghhhh....." was heard as she fell in front of me. And ther she was, now unconscious and sitting on the floor with her back on the wall. As she fell, her skirt had moved, so the skin between her stockings and her (black too!) panties was visible. Also the jacket had mooved, leaving her pretty belly and navel exposed. A good navel has always turned me on, should I say... Her hair was in disorder and her head was banged to the right side. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open.Needless to say, that vision got me very very hot. In fact, I went wet almost inmediately. Luckily, I remembered the official purpose of my visit so I rushed to the computer, in ordert o act before the activation of the screen protection, which would have turned very difficult the task. I inserted a pendrive and made a backup of the files in the hard disk.I was really hot. Remember that I had the real Anna lying on her bed unconscious waiting for me to profit, and now I had Agent Juddy there... I looked at my watch and realized that I had enough time to enjoy from Agent Juddy before the arrival of the next turn guard.So I went back to the living room and moved the coffee table in order to leave the rug clean and took off my (In fact Anna's) uniform and shoes. Now I was in my pretty white lingerie. I headed to bring Agent Juddy. She was still gone. I took her legs and dragged until I put her limp body on the rug, face up. I then opened her arms and legs leaving her like an X.I opened the zipper of her jacket. Then I relized that she was not using bra. Her tits were very beautiful. I liked the fact that I could cover them with my hands, which I did. For some reason, maybe because the heater was off, her nipples were quite hard. I liked their color. Idelicately licked and sucked both nipples for a while.Then I took off her panties and opened her legs again. How beautiful pussy she had! The pubic hair was wonderful. You know, I like women with a good pubic hair, I hate when it is removed. The pussy itself was very interesting. The labia had an appropriate size, and it was a little wet.It was when I was admiring her pussy when I heard her voice. "W...w...wh...what....", so I quickly took my rag and my bottle of chloroform... I pressed the wet rag on her nose and mouth and pressed... Her eyes went very open again first, then went white as I decreasingly heard "mmmmpppphhhh", "mmmppphhh", "mmpphh"..."mm...".Now she was limp and mine... I stood up in front of her and looked at tha pretty woman. As I said she was like an X on the rug. Her leather jacket was open, leaving uncovered her belly, navel, tits and nipples. She still had her heels and stockings put on and her leather skirt had been moved, so her wonderful pussy and pubic hair were exposed too...I firstly took her some pictures, which I could later use for masturbation and blackmailing purposes.Next I looked at her and I said "Agent Juddy, I know what I want from you, but I don't know where to begin...".

As I looked at the limp Agent Juddy, I touched my pussy. It was so wet...I then took off my lingerie. Now I was naked and hot... I went to the kitchen and took an ice cube from the fridge. I came back to the living room.Then i caressed Agent Juddy with the ice cube. First her lips, then her nipples, then i went back on her stomach, with special attention to her beauti fulnavel. Finally, I inserted the remaining of the ice cube in her pussy, in order to finish the melting...I was getting hotter by the second. I lied on Agent Juddy and gave her a long and passionate French kiss as I subbed her pussy with mine. Then I softly kissed her forehead, then her closed eyes, then her lips. After the kisses I licked her neck and then went down...Her nipples were very very hard, thanks to the ice cube. They were wet too, for the same reason. I lost control, and I began to furiously lick and suck her nipples as I groaned and moaned. Then I went to the pussy. I kissed it and covered my head with her leather skirt, then I began to delicate suck it as I kneaded her tits with my hands. I kept moaning and groaning as I did that.As I caressed ant touched her tits and nipples, I licked Agent Juddy's labia with complete dedication and enjoying it a lot. Then my tongue went to her clitoris. As I gently licked and sucked it, I inserted a finger in her pussy and began to stimulate her G-spot. The double effect provoked Agent Juddy, still limp, to move, groan and moan.That was definitely too much for me. As I kept doing that, I began to heavily masturbate with my other hand. The orgasm came very soon. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" I screamed repeatedly without control. Then I closed my eyes and rested a while.I was resting when I heard Agent Juddy's voice. First some groaning and moaning, then "where do I am? what is happening? who are y........?". She couldn't finish, as I had reacted and I nerve pinched her...Then I turned her. Now she was face down again as an X. First I quickly moved her jacked and exposed her back and I caressed, licked and kissed it. But my real goal was her pretty butt...I moved her leather skirt in order to leave her ass completely exposed. I kissed, licked and sucked both buttocks, and then I put one hand on each of them. I kneaded them, pressed them and then separated them. Between those mounts there was a pretty valley. Keeping the buttocks separated, I licked the valley and took the pretty hairs between my lips. Then I first put my tongue on her anus, then licked it and licked it, and licked it... until, I again lost control and inserted a finger on it, in one hard move. That mad Agent Juddy to wake up. Happily, I realized it promptly, so I inmediately chopped her neck. "Ugh!" She was again out cold. I then rubber her ass with my pussy until a new orgasm came. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!", again many times until I fell on her.Then I heard a sound. "beep" "beep" "beep"...It was my watch. I had put the alarm in order to be ready on time. "What a pity" I thought. "I wish I could had more time, but I hope to see you soon, Agent Juddy" I said.Now it was time to leave everything in order before changing "my" turn with the next guard...

I fistly put Agent Juddy's panty on again. Then I arranged her stockings and skirt. Finally I closed her leather jacket's zipper.Next I put my hands under her armpits and dragged her to her office. I managed to sit her on her chair. I arranged her clothes and then combed her hair. Happily, she didn't use make-up so it was not needed to work on that. Now she was ready. She looked very sexy. Her head was banged back, so her neck was fully exposed.I took her cheeks with my hands and have her a long, hot and passionate French kiss, then I licked her lips.Then I went back to the living room, put again the coffee table on the rug and got dressed with "my" uniform. After that, I went to Agent Juddy's office and I took the black coffee mug. I went to the kitchen, rinsed it and put a bit of cold coffee from the coffee maker. I left the mug on Agent Juddy's desk.Now I was ready. So I took my FS-1 can and sprayed that odorless drug on her nose. Just a little bit, which left no residuals, would be needed to erase Agent Juddy's short term memory. She would not forget anything that happened that night!Just in time! I heard the bell ringing and I went to open the door. There was the other guard. "Hi Anna" she said upon looking at my badge. I looked at hers and said  "hi Kim". "Everything's OK" she asked. "Yes" I said "everything's OK, it seems that Agent Juddy was very tired, as she is sleeping now".We both went to the office and saw Agent Juddy waking up. Not remembering anything, as expected, she said "It seems that I was too tired, could you bring me some fresh and hot black coffee?". Then she dismissed me and Kim was in charge. I exited the building's parking lot thinking that I was very lucky, as FS-1 was still an experimental drug and its effect was not guaranteed.I headed to Anna's apartment.When I arrived to her place she was still tied to her bed and was waking up and opening her eyes. She looked at me with fear and asked "what is happe....   ugh!". She couldn't finish, as I chopped both sides of her neck. I then untied her. I sprayed her a good dose of FS-1. Then I opened the night table's drawer and took her vib.I put it on her pussy and turned it on at maximum strenght. I left her uniform on the chair where i found it and put on my clothes. I exited the apartment as I heard her strong orgasm screaming.There was no risk to be discovered. She wouldn't remember anything yet she would realize that she didn't go to work. But not being called from headquarters, she would keep her mouth very closed instead of confessing that she didn't go to work because she fainted upon masturbating after her shower...Two days later I was al the CIA headquarters in Langley. "Mission accomplished" I said to my boss as I gave him the stolen information."Good job, Jackie" he said. "Your next mission is to go to Cuba. Look, Agent Juddy will go to exchange information with the Cubans. All will be made in a resort. Take that as a vacation ha ha ha. As you know Agent Juddy very well, I presume that you will enjoy the job. Here you have a Mexican passport. Tonight you have to fly to Havana via Mexico City".I went home to take my stuff, As I had time I took a bath. I lighted candles and looked at the limp Agent Juddy's pictures as I heavily masturbated. I had a couple of wonderful orgasms. Then I rested and thought "Juddy, gorgeous Juddy, I will see before I expected..."

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Melanie was going to a black tie work function that evening and wanted some advice about what to wear.  Marko was one of her dearest friends.  Truth be told, he was much more than a friend.  A tall, handsome ER doctor with piercing brown eyes and a slight accent that betrayed his Balkan roots, they had met at a wedding and the chemistry was undeniable.  They dated for a time and she could tell she was really falling for him, which is why she put the brakes on when she realized that his hectic schedule at the hospital was more than she could deal with.  Still, their connection was real, and though they were both sad to admit that dating wasn't working, they cared too much to remain friends.  Knowing how important this dinner was, and how nervous Melanie would be, Marko had offered to come over after his shift and help her pick a dress.
       After coughing all night long, Melanie was feeling lousy.  "I refuse to be sick today" she thought.  "I'm probably just tired from coughing all night and not sleeping.  A hot shower should help."  Marko had a key to the apartment and knew to use it if she didn't answer the door, so she knew she didn't need to call to let him know.  After 20 minutes in a super hot shower, she was feeling better but knew that he'd be there soon.  Reluctantly, she dried off and put on her plush robe, hair up in a clip so she could do it later.  Just for fun she'd bought a pair of kitten heeled maribou slippers and put them on...she knew Marko would get a kick out of them.  "Silly Americans" he would laugh.  As she tied the robe she smelled the wonderful scent of strong Serbian coffee, and knew that Marko was there. 
       Marko had just poured the two cups of coffee into the tiny cups he'd brought Melanie back from his last visit to Belgrade.  He turned to see her stepping into the living room and leaned down to kiss her on each cheek, noticing that she seemed a bit pale despite still being damp from the hot steam.  With his first kiss on her cheek he could tell she was running a fever.  "Mel, are you feeling ok?  You look a little pale and feel warm."
       "I'm probably just warm because I came from the shower.  I'm also a little tired because I was up all night so I'm sure that's all it is."
        Marko wasn't convinced.  "Come here a second" he said, pulling her closer to hug her and kiss the top of her forehead to feel for fever.  At the same time, he grabbed her tiny wrist in his hand to feel her pulse, pure reflex for a doctor.  "You sure you're ok?"  "Actually, I..."
        Marko was shocked as he felt her go limp in his arms, his hand still holding her wrist.  Instantly he scooped her up, her robe coming undone as he carried her to her couch.  "Melanie?  Mel, can you hear me?  Open your eyes sweetie."  Again taking her wrist, her pulse was steady, but he could tell she was warmer than could be explained by a shower.  Gently rearranging her robe over her, he reached into his bag and got out a thermometer.  Taking her face in his hands, he gently squeezed her cheeks in order to slip the thermometer in her mouth.  "My God, those lips" he muttered, remembering how her perfect bow mouth had always undone him.  While the thermometer was in her mouth, he took out his light and gently raised her eyelids one by one.  Her eyes told him  she was completely unconscious, though he was glad to see her pupils dialating normally.  He read the thermometer:  101.9.  Certainly a fever, though not an alarming one.  Marko rose and went to Melanie's bed to grab a pillow - he had always hated how there weren't any on her couch - and a blanket.  When he returned, she had obviously stirred, and the robe had come undone again, revealing her flat stomach and perfect breasts.  Sighing, Marko slid his arm under her shoulders and gently lifted her to place the pillow under her, causing the robe to slip even more.  Raising her legs onto the arm of the couch, her beautiful runners thighs were revealed.  "Jesus" he said, taking a moment to admire the body that he'd enjoyed so much so long ago, then shaking his head when he realized it.  Marko covered her with the blanket.  By now, Melanie had begun to stir.  Marko sat on the edge of the couch, taking one of her hands in his and stroking her cheek softly.  When he carried her, her dark hair had come out of the clip, and he reached to brush the strands from her face.  "Melanie.  Melanie.  Come on, sweetie, open those gorgeous brown eyes for me.  Mel?"  He breathed a sigh of relief as her eyes began to flutter open.
          "Marko?" she said slowly, her voice unsteady.  "What happened?" 
           "You passed out honey.  How are you feeling?"
           "Strange" Melanie said, her eyelids half closed.  Marko reached down and felt her pulse, which had begun to speed up, which concerned him.  Reaching for the thermometer, he wordlessly commanded her to open her mouth.  "I'm going to get you some water, keep that there." "Marko, I'm fine" she said around the thermometer.  "Obviously.  You always faint into my arms when you're totally healthy...that's my favorite thing about you" he smiled, the mere statement making him unexpectedly aroused.  "Now don't be ridiculous, stay right there, and keep that thermometer in."  Marko had a certain Eastern European mannerism that made people listen to him when he was being serious, and his patients almost always did.  Melanie, however, he could tell would be more stubborn.  When he returned from the kitchen, Melanie was sitting upright with her feet on the floor.  "I thought I told you to stay lying down."  "You did, but seeing as how this isn't a hospital and I'm not your patient, I figured know...wouldn't listen" and she flashed that smile that destroyed every many who saw it.  She had the prettiest smile Marko had ever seen, and it was like kryptonite for his Eastern European sternness.  Standing over her, he held out the water. "Here, take a sip of this."  "I'm not thirsty!  I just want to show you my dress."  "Melanie, please, you need to have some water." 
         Even though they weren't dating anymore, they had a habit, almost a game, of flirting with each other when one of them wanted the other to do something they didn't want to do.  Flashing a coy smile, Melanie slowly stood up, running her hands from Marko's hips up his back to his shoulders.  "Stop Mel, I'm being serious.  This isn't the time for that" Marko said, meaning it.  "Really?  What is it the time for?" she cooed, locking his eyes with hers as she tickled just inside the waist band of his pants.  Marko let out an involuntary groan, his dark eyes flashing as he did not break eye contact.  That's when he noticed her eyelids starting to flutter.  "Melanie!" he yelled, catching her has she collapsed, limp, into his arms, her finger still in his waist band.  Again he scooped her up and put her on the couch.  Taking her wrist in one hand as he felt her forehead with the back of his hand, he noticed how markedly faster her pulse was.  Coaxing the thermometer into her pouty lips, now flushed and red and delicious looking, he found that her temperature had jumped to almost 104. 
         In a flash, Marko was a doctor not just a friend, and instinct took over.  He knew he had to get an anti-fever medicine into her before it rose any further.  Gently lifting her eyelids and shining his light in each, he could tell she was deeply unconscious and would not be able to swallow a pill for quite some time.  Marko heaved a sigh, knowing what he had to do.  Without an IV there was only one way to get Melanie's body to absorb the medicine it needed, and merely thinking of it made him begin to get a massive erection.  "I can't" he said out loud, physically shaking his head and willing the bulge in his pants to subside.  "You have to Dr. Stavic" he muttered aloud.  "You are a doctor, this is an unconscious woman who is very ill and needs you to do what's best for her."  Marko quickly went to Melanie's nightstand and grabbed a jar of lavender-scented cream, then into his doctor's kit, where he had liquid ibeprophen used for children.  He quickly mixed the two in the correct dosage, then returned to the couch.  Hesitantly, he slid his arm under Melanie's shoulders and slipped her out of the robe completely.  Cursing in Serbian under his breath, he was fully aware that he was now completely erect and that his penis was practically throbbing as he slowly massaged the cream into every inch of Melanie's soft skin.  As he massaged the cream gently over her breasts, he was suddenly overcome and leaned over, kissing her full on her parted lips as his hands massaged her perfect breasts.  That's when he noticed that her nipples were getting hard, and her hips were gyrating ever so slightly.  As a sigh escaped her lips, he chastized himself out loud.  "What the hell is the matter with you?!  She's unconscious, she's sick, and you're supposed to be taking care of her!  Ever hear of an oath Marko Stavic?!"  Still, she definitely seemed to be responding to his touch, and he wondered how that could be.  Again lifting her eyelids and drawing out his light, he realized that she must be semi-conscious.  Definitely not completely awake, but not as deeply unconscious as when she had first fallen limp into his arms. 
         Marko once again leaned down and kissed her beautiful, swollen lips.  As he pulled away, he heard her murmer "Marko...mmmm....I want you Marko, take me."  On instinct, his hand slid down her stomach, his fingers reaching into her and finding her dripping wet.  He just barely began to move them inside of her when he looked up and noticed she was not yet fully conscious.  Marko sprang up.  "This is wrong, I cannot do this!  Cold shower, I need a cold shower!"  He reached down and checked her pulse again...still too fast but slower than before.  A last eye check told him she was still not conscious, which meant she was unlikely to need him in the next few minutes.  Slipping out of his clothes, he stepped into an ice cold shower and tried to think of anything he could to make his now-throbbing erection go down.  Then he heard her call him, sounding strange.  Worried, he practically lept out of the shower, barely stopping to wrap a towel around his waist, his dark, wet hair dripping into his face.  He pushed his hair back and went quickly into the living room.
        Melanie was still laying on the couch, and was still completely naked.  To his shock, she was touching herself with one hand and caressing her breasts with the long, elegant fingers of the other hand.  Her eyes were open but her lids were drooping, and he didn't know if it was from pleasure or from a lack or complete consciousness.  "Mel, what are you doing?!"  "Marko, I want you.  I want you inside of me sooo badly.  I always have."  She sprang from the couch, swaying only momentarily. "Melanie, don't get up so fast, you could faint again."  Clearly she was not herself.  She pawed him like a wildcat, and he practically had to wrestle her to get a grip on her wrist to check her pulse, and to get his wrist to her forehead to feel for fever.  Both told him that though she was improving, she was still very sick. Melanie suddenly launched herself into his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist, fingers loosening the towel.  He protested in earnest as she kissed his neck, but he was after all only a man.  Suddenly instinct took over, and he carried her into her bedroom.  The doctor took a back seat to the old fashioned Eastern European man, and he entered her with conviction.  She moaned in ecstasy, bringing her hips to meet him.  He leaned down to kiss her, wrapping her in his embrace.  "Yes, Marko, yes!  Take me!" she whispered.  At that moment, her eyes rolled back into her head and her arms fell from his waist, as her head rolled slowly to the side.  "Shit!" he said, but at this point it was too late.  He was already inside of her.  Lifting her slightly and laying her back down gently, he said "I'm sorry sweetheart but I can't stop" aloud to her unconscious form.  Marko didn't think this was right but there was nothing he could do, and he pumped into her limp body hard and fast, wanting to finish as soon as he could.  He was soo turned on, finishing didn't happen quickly.  With every thrust he saw her lips part just a little bit more, watched her breasts bounce and quiver.  He reached down and brushed the hair from her closed eyes and then lifted her up slightly to finish.  As he head fell back limply and her arched back brought her breasts almost to his mouth, he leaned over and kissed them.  She was helpless and moved like a ragdoll as he came and came and came inside of her.  When he was done, he tenderly laid her back down and went to clean up.  Feeling terrible, the doctor in him returned and he went to the living room for his supplies.  Feeling that her pulse was slightly fast but steady, the thermometer told him that her fever had returned to a reasonable 101.5.  Gently raising her eyelids, he saw that she was still deeply, completely unconscious, her body probably worn out from all it had endured today.  He knelt beside her, tenderly running his fingers through her hair with one hand and stroking her cheek with the other.  Sliding one hand under her shoulders and one under her knees, he lifted her gently, surprised by how much he liked the feeling of her limp body in his arms.  He carried her slowly out to the couch, looking down at her beautiful neck and full mouth as her head hung limply back, her soft hair swaying.  Caressing her as he went, he slid her back into her robe and covered her with the blanket on the couch, fluffing the pillow beneath her head before lowering it, her hair spread all around her lovely face.  He leaned over and kissed her again, taking her wrist one more time and checking her pulse.  Brushing a strand of hair from her face and stroking her cheek, he whispered "Sweet dreams sweetheart" and went to make some fresh coffee, knowing she was completely out cold and that he'd have a while to sit and watch his unconscious love before she woke up so he could take care of her.  He was a doctor again but he also felt like what he now realized he'd always wanted to be:  her man.
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Lauren was out cold on the floor. I was eager for her to wake up, but she was really out of it this time, she must have been exhausted after her intense orgasm. I decided I would strip her and see what undergarments she had in store for me. I pulled off her tights (which clung beautifully to her enormous, well shaped buttocks) then slipped off her T shirt. She was wearing the skimpiest underwear I had ever seen: a tiny bikini top that threatened to let her very ample breasts burst out, and a thong, which showed off her butt in its full glory. Her ass was amazingly round, smooth, soft and absolutely massive. As I waited for her to wake up, I groped and squeezed Lauren, and became very aroused in doing so.

Eventually, she came around. I quickly got behind her, and waited for her to fully wake up. Once she was standing up and looking very confused, I instantly decided my next sleepy method would be a neck pinch, pressing down the carotid artery on the side of her lovely, smooth neck. I made my move: with one quick, fluid motion I held her and pinched her neck firmly, which instantly took effect.

I continued to hold the pinch, and she became very weak, crossing her eyes ever so slightly. She was still relatively conscious though, so I spoke to her: "Lauren sweetie, are you enjoying yourself?"

"Fluuuuunnnnn mmmmffffff ohhhhhh uuuuunnnn" she replied, very sleepily.

On top of having trouble muttering actual words, her tongue was hanging out of her mouth very loosely and her arms were flopping about by her sides. I then moved one of my hands across her soft, bulging boobs and massaged her nipples very gently. I could tell this turned her on as I was met with her sleepy reply of "uuuuuuummmmmmmmfffffffff mmmmmmm yeessssss". Her nipples grew harder than I ever thought possible, and she managed to move one of her hands onto her pussy, and she then started rubbing it.

I pinched even harder, and Lauren rubbed herself harder. Her eyes were fluttering rapidly now, and she was becoming more and more limp. She suddenly rubbed with incredible energy, and then reached the point of orgasm. She shook violently in immense pleasure, groaning loudly, then the effects of the neck pinch took over and she fainted, eyes rolling back.

Upon returning to where I left Lauren unconscious, I noticed she was gone. On top of this, the bag of knockout equipment I had brought was open, and my chloroform and rag were missing. I barely had time to say "Sneaky girl!" before she grabbed me from behind and placed the chloro-soaked rag over my face.

I immediately felt dizzy. Lauren spoke to me: "There you go sweetie. Don't fight it. Sleep." She then let up her grip.
"Hmmmm, you know what? Chloroform is a little cliche. I'm gonna put you out using something you'd enjoy a little more."

Lauren lowered me to the floor, (The effects of the chloroform prevented me from fighting back) removed the rag and sat on my face. I was in heaven. She spoke some more:

"Shhhh sweetie. Relax now, don't be scared. You'll be asleep soon. I know how much you enjoy my bottom, and I want you to pass out thinking about how much you enjoy it. There you go honey, that's the way. Let your eyes roll. Faint for me baby."

I was about to passout, her ass was blocking all my air. I thought of how for the rest of night, Lauren would be in charge, and I would be her plaything. I blacked out slowly, very aroused.


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Lauren was lying on her couch, out cold.  I was waiting for her to wake up so we could continue our sleepy fetish night, and to pass some time I played around with her pussy, gently rubbing it until a sizeable wet patch was formed in her tights. I was surprised that Lauren was able to be aroused even in her unconscious state, and this aroused me very deeply. I moved to her gorgeous bottom, and began to explore it. As I felt and rubbed her ass, her large, cute butt cheeks suddenly tensed very tightly, then relaxed again. Why she tensed her ass in her sleep I do not know, but it turned me on to an even greater degree.

She began to stir, mumbling gibberish and fidgeting about sleepily. She woke up slowly, getting up very cautiously and being completely unaware that I was hiding behind the couch. She moved towards the kitchen, and that's when I stood up and made my move.

I grabbed her from behind, and began to smother her. I placed one hand over her nose and one over her mouth, and held her tightly. She squirmed and tried to break free, frantically trying to escape. As the seconds went by, she weakened, making long, deep moaning sounds: "mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh", "ummmmmmhhhhhfffffffff". She wasn't getting any air, and at this point she knew she would soon faint. I looked down and noticed her wet patch between her legs was even larger.

Shortly before she started to pass out, she reached behind her, down into my pants, and grabbed my very erect penis. She massaged it back and forth, and then started to faint. Her eyelids fluttered, her eyes crossed ever so slightly, and she began making very intense moaning sounds: "MMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFF" she was gradually fading and she was massaging my penis slower and slower, until finally she went limp, her legs gave out and her eyes closed softly.

I was holding her limp body up, one arm was dangling by her side, and her other was down my pants, with her hand loosely sitting on my cock. I picked her up and carried her over my shoulder, giving her gigantic butt a very tight squeeze (I just had to!!)

I layed her onto the couch, and quickly decided I would use a sleeperhold on her. As she came around, I slipped behind her, sitting on the couch and enforced a one armed sleeperhold. With my free arm, I began intensely rubbing her pussy, which caused her to moan loudly as she fought to stay awake: "OOoooooooohhhhhh", "Uuummmmmmfffffff".

This was the first time I had ever tried a sleeperhold and I wasn't very effective with it, so I knew it would take at least a few minutes for her to faint. I tightened the hold, which caused her eyes to cross very slightly, and rubbed her pussy even harder. She began shaking with excitement, and fighting hard not to pass out. I could tell she was getting very light headed, and that she was about to have an orgasm.

I rubbed her pussy faster and faster, until eventually she had a massive orgasm and convulsed intensely before passing out with a soft "ooooooooooo". I don't think my sleeperhold alone was effective enough to knock her out, but I think her massive orgasm in combination with the sleeper overwhlemed her so much that she just gave up and fainted.

I rolled her limp body onto the floor, savouring the way her massive butt wobbled as she rolled. I quickly began thinking of the next knockout method for the curvy, plump damsel.


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Jim had been staring blankly out at the garden for at least half an hour before Trish knocked at the door. Startled, he walked through the hallway to the door, stopping only to slip some knockout powder in the glass of wine nearest the door. Before he let Trish in, he closed his eyes and gave a deep breath.


"Hey Jim!"


Trish was fairly petite, about 5'3, but very beautiful for her age. Her tanktop and jean shorts showed that her skin was tan and freckled, her breasts and thighs still thick and firm at 42. Even the birth of two kids hadn't turned her tight stomach into mush. Her brown hair went to her shoulders and as Jimmy leaned in to hug and kiss her cheek he could smell her sweet shampoo.


Trish and Jim had been friends for almost twenty years and Jimmy had had a crush on her for at least 19. A combination of bad timing and anxiety had caused him to never make a move. It was his job, however, that forced him to make one now. Out of college, Jim went to work as a mortgage broker. Now, Jim had a heart of gold, but he also had a penchant for hanging with the wrong crowd. It wasn't long before he starting running with young mobsters. One of the older heads noticed Jim's intelligence and offered him an interesting job; kidnapping. While he was nervous at first, he quickly found that it came easy to him. It paid more than his broker job but he still had to keep it as a front. Only a few people, his cousin and best friends, knew about his job. And for awhile all was well.


Until last week. The Mob Jim worked for was helping incumbent Mayor Jeff Douglas get re-elected, and a devious plan was in motion. The main opposition to Douglas was none other than Trish's father, Andrew Margioli. The plan was to kidnap Trish as ransom for Andrew to stop paying his PR people. This haunted Jim, but he knew he had no choice, unless he wanted to get killed.


"You want some wine?" Jim asked Trish.


"Come on, what do you think?" she retorted rolling her eyes and giggling.


Jim handed her the drugged glass, and took the un-drugged one. It was time to start playing her. 


"So what's new kid? I haven't seen you in almost a month," he said.


"Well, I've still been in court with Tim," she said disparigingly, gulping down her wine. Jim knew Trish was, if not a lush, certainly prone to drinking many of their friends under the table.


The sleeping powder Jim had put in her drink was much more powerful than standard street ruffie. The effects were very quick and long lasting. Trish had barely set down her drink after her first gulp before she started swaying.


Jim quickly put his hand around her waist. "Jim...?" came softly out her mouth before her eyes rolled and her head lolled back, her body soon slumping against him behind it, completely unconscious. Her head dangled backwards, her mouth gaping open. Her right arm lay across her stomach, her left dangling in the air. Jim picked up her limp arm, feeling her smooth kin, and then dropped itHe was felt her warmth and dead weight, eyeing her breasts sticking out. Finally his conscience lost and groped them. He immediately cursed himself as he looked into her beautiful, usually perky and feisty face now slack as can be, with her hair swaying gently.


He picked her up in a cradle carry feeling a mix of power and deviousness and her dead limp form swayed in his arms. He felt her warm, smooth thighs and felt a strong urge to lay her down and go to work. But he looked back into her unconscious face and snapped out of it. He carried her to the back door, open it, and stepped into the night. He walked to his car and popped then. Then he, bent down and let her lifeless body slide from his. Her mouth was now only half open and her left arm slid from her stomach with thump. He took great care to lay both her arms against her stomach, and then gently stroked her lifeless face. 


"Sorry," he whispered.


He then closed the trunk, looked up into the sky, and took a deep breath. The easy part was now over.

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