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Posted by on in Fight KO

Part 3

It was early evening and I was sat on the sofa in Jen’s living room. I was still dressed in my sport shorts and T-Shirt, my boxing gloves were on the floor by my bare feet and both women were sleeping off their Kos in the bedroom. I had a glass of wine in hand and was sitting dreamily re-living the Kos that already been enjoyed by both myself and the two women. As I sat I heard the bedroom door open and out staggered Jen, her hand on her head, clearly still seeing stars.

“Oh my head, I think I need some aspirin!” She said. She was dressed in a sexy black bikini which made me feel aroused as she went into one of her kitchen cupboards and popped some pills, she got another couple out of the bottle and put them on the side, probably for Sandi. She then opened another cupboard and pulled out a couple of wine glasses, before filling each glass with some white wine from the fridge and then coming over and sitting next to me. “Well honey, I do not remember much but from what I remember, we had a good time while I was in cuckoo land.”

“We certainly did.” I smiled back. She leant in close and her newly applied perfume penetrated my nose and filled my head. I felt myself stiffen, then I heard the bedroom door open and out staggered Sandi, also obviously still seeing stars. She stumbled over to the aspirin, took it and staggered back over to the sofa. I noticed she was wearing a similar black bikini to her cousin, also barefoot. She then sat down on the other side of me, her own freshened perfume smelt gorgeous and I felt myself getting more excited. We all chatted and drank our wine before we decided upon a kickboxing match.

I stood up and picked up my boxing gloves and put them on, both women grabbed theirs and soon I was standing opposite Jen. Sandi called for us to start and off we went. I dodged Jen’s first left jab and her follow up hard right, following up with a hard right of my own, she ducked and went for another hard right, which I ducked from. I did not see her rock back onto her left foot and swing her right straight for my already weakened chin. SNAP! Her bare foot connected with my chin with a hard slap sound. I saw a white flash and my head whipped up facing the ceiling, my senses going fuzzy instantly. My arms dropped to my sides and my head came back down. My eyes were now crossed and I was seeing clear cartoon yellow stars, everything else was blurry. I staggered dizzily on my bare feet, my tongue out and a goofy grin on my face, loud tweeting ringing through my ears “Got you baby!” Jen said happily. “I’m going to have a lot of fun with you now.” She then hopped onto her right foot, did a 360 degree spin and snapped her left foot hard into the side of my head, spinning me around 360 degrees as I dizzily came to a stop now seeing cartoon purple doves, she then swapped onto her left leg and did the same back the other way, hitting me hard with her right foot. I span around the other way this time another 360 degrees, finally stopping, but staggering dizzily, my eyes spinning and my head rolling on my neck. My mouth was hung open and as well as tweeting and I was now hearing faint cuckoo sounds. I was seeing two halos of intermixed multi-coloured stars and carton-pink fat birdies.

“Duh…Did you get the number of that truck?” I asked dizzily.

“Of that cuckoo truck? Nope, but here comes a few more!” Jen said excitedly, before kneeing me in the stomach, and then bringing both boxing gloved fists down hard on top of my head with a loud thud. Stars flew out from my head as her fists connected and I fell face-down onto the mat, coming to rest with my head between her bare feet, a lump pushing out the top of my head, my eyes stopped spinning but went crossed again, my mouth hung open with lots of stars, birdies, pink unicorns and small images of Jen circling my dizzy head to the tune of loud cuckoo clocks. I was pitching a tent down below. Jen laughed at how silly I looked, as did Sandi in the background. “That was one!” Jen said. “Now kiss my foot my little cuckoo boy! ”She held out her right foot in front of my mouth, so I obeyed and kissed it gently. “That was nice, I have you exactly where I was you now! At my feet, KO’d and excited, but we are not done yet and when I am done, it will be my cousin Sandi’s turn.” She placed her bare foot gently on top of my lump and pushed it back into my head, before she stopped and rested her foot triumphantly on top of my dazed head. “Oh look honey, you have me on your mind!” She laughed, then turned around, lifting up her foot she then exclaimed “Here come three more cuckoo trucks!” WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! She stamped on my head hard three times, causing three more lumps to raise and for me to stiffen down below. I was now in a dreamy fantasy world of big yellow, white, green, and pink stars; purple unicorns, white cartoon ponies, big white bunny rabbits and of course, images of a barefoot Jen in boxing gloves, all circling my head to a loud “cuckoo cuckoo” echoing through my empty head and I could not think. My body was limp and relaxed (except one thing) and I was well and truly the plaything of the two women at this point.

“Hon, I am so aroused right now!” Sandi called out from where she was, “but am disappointed that I did not get to do anything to put you in this state!”

“Well. It will be your turn soon cousin.” Jen replied to Sandi. “I have a little more playing to do with him first though. She then held her right foot in front of my face. My foot feels sore now, kiss it better?” With loud cuckoos ringing through my head, I could only obey. “That’s better. Good boy.” With that, she swapped onto standing on her right foot and stamped on my head three more times with her left. I now had six lumps, but otherwise I could not really get any more cuckoo than I already was, however I unloaded, cuckoos loud in my ears which bother women noticed. “Good boy!” they both said. They then dragged me off to mop me up and change me into my nightwear.

The next thing I was aware of were multi-coloured stars still circling my head. I was lying on my back, in my pyjamas, a loose fitting t-shirt and pair of loose fitting shorts. My tongue was still out and I could still hear faint cuckoos and louder tweeting birdies. I lay there for a while, before I finally recovered and sat up on the boxing mat. Facing the soles of my bare feet, both women were also in their nightwear. Sandi was wearing black leggings with pink stars all over them and a loose fitting T-shirt with a single pink stars on her chest, wearing no bra. Her feet were bare and the sight of her made me feel excited down below. Jen was wearing a lilac night dress and long white socks that went up towards her knees, no longer barefoot, but I got the feeling it was what she usually wore to bed.

Sandi walked over to me, smiling happily “Well honey, after watching you get knocked cuckoo by my cousin, I am extremely aroused and we’re going to have spend the night in the bedroom, first though I want those handsome eyes spinning again. I don’t want to fight you this time, as I just want to knock you out. Will you cooperate hon?”

“Sure, if you want to knock me out, I will happily cooperate.” I said, a little surprised, but I did not mind.

“Good.” Sandi said, stepping round behind me, then I felt a hard SLAM! Sandi had slammed the sole of her bare right foot hard into the back of my head.

“Uh!” I cried out and I sat there, head rolling on my neck, mouth hung open, cross-eyed, hearing tweeting again and seeing stars, multi-coloured ones.

“He really does look so hot like that.” Jen said, watching from the sofa, seeing me sitting there, feet facing her, seeing stars.

“Yes he does.” Sandi answered. She then picked up a wooden mallet and brought it down hard on top of my head, three times. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Three lumps sprouted out the top of my head and I saw cartoon blue birdies intermix themselves with the stars, tweeting happily.

“Duh, birdies and stars!” I said, again pitching a tent.

Sandi smiled. “Yes, and this is only the beginning honey!” She stepped round in front and slammed the mallet one final time on top of my head. I heard two loud cuckoos and fell on my back, watching pink doves circling and hearing tweeting.

“Duh, I think I’m on the cuckoo train.” I said stupidly.

“The slow one yes. I will transfer you to the Cuckoo Express!” Sandi said, feeling herself get wet below thinking about it. She knelt down beside me and played with my tent for a moment, before rolling me back onto my front. She gently pushing all of my lumps back into my head with her bare foot. “Now honey, I am going to give you a first class ticket to the Cuckoo Express. When you are deep in cuckoo land, remember it was me who put you there, ok?”

“Duh…yes mommy!” I said goofily, growing harder in anticipation.

“Good boy, though I am not your mommy!” Sandi replied. She then raised her bare foot and slammed it down hard on top of my head. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Each of the hits sent stars flying out of my head and made them orbit my dazed head. After the third one, Sandi rested her bare foot on top of my dizzy noggin. My triple-lumped head was rolling in circles and my mouth was hung open. Loud tweeting was continuous in my ears along with faint cuckoos. I was seeing multi-coloured stars in two halos circling my head and as I lay there in that cuckoo state I knew it was Sandi who had done this to me, which caused my tent to swell. “How do you feel now hon?” She asked, still resting her bare foot on my head.

“Duh, I have you on my mind!” I said, she was literally resting her foot on top of my cuckoo-mind. “I see lots of stars!”

“And I know how much you like those hon!” Sandi replied. She winked at Jen who was loving the show and smiled back. “And now for you to see the cuckoo animals, you are only on a third class ticket right now!” She raised her foot off my head and then put it in front of my head, then with a fast pendulum motion, she swung it backwards, connecting with my forehead, snapping my head back, stars flying out on impact. Before I could take in any new things in my cuckoo show, she then swung her foot forward, bouncing it off the back of my head, with more stars flying out. She kept going, bouncing my head backwards and forwards, causing stars to fly on each impact. She was breathing hard as she did it, knowing she was sending me deeper into cuckoo land and feeling hugely aroused. Jen was looking on and playing with herself as she watched, also feeling deeply horny and my tent was growing on each impact. With one final SLAM! Off the back of my head, Sandi came to a stop, to see what level I was at.

I was lying there, my body now entirely limp and relaxed, back in a similar dreamland that Jen had sent me to only a few hours earlier. My eyes were spinning and I could see lots of large yellow, pink and red stars, along with white rabbits, pink unicorns, sexy images of Sandi and cartoon Lady-style doggies from Lady and the Tramp. I could hear loud cuckoo sounds echoing through my dazed mind and my tongue rolled out of my mouth “Duh…” I muttered, unable to think of any other words to say and I was rock hard. I knew I was in this state because of Sandi.

“Well honey, welcome to second class.” Sandi smiled. I felt a twinge below as if I had been able to form any thoughts, I would have been thinking ‘What would first class be?’ Sandi smiled again. “Now for you to join first-class, cuckoo!” She then jumped up and landed both bare feet on top of my head. She then jumped three more times, landed her full weight on my brain all those times. After the final time she stood there on my head and taunted me. “Now you definitely have me on your mind!”

My eyes were crossed and were now love-heart shape. I was now Sandi’s plaything and always would be and had a permanently lower IQ. I was seeing pink stars, birdies, doggies, vixens and rabbits. I could hear loud cuckoos and my tongue was out the corner of my mouth and I was smiling goofily. My body was limp and I was ready to unload, but couldn’t as I felt I needed to please Sandi. She stood on my head a moment longer and then stepped off, causing me to see extra winking stars for a few minutes. Sandi placed her bare right foot sole in front of my face and I kissed it. I was the most cuckoo I had ever been in my life and it was all because of Sandi. She walked off to the bedroom to get a quick breather before she came back for me.

While she was gone, Jen walked over, lifting up her socked foot high above my cuckoo head “You are ours now honey, forever!” And then she slammed her socked foot hard on top of my head three more times, WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! My love-heart shaped pupils now span “Sweet dreams honey, when you wake up, you’ll be having sex.” As she said this, my dreamy cuckoo world faded out into blackness.

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I slowly came to on the bed a few hours later. I was naked and still had a ring of stars spinning around my dazed and sore head and I was still hearing tweeting. I lay there for a while, staring at the stars before I finally closed my eyes and shook them off. I finally saw that it was daylight outside as the light was coming in through the window. There was evidence everywhere of how I had spent the night being taken advantage of by the two women, although my memory of it was pretty hazy. Still, the thought of it turned me on. The women were not in the room and I could hear them laughing and chatting out in the living room. I found my underwear and boxing shorts and put them on before staggering out of the bedroom shaking my head to clear the remaining cobwebs.

When I reached the Living room, both women were sitting there in their fighting attire. I saw my T-Shirt flung over the sofa and went and put it on. My boxing gloves were still on the floor by Sandi’s bare feet. “Mmm, Morning honey” Jen grinned, winking at me. “We had a lot of fun with you last night, I hope you enjoyed what you remember?”

“Yes, I did. I have a bit of a headache this morning though!” Jen smiled and stood up, walking towards me. She placed her hand around the back of my head.

“Aw, poor baby” she said, stroking the back of my head. “Would you like a chance to get your revenge? How about a kickboxing session?” I nodded, “Excellent!” She replied, “How about you versus me first?”

“OK then.” She and I both put on our gloves and started bouncing on our bare feet. Sandi called for us to start and I swung for her cousin. She dodged and went for me, this time I ducked too and snapped my bare foot upwards. It caught her on the chin and she went cross eyed.

“Oh stars!” She muttered in a daze trying to hit them with her glove. I smiled and then hit her with a body shot, then both fists down on top of her head. She fell, head between my feet with a lump on top of her head, eyes spinning and saying how cute the robins circling her head were. A lump rose out of her head where each fist had connected. I looked over at Sandi.

“Wow, that’s hot hon, make her see more birdies and cute animals for me?” Sandi bit her lower lip. I obliged by raising me right foot over Jen’s head and slamming it down once, twice, then a third time. Three more lumps had arisen and she said later she had been hearing cuckoos and seeing two halos of stars and winged horses. As she lay there with her eyes spinning I rested my foot on her head and Sandi counted her out.

I pulled off my gloves and Sandi helped me carry her to her room to sleep off the KO. Sandi and I then each donned our gloves for a match between the two of us.

“Well, now it is just the two of us, how about some real KO fun?” Sandi asked, staring into my eyes, letting hers burn into mine.

“Sounds fun, what did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Oh I have plenty of things in mind.” She winked.

“Not for much longer.” I replied. We started circling one another, then she swung, I ducked and her bare foot rose up fast, aiming for my chin, I saw it just in time, dodged left span around and brought my own bare foot up in a roundhouse kick and snapped it across Sandi’s jaw. She span around with the force and came to stop facing me, swaying dizzily, eyes crossed, tongue out and seeing stars!

“Duh, ooh pretty stars!” She muttered “Tweet tweet master!”

“Oh I’ll give you tweets!” I replied, I then jabbed a left and swung a hard right at her chin, then followed up with another jab to her forehead, then slammed my foot up into her chin. She staggered backwards, talking about seeing blue jays and hearing loud tweets and faint cuckoos then fell onto her bum, bare feet facing me, head rolling around dizzily on her neck as she sat there, her mouth gaped open, eyes spinning. She looked so hot! “Wow, you look so hot foxy lady!” I then walked around behind her “Here is a gift” And with that I lift up both fists and slammed both of my gloved fists down on top of her head with a loud thud.

“Uh!” She cried out a lump grew out the top of her head and she continued to sway, “Duh, master I see lots of cute foxes…I can hear cuckoos and see stars too master, duh!” She said in a dazed voice. She sat there, enjoying the foxes and stars, with a goofy grin. I knelt down beside her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You sit there and enjoy your dreaming honey!” I said. I then stood up and pulled off my gloves “I win!” I grinned.  I then went and poured myself a glass of wine in the kitchen.

After I had finished my glass of wine, I came back to find Sandi still dizzy. I sat in front of her, raised my legs and snapped my bare feet into her chin. Her head whipped back and she landed on the floor in front of me. I could feel she was extremely aroused and decided to take advantage of her. Her eyes were spinning and her tongue was out. I grabbed her bare ankles and dragged her into the bedroom alongside her cousin, so I could play.

End of Part 2.

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Sleuth in Stasis

A Jacky Graham, PI, adventure



blank expression by sjdrake2006-d5fxss1




1. A Hard Night's Day

It had been a hard night, a hard day, a hard week. Work was frantic. There seemed to be any number of errant wives requiring observation, errant husbands requiring checking out and shadowing, missing relatives, employees suspected of peculation, security queries.

'Cool Beans!...but..phew!' thought the hardworking private investigator Jacky Graham. Late nights observing until 10 or 11, snatching an all-too-brief night's sleep at home with husband R ichard, up at 6 for more obervations, then office in Glasgow for work, investiagtions, meetings. No time for personal pleasures!

'I can do hee haw else..I'm either going to need serviced offices or look at taking on a receptionist' she thought. Taking all the calls on iphone was fine, but very restricing while in the car and trying to be unobtrusive.

Of course, the compensation was that money flowed in, school fees for the kids were paid; keeping some back for a receptionist, even temporary, seemed a good move. Besides, she had taken on a very engrossing- and remunerative- case, that of Lucy Bonnington of Kilmarnock, whose employers felt certain that she was removing monies but could not see how. Jacky applied her accounting knowledge and had come up with a theory of what was going on and her patrons had agreed to give this a shot before reluctantly bringing in expensive forensic accountants. This meant a great deal of observation of comings and goings from Ms Bonnington's premises and where possible, a tail when she went out. Jacky applied her usual diligence and effort and felt she had acquitted herself well. The company directors were encouraged.

It was 12th March when Jacky had another new case; or at least half new. Mr Bonnington came to see her at her Glasgow office to enlist her able services in keeping tabs on his wife Lucy! It transpired that they had separated shortly before Jacky had begun operations for Lucy's employers (though Jacky did not disclose her employment of course).Mr Bonnington believed that his wife had been displaying marked lesbian tendencies and he wished Jacky to confirm these for the divorce papers which would follow.

'Gol-LY! That's the straw that broke the camel's back...' the overworked 49 year old PI declared and that same day she engaged Julie, a friend's 19-year-old daughter to man the phone in the office in George Street, Glasgow, whilst her patron padded the pavements, night and morn, of Southwest Scotland.

In fact, snooping Lucy Bonnington's movements for two clients rather than one involved little extra time in observation as Lucy was already receiving a great deal of Jacky's attention, as the fee and urgency demanded. It was reporting time that was additionally required and Jacky could not really ask anyone else to undertake that. It was husband Richard and the kids who lost out.

During the next two weeks, Jacky coped well and Julie settled into her new role, making her way to the office by X77 bus every day from Symington and acclimatizing to the telephone work.

On 27th March, Jacky received a call from Julie with a request to visit a new client,

Mrs Aston, at her address in Kilmarnock the next day. As this was only around the corner from Lucy Bonnington's abode in a well heeled suburb of Killie, Julie thought it made sense for Jacky to pay a house visit rather than come back to Glasgow to receive Mrs Aston at the office. Jacky wasn't so sure- the office was decorated to impress client's with her efficiency and industriousness and so back up her website advertising. House calls, unchecked, might be risky although what little there was on Mrs Aston on Google appeared to check out. Jacky confirmed the 2.30 appointment and decided to spend time that morning on other cases that also required urgent attention, attend Mrs Aston at 2.30 then observe the Bonnington residence for the afternoon, return home to take her daughter to her violin lesson in Kilmarnock, and resume observation through early evening.

Jacky spent the morning dealing with client matters in Ayr and Maybole, then drove to Kilmarnock along the A77 to he appointment with Mrs Aston, taking the trouble to pass by Lucy Bonnington's house en passant.

As she passed, Jacky was astonished to see that the door appeared to be slightly open- more than ajar! Yet Lucy was normally at work on a Wednesday afternoon an never seemed to have visitors at that time. If she were sick maybe...? An iphone call to Lucy's employers in the town centre revealed that she was at work but out on an errand. Maybe this was part of how she operated her fraudulent scheme?

A moment's thinking time and Jacky made a decision on the hoof...she would park nearby and snoop inside. illegal, but if challenged she would say she was passing to see the owner about selling a brand of religion and had been concerned to note the

door open. If not challenged...well, there might be evidence to hand which would clinch matters for either or both of her interested clients! Too choice and tasty a chance to miss.....

Phoning direct on her iphone to let Mrs Aston know she would be delayed, she obtained an engaged notice and left a message. Jacky had power-dressed to see her client in blue Jacket, mauve blouse and midi skirt and black pumps, but changed rapidly in the back of her car into her less striking 'observational' gear of black top and trousers with black flats on her fair feet, her mane of golden hair uncovered..

Approaching the house, Jacky looked striking, impressive and pretty as always, but more a casual caller than too professionally dressed. She carried her red bag on her shoulder which contained iphone and her personal 'handbag' effects.

The door was still open, and Jacky edged in, looking nervously about and mouthing a quiet 'Hel-LO!' which was not intended to alert the occupier unless very nearby.

No answer. No sound. Nothing stirred. No occupier angrily demanding to know why she stood in the house. An imposing Victorian 3 bed semi from the outside, internally it appeared modern.

The pretty PI drew confidence and with her usual self-assurance, began to slowly and quietly creep in the direction of the nearest room.

The sexy snoop toyed with the idea of removing her flats and as she always preferred, going completely silent in her bare feet but decided that should the owner appear, it would look suspicious and be pretty hard to explain away. Jacky didn't look the hippy who might habitually go barefooted, so the flats stayed on.

2. Tainted Ayr of Old Killie and its Petrified PIe

The first room, at the front, proved to be the living room with TV, table and other comforts. Other than a couple of letters confirming Lucy's name and address Jacky found nothing relevant to her search. 'Don't give a scooby for those!' she thought. Knowing time must be pressing, the daring detective moved swiftly on, hoping to come across an office or study, which might prove most rewarding.

Briefly checking out what proved to be a bathroom, the intrepid investigator quietly opened the next door to find a dimly lit room indeed. Unusually, this room boasted a spring door but a quick flash of light from Jacky's trusty iphone illuminated what appeared to be the mature blonde Scot's hoped-for eldorado, the paydirt she had dreamt of on entering for her illegal snoop. This seemed to be an office! Jacky Graham PI slipped into the room, silent but for the springdoor closing with a click behind her.

The intrepid investigator cast the light from the iphone about the dim room, getting her bearings, looking for a filing cabinet or something else which might contain documents. Glimpses showed that the window had been boarded over by nailed planks: there had to be a reason for that. Conscious of contents inside the room and feaful of burglary?Door seems a bit odd...taped around the periphery. Chairs, a desk! Jacky rifled through the contents of the drawers with a sense of urgency...Lucy might return at any moment!

What was this? The pert PI looked closer. It looked like a purchase document for...chemicals? But over there- bank statements! In her ex husbands name too...some of these might be useful!

Papers stuffed into the pockets of her black satiny elasticated trousers,Jacky cast about for anything else before making an exit.Cool beans, and tot siens Lucy!

Hang on....What was that though?


Just heard that..was too busy to take notice earlier, hells bells, she thought...what's that odour?...Oh..MAN!! GAS!!

Now she shone the iphone again, she could make out a smoky substance she had been too engrossed to notice before. It was starting to fill the room..she had been breathing it in! For how long?

Jacky Graham ran for the door, slammed into it, pulled...LOCKED! She pulled several times, to no avail, then pushed and slammed into effect!

Running to the window, fell over over a stool on the floor with a shin-bruising clatter, then pulling feverishly at the planks nailed into the wall- 'Can't...shiFTT...UHH!..'

Jacky tried to keep calm, remember what she could- the gas might be thinnest nearer the round...but if she just stayed there, in the end she would succumb. Try the door again!.. running..

Suddenly, Jacky found her legs wouldnt work! Or her arms or body..she toppled to the floor, onto her breasts, her front, bruising but felt nothing, body twisted, left arm under her body, head to one side..but could no longer move!

But she could see- and still speak!

'HELP!' she Scottish sleuth cried out, genuinely terrified.   'HELP!'

No longer worried about being caught. Terrified she might never move again. Maybe poison gas, it might kill her? Jacky hadn't been gassed or chloroformed very often before, but sufficiently to expect dizziness foollowed by room swaying before it all got swalled up in a whirlpool of darkness. She awaited this stoically. But it didn't come!

Minutes passed. Seemed like hours. Gas filled the room. She could no longer help but breathe it, copiously, gulping it down in her fear. She heard a lick. Was that the door?

Then the smoke seemed to thin. She could see with her right eye, head to one side. Couldn't move though, except her eyeballs. The smoke cleared, after a few more minutes.

And a foot, female, shoed, clumped down next to Jacky's immobile head!

The black-clad detective lay, motionless, helpless, beside the foot. Jacky looked up with her right eye. Lucy Bonnington towered over her.

'Hello!' Lucy opened the conversation with a friendly smile. 'Mrs Jacky Graham, I think?'

Mrs Graham blinked an eye in confirmation. 'Yes..can you help? What's happened to me?'

'Well well, Mrs Graham, how nice to meet you like this! What's happened to you? Youv'e fallen into a trap, of course, Just like a rat, i believe? You know, the trap where the rat goes through a tunnel and a little wooden door drops down behind it, entrapping it in its little prison to be experimented upon? That's just what you have done. Came through my door, it locks behind you. To immobilise you, you got gassed, I'm afraid.'

'But...why?' Jacky asked quaveringly, despite her inward terror.

Lucy picked up the helpless 49 year old's unfeeling, unmoving ankles, gripped them tightly and commenced dragging Jacky's dead weight out of the dim room, into the hallway. Then up the stairs- a strain even on the 35 year old Lucy Bonnington, who took it slowly, as if anxious not to let the ascent bump Jacky's head, any more than necessary. Lucy spoke to her captive audience as she dragged Jacky along.

'Because of the reason you are here of course. You are onto me. I know, because a friend of mine at work let drop, who you were and what you are up to. I couldn't just sit back and wait for the net to close on me. So I set a little trap. I knew a private eye like you couldn't begin to resist an open door. A false appointment around the corner'. 'She imitated Mrs Aston. 'A rat you are and as a rat you behave and as a rat I have trapped you! I thought it might be easy just to crack you over the head as you walked in, but I didn't want to risk killing you- yet- and if I messed up, I didn't relish having to fight you, 15 years younger though I may be. Gas seemed the answer.You can't go out and buy such gasses of course- much too illegal. But it's amazing what you can learn by surfing terror supported websites! A simple to make compound, I'm quite proud of myself!' she added.'

'How did you know me?' Jacky enquired, transfixed by the flood of information.Bump..bump..bump...

'Googling your website of course. Once I'd been told who you are, it was easy. Plus you do have a small internet footprint from your past higher profile cases.And of course, now I realised why I had seemed to see such a lot of you around town over the past few weeks..or months. You are quite striking in appearance, Mrs Graham. Married you may be...but you are very...attractive. Even fanciable.I saw that the moment I clapped eyes on you in your website. I said..mmmm..I'd like some of her! I like the mature, experienced woman.'

'Will...will the gas wear off? The paralysis?' The big question. The one the paralysed PI feared the answer to most, but had to know!

'Yes. It won't kill you, you'll want to know that I expect. It's an odd substance. Initially causes motor paralysis, say half an hour. Then it progresses on to remove the power of speech. Finally after another few minutes it will knock you out well and truly, for hours. You've had a good dose, you'll be out quite a long time I expect. Several hours- I know, i tested it on rabbits.'

Jacky gulped. This sounded grim. She hadn't told anyone where she was going other than to Mrs Aston. The blonde beauty was glad to hear it wasn't poison though. Time to come back later.

They had reached the top of the stairs and Lucy turned a corner ,dragging the recumbent caledonian lass into a bedroom containing a king-sized double bed.

With great strain, fortitude and endeavour, Lucy managed to pick Jacky up and haul her dead weight on top of the bed, placing her slack, immovable limbs into an appropriate St Andrews cross arms and legs wide apart, spreadeagling the gassed woman on top of the bed.

For a short time the younger woman lay panting, tired out, next to the gas-paralysed 49 year old.

'What are you going to do to me?' Jacky asked at last, calm having come over her now. She had to get home to Richard and the kids!

'Well, you're the detective! ' Lucy responded chuckling.' You tell me. Why do you think I would bring you into my bedroom and splay you out on top of my bed?,'

Jacky gulped again. That was obvious, she supposed. Lucy had already said she found Jacky attractive. 'Alright,... so I guess you're going to have your way with me now. ...but...Long term then?' she added. Speech seemed a bit more difficult, now.

'I don't know yet. One of us will have to go. Of course. You or me. Haven't decided yet. It's easy to do a dirty deed, the problem is in tidying up the traces.I aim to get it right. You won't stay here. Tonight we'll transfer you somewhere else, away from prying eyes...'

'Hard to believe the bitch hasn't planned my murder like everything else' surmised Jacky. Hang on...'We will transfer?' she asked.

Lucy Bonnington ignored the query.

'i've seen reports in the local paper online that you are nicknamed 'the barefoot detective' because you have a penchant for snooping around in your bare feet'. Lucy stated, standing up. 'I'm rather disappointed at you. Didn't i merit your trademark investigation technique? You're wearing flats! Let's put that right....'

With a faint swoosh, Lucy slipped each shoe from Jacky's insensate feet, revealing each high-arched sole, with its translucent covering of hard, white, leathery- tough skin and ingrained grit from frequent use, which could not be removed even by regular showering. Balls and pads of the feet displayed additional hard skin around the well-used base. Lucy could see that this was a woman who went barefooted a lot: soft upper skin and pedicured toenails painted red offset those tough leathery soles with particular contrast, while the overall shape of each foot was a combination of strikingly sexy curves. Lucy couldn't help herself, sucking and gnawing greedily at Jacky's bared feet, savouring her tangy, peds for two whole minutes as the helpless PI gazed at her, powerless to protect her own body!

'Very nice' Lucy understated. 'But it's time we got less formal and settled down to have some fun. Well...when I say we shall have fun..I mean me, really. You're not going to be doing too much for quite some time.'. Jacky looked up, her expression a mixture of fear, frustration and contempt.

The villainous victrix pulled at the sleuth's black trousers and tugged them off of her heavy, well muscled but entirely unresisting swimmers legs, the raised the PI's unpowered torso to toll her black top up over her head and slack arms, letting the torso drop limply back onto the bed. Jacky lay in her underwear, white bra and panties. Searching the prone woman's handbag, Lucy smartly switched Jacky's iphone OFF. 'You won't need that now'. she remarked.

'Enjoy yourself for now. You will have... long to regret what you are about to do'. The mature PI hissed, so far as her decaying speech would permit. But she was thinking..' at least her attention keeps me alive...for now.'

'I'd gag you if it wern't that your voice is about to go anyway!' Lucy chided. 'You Rat! You work and work at doing me down and now your own stupidity gets you auht in a simple trap! I'm going to enjoy having you, instead of your husband!'

The angry young woman lashed out, her fist crunching in Jacky's unprotected sex. Despite her paralysis, the prone detective's eyes widened in pain

Pushing the pain-wracked powerless PI onto one side, Lucy unfastened her white bra and released it, pulling it free of her unmoving arms to reveal her taut, hard-nippled, pert breasts, round and good sized even at 49. Lucy Bonnington lay on the bed alongside the powerless private eye, one finger twiddling Jacky's right nipple as her lips nipped and sucked at the left.

'Let's make love' Lucy said, and in a a few moments had stripped naked, clothes thrown on the floor alongside the unwilling, but captured, private detective's. AI few moment's tugging more and the impotent investigator lay completely naked on the bed next to her nude captor.

Jacky lay silent, eyes gazing big and silent in mournful resignation, clouding with increasing weariness and giddy, dizzy tiredness....

Lucy's fingers moved in to play with the PI's punched pussy, then she moved down the bed to allow her mouth and tongue to work at the downed woman's clit and sex, sucking and nibbling alternately. Jacky could only gaze down along her own body and between her own two pert breats see a column of brown wavy hair working up and down at her paralysed vagina.

The giddiness and tiredness whirled overwhelming and with a deep sigh, Jacky succumbed to gas-induced unconsciousness, knocked out at last.

It was 3.10pm and Lucy commenced prolonged sexual intercourse with her now-unconscious tormentor, the blonde veteran investigator who had burst destructively into her life. Rubbing clit to clit, pussy to knocked-out mouth and finally penetrating the defeated detective with a long hard dildo, the angry, frightened woman took her revenge on the gassed-out Jacky.

By 5.15 she had down and she slide down to sleep next to her used, cum-covered opponent/lover wrapt deep in her own forced slumber, arms around her in mock derisive protection.

Jacky began to come to around 8.20pm, when she awoke to find herself still naked but tied to a chair in the office in which she had been gassed. She saw, swimming before her, Lucy ....and her supposed client, Lucy's husband! She ached all over her body!. The Ayrshire scots lass, ex SA and ex USA, had been insensible when Mr Bonnington arrived and quite unknowing that he too had sucked on and enjoyed her bare feet, cumming in great spots over her naked, sexy crinkled soles and ramming into the senseless snoops slack mouth.

The villainous pair had then two-person carried the knocked-out 49 year old's limp body, held under armpits and knees, to the top of the stairs. Lucy had insisted Jacky be placed on the stairs limp, feet downward, then pushed her head and torso up and over to watch it tumble heavily, slack as a limp noodle or sack of potatoes to fetch bonelessly at the foot of the stairs , a muddle of splayed limbs.

Those limbs were now ankles fastened to chair legs, hands tied behind her back, head drooped forward after hours of gassed insensibility.

'Good evening Mrs Graham, nice to have you back with us' Lucy sneered. 'I think you already know Jamie'.

Too weary and weak to react, Jacky just stared hopelessly at the diabolical couple. She had been set up. Her own reports to a 'client' had been fed right back to her target. The hunter was made the hunted. Tested, trapped and captured with ease. She felt used, knew she had been used. it had saved her, so far.

'Time to travel now to a safer location, Mrs Graham' said Jamie.

'Your last residence, probably' added Lucy. 'You will be travelling undercover. That is, undercover of a laundry bag. But I expect, with your modus operandi, youre pretty used to that.

This was true, Jacky thought. But usually she had no inkling of it, her unconscious body transported obliviously to wake up in another place, another time and trying to piece together what had been happening to her whilst she was out. This time she might see it from the inside and knew what was happening beforehand.

'Gas her again' Lucy said.

'No...please...' Jacky whimpered, pleading.

'Never mind, Mrs Graham! When you come to, you will be somewhere else, somitime later. You won't know much about it.. Sweet dreams, you meddling menace..enjoy your dreams while you can.'

They left the room.

'At least I'm going to wake up' thought Jacky. 'So they aren't intending to kill me yet. But I just HAVE to hold on, wait for a break..Richard, kids...don't give up on me..I'll get back to you..somehow!'



Stuffed into a laundry bag, still conscious but paralysed, the naked, helpless sleuth shared the limited space with her clothes, shoes and handbag, felt the impacts as her body took blows as the swinging bag connected with doorposts, then a final crump as the bag was dropped into the car trunk by Mr Bonnington, who appeared to be removing his clothes and possessions and leaving his ex.

He drove off, his ex making her way separately.

Inside the bag, Jacky felt the cold begin to bite into her nude form. She concentrated on her family even as she once more lost consciousness, the car speeding into the dark night with its unseen, closeted, captured, unconscious passenger in the boot.

The other property was reached in about 15 minutes and Jamie removed the bag containing the now deeply unconscious woman and carried the heavy inert weight into the house. Closing the door, Jamie dropped the dead weight with a dull thud, the dragged the gassed girl out of the sack feet first, dragging her along the floor for a few yards, enjoying the sight of her naked body and her ams and hair dragging in slipstream behind her.

Jamie realised he had about 30 minutes before his girlfriend arrived. Whilst Jacky had not particularly attracted him, finding the 49 year old a little too mature for his 32 years, the sight of her limp, inert and senseless nude body at his mercy stimulated him. But he didnt want to be caught in flagrante by Lucy.

He lay down on the floor next to the cold form of the duped detective; he began to hug and kiss her face, neck and body, warming her, his lips roaming ever more passionately over her pert breasts and french kissing her slack mouth. Her smooth skin aroused him and the tight arcs of her blue lined, closed eyes, beneath which he found, on raising a lid gingerly, just a hint of blue iris rolled up into a white orb.

Emboldened, Jamie removed his trousers, standing up to enjoy the downed Scots woman some more. Picking up Jacky's ankles, bare feet flopping loose and uncontrolled, he grasped both feet to roll his penis between the soles unitl he fountained cum upon the crinkled arcs! Fearful of discovery, the spent Scotsman used his handkerchief to mop off the excess from Jacky's used soles, then dropped them inertly to the carpet.

Shortly after, Lucy arrived.

'You haven't been toying with the goods, have you?' Lucy spat sharply at her partner, who nodded negatively, dishonestly. Lucy bent down and ran her right index finger around the ball of drugged detective's right foot and up into the shapely high arch.

'Right, so this stickiness means she's been walking through treacle I expect! Liar... dont you think I can't smell your spent cum?'

'What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, Lucy- I know what you've been up too also..' Jamie defended himself.

'Well, now isn't the time to fall out' Lucy backed off. 'I know wev'e discussed this in planning, but now we're here, lets think carefully before we take the plunge.'

'OK', said Jamie. 'Let me spell it out again. This interfering old bitch (here he turned to kick crossly at the downed Jacky's right breast, causing her body and breast to wobble, resonating for a few seconds)...this interfering old bitch has found out quite a lot about what you have been up to at work and probably told your bosses of the evidence she has. They're onto you, no mistake.'

'But how will killing her help? They'll still be onto me- us-and just engage some other snoop instead. Either way, topping her probably just means we get 20 years instead of 3.'

'Maybe, sweetheart. We have 3 options. Run, hide or see it through. If we run now, we can't take much loot with us and where do we run to? I'm dual nationality Scottish and Canadian, but do n't think they can't extradite us from Canada. And nowhere else will want us. If we hide, we spend forever as paupers grubbing out an existence in fear of a and from the shadows taking us.

If we see it through- dispose of this slutty, stupid, middle-aged sleuth, (he poked Jacky's flaccid face with his toe, pushing her limp head from right to left) dispose of her body - they may not get the evidence to move against us at all. There will be uncertainty, but not for that long.'

'OK conceded Lucy. But we have to off her and dispose of her corpse without leaving a trace. That's never so straightforward. Yes, we can gas her, smother or strangle her whenever we wish, but how to dispose of the body? At least waiting a day or two and doing the deed at the hired house in Galston removes it from my immediate vicinity.'

'My friend Robin runs a passenger pleasure boat on loch Lomond' said Jamie.' Remember him? I told you of this. I'll hire the boat for an evening. You draw him to one side and get to work on him whilst I carry the bag with our Mrs Graham weighted down inside, onto the boat, which I can run out speedily into the loch. Then drop her overboard in the black night to feed the fishes of the loch. I dont expect Robin will be too pleased, but we can get around that.'

'I remember' said Lucy, but its not that straightforward if Robin won't play with me or sees the bag. How about just finding a place where cliffs stand right over the sea? Maybe heads of Ayr, or the Barssie Banks? Or even Mull of Galloway?'

'Seas have tides and she may get washed up, even weighted down. They will find out what happened then'

'Ok, we have time to debate this later- I'm tired' said Lucy. 'Let's get the cow down for the night'.

Jamie took the unconscious investigator under the armpits, Lucy took her knees and head drooped lazily forward, arms and lower legs and feet dangling and jiggling floppily. Jacky was carried into the bathroom and again dropped, with a dull, clanging thud, into the bath where she lay utterly still and inert, her lower right leg hanging by the knee out of the bathtub foot pendant and dangling loose, unfeeling and unmoving.

The laundry bag with Jacky's clothes, shoes and handbag was thrown carelessly into the bathroom beside their stupefied, out-cold owner. The bathroom door was then sealed and with another fiendish hisssss, the still-unknowing Jacky was gassed yet again.

'That'll keep her out for the night' Lucy stated, satisfied. The wicked couple retired to bed, leaving the kidnapped, very gassed cutie to her dark, deep involuntary slumber in the bath all night, the bathroom door locked from the outide.

3. Grapple in Galston

Lucy came down to the bathroom at about 7.30am. Jamie had gone to work- appearances had to be maintained- and she wanted to check on her captive, as Jamie had done before he left., Lucy peeked through the spyhole they had inserted into the door to see the intrepid but inert private eye still laying precisely where she had been dropped hours ago during the night; not a muscle moved, head slumped against her chest. Opening the door, the naked Lucy, holding her towel, stepped into the bathroom jauntily.

'Sorry, sleepyhead, i need toilet and shower' grinned Lucy. Presumably Jamie had seen to his business and washed, not showered, with the unconscious, denuded Scotswoman lying in close proximity- probably he had touched her up as he prepared to go. Lucy needed a good shower and then wanted to enjoy her day with her sex toy before possibly disposing of her that night.

Lucy stopped for a few minutes to pick up and examine Jacky's limp right hand, examining her flaccid, half curled fingers, not controlled for present yet formerly holding and touching so much.Lucy sucked at the fingers, tongue working into the slack palm. Likewise she picked up the captured woman's loose 49 year old right foot, held it to her lips, sucked and gnawed greedily upon it,tongue working into the high sexy cured arch, the foot no longer transport or weapon, for now just a sex toy.

Finally she used the limp foot to stimulate her pussy, then dropped the foot, allowing it to swing helplessly for some seconds before falling still.

Holding the inert woman by her right wrist and ankle, Lucy hauled her from the bath onto the floor in one movement and dragged her by the ankles two yards toward the doorway. Lucy took a roll of duct tape she had brought downstairs and cutting with a pair of scissors, taped Jacky Grahams ankles together and her wrists together also, but behind her bare back. Lucy lay down beside the insensible investigator, hugging her, kissing her French style and rubbing bare breasts and pussies. Having started her day doing things to her hated hunter that she knew would be against her will, to start the day off, Lucy then stood up. Jacky was left lying on her right side as Lucy stepped over her inanimate form into the bath and beneath the shower.

As she showered and bathed herself clean, Lucy gazed at the completely inanimate form of the gassed detective, nude from head to foot and still soiled from the use made of it over the past 18 or so hours. She had to keep an eye on Jacky- the foxy ferret of facts would come around soon and Lucy wasn't taking any chances.

Feeling clean and fresh, the sassy, sexy Ms Bonnington deliberately stepped on Jacky as she dismounted the bath, using her yielding soft still flesh as a footstall.

She was going to get dressed, but feeling horny, decided on more fun with her captive.

Picking Jacky up by her ankles, she dragged the helpless Scots South African into the living room/lounge and as she did so, the rubbing on her back stimulated the suppressed snoop into a series of moans as she started o come round.

'Back with us, Mrs Graham?' sneered the villainous office worker. 'Had a good nap?'

Jacky saw it was daytime and that she had been out, all night. Despite the forced nature of her slumber, she felt rested and not too fatigued, despite the aches and pains of the tribulations her body had suffered. But she was weak with hunger and the effects of the gas to which she had been repeatedly subjected.

'Yes.....thanks..' returning consciousness enabled her to stammer.

'Well, Ill just put you out again for some more fun' Lucy added, spitefully.

'!' Jacky pleaded. 'Last day? Want to see some of it, even sex. Please..please don't gas me again. I'll try some bondage games?'

The sharp sleuth's mind was working again, even after many hours of gas-clouded oblivion. She realised that she had to stay awake, avoid being gassed, if she were to have any chance of engineering an escape and seeing home again. At least the house was warm and being naked was not a discomfort, albeit highly embarrassing.

Lucy gave it thought, 'Ok,- you and me a bondage session. I'll fetch some rope and tie some looped manacles to the four legs of my bed, Get you upstairs and we'll make out. This could all go on some time, you know, so if your'e good you'll see your home again.' Lucy added, dishonestly.

Twenty minutes later, Lucy returned. 'OK, ready. I'll have breakfast and take you up.'

'I need to use the toilet after being unconscious all night unless you want the house to get seriously messy. And some food and drink, if you want your fun to be as good as you like.'

Lucy pondered.

'OK, I'll loose your hands but leave your legs tied. Hop into the bathroom, do what needs to be done and wash. Then hop to the door and I'll re-tie your hands. Then I'll give you some of my breakfast. But I'll be using a spyhole to watch you and if I see even ONE wrong move in the bathroom, I'll turn on the gas and that's that.'

Jacky nodded assent. She complied with her captor's wishes, barring a single sweep downwards when the cunning blonde detective pretended to drop some toilet paper; in picking it up she also released a a retractable blade in a ring on her right hand which all but severed the duct tape around her ankles.

Wrists rebound, the irrepressible investigator hopped to the table for breakfast then as directed, hopped slowly up the stairs one by one, as Lucy climbed behind her, wielding a small fruit knife. The climb was tiring but the earlier refreshment had made Jacky feel ten times how she had felt upon awakening.

Coming to Lucy's bedroom, Jacky spied out of the window- she was in a property with a rustic setting, quite unlike the Kilmarnock house she had entered yesterday. She had clearly been transported here during the night. As she halted to observe, the Scots South African was prodded by the knife and as directed, she lay upon the bed.

Lucy sliced the duct tape from around Jacky's wrists, then began to try to tie Jacky's right wrist in a ring of rope secured to ne of the legs of the bed whilst keeping the knife menacingly poised. In so doing, the knife slipped and in a moment, the vigilant vixen had crashed her other arm into Lucy's arm, dashing the knife into a corner of the room! As she did so, Jacky swung to her feet, simultaneously severing the tape about her slim ankles and for the first time since the torment began, Jacky Graham stood toe to toe with her tormentor on equal terms!

The two naked women faced off briefly, the tall blonde 49 year old at 5 feet 8, about 2 inches taller and better built than her 35 year old redheaded opponent. Filled with anger at her treatment and desperation to get home, the sexy mature investigator threw herself at her opponent, determined not to let her recover the knife, determined to end matters before the age difference, or loss of stamina due to her tribulations could make a difference. The initial momentum of Jacky's charge carried the battling pair outside of the bedroom into the narrow hallway and the two women clinched, tried to head butt, tried to scratch and pull and to land short, ineffective punches into soft flesh, technique abandoned, fury raging.

At last they tripped and fell to the floor, rolling, hissing, punching, trying to bite or gain a momentary advantage, trying to knee upward but with no space for leverage: they began to tumble, slowly, lengthwise, down the stairs, taking painful jars and knocks on the way down, naked bodies still in long contact, writhing, clutching, straining to hold the enemy down from inflicting a blow and trying to make a blow of one's own.

The two combatants reached the hallway downstairs in a jumble of bare arms and legs, bodies locked rolling in a trial of strength, life or death, imprisonment or freedom, fame or freedom all fuelling the dire struggle, adrenalin pumping wildly, pain ignored, even thrust away unfelt, nervous, mental, physiological and physical components fully stretched in confrontation which would alter the pattern of life subsequently.

The strain and effort were too much to allow of dialogue other than hissing of the most basic of oaths and insults, toes scrabbling for a purchase on the carpet, fingers locked in combat, every muscle straining, faces grimacing with anxiety and issue of power.

Time ticked past- 15 minutes, seemingly hours and eternity to the adversaries, in a self contained relativity continuum. At last Jacky managed to tear herself back off of her opponent and get to her feet, breath gasping, greedily sucking oxygen to fuel further effort from tiring limbs. Lucy too clambered upright, breasts heaving and also imbibing the energy-giving element.

Then the combatants set to again, crashing into one another in a desperate, life-questing charge for supremacy that meant the world, life and freedom to each, arms clutching, breasts smashing into one another, fists pummeling yet seeking to give no opening, faces taking short-pulled blows, clinched then pulling apart, whirling around, one the ground then up again, smashing into furniture, teeth gritted, saliva foaming, naked soles straining for purchase on the carpet, chaos in miniature without any external viewer.

Jacky knew she had fought better than she ever thought she could, finding reserves of stamina nd toughness she never knew she had but for this battle for life and family. But after all she had been through in the past day, strength was beginning to wane, to ebb. Against this, younger, fresher, also-desperate opponent, the pretty PI realised that she had to find something special else she were done, finished- for good!

In the next clash, Jacky held back a little, seemingly cautious and the vampish villainess instinctively understood that she was on top, thrusting aggressively forward, seeking to end the matter. As Lucy came on, jacky fell back, till Ms Bonnington charged in incautiously. The daring detective thrust out her right leg, tangling into the oncoming 35 year old's legs and pitching her forward to the floor!

Sidestepping smartly, Jacky Graham twirled, pivoting on her left foot, her right bare foot snap-kicking, crashing into the prone miscreant's jaw, snapping her head to one side, rolling her over. Dazed and groggy, Lucy clambered gamely up, body straining to keep going, only to meet another ferocious kick from the now-smiling snoop, this time to her left breast, crashing her back onto a tall wall unit, pain coursing through her breast and now her back! Lucy slumped toward the floor, back to the unit, legs giving way, knees bending and unable to stand.

Jacky bent down, grabbing the failing fraud by the shoulder, pulling her forward and around, fist pulling back as she prepared to pull Lucy upright, administer the coup de grace, complete her victory and make home while finishing the case!

Pushed to the edge of the unit by Lucy Bonnington's impact, a heavy bronze air force eagle proudly displayed atop the unit immediately above the slumped villainess was finally dislodged by Jacky's movement, plummeting down on target for the top of Lucy's dome until one wing bounced off of a jutting ledge, deflecting the dense metal object directly on top of the successful sleuth' crown! Impact softened a little by Jacky's mane of blonde hair, the heavy metal ornament cracked her skull with dizzying effect.


'AINgHH!' gasped the shocked snoop, jacknifing upwards, dazed and confused, mind whirling, ' raticus!-was Jamie back'?

In a trice the near- beaten gasser got to her feet, as the hitherto-successful blonde detective stumbled for support, releasing Lucy.

Now it was a partly-recovered Lucy who grasped Jacky's shoulder, whirled her about and smashed her fist into the stunned investigator's jaw, snapping her head to one side, sending the tall, well built woman careening across the room to pitch into a set of three coffee tables laden with small object d'art, crashing through them, flattening two of the tables into spars and splintered pieces beneath her, sending the third flying, Jacky's hurt head cracking into another, larger, lower coffee table!

Now the PI lay prone amongst the littered, shattered debris, bare soles bent and crinkled upwards, head to one side,blood flowing from a cut on her right cheek, body splayed awkwardly amidst the mess, moaning softly, moving sluggishly, slightly, stunned, stupefied.

Lucy Bonnington, cocky now, strutted towards the downed detective, tables turned in mere moments.

Dragging the slugged sleuth from the impact debris by her ankles, Lucy hauled the groggy, barely sentient snoop to her unsteady feet, knees bucking. Releasing her, in a swift instant Lucy gripped her fingers into a double fist and swatted this powerfully into Jacky's left cheek, spinning her sideways across the room onto a small landing by a small flight of stairs, down to a mezzanine floor where the house was terraced down a steep slope.

Jacky crashed into the wall at the top of the flight, her legs buckled helplessly and the 49-year old fell, aghast, twisting, limbs awry, down the flight of stairs to fetch up at the bottom on her back. Oddly, Mrs Graham felt comforted: a fall at 49 could be serious- she hurt all over but could still feel her legs and feet: nothing seemed to be broken. She could just see Lucy's bare feet descending the steps close by her head. Jacky looked up helplessly: she couldn't move, her body wouldn't work. Lucy stood, looming over her prone, fallen body, grinning smugly. Eyes glazing, Jacky could feel the room going cold and dark and spinning as she made a purely mental effort to rise, then her eyes snapped shut and with a deep sigh, she went limp. The 49 year old blonde PI was completely knocked out.

Jacky Graham, 49 year old blonde private eye, had lost the fight and lay unconscious, knocked out by the victorious villainess at whose feet she lay inert!

Lucy reached out her naked sole and enjoyed sliding it up and down along Jacky's soft, conquered skin, into her slack half open mouth, turning her now-loose head from side to side, squashing both pert, point-hard, knocked-out nippled breasts, swaying the inert musculature of Jacky's out-cold torso from side to side in a gentle wave action which demonstrated how senseless Jacky now was, unfeeling, unmoving, unknowing. Lucy enjoyed the sensation of power over the defeated detective.

In a matter of seconds, a series of events had resulted in a complete turnaround, from the Ayrshire sleuth about to deliver the coup de grace to a weakened Lucy, to her 5 feet 8 mature- but-sexy nude body splayed, knocked out, at the foot of a flight of stairs.

The Kilmarnock crook gloated over her fallen, opponent, the vanquished, beaten detective,

'Well toots, you had me on the ropes there, thought I was a goner for sure. But that lucky break with the ornament saved me. Unlucky, sweetheart, you had your chance, Pretty good fight for your age. But you're finished, for now. I'll have my fun and you won't be waking up You've seen your last sunrise, I'm going to gas you but good!' 'After some pleasure, of course....'

Although Lucy had enjoyed Jacky's helpless body for much of the previous day, this time felt different. Yesterday she had captured her dangerous nemesis by trickery: today, she had overcome the Symington snoop in toe-to-toe physical combat on level terms- more or less, once her knife had been removed. The fact that her victory was in large part owed to a fortuitous fall by an inanimate object in no way reduced her exaltation and she lusted for sexual gratification by way of sealing her victory.

In any case, this would be the last sex this bitch would enjoy. Or at least, if not enjoy, participate in, even if she was too unconscious to even know about it, let alone gain pleasure- or pain- from the experience.

Lucy lay down on top of and beside the downed PI, squeezing her caressing her soft skin, rubbing her inanimate body, watching it move insensately, the kissing mouth, nibbling at knocked-out nipples, the eating out the senseless pussy of the punched-out PI.

Lucy even sucked at the senseless snoops' palms and her half-curled fingers, usually so adept, no longer handling her husband's cock or working a computer but now simply sex food.

Lucy kneaded Jacky's tough soles, her fingers pushing into the high arches, enjoying the peds, sucking her toes and the balls of her hardened feet, gnawing at hard skin, enjoying the woman's beaten, helpless body.

When Lucy Bonnington felt aroused enough, she stood up, too Jacky's right ped by the ankle and pushed the floppy foot up into her sex, rubbing toes ad pads about until she came in a sense- weakening orgasm, gushing over the captured, used toes, letting the bare foot drop insensately to the floor to thud heel first intot he floor, registering no activity at all. She had won!

Waiting a few minutes till she had recovered somewhat from the orgasm- and deciding not to try to top it with another in addition to the secondary orgasms still rolling through her, for fear of Jacky Graham's recovery ,Lucy decided to drag the pretty PI's still-unconscious body into the bathroom and there, gas her to death.

The first attempt to haul Jacky's limp dead weight up the flight of steps failed, when having grasped the fallen ferret by the armpits, head slumped forward, she got up 8 or 9 steps before her fingers lost their grip and the slumbering sleuth cascaded, heel over tit, back down the steps in an inert mess.

The second attempt, gripping the PI by the ankles to drag her away from the scene of her lost fight, was successful and the steps were ascended, Lucy proceeding slowly, step by step, to shift the heavy limp weight in her own sex-andimpact-weakened state.

They approached the hallway to the bathroom, Jacky's hair and arms trailing behind, limp hands palm upward, fingers curled slackly, mouth half agape. The bathroom door loomed 3 yards away and once open and the sleuth's senseless form secured inside, there could be but one end.

Lucy, tired and straining pulling the inanimate body across the carpet, pulled Jacky a foot closer to her and began to take another step back when a hand - seemingly insensible till now-shot down to grasp her ankle and pulled Lucy over, causing her to fall backwards uncontrolledly!

Lucy cracked her head hard against the wall as she fell and Jacky, getting to her feet, had only to bend down and chop savagely at the thieving kidnapper's neck to ensure she stayed out for some time. Retrieving her clothes and bag from the bathroom, then locking the laid-out Lucy therein, the reprieved investigator called the police without delay.

4. Surprised in Sillingham

There followed police interviews, Lucy's removal in a police car and an apb call made for Jamie, explanation of the monies peculated by the pair and the uses made of some of it, giving of statements then a trip to Kilmarnock General Hospital for checks for gas damage or concussion, both fortunately in the negative. Finally a police car took Jacky back to her long-parked- and ticketed- Nissan Note and a short drive home, exhausted but happy to be alive.

It was past 8.30pm when Jacky pulled into her driveway and headed into her house through the garden. Her husband Richard was watching TV with the kids.


'Hi sweetheart, had a good day?' called Richard.

'What!!' exclaimed the instantly-incensed investigator- 'you- you didn't realise...?'

'Realise what?' said Richard. 'Had a bad day?'

'Oh, MAN! You didnt realise I didn't come HOME last night?'

'No. Why should I? You've been coming home very late and up very early for weeks. You always make the bed when you leave and I've been sleeping well, tired out after work, kids, meals and housework. I just assumed I'd slept heavily. You didn't call and neither did Julie. Why didn't you come home? Case took a tough turn?'

'Very tough' explained Jacky. 'I got kidnapped. Held at the house I was watching, transported overnight to a house in Galston, narrowly avoided death, freed myself and got home after spending time at the Police Station and the Hospital'

'I'm sorry to hear it. You haven't wanted me to call while you were watching that house in case I give you away, but it seems you weren't as invisible as you hoped. What went wrong?'

'I got set up by one of my clients, Richard. Gol-LY but I goofed- and it seemed you didn't give a scooby. You seemed to be doing hee-haw.'

'Sweetheart, I think the problem is communication. Somehow, it just didn't gel. I'm deeply sorry, I love you and care for you and would do anything for you. So what did this cow do to you? Usually, you are so invisible.'

Jacky motioned Richard upstairs, out of kids' earshot.

'She lured me into the house yesterday afternoon with an open door, then into a room that looked like it contained evidence. Bingo, locked door. Cue gas, Tot Siens Jacky, and I didn't really wake up for any length of time that I remember properly, till this morning, somewhere else.

'Unconscious all afternoon, evening and night? That's an awfully long time.' Richard sat down, Hiding a huge hard-on.

'If I recall- fitfully- she- they gassed me more than once. Two or three times, to keep me down.' Jacky omitted reference to her memories of the post-gas paralysis period and Lucy's intimate attentions.'

'How did they get you to Galston then?'

'I vaguely remember a laundry bag. I was stuffed into one..probably in the trunk of the car'

'What were they planning to do? Did they do anything to you?' Richard asked , seemingly innocently, but he was very aroused.

'Not really' Jacky said, untruthfully. Too embarrassed.But I think they planned to kill me: probably tonight'

'Heavens above!' her husband exclaimed, livid. 'How did you escape?'

'I persuaded the bitch to allow me toilet facilities and breakfast, in return for ...a bondage game' Jacky hung her head in shame. 'But once she tried to tie me up, I came back at her, hard, and disarmed her- she had a knife- then we fought all round the house for it seems like hours. Must have ben about 15 minutes i suppose, but fighting is exhausting, especially at our sort of age.'

'And?' Richard prompted. You defeated and captured her?'

'Not quite' Jacky added, honestly this time. She thought of lying and saying she'd won easily, but had to explain the hospital trip and it would all come out in Court in the end anyway.

' I was on the point of Ko-ing her when I must have dislodged something from a wall unit, it pranged into the back of my head, I got dizzy and dazed- she slammed me across the room and I just remember another punch and falling down some stairs, then her feet- and that's all.'

'So you lost the fight?'

'Only through bad luck. But she knocked me out, yes. Later i came round after she dropped me back down the stairs, i think. Must have been trying to drag me up them and lost her grip- that brought me round but i played possum till I felt fit and ready and took her down, good and proper then- so I won!'

'Well done, sweetheart! So you came out on top- and she must have given herself a hernia trying to drag your dead weight upstairs!' Rihard joked

'You raticus!' Jacky hit her husband in the tummy, softly, in fun.

'Let me soothe it better' Richard took her in his arms and proceeded to unleash his pent up, monumental arousal.....


End of Sleuth in Stasis

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How does a person know when they have meant the one?  I cannot say that I truly know, but for me it was on the second date.  My girlfriend is six years younger than myself, and therefore even at close to thirty, I had to await the inevitable hour when her mother would go to bed, so that she and I could actually get intimate.  We actually had a pattern in those early days of us dating, wait for her mother to leave, make out, and talk until the sun rose.  Every day I would leave her house feeling like a dream came true, but once again I stress that the second date was the most crucial.

There was something about her, to this day I cannot say what, but I immediate began to trust her.  My sleepy fetish had been a very personal thing to me all this time, and the only ones who ever knew that I even had a fetish side were on this very site, but then she asked me what I liked during sex...and I told her...and she nodded, and said, "Neat..."  The night would go on as planned, and at the time she had no idea how much that level of acceptance meant to me.

Time passed, and we went from honeymoon sweethearts to a competant mom and dad, who now lived in our own apartment.  I admitted to not only having plenty of masks to choose from, but a few different inhalant chemicals that I had tried on myself from time to time in an attempt to fullfill my fetish desires.  I would ask her occasionally if she would ever try some and fullfill the actual desire, and she always shrugged and said maybe.

The day came where our kids went to stay the night with their aunt.  The day progressed normally. my wife and I did chores, went out to eat, and generally enjoyed our day.  I was sitting at my computer, scrolling facebook, when my now fiance came to the entry way of the living room and called out to me.  I turned in my chair, and my my jaw dropped.  Before me was a four foot eleven inch, twenty two year old with brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a skimpy nurses outfit I had bought her.  The top was a tank top with little red hearts and white crosses on each breast, leaving her little flat waist exposed.  Along with that was a skirt, again with the heart and cross dead center on her georgous love making parts.

She just smiled silently and let me soak it in.  It wasn't uncommon for her to give into my fantasies by wearing a mask or telling me sleepy stories about her wisdom teeth, but today she had decided to go all out.  I couldn't speak I was in such shock.  She came over and took me by the hand, leading me out of my chair and over to a little love seat we owned.  I sat, she stood over me and let me nibble and lick her tummy, electrifying nerves and making her body go ridgid.  She pushed me back into the love seat and shook her head.  "I'm not quite ready for my examination yet doctor, can I get a few more things?"

"Yeah..." I said breathlessly.

The love of my life smiled at me with her perfectly white teeth and her breasts bounced in the tight fabric of the nurses outfit.  She left the room for a few minutes, and I heard her moving things around in our bedroom. Once she was done, she poked her head around the corner and smiled at me brilliantly.  "Are you ready baby?"

I shifted nervously.  My whole body was already electrified by the outfit alone, and I assumed she was bringing out a mask to complete the picture.  

"Y-yeah..."  I was stammering, trying not to explode right then and there.

I had expected my newly bought black beauty. We had used it a few times and she knew how much I loved seeing her in it.  What I didn't expect was a little bottle I had bought back when I was an experimenting bachelor.  My mouth dropped, I couldn't speak.

Apparently she didn't get the awe, and became a little nervous, "This is the right stuff right?  The stuff you talk about?  Chloroform?"  She unconciously brought the bottle to her face.

I nodded, then shrugged, "N-not really.  Chloroform gives you this massive headache and burns your eyes and nose when you breathe it.  At least the stuff you can buy.  That's Ether, it's much easier and safer."  

She turned the bottle over in her hands, looking at the label.  "Never heard of it."  It was an innocent statement, but to a person whos life revolved around his secret fetish, it almost knocked my jaw loose.  

"Uhhh...that's alright...I can show you what it does if you want,"  I may not have had much practice at being sexy in these passionate moments, but at least I could take a hint on where things were going.  It was surreal though, knowing that my girlfriend was willingly bringing out something that I had hidden away from everyone for my whole life.

She smiled and nodded, "That's why I got all dressed up for you doctor,"  My member engorged at the statement. 

I wasn't really ever one to get too excited over a rag to the face.  Even as their eyes rolled, it was a far second to the hiss of gas, or the seal of an anesthesia mask.  Luckily I had a history of experiments and reaserch that had prepared me for this moment.  My love handed me the black anesthesia mask, and I went to get a paper towel.  As I was folding, I gave her the rundown of what Ether was.  "I'm going to warn you, this stuff stinks like hell.  It isn't as bad as chloroform, I wouldn't wish that shit on anyone, but this stuff just doesn't smell good."  

She rocked her body side to side slowly for me, showing off her tight nurses outfit.  "Okay doctor, just be gentle for widdle ol me."  She said with a sly, but small smile on her lips.  "And don't kill me..."  She decided to add.

I had her sit between my legs, her body leaning against mine.  I tipped her head back into my chest and she sat there a moment, sinking into me.  


"I'm ready Doctor," She gave another knowing smile.  I held the towel in my chin, and held the bottle out before her, opening it carefully.  "So that's the stuff huh doctor?"

"The one and only."  I placed the rag overtop the opening, trapping the fumes.  "Now I gotta warn you, it's going to smell really really bad.  I'm going to start you off slow and easy, and we will go from there."

"Okay doctor, I understand."  My love was trying to be brave for me, but I could see a little concern creep through.

The liquid was on the towel, which was already starting to loose it's vapors to the room.  My love made a face, as I quickly folded and crammed the towel into the black anesthesia mask and covered the openings.  "Ready babe?"

She put on her sexiest voice and wriggled a bit on my chest.  "Oh yes doctor, put me to sleep baby."

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I knocked on the door of the apartment. I had been let in by a woman after saying that I was here to see Sandi. Sandi and I had been chatting online for a couple of years and she had finally come to the UK to visit and was staying with her British cousin. It was a summer’s Saturday and both she and her cousin were keen for me to come over, so I was now waiting for them. I was wearing a yellow T-Shirt, beige shorts and sandals on my bare feet.

The door opened and standing behind it was a pretty dark haired woman, wearing very short black shorts and a white t-shirt. “Are you Sandi?” I asked. I was expecting a blonde woman. She smiled.

“No Sandi is waiting in the living room. I am her cousin, pleased to meet you!” She held out her hand and I shook it. “Can you take your shoes off please honey? I am trying to keep my carpets nice!” She asked. I obliged and slid the sandals next to other shoes by the door. “Did you bring your gear? We would really like to waste no time in getting started.” I nodded. “Good, please go into the bathroom, three doors down and change. Come and find us in the living room.” She motioned to the door she meant and I went to get changed.

Once in there I opened my backpack and pulled out my black boxing gloves, black shorts and a white T-Shirt. I changed into them. I had also brought my nightwear, but would not need that just yet. I put my t-shirt and shorts back into the backpack, picked it up and walked back out the bathroom, carrying my boxing gloves. I found the living room and both women were sat on the sofa, wearing matching black shorts with Sandi wearing a pink top and her cousin wearing a white one. Sandi also had red boxing gloves on while I noticed pink ones resting against Sandi’s bare feet, obviously they belonged to her cousin. Sandi stood up on my entry and walked over. “Nice to finally meet you hon!” She beamed at me, leant round and kissed me on the cheek. “We are going to have so much fun.”

“So how are we going to do this?” I asked. I put on my boxing gloves. The living room was very spacious, there was plenty of space to bounce around and box one another.

“This is going to be a two on one tag match” Sandi’s cousin replied. “Us vs. You.” I gulped, both women were older and actually looked like they could be stronger than me and I knew from conversations with Sandi that they were both seasoned boxers. She then put on her pink boxing gloves and walked to the edge of the room, giving me a cheeky wink.

“I will start with you hon.” Sandi smiled. “Don’t worry, I will go easy on you to start with.” She did a few shadow boxing punches first, followed by a couple of kicks, showing off her bare feet. I did the same and soon our eyes were locked into each other as we circled the room. Sandi’s cousin called for us to go and off we went, throwing punches at each other. I thought I was doing pretty well until without warning, Sandi dodged left and slammed a fist hard into my left temple.

My head whipped sideways and I staggered dizzily on my bare feet, seeing yellow stars and hearing bells. “I think I just had my bell rung!” I said dazedly. Sandi smiled then launched herself into a flurry of hard left and right punches, slamming my head from side to side several times before giving me a hard uppercut, whipping my head backwards. I swayed, my bell now well and truly rung, seeing circling pink stars with faces that were winking at me. My eyes were crossed and I could hear tweeting in the distance along with the bells. My mouth hung open and I muttered “Duh…I see stars.” Sandi bit her lower lip and then winked at her cousin. She then stepped forwards giving me a hard right body shot, causing me to bend over and then slammed both fists down hard on top of my head.

I fell straight down on my front, head between her bare feet. I was now seeing pink doves and hearing them tweet loudly. My eyes were spinning and my tongue was out, while I was sporting a goofy grin. A lump was pushing out the top of my head where her fists had connected and my head was shaking side to side as I saw the birdies. “Duh…pwetty birdies, duh….” I said in a dazed, childlike voice.

“Aw, enjoy the birdies for a minute hon!” Sandi said excitedly, she pulled off one of her boxing gloves and bend down, feeling between my legs at my crotch. “Yep, you are standing to attention!” She laughed, “While lying down at my feet. Tweet tweet!”

“Tweet tweet!” I echoed back stupidly, causing more laughs from both women.

Sandi walked over to her cousin, who was obviously trying hard to contain her own excitement. “Your turn cous, he’s so ours!”

“Definitely is. I’ll make it so he lasts all this next week, while you are here so we can have a slave!” Sandi nodded, breathing heavily, obviously excited by the idea. Her cousin walked over to my prone body and spoke to me. “Well honey, as hot as you look down there, we have not quite finished with you yet. You see? It’s my turn and I have knocked out hundreds of much bigger men than you. By the time I’m done with you, you will be our slave for the week and that jaw will be glass for the rest of your life. You and I are going to have lots of fun, even after Sandi has gone home!” Sandi breathed even heavier, she knew roughly what to expect and was looking forward to what her cousin was going to do to me.

She lifted up her bare foot and pushed the lump back down into my head before pulling me up to my feet, I swayed with my arms down by my sides, still dizzy from Sandi’s assault. Her cousin tilted my chin with her left fist and said “Aw honey, shake it off for me. We have a lot more fun to go before you can sleep!” I did as she asked and shook my head. The stars and birdies flew off and my eyes returned to normal. “That’s better honey.” I shook my head again and brought up my fists, ready to get a small measure of revenge on this woman. I was rather hot though so I pulled off my white T-Shirt, revealing my bare chest. I got stuck though as I still had my boxing gloves on. Sandi smiled and came over to help me and pulled it off over my gloves, tossing it onto the sofa and she went back to her tag position, before telling us to fight.

Me and her cousin started throwing punches backwards and forwards at each other. Although it started off quite light, she very quickly started throwing power punches at my chest and head. I managed to block them, then one found its mark and slammed me hard across the side of my chin. My head whipped sideways and my mouth hung open as I saw cartoonish yellow stars and heard “CUCKOO! CUCKOO!” echo through my dazed mind. I staggered dizzily, but quickly shook it off. I turned and went after Sandi’s cousin again, throwing her a hard right hook, but she easily anticipated my shot and ducked and came up with a hard right cross right across the side of my jaw, following that with a left hook on my other side and then she ducked a dizzy retort from my left hand and then came up and slammed me so hard I span round 360 degrees, finally staggering dizzily, seeing white stars and hearing cuckoo clock sounds ringing through my head. My head was going round on my neck with the stars and my mouth hung open gormlessly.

“Ouch mommy, did you get the number of that truck? Duh, that hurt.” I said stupidly.

“No, and I am not your mommy honey.” She replied, before slamming me with another hard right, this time connecting it with my temple. I drooled as I started seeing blue jays flying around my head. She followed that up by stepping round behind me and then slamming both her boxing gloved fists together with my head in between. My body jerked as her fists made contact and my eyes went crossed and I swayed, guard completely down and unable to think. I was seeing cuckoo birds now and they were cuckooing at me constantly. “Mmmm honey, you look good. Good and tired. How about taking a load off of your feet?” She walked back around in front of me, lifting her gloves high above my head and then slamming them down on top of my head, causing a lump to rise yet again and before I could gawp at the extra yellow stars that flew out on impact to join the cuckoo birds, she then ducked down and brought a hard right uppercut right under my chin.

My head whipped back with the force and power that had gone into that uppercut and I flew upwards and backwards, my bare feet leaving that soft carpet of the living room floor, the back of my head slammed into the wall, giving me a double-tap and I slid down the wall coming to rest on my bum, sitting against the wall. I was now seeing two halos encircling my head, one of cuckoo birdies and white stars and the other of yellow stars and moons. I was hearing very loud cuckoos, tweeting and bells echoing through my very dazed and confused mind. I had a large lump pushed up through my hair on the top of my head where the boxing gloves had bonked me on top of the head and a lump at the back where I had met the wall. My head was rolling around on my The soles of my bare feet were facing the women and I was pitching a very large and sturdy tent. “Duh…” I groaned, unable to think up any more of a sentence.

Both women were feeling very wet at this point as they looked on at me. Sandi’s cousin put her boxing gloves down to her hips and stepped towards me, placing a bare foot down on my chest and feeling the relaxed breathing. “Well, he’s as good as out now. What do you think Sandi? Is he done? Or shall we give him some more sights to see?”

Sandi walked over, breathing hard and hardly able to keep her own composure “I really think he could do with some more sights. I want to make him see more animals anyway.”

“OK, well I think this boxing match is over as I don’t think he can stand right now.” Sandi’s cousin mused. She removed her boxing gloves and sat down in front of me, sliding her now bare hands over my bare feet. “Now honey, this is what I like to call a nightie night ten count.” She lifted up her bare feet so that they were inches away from my chin. “One!” WHAM! Her feet slammed into my chin and my head whipped back and slammed against the wall. My eyes span with the force and my body juddered, going limp again. Stars flew from my head during both the connection with her feet and the wall. She laughed. “Well that is one. Two!” WHAM! WHAM! The same thing happened again. “Three!” WHAM! WHAM! “Four!” She was getting so wet seeing my eyes spin on impact, and the two halos above my head were getting bigger with each hit as the cuckoos got louder. My tent was pitching harder each hit too and she was far from finished. “Five!”

Sandi was watching with interest, knowing from the chats how much I liked to see stars from bare feet hitting me. She felt a little jealous, but it was fun to watch.

“Ten!” WHAM! WHAM! My head bounced off the wall for the tenth time.  The back of my head was now covered in lumps, my jaw was a little bruised, my mouth was smiling very goofily, with my tongue hanging out of the side of my mouth. My body felt very tingly and relaxed and my mind was foggy and calm. All that was going through my head was the sound “Cuckoo! Cuckoo!” and some faint tweeting in the background. I had two halos still spinning above my head, one now being of yellow stars and pink doves and the other being of yellow stars and multi-coloured winged cartoon ponies. Sandi’s cousin pulled back her feet and knelt staring into my eyes. “Well that’s him done Sandi, probably the biggest KO of his life. He won’t remember a lot of it!” She then leant over to my right hand side, kissing my cheek and whispering in my ear “Will you, my little cuckoo slave?”

Sandi smiled and took off her boxing gloves, before kneeling down and crawling over to my left hand side. She kissed my left cheek and whispered in my left ear “It really is hot seeing you like this hon, we are going to have some fun in the bedroom now.” Both women laughed happily and then took me from either side and dragged me into the bedroom.

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So, last week I posted an online ad for my longboard that I never use. I ask a low price and after sorting through the spam, I get a real offer. We agree to meet at this old diner in the evening. I get there and he is sitting in one of the very back booths. Very odd looking man, fairly thin, strawberry blonde hair, bright blue eyes. I ask if he wants to come out and see the board. He says in a minute and asks if I would like something to drink. I accept his offer. He gets up and I can see his reflection in the window at the counter. I see the person at the counter hand him a rootbeer float. And then I see him reach into his pocket, pull something out, and drop it into the drink. My heart freezes. 


He sits back down across from me and sets the drink in front of me. He asks me if I am a student here. I don't know what to do. I'm scared that if I try to run he will chase me. Plus he has my phone number and could probably find out where I live. So I decide to oblige his small talk and just take small sips of the drink. I bring it to my lips and take the teeniest tiniest sip. I see his eyes light up. I tell him about my school and ask again if he wants to see the board. He says when I finish the rootbeer float. He tells me I should hurry because the ice cream is melting. I take another sip. No funny taste. So we go on and I make up a bunch of stuff about my life so he doesn't get to know me personally. 


And then I notice I am having trouble focusing on his face. It's like my contacts are dry or something. And then I take a look down at the rootbeer float. It's half empty. I didn't realize how fast I was drinking. I try to think of an excuse to leave but then a much larger man comes and sits next to me trapping me in the booth. He asks if this is the longboard girl and the guy says yes. Now I am having trouble sitting straight up. Like my balance is off. And I know they can tell I'm struggling. The large man next to me gives me a nudge and laughs. He asks the other guy if I took a "full dose". He says no and that I am a slow drinker. Now I'm getting really dizzy. I ask for him to let me out and to my surprise he does. But as I exit the booth I begin to stumble and he catches me. He says he will help me to my car. His grip on my arm tells me that isn't all he will do. He tells the other guy to pay the check and then practically drags me outside. 


My legs are weak and won't move where I want them to. As soon as we get outside he starts pulling me towards what looks like a big black suv. It's hard to tell with my vision so blurry. I try to tell him no but my words just stumble out in a drunken mess. When we get to the suv he slides open the side door and lifts me up and sets me inside. I try to crawl back out but he shuts the door. I hear it lock. But then I hear one of the front doors open. The man is holding a white wad of cloth. He tosses it at me and then slams the door shut again. 


The smell hits me before the cloth does. The wad of cloth is soaked in something and it hits me right on my chest and falls into my lap leaving a huge weat spot on my t shirt. I grab it and hold it to my nose. It smells awful. Like a sour chemical smell. I toss it into the front seat and my hand stumbles to find the side door handle. It won't budge. 


The smell is overpowering now. I sit in the seat and don't have the strength to lift my head up. I'm so sleepy. I hear them outside the suv talking about me. But I can't tell what they are saying. Then the door slides open. I feel someone scoot me aside and sit next to me. Feels like the smaller man. He makes a comment about the smell and I hear the larger man say something about expired chloroform. 


Next thing I know the suv is moving. I droop to the side and my head leans on the man's shoulder. I feel him reach his hand up my shirt. He cups my breast and I accidentally let out a moan. He asks the other man for the bottle of chloroform and says he has an idea. He leans me forward and removes my shirt. He then unhooks my bra and removes it. I hear a bottle of liquid swishing. Then my bra cup is over my face. I try to hold my breath but the fumes seem to go up my nose anyways. Then I feel his hand reach into my yoga pants. He starts to massage my pussy. I moan again and accidentally inhale. The sour smell burns my nose but his hand feels so good. Pretty soon I don't care. I take a deep breath. And then another. I hear him mention how weak the chloroform is. The other guys says to just give it a minute. Then my guy starts to say something but his words trail off as if in a tunnel. The bumpy road feels smooth. Like flying. 


I wake up back in the parking lot of the diner. It's night. I groggily stand up and notice that my shirt is on but my bra is missing. I also have this intense warm pleasurable feeling in my pussy. I stumble to my car. My longboard is still there. It scares me to think that my first thought was, maybe if I repost it, this will happen again. 





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I met my friend Sandi after her workout at the gym to walk her back to her apartment. "Hi Brian" she said with a smile and gave me a quick little kiss."Be with you in a few minutes,i have to change," and left for the women's dressing room.I watched her walk away in her tight black tights her butt round and firm,"Hmm,wow," i thought to myself. She reappeared a little while later in a short flowered dress and a tee top without a bra.She didn't have alot in breasts,at least not now but her nipples made a nice outline through the thin fabric. She carried her gym bag with clothes and her pink boxing gloves in it and as we walked made idle chatter about her next match with a girl from across town.Sandi's was still embaressed about her last fight where she was knocked out in the first round and had to be carried out of the ring."My mom really wants me to win this next fight,omg she was so embaressed after last time." "You'll do fine Sandi,you have a good right,but you just have to protect that glass jaw of yours."She smiled at me,then gave me another short little kiss,"your sweet ," she cooed,and i hoped she didn't notice i was getting hard under my shorts."Brian will you do me a favor? I have to stop at my English teachers apt.first,shes just a couple of doors down from me.I want you to just hang out by the door,hold my bag while i go in to see her,shes making me do extra work and wants to give it to me personaly." "Sure "i said and i noticed Sandi was a little nervous about seeing her teacher alone."you ok?'i whispered as we got to the door."Yes,i think so,its just that she frightens me sometimes,i mean the way she looks at me and all." Sandi did seem frightened and i whispered,"I'll be right here,leave the door open a crack,"and she smiled,gave me another little peck of a kiss and knocked on the door.A womans voice said to come in and Sandi opened the door but didn't close it all the way,leaving a small crack for me to peek in as well as hear them."In here dear,"i heard and Sandi went around the corner into the woman's study.At first all i heard was small talk about English lessons,extra work she wanted Sandi to do,i began to get bored.Then the talk turned to Sandi's boxing,how she was doing,her next fight.It was apparent the teacher knew Sandi's mom as well,guess they were friends the way she talked."I was at your last fight,"the woman said,saw you knocked out,oh dear you just have to protect that soft chin sweety." My courage was up now so i went in farther into the room and peeked around the corner.The teacher,a Ms.Sullivan,was behind Sandi standing,her hands on Sandi's shoulders,massaging her students neck."Wow,i thought,shes gorgeous,and sexy too." A middle age woman,in something of a short house dress,very large busted,in fact they were almost hanging out as she massaged Sandi's neck and shoulders. "I wanted to ask you sweety,"as her hands worked,"did you see any birds this time,any stars,that sort of thing?"Sandi perked up,then stood up from her chair turning to Ms.Sullivan who now sat and squirmed herself onto the desk behind her."Oh yes Ms.Sullivan,i did,yes i did,omg,robins and wrens and......". "now dear you have to call me Diane please,"Ms. Sullivan interuppted her."Now what kind of birds and were they singing? any stars?omg,you looked so knocked out from what i could see."Ms. Sullivan,Diane that is listened as Sandi described the birdies she saw and i watched as "Diane" spread her legs alittle as she sat on the desk,and sort of flicked her dress up some towards her hips.She looked at Sandi with a sexy smile as Sandi chatted away.From my vantage point i could swear the older lady wasn't wearing underwear but couldn't tell just then. with a little flick of her hand and some movement of her shoulders her top got lower and a nipple showed.Sandi was so engrossed in describing the birdies i'am not sure she noticed that is until Ms.Sullivan started to ease Sandi's top up.Suddenly Sandi stopped talking,almost frozen as the older woman simply raised Sandi's top over her head and just like that my friend was topless.I guess now Sandi noticed Diane's hiked up dress,her large breasts almost all the way exposed and jumped back,her arms folding around her naked nipples."What are you doing?omg,"Sandi blurted out,give me my top!!" Ms.Sullivan held up the top smiling,then with one hand she let her top all the way down,her large breasts acting like they were glad to be free,"Now sweety,do i have to get rough with you?I know how you look at me in class.Do i have to knock you silly?" she laughed out loud and as her head went back in laughter Sandi's fist shot out catching the teacher square on the jaw.The loud smack as Sandi's fist connected with Diane's chin,her head snapped to the side and i jumped out of my hiding spot to see Ms.Sullivan's face almost smile,her eyes crossed,but she didn't fall back,just sat there,her large boobs hanging.Then her head wobbled and she fell back to the desk.Her eyes half opened but that smile,that crooked smile,i swear i saw and heard the birdies circling,singing.Sandi stood,fixed in one spot,her fist still cleanched not really believing what just happened.It was me who broke the silence,or would have been silence except for those singing birds,"Wow,omg,Sandi,you just knocked your English teacher out cold,wow!!! We both gazed at the unconsious woman half on the desk,her breasts were splayed out to the side her legs spread and yes i was right,she had no panties on,just a large hairy bush smiled back at us.Ms.Sullivan was outcold thanks to Sandi and as i bent down to Diane's face,tapping her cheeks Sandi finally spoke,"Is she,i mean,oh god,is she ok? "You knocked thhe bitch out Sandi,wow and with one punch too," i faced her now,Sandi seemed to wobble some like she was going to faint."Shes ok,i mean just out for a while,wow that was some punch,and omg i bet she is seeing birdies now." i was almost laughing. "Sandi seemed to recover,"oh god,i never knocked out a mature woman,i mean i knocked my mom out before but i never thought,oh wow,do you think shes seeing birdies now? and stars too?" I laughed,I'am sure she is,lots of them."Looking at Sandi,then Ms.Sullivan,then back at Sandi i saw a differant expression on her face.She got closer to me,"Brian,i feel,well,something,horny i guess,omg,knocking her out,her seeing the birdies and stars,you have to."  Sandi had her hands on me now,"What Sandi,what do i have to,what?" "She looked at me,our eyes met,"I want to see birdies now,and stars all circling over my head and singing,i want you to knock me out,please Brian,please,omg i'am so wet."She then kissed me again but not like before,this was a big wet kiss and as our lips parted my fist shot out headed for her glass jaw.The punch was short and sweet,her head fell back and Sandi's eyes crossed,i held her up as her head wobbled and as her body collapsed i grabbed her around the waist and slung her over my shoulders.She was outcold but babbling and i knew she was seeing stars and birdies.As i got her over my shoulders i turned to Ms.Sullivan,still outcold on the desk,i just had to check,my free hand felt her pussy,fingers worked their way in and "bingo"yess,she was wet,i knew it. On the way out with Sandi over my shoulders and babbling still i grabbed her gym bag and carried her the few steps to her door,fumbled for the key and went in with my babbling outcold girlfriend. "omg hope her mom isn't home yet.'i thought as i carried Sandi to her room.Laying her out on the bed suddenly it dawned on me Sandi was still topless,i left her top in the other apt.Rushing out the door and back to Ms.Sullivan's apt. i just got in as Diane was starting to sit up holding her jaw saying,"oh god,what hit me,what happened?"I bent down grabbed the little top and looked at the horny English teacher,"Oh what the hell,why not," and my fist crashed nto her chin with a smack,she fell back again and birds started singing,this time a differant group.Ms.Sullivan was outcold again and this time the camera phone came out,wow i got some great shots too,Sandi will love these.If Ms. Sullivan gives us any problems well,we have some pictures. Pleased with my self i hurried back to Sandi's place,she was still out and babbling even more.I couldn't help myself and had to feel those little boobs and as i did she babbled more,"Oh mommie,yes,mommie i see all the pretty birdies mommy,all flying in a circle,Robins mommy can you see them?' My mouth covered one nipple as she babbled and my hand slid into her panties.She was wet,very wet and the babbling continued,"Mommie,you knocked me out mommie,i see wrens now with a red spot on their wings,oh aren't they pretty?'I slid Sandi's panties off now then my shorts,sucked on her nipple and the babbling stopped,her eyes focused and opened.My fingers made little circles in her pussy,"Oh Brian,yes please," and my cock entered her and she moaned.We kissed and then a huge orgasm as our cum mixed.Sandi passed out for a couple minutes and later as we laid there breathing starting to return to normal i asked her about the birds she saw.Omg she started telling me about the Robins,the wrens,bluejays all singing and i thought,well maybe i should knock her out again.

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Hatter wanted to get even with Brenda after the embaressing little boxing exhibition Brenda talked her into,and in front of Brenda's stepson too. Her hand felt her jaw where Brenda's boxing glove put her into la la land and wondered what did they do while she lay there unconsious and wondered where all these birdies circling her head came from. She looked at her hand,made a fist and thought about it.It was true she thought,i do have a weak jaw,a "glass jaw"it was called in boxing circles and she had been knocked out twice before,once in high school when a jealous girl punched her out after school one day and another time when at a party a lesbian woman hit her in the chin when she thought Hatter was flirting with her girlfriend.Both times she was knocked completely out cold.But it was also strange she thought,every time after she felt almost turned on,like getting knocked out was almost foreplay in a way."No,no,that can't be,thats just a bit kinky,"she mused,"but still" and she felt the wetness beginning between her legs as she thought about it. Hatter looked at her fist again and thought,"Hmmm,as i recall Brenda has a glass jaw too," and she slugged a pillow on the sofa pretending it was Brenda's chin and saying to herself,"take that bitch,"then smiling. "I can't be so girlie about this,she might just knock me out again," and then another smile,"maybe that wouldn't be so bad,"and realized she was getting a little more then wet down there.Next day a drive over to Brenda's large two story brick house,getting out of the car in her jean skirt and high heels.Walking up to the door,her heels clicking on the walkway,she takes a deep breath and knocks on the door thinking,"ok,no girlie today." That thought fades as Brenda opens the door wearing a half tee shirt tied in a bow midway up her firm belly,her hard nipples making an outline on each side,tight cutoff jeans,part way down thick thighs,looking like she was poured into them,and yellow sneakers that have seen better days. Hatter almost faints wondering if this was such a good idea looking up at the taller woman."Well hi honey,won't you come in,omg i was just going to call you,"Brenda's greeting was warm and gracious. "Well i was just in the neighborhood and wanted to see you,"Hatter said as Brenda led her into the parlor."Sit here,"Brenda pointed at a plush sofa,"and i'll get us some wine."Oh dear i hope your not still mad at me for that little boxing bout,"Brenda giggled,then left and returned with glasses and a bottle of white wine.Sitting next to Hatter Brenda looked her up and down,Hatter wishing she had worn a longer skirt as she knew her pink panties could be seen by Brenda.She crossed her legs as they drank and chatted."I really didn't mean to hit you so hard on your chin,"Brenda giggled again,"you really have a glass jaw,"and sipped her wine."And i just love that skirt too,"her hand on the skirt,then sliding to Hatter's exposed leg.Hatter squirmed and uncrossed her legs,then put a hand on the tee top Brenda was wearing,sliding a finger just past a nipple,"and i love that top you have too,and you fill it so well,"Hatter almost said in a whisper. "And those jean cutoffs,oh my,so ,well,sexy,Hatter said."You like them,"Brenda said standing up so Hatter could see them better.She turned in a slow turn watching Hatter's eyes follow her,"There a bit tight,guess i put on a little weight,"she laughed,then sat down,sipping more wine and her hand again resting on Hatter's knee,but  slowly inching up Hatter's leg."So is your jaw ok honey? is this where i hit you?" and Brenda leaned in and kissed Hatter's chin.Hatter could feel herself getting more and more turned on by the older woman and told her self,"stay focused girl." "I guess i do have a weak chin,"Hatter made a schoolgirl giggle,"but i heard you do too,a glass jaw i think." Brenda frowned,"Well i have been knocked out before,my ex daughter-in -law,a neighbor woman,even my stepson coldcocked me a couple times,"her hand felt her jaw as she spoke,"but all lucky or sucker punches,"she laughed."Listen,if any woman can knock me out she can have,well,ok,these jeans,"and laughed again.The wine was obviously taking effect on both women now and Hatter was feeling braver."Say,you wouldn't want a rematch honey,would you?" Brenda said with a smile and again sliding her hand up Hatter's skirt.Hatter giggled and looked down at her jean skirt,it had worked up almost to her hips and her pantie covered mound was showing.She spread her legs slightly more,this was the edge she needed,Brenda was focused on her now and any second would make her move,probably a little kiss turning into a bigger one. "Oh no,i can't box,your too good anyway,you would just knock me out again,Then again i might get lucky and knock you out," and kissed Brenda's chin.Brenda looked at Hatter smiling,"That might not be so bad"she giggled,you could get my jeans,"and kissed Hatter back.Hatter now stood and faced the sitting Brenda,bending down to her,she had a low cut top and although her breasts were'nt as large as Brenda's they hung just enough in front of Brenda's eyes."I think i have something for you,"Hatter whispered as she fumbled with Brenda's half top,untieing the lower bow and letting Brenda's large dd cup breasts fall out."Really,what might that be?' Brenda whispered back almost closing her eyes as she felt the other woman's hands on her hard nipple.Hatter stood back just enough,her left hand slightly lifting Brenda's chin,Brenda expecting a kiss,her eyes almost closed,Hatter smiled,her right hand balled up into a fist and like she practiced on the pillow,let fly with a perfect right cross to Brenda's chin.The punch snapped Brenda's head to the side,Hatter felt a tinge of pain in her delicate hand as she followed through with the punch,a slapping sound could be heard and Brenda fell back limply on the sofa,slouched but upright,her head dangled down,her breasts hanging out.Hatter was surprised but delighted,she lifted Brenda's head up,her eyes were closed and mouth slightly open,Hatter lifted one arm and let it fall,Brenda,the big amazon woman,big boobs,muscles,thick thighs,was outcold with one punch by little Hatter,a femmine girly,girl."Yep,you are outcold bitch,"she laughed out loud."Ok,i have to hurry," and she grabbed Brenda's legs and pulled with all her might until Brenda was on the floor spread eagle,the top finished coming off as the large woman was dragged off.Hatter worked the zipper on Brenda's jeans and began to pull."Wow,these are so tight,god how did you get in them?" she asked the unconsious woman.Little by little they came off,at one time Hatter had to roll Brenda to her belly so she could pull them down over Brenda's firm butt.Finally off,she slapped Brenda's ass,even shaking her butt cheeks.Next came the sneakers and when they were off Hatter couldn't help but kiss Brenda's painted toes,even sucked on a toe before dropping her foot.Brenda was face down and Hatter spread her legs apart.Brenda's thong had come off with the jeans so she was bare assed naked,her arms up over her head.Hatter got pictures of the unconsious woman,then rolled her over onto her back,again spreading her legs,and again several pictures,a couple close ups of Brenda's trimmed pussy.Hatter fondled the large breasts,then ran her fingers over the soft mound,giggling as she fingered Brenda's clit,"Oh yessss,you are wet aren't you."Standing now,she slipped her phone into her purse looking down at the unconsious woman,"Omg that felt good,it was a sucker punch,but still i knocked her out,hmm,my first too."Her hand slipped under her skirt and she fingered  herself,"Oh dear,guess i'am a little wet myself,"she giggled.Hatter picked up the jean cutoffs,the thong still in them,then the sneakers,"Well you did say any woman that knocked you out could havve them,and i knocked you out,so there."As Hatter was leaving,Brian was just getting home and passed Hatter,"Oh hi Brian,i was just leaving,your mom's inside,she uh,got sleepy so i better go,see ya."Brian watched as Hatter got in her car and wondered why she had jeans and sneakers in her hands,shrugged and went inside."Mother,i'am home,mom? OMG,mom...

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Hatter got out of her car with a smile closing the door behind her.She walked down the street towards her new friend Brendas house her black heels clicking on the ground as she walked.She reached up knocking on the door lightly awaiting an answer.

Brenda was bent over cleaning when she heard  aknock on the door "wonder who that could be?" she said walking over her ass moving a bit in her tight yoga pants.Opening the door she smiled seeing Hatter "oh hey hatter!" she said leaning over and giving her a hug "what's up?" she asked looking her up and down.


Hatter laughed and smiled "just thought i'd run by looks like your busy though" she said noticing the duster in her hand and what seemed to eb cleaning attire Brendas long legs in the tight yoga pants.


Brenda laughed "just cleaning day" she said once again looking her up and down.


Hatter nodded then looked to her with a kind smile 'well I could help you if you'd like?" she offered.


Brenda grinned a bit to herself beggining to have other ideas in mind.Leaning against the door frame she looked at Hatter "actually i beileve i'm going to take a little break but i've got an idea" she said with a smile "how about we have a little boxing match?" she asked.

Hatter tilted her head to the side a bit looking at her "a boxing match? I don't know anything about boxing" she said truthfully "i'm not much of a fighter and i'm not exactly in boxing attire" she laughed pointing toward her cut off pants and heels.

Brenda laughed and shook her head.She knew Hatter knew nothing about boxing but that was the best part of it "oh come on it'll be fun!" she exclaimed "my step son absolutley loves boxing and loves to watch it" she said looking at her "it'd be great if we could do a little match for him i'd really appreciate it!" she said.


Hatter listened to her and thought for a moment "hmm couldn't he just watch it on tv or something" but she laughed and shook her head "okay we'll have a little boxing match" she said stepping inside the house with her.


Brenda smiled closing the door behind them "great" she said with a smile walking over in the corner grabbing the two pairs of gloves "Hey Brian honey come down real quick!" she called out reaching the set of gloves over to Hatter as she began to put on her own.Brenda smiled and looked over toward Brian as he walked down the stairs "Hatter and I are going to have a little boxing match hoey thought you might like to watch" she said looking over to Hatter who was having trouble getting the gloves on.She laughed walking over and helping her with them.

Hatter laughed as Brenda helped her with the gloves stretching her fingers inside of them "thanks" she said looking over toward Brian with a smile "so your mom says you really like boxing" she said not thinking anything of it just taking it that he had a love for the sport or something.Hatter stretched her arms out a bit laughing looking over at Brenda.

Brenda smiled bouncing on her toes a bit looking over to Hatter "ready?" she asked

Hatter nodded with a smile "mhm"

Brenda walked over touching gloves with her with a smile and began circling hr.

Hatter watched smiling a bit throwing a light danty punch with  a laugh missing.

Brenda laughed as well moving around her ass swaying back and forth in her tight yoga pants.Brenda snapped a jab hitting Hatter in the chin with a smile.

Hatters head whipped back a bit eyes widening a tad "oh wow" she laughed shaking her head a bit putting her hands back up.Hatter threw a couple more little danty punches not hitting Brenda as she dodged them.Hatters head snapping back again as Brenda jabbed her once more.Hatter stumbled back a bit her heels almost coming off ankles quivering like a baby deer as she caught her balance.

Brenda watched as Hatter began to come in toward her to swing again and threw a hard cross connecting square on Hatters jaw.

Hatters head snapped a bit stumbling back wobbly.Her eyes crossed and she swayed back and forth a bit "ughhhh" before falling forward and hitting the ground one of her heels flying off wrinkled sole exposed.Hatter lay there out cold on the ground.

Brenda laughed pulling off her gloves and looking hatter over on the ground.She walked over toward her kneeling down and smacking her ass a bit in her loose cut off pants.She looked over toward Brian "got your phone honey?" she asked with a smile taking ti as he handed it to her.She moved around taking pictures of the unconsious Hatter flipping her over on to her back she snapped a few of her unconsious face mouth open a bit.Brenda smiled and handed the phone back to her step son "weak jaw on that one huh?" she laughed grabbing her duster and starting back on her cleaning as they waited for Hatter to wake up.





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I looked at the photos of my ex Sharon lying outcold in her panties and bra."wow,omg Mother,you knocked her out? Brenda smiled and related the story of how Sharon tried to get some errings back and they got in a fight,with Mother knocking my ex cold.The pictures were a erotic and a turn on,showing Sharon laid out cold in panties and bra."So how long was she out,what happened next?" i inquired. "A while,long enough for me to strip the bitch and get these,"she laughed.I was staying with mom for a while,having split with Sharon until i could get my own place and the pictures on her phone of my ex laid out in a fight with mom excited me to no end,i could hardly wait to show my friend ,Toby.For now i went upstairs to my room to transfer the pictures to my laptop as Mother was waiting for her new friend,Hatter to show to go to dinner.I had met Hatter once,a pretty lady,blonde,around 5-3 or so,somewhat conservative,differant from the women mom was used to dating,anyway i liked her right away and thought her quite attractive in all. Mother was certainly dressed for the kill,a short blue dress,low cut,lots of cleavage,even her nipples showed through the dress top,and some very cute high top boots,also blue with the top portion being lace up.Hmmm,very sexy.I came back down to get a drink to take back to my room and Brenda had sat down on the sofa with a book while she waited,i admired her long sleek legs,crossed under the dress and how she showed off her sexy breasts with that low cut top.I walked over coming around to her back,put my hands on her shoulders rubbing her neck,"You do look sexy tonight Mother,"and i see your wearing the very errings you fought over,"i giggled. She laughed and said,"Well,it was a fair fight and i did knock the bitch out didn't i?" "You certainly did" as i kissed her neck,and later you have to let me do some highlights in your hair,"i ran my fingers through it. I had done hair before and now had a job at a salon,something i was good at,and mom let me do hers now."Ok baby" she mused as i kissed her again and went upstairs.I felt like a shower,maybe a cold one so i took one and while in the shower thought about my sexy stepmom which of course got me hard,then stepped out to dry off when i heard the doorbell ring.Hearing voices i realized it was mom's friend Hatter and peeked from the top of the stairs,towel wrapped around me.I could see mom and her chatting and then a light kiss before they sat down.Hatter had on a short pink dress,somewhat low cut top and gorgeous black boots which Brenda was admiring running her hand over the sleek leather."Brian" mom called out,"can you come down and say hi to Hatter? and check out these pretty boots too?" Brenda knew i loved boots on women."Hurry baby,were about to leave." "Sec mom,have to slip something on" which i did,a pair of white shorts,maybe a little too tight,and a tanktop.I bounded down the stairs and greeted Hatter,she was even prettier than last time i saw her and looked at her boots,"Wow those are just stunning," i said as Hatter beamed.I had just said my goodbyes to the ladies and turned to go back upstairs when a loud knock came from the door.Brenda seemed agitated,"now who is that? and just as we are about to go too." Mom opened the door and i almost fainted when a man walked in,actually kind of pushed his way in past Mother."And just who are you," mom demanded to know.I already knew who it was,his name was Rodney,a guy i met from the gym and Sharon's current boyfriend.We nicknamed him"meat"because of the sheer size of his penis and even under the shorts he wore you knew why,there was a very revealing outline of a penis there.I knew him well,too well.A couple weeks back i had caught him and Brenda together at a party we attended,they were outside and he had his hand on my wife's breast which was out of her top and she had her hand inside his pants.Long story short,a brief exchange of words and he decked me,laid me outcold with one punch which of course really turned Sharon on more,that is seeing me knocked out.I don't know how long i was out but when i came to and my head cleared some i raised up and saw Sharon on her knees giving my opponent a blowjob.Seeing his massive cock in my wife's mouth,well i guess i passed out.Then to add to the humiliation after they finished there little sex thing,he picked me up,put me over his shoulders and carried me to the house,Sharon trailing behind and her telling the other guests i had just"fainted." Sharon and i split a day later,but i saw him again at the gym in the dressing room after that.I was dressing and he came out of the shower,i didn't know he was even there.Turning around he surprised me,Rodney was butt naked toweling off,it was a little embarressing to see him again and when he came towards me,well guess i was frightened he was going to slug me again and as he started to speak i fainted!! He caught me and carried me to a massage table leaving me there totally nude,and i guess a bit hard too.Then to make things worse a little while after that,i was still at the house Sharon and i shared then,but she had moved in with Rodney.Toby had come over and i told my friend what happened,we went outside,had a swim and then laid out on lounge chairs to sunbathe.We were nude,i always swam nude and Toby rubbed me with lotion.Then it was my turn and i spread the cream on him,first his back,then he turned over and i put it on his legs and chest.He joked i should put some on his cock too,and what the hell,after a couple drinks we already had thats what i did.Omg he got so hard and so did i,we were laughing,forgetting troubles and i lowered my head and put his cock deep into my mouth when i heard a loud laugh.Guess who? It was Rodney who came by to get something of Sharon's and caught us in the act.He was in shorts and i could tell he was hard too,i don't know how long he watched us but enough to get hard anyway."I always thought you were gay,"he laughed,"mind if i join you?" Toby flew into a rage,something i rarely saw in him.He bounded up and faced Rodney,even making a fist and looking like he was about to slug him.But Rod saw it coming and punched first,hitting my friend square on the chin laying him out spread eagle and outcold!! I rushed to my unconsious friend bending over him almost hysterical,"omg,you knocked him out," and as i rose up he did the same to me,knocking me outcold and spread eagle next to Toby.Omg the birds i saw,little blue birds,all circling my head and twirping.Next thing i knew i felt cold water on my face and a female voice asking if i was ok.It was my friend Sandi,she had come by to see me and found both of us knocked out nude and hard.Toby was still out and she helped me carry him to the house were we revived him,and he said he saw birds flying too,but wrens he thought.So here i was,at mom's house and mr. meat was there,he had knocked me out twice already and another time i fainted,all embarressing,plus he was screwing my soon to be ex wife. Rodney looked my way,smiled and asked how my jaw was.I stared back not knowing what to say,wondering why he was even at my stepmom's house and then i saw Sharon,she had come in right behind Rodney.She had a little tanktop on,tied in a bow right under her big boobs,no bra of course,her nipples stood out under the thin fabric,and a pair of the tightest short -shorts on i ever saw,even her butt cheeks hung out.It was too much for me,my legs got wobbly and before anyone knew it i was on the way to the floor,fainted again! Brenda and Hatter were right next to me in a second,Hatter saying,"omg Brenda,i think hes fainted." The tent my shorts made didn't go unnoticed either as Sharon walked the few steps to were i lay and put her high heeled shoe on my already hard cock,then laughed as she said "your wimp of a son fainted again." Brenda was now up and facing both Rodney and Sharon,hands on hips,"Are you looking to get your ass knocked cold again bitch? what do you want now?" "My errings you big titted bitch,i want them back and this time i have some muscle to help me get them." And with that she stepped aside and Rodney,hands on hips looked at Brenda,"c;mon mamm,just hand them over and we'll leave,don't make me take them off you." "So your the one," Brenda said,"You knocked my son out and his friend too,i heard about that."Looks like he knocked him out again,and without even one punch," Sharon laughed again.Brenda looked towards me,still out with Hatter trying to wake me."Well your not getting them Mr. big cock," and she brought her fist up and took a swing at Rodney.Rod,ducked,then grabbed Brenda's arm,"Now listen Brenda,don't make me hit you," and he struggled with Brenda trying to grab both of her arms.As the two struggled,Brenda trying to slug him and Rodney trying to put her in some kind of clinch,Hatter looked up,then stood,"Oh please,you two,don't fight,"she was almost hysterical.About then i came to from my fainting spell with the noise of yelling and struggle.My eyes opened and it took a few seconds for me to remember what happened before i fainted but my eyes caught Hatter's pink skirt above me,it was short enough i could see her panties,also pink,she was sort of straddling me.I heard Mother's voice as she struggled with Rodney,then i heard and barely saw Rodney as he finally said,"ok,i didn't want to do this,but"....then what sounded like a hard slap and Brenda falling back to the sofa,she bounced once,her big boobs slapping each other ,one came out of the top,then she went still,her head to the side,slouched on the sofa,her skirt all the way up to her hips with the light blue thong barely covering her manicured pussy."Wow,nice punch baby,"Sharon exclaimed,"shes out cold."  Hatter went hysterical now,she wasn't used to this at all,she bent over mom,tapping her cheeks,lifting her limp head up,but mom was out."Omg,omg,you ,you,knocked her unconsious,oh how could you?'And she turned to slap Rodney but Sharon grabbed the blonde putting her in a choke hold,"Calm down bitch," she said but Hatter still struggled until finally the lack of air caused Hatter to struggle less and she finally passed out.Sharon just let her drop to the floor in a heap with Rodney bending over her,"wow baby,you did a number on her,shes out."All the while this fight was going on i pretended to be still out,i was frightened but also very turned on by it all. Sharon bent over mom taking off the errings and stuffing them in her jean pocket,"wow,you really coldcocked this bitch honey,"and looked lovingly at Rodney.Then turning her attention back to mom she stroked her face,"She is lovely isn't she,so sexy." Rodney looked at Sharon,then Brenda,"She is that for sure.""I want these boots too baby,help me," and Sharon pulled one boot off of mom while Rodney pulled the other.Sharon held them up,"i like these." "and those too,"she said,"pointing at Hatter's boots.Rod smiled,"what ever you like sweety," and he began to pull Hatter's boot.But she began to moan and her eyes fluttered open,"Oh dear,omg,what happened?" Sharon moved Rodney aside and knelt in front of Hatter,"Sorry swetheart,you woke up too soon," and with a smile gave Hatter a short shoppy punch to her chin,snapping the girls head back,Hatter's eyes rolled up and again,she was out."Wow,that was so cool,nice punch,"Rodney said.Sharon finished pulling Hatter's boots off and smiled."Hmmm,all this activity made me horny," and while still on her knees pulled Rodney's shorts down and began to suck his very large and hard cock."Oh god,you do that so well,"as Sharon sucked him.My own cock couldn't get any harder as i tried to be still and still watch.Then Sharon stopped,got up"I have an idea,"she grinned,"help me strip these bitches." and together they releived the skirt and dress from both Hatter and Brenda,thong and panties next until both were nude."What now?" Rodney looked confused as both women were naked in front of him."My present to you baby,both these bitches are out so screw them." It was almost an order from the dominant woman and Rodnet smiled,"Yes ma'mm." But before he could do anything Brenda stirred and moaned,her eyes opened."Oh god,what hit me? where am i?Sharon smiled and helped her up on wobbly feet.It was then Brenda noticed she was nude and her girlfriend also nude and unconsious."What is this,what are you doing?" "payback time bitch," said Sharon,and gave Brenda a hard right cross to her jaw,knocking the bigger and older woman backward right into the waiting arms of her new lover,Rodney.Rodney held the unconsious woman,cradling her,"There baby,shes yours for a few minutes anyway." Rodney didn't waste time,he laid Brenda out on the sofa and first laid his cock on her face,opening her mouth he put it in.Sharon fingered Brenda's pussy then helped Rodney put his cock in her,Brenda even moaned,she must have liked it even while being out.Then he squirted and squirted,in her pussy,on her belly,on her face,omg he had cumm everywhere.Finally done and about to leave,Sharon had one more idea.Laying Brenda on the floor spread eagle and the took Hatter and laid her on Brenda in a 69 position.Sharon stood back looking at the sight,then snapped several pictures with her phone laughing all the while. "Lets go baby,before they come to." Rodney said, but Sharon had one more chore.I felt her yank my shorts off and i opened my eyes."I thought you might be faking ,"she laughed,"Hmmmm,and you are so hard too,was it the girls or my boyfriend?" and then she kicked my jaw with her bare foot,knocking me out cold again.My cock exploded at the kick,squirting up and all over my belly making both Sharon and Rodney laugh.Sharon kissed Rodney hard and with one hand on his now hard cock again said,"Ok baby,you know what to do don't you,you know what turns me on more,please," she begged. "If thats what you want sweety," and his fist came up striking Sharon's chin.She grunted and went out,he grabbed her ass and thighs,putting his new ,now knocked out girlfriend over his shoulders,grabbed the boots and carried her and them out and home.

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The Fighting Dungeon – The First Fight of the Night

Kerry had just finished getting ready. She had arrived at the address she had been given on the online forum she frequented by the host of this event and been told to have a shower, freshen up and to put on her gear, go down into the basement and she’d know she was in the right place.

Well she was now in her gear, a pair of very short pink shorts that were above the knee and a white tank top. She had long black hair which she had slicked back and tied in a bundle behind her head. Despite it being winter outside and her wearing not that many layers she still felt pretty warm as the heating had been turned up especially for this occasion. This occasion was a fight between Kerry and another as yet unknown woman. It could not finish until one of them was unconscious on the floor. There would be plenty of other fights going on this evening, between other girls, men and even mixed ones, however Kerry was unsure whether she’d get to see many as for all she knew she could be lying spark out while they were going ahead.

She finally got down the stairs, feeling the silky red carpet beneath her bare feet she was greeted by many men and women, standing around chatting, some in similar gear to her, others dressed more normally. Her eyes fell on a young man who was wearing short black shorts with thin white stripes down them. He was bare chested and barefoot so she guessed he would be fighting later. She smiled at him and he smiled reassuringly back. A fully clothed woman in her mid-forties came over.

“Hello Kerry” she smiled, “I’m Vicky. Well done on finding us. I trust you found your room, as you are very welcome to stay tonight, all the fighters are. We can’t force them to drive home or otherwise find their way back after they’ve been knocked out can we?”

“No.” Kerry smiled looking down at her feet. She felt slightly self-conscious. In 20 minutes or so she could be lying limp and unaware in the centre of the ring and completely at the mercy of everyone else here. It certainly sent a thrill through her, likewise the thought of maybe putting the other girl out did.

“Don’t worry darling, we’ll look after you if you are knocked senseless.” Vicky smiled friendlily. “We’ll have plenty of other sleeping bodies to take care of too.” She motioned to the ring. “You and Claire are up first.” Kerry looked into the ring and her heart skipped a beat.

Claire was very scary looking. She was tall and quite well built. She was not fat, she was nicely proportioned, except her chest which seemed to stick out further than average. She had long black hair and was aged in her early forties, whilst Kerry was in her mid-twenties. Claire was also barefoot, but wearing black leggings that stopped midway down her shins. Unlike Kerry, she had also painted her fingernails and her toenails with a black nail varnish. Her eyes glistened as she saw Kerry enter the ring, she smiled to herself. She had knocked out so many pretty young things at these events ever since her best friend Vicky had started them and this girl Kerry would be no different. She had a history of beating one girl up so much she landed her in a coma for 3 weeks. She’d also knocked out a few men at these events too and had once been knocked out herself, by Vicky.

Both girls started to circle one another slowly, Claire talking down to Kerry with the crowd getting excited around them. “I am going to knock you completely out. You are such a pretty young thing that I want to admire your limp body for a long time. Maybe I’ll knock you into next week so I get a while to play. I hope you are ready for a nice rest.” Kerry just glared back at her thinking that maybe it would be Claire who’d be sleeping off the KO. She hopped onto her left foot and swung her right leg up, aiming for Claire’s chin. Claire saw it coming and stepped backwards, catching Kerry’s foot with her left hand. “Nice try sweetie.” She said, kissing the sole of Kerry’s bare foot. She then yanked it towards her, forcing Kerry to hop towards her on her remaining free leg and as she did Clire swung her right fist straight into Kerry’s jaw. There was a loud SNAP as Kerry was forced to look at the ceiling for a moment. Claire let go of her foot and she staggered backwards, seeing lots of white stars blocking her field of vision. Claire did not give her time to regain her full senses and ploughed forwards with a left hook, then a right, before thudding a body shot into the young brunette’s stomach. Kerry bent over letting out a “whoosh” as the air left her body. Her mind was foggy and her vision was murky around the edges. Claire did not stop yet though, she brought both fists together and swung them like a mallet onto the top of her dazed and breathless opponent’s head.

The hit brought an explosion to Kerry’s mind as she collapsed forwards with the force, landing between Claire’s beautifully decorated bare feet. She could feel a lump rising out of the top of her head where the fists had connected. It felt like she was in a cartoon. She could hear loud tweeting in her ears and she could swear she could see cartoonish blue birds flying around her head, she stuck her tongue out at them, staring up at them, feeling goofy and stupid.

Claire looked down at her floored opponent then flew her arms up in the aim for the crowd to cheer as she did this she posed for the photographs, resting her bare foot on the head of her concussed opponent. She could feel a small lump under her foot, she smiled to herself, knowing that Kerry probably thought it was far bigger than it actually was. After a minute of posing she decided to carry on the onslaught on Kerry. She bent down and gently pulled Kerry to her feet. “You look tired honey, sleep will come to you soon.” She then punched Kerry straight in the gut again, then again and again. She loved listening to the gush of air coming from Kerry’s lips and the punches were forcing Kerry back into a corner.

Through her starry eyes, Kerry saw the young man she’d seen earlier. He looked concerned, Kerry knew at this point she was most likely going to be the one unconscious on the mat, however if that young man took care of her, she would at least be happy. “Ooof!” She cried out as Claire hit her with another body shot. Claire smiled at her, she now had her right in the corner, nowhere to go. Claire now stepped back then forwards, swinging her right foot up and slamming it into Kerry’s chin. She stepped back, Kerry’s head was rolling on her neck, her eyes were crossed and her tongue was poking out the side of her mouth. She was hearing more tweeting and seeing yellow stars, again like the ones the rabbits saw in cartoons. She staggered forwards, then fell on her bum, resting in the corner, the soles of her feet facing her opponent. Claire loved the sight in front of her right now, Kerry looked yummy in this state. However, the fight did not end until she was out cold so Claire had some more fun to have yet.

Claire bent down and pulled Kerry to her feet once again. Kerry was unsteady on her feet, but Claire managed to get her to stand upright after a few moments, she then spun her right hand around and around her head (mainly for the crowd) then snapped an uppercut right into Kerry’s jaw. Kerry’s head snapped back again. Her eyes glazed over and she fell forwards, her face landing inbetween those firm large breasts belonging to Claire. Claire put her arm around the sleepy beauty and slowly sat down, letting the cute young thing down gently. Kerry’s eyes were half open, and she had a punch drunk smile on her face. Claire stood up, leaving Kerry lying dazed on the mat. She stood one foot next to Kerry’s head and raised the other above it. Then to the crowd’s amusement she stamped on the top of Kerry’s head once, twice, a third and a fourth and final time. Kerry lay there dizzily, she was seeing yellow stars and large pink elephants. Her dreamy hallucinations were a sign she was on the brink of a long sleep. Claire put her arms up again to the loud cheers from the audience. She put her right hand to her right ear to which the crowd knew what was coming and all did a thumbs down. Both men and women wanted this youngster out cold for a long while. Claire bent down and pulled Kerry up to her feet one final time. “Just this last thing sweetie pie.” She said reassuringly to the young brunette. Kerry could no longer think, she just smiled air headedly. Claire kneed her in the stomach and jammed her head between her legs, she looked around at the crowd who cheered loudly and lifted her opponent up so her legs were up in the air, her head down, then Claire dropped hard to her knees, driving Kerry’s head hard into the mat. Kerry’s body jerked and she saw once last mass of stars, before her whole body went limp and she fell onto her front, sprawled on the floor. Her ordeal was over.

Claire slid over to the side of her sleeping opponent and used her feet to push Kerry over onto her back so that the crowd could see her sleeping face. She leant over and brushed the hair out of Kerry’s face to make it clearer to see, then hooked the leg, Vicky yelled back “One, Two, Three and we have a winner!” Claire smiled and stood up, resting her foot on Kerry’s heaving chest for another picture pose, then to humiliate her downed opponent more when she came to, she then rested her foot on Kerry’s face, for more cheers and camera flashed from all the men and women in the audience. Vicky walked into the ring and motioned for the young man who Kerry had been eying to come and carry her over to the sleeping zone, where all the victims of the night would lay before being put to bed at the end. Vicky winked at her friend Claire, Kerry was only the first, she would have other sleeping partners by the end of the night.

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“Can I help you with anything, Ma’am?”


Judith whirled around to face the store clerk that had appeared behind her. The fit shop keeper was dressed in a black dress shirt, black pants, and a white tie with the store logo on it. His dark brown hair was spiked up, and he smiled politely at the women before him.


“Yes you can! Do you know where the leather gloves are?” She asked, a bit impatiently.


“Of course Ma’am. Right this way.” He directed her towards the correct section “Are you buying for a friend?


“Whoever I buy these for is none of your concern. And stop calling me Ma’am. It makes me sound old.”



The young clerk groaned “Very well. These are all our top products. I hope you find everything to your liking!”


Judith was a young woman out looking for a new pair of leather gloves. She was slim, with a nice bust and curves that filled out all of her dresses. She had dark brown hair, which came down to her shoulders, and an attitude that was an occasional problem. She was, at the moment, checking out a new pair of leather gloves, and what appeared to be a matching leather catsuit.


“Hmm…” She said, feeling the fabric “Yes, this will do nicely… Clerk!” She summoned, waving her arm. He appeared at her side.



“Yes Ma’am?” He asked, slightly wearily.


“What did I say about calling me-” She stopped. “If possible, I’d like to try this on. Where can I do so?”


The clerk gestured across the hall, where a purple door was closed. “If you’ll just head in there and get undressed, I’ll get this for you right now.” H said, pulling the catsuit off the rack and handing it to Judith.



“Thank you!” She said, carrying it over her shoulder into the changing room. Once inside, she quickly stripped off her blouse and her skirt, revealing a simple black brassiere and matching panties, which she took a moment to admire herself in.



Unbeknownst to her, she wasn’t the only one admiring her figure. In the upper corner of the changing room, a small camera whirred and focused on her body, which was pulling the zipper up on the catsuit as she checked herself in the mirror. The clerk behind the camera smiled, satisfied that this was the girl he had to have.


As Judith check herself in the catsuit, she realized what was missing. With a sigh, she turned and called out “Clerk! Can I get the gloves in here!”


A muffled voice cried out “Of course! Just a moment.”


Sighing, Judith turned back to the mirror and admired her body once again. It looked absolutely gorgeous, the catsuit fitting her perfectly, hugging her curves and accenting her best assets.



She was so busy admiring herself that she didn’t notice a pair of black leather gloves that emerged from the door behind, carrying a brown bottle and a gauze path. She didn’t see those hands pour some of the brown bottles contents onto the gauze, causing a chemical smell to rise. She did, however, notice when those hands clamped themselves over her nose and mouth.


“MMMPPPPHH!!” She shrieked into the sweet smelling cloth, whose medical scent assaulted her senses. She shook violently, trying to shake off her attacker.



“No, no. Don’t fight it darling. Just relax, take a little nap…” The clerk behind her cooed, holding her tight as she tried to fight and claw her way from him.


“MMMPPPhhhh!” She shrieked, a dull ringing beginning in her ears. She blinked, slowly, as her vision started to slow down, her eyes losing focus as she struggled against her attacker. She momentarily forgot about where she was, fighting to maintain her grip on her attackers arm.



It was a losing battle, as the more time went on the heavier she started to feel, the ringing in her ears having become a throbbing that filled her mind. Her fingers felt warm and numb, and she felt them beginning to slide off of the clerk’s hands.



The clerk clamped another arm around her chest, copping a feel. She moaned, her eyes widening for a moment as she felt him, but quickly they started to droop again as her head began to loll. She weakly kicked at him, her long legs feeling like lead pipes as she sagged deeper into his arms.


“mmmpppphhhh….” She moaned weakly, her eyelids fluttering lower and lower over her eyes,  her struggled growing more faint and indistinguishable as she felt herself losing her last shreds of consciousness, a dark tunnel surrounding her vision, slowly getting smaller as she felt her eyes closing. 

With a sigh, she let them close, exhaling into the rag that still covered her face. The attendant felt her breast again, squeezing it gently to see if she would respond. She didn’t.


“Sweet dreams, darling…” he whispered in the sleeping woman’s ear, gently lowering her to the floor as he lifted the cloth from her mouth. Her bent lower and scooped her up, checking to see if anybody else was in the store before taking her into the back room.


There, behind the soundproof walls and triple-pad locked door, lay an ornate bed with red silk sheets, covered with little toys and trinkets of a rather erotic nature. It was a sight that the sleeping brown didn’t get to appreciate as she was laid across the bed, her long hair splaying out behind her.


The clerk took a moment to admire her body, running a hand along her thigh in his leather gloves. It was then that he noticed he was still wearing them.


“Oh dear. Ma’am, I believe you requested these,” He said, pulling them off his fingers and slowly slipping them onto Judith’s hands. She didn’t resist, nor could she, as the smooth leather slid over her skin and fit snuggle on her hands.


The clerk smiled. It was a perfect fit. Everything fit her so nicely.



“Right then, love,” He said, turning the toys on the bed and examining each one “time for us to get started. What should I do first…” He paused, spotting a simple black vibrator on the bed “I think this will do quite nicely!”


He picked it up and turned it on, already rock hard (He had been since he’d seen her in that catsuit) turning, her found the zipper of her catsuit and pulled it down gently, slowly lowering it past her breasts, which burst free, her busty bosom rising and falling evenly with her sleeping breaths.



He stopped breathing for a moment, his hands immediately sliding to her breasts. He squeezed them slowly, playing with them sensually as he felt his erection growing. He noticed that her nipples hardened almost immediately, incredibly responsive to his touch.


“Holy…” He whispered, reminding himself to continue with the zipper. He pulled it down, past her stomach and all the way down to her pussy. She was clean down there, not even a peaches fuzz visible when he saw her.



“Good girl.” He said to himself, taking the buzzing toy in her grip and bringing it down to her tender flesh, feeling her body tense immediately as the pleasure hit her like a truck, making her unconscious form gasp for breath as the toy continued to push against her.



Judith, who was still asleep, writhed against the sheets, her body almost shaking as wave after wave of intense pleasure hit her. Her body moved as her hips stated gyrating to the vibrations, moving slowly at first, then faster and harder, until she was bouncing on the bed.



The clerk felt her nearing the climax, her movements growing more and more intense, more and more intense, until she felt as if she was about to burst. And she did.


Judith gasped, her back arching as the orgasm blew through her, unlike anything she had ever felt before. If she had been awake, she would have appreciated it much more than she did.  Still, even unconscious, she still felt the massive pleasure.


The clerk smiled, switching off the device and wiping it off, his own erection still obvious. He was about to select the next toy when he felt someone moving beside him.



“Mmmuuhhh…” Judith groaned, groggily rolling her head to the side as she started to come to. The clerk realized that the force of the orgasm had sped up the drug’s effects, making them wear off much faster than they were supposed to.



Quickly he pulled out a pair of leather lined handcuffs and locked each of her hands to the bedposts. Just in time, too, as she was starting to wake up.


“Ohhh, my head” She groaned, slowly opening her eyes “Where am I?”



“You’re right where I want you, dearie…” The clerk whispered softly, brushing a strand of hair from her face.



At the sound of his voice, Judith’s eye’s shot open. “What?! You!” She groggily shrieked, trying to move away. That’s when she realized that her hands were bound.


“You crazy little bastard! You drugged me! You handcuffed me! What the Hell!” She shouted at him, struggling against her bonds. He placed a hand gently on her side.


“Please relax. I’m not going to hurt you. I only want to play a little game…” He said, with a smirk.


“A game? With you? Are you out of your mind?” She shouted furiously.


“Now,  now,” He said, condescendingly “This could be a fun game for both of us. Admit it, you like this. The sexy leather, being tied up, being helpless.” He smiled “You like being my plaything.”


In truth, Judith did like it. Deep down, it had always been a fantasy of hers to have something like this happen. But she wasn’t letting the crazy freak that kidnapped her know that!


“No way in hell do I enjoy being drugged and groped by some madman!” She angrily said, struggling a bit more for effect.


The clerk frowned “Hmm, I guess not. But don’t worry; I have plenty of time. Maybe you’ll be more agreeable when you wake up.”


“Wake up?” Judith asked “What the hell are you talking-”


She was interrupted by a sharp stinging in her legs, which caused her to yelp. Looking down, a small syringe full of a milky-white fluid was being emptied into her body by the smiling clerk. When it was empty, he pulled it out and tossed it aside.


Judith hissed as she felt her leg growing numb at the site of the injection. A warm haze began to spread through her.



“What… what did you… give me?...” She asked, feeling her mind growing fuzzy as the lights in the room seemed to grow brighter and hazier.


“Just a little something to help you sleep…” The clerk said with a  mischievous grin “Just sleep it off darling…”


“No… I’mmm finnnnee…” She slurred, her tongue going numb as she felt her body going limp. Her arms fell limp beside her, her legs falling to her side. Here eyelids grew heavier, her vision fading to black as she slumped back down, completely unconscious.



“Propofol,” The Clerk said, with a grin, “lovely drug.”


Trailing a hand down Judith’s exposed skin, feeling her goosebumps, he smiled softly at the sleeping woman beside him.


“Oh my dear…” he turned to the wall of toys behind him “The fun is just beginning…” 

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Kenny figeted with his hands nervously.Was he really going to actually go through with this? Jared had been Kennys best friend since they were little kids.They played togeather went to school togeather and ..... stayed at each others house.He shook his head.He was suppossed to be dropping off a game he borrowed from Jared at his house while he was at basketball practice and that was the problem.He stopped as he got to the house and reached up with a sigh knocking on the door.


"One second please!"


He heard the familar voice call out getting chills.He then looked up as she answered the door.


"Oh, hey there sweetey if your looking for Jared he's still at practice but you can wait here if you'd like" Mrs Williams said with a warm smile.


He kept his eyes locked on her swallowing a bit trying to stay calm.There she was standing there.He looked from her bright blue eyes to her red lips all the way down to her shiny red heels on her feet.Jareds mother Mrs Williams had always been around.Always at every sporting event they had anything involving school and where he had always been tempted the most when he stayed over at Jareds.He had been tempted by her ever since they were little kids.He had to do it! today was the day this was just to much.He snapped back into it looking at her not mentioning the game "Yeah thanks Mrs Williams that would be great" he said.


She smiled stepping back opening the door wider letting him in.


He walked inside turning his head watching her as she turned her back to him closing the door.He watched her ass move a little in her pants as she closed it turning his head back around swallowing hard.


She turned back around waving toward the couch as she walked back toward the kitchen looking at him "make yourself at home you know your like a second son to me" she said with a smile.


He nodded slowly sitting down watching her walk back into the kitchen hearing the clatter of metal from pots and pans and the sound of her heels clicking on the kitchen floor.


She smiled bending over in the kitchen looking into the oven "i'm baking cookies Peanut butter your favorite" she said sniffing them "I'm taking them to the church in a little bit so go easy on them when there done" she laughed.


He sat there half listening to her trying to come up with a gameplan "yes maam" he called out looking around then turned his head around as she walked back into the room.


She reached over grabbing her car keys off the table and looked over at him smiling "I won't be gone lonng just gotta drop some of these cookies off once there done.If Jared happens to get home before me tell him dinner will be done in a little bit" she said turning back to walk into the kitchen to get the cookies.


"Mrs Williams!" he said trying to think on the fly "what are the cookies for is the church having some kind of service?" he asked.


She stopped turning on her heels to look at him and and smiled answering "There going to be giving free meals to the needy and I figured i would help out some" she said.


He nodded "oh!, hey Mrs Williams I almost forgot I brought this game here.Jared and I are going to trade for the weekend"He said pretending to reach into his bag and look through it "uh could you go over to Jared games and grab it for me it's called ....... Galactic warrior battle three" he said.


She listened to him tilting her head to the side a bit and then smiled "sure honey" she said turning around and walking over toward the tv "I don't remember that one" she laughed kneeling down toward the cabniet under the tv with Jareds games in it.


He continued pretending to go through his bag watching her out of the corner of his eyes as she walked over and kneeled down.He watched her as she went through the games her red heel dangling off her foot a bit as she kneeled.


She continued looking through the games but tilted her head to the side a bit not being able to find it "i'm having trouble finding it" she said reaching in further and looking.


He looked around the room quickly scanning it "uh yeah it's an older game it may be toward the bottom" he said his eyes stopping on a large glass lamp.He glanced at her and then slowly moved his hand toward the lamp but quickly jerked it back relaxing casually.


She turned her head around frowning a bit looking back at him her pony tail moving a bit "are you sure it's in here hun?" she asked.


He nodded with a fake smile "yes maam i'm pretty sure" he said waiting until she began looking again and then reached over grabbing the lamp and slowly stood up his eyes locked on her back.


She looked and flipped over a game inside picking it up looking down at it "is this maybe it honey it's called space something and has a bunch of ships on it" she asked looking don at it.


"Never mind Mrs Williams I forgot it doesn't exist" he said standing directly over top of her behind her.


"Huh?" she scrunched her eyes about to turn around but then with a loud shattering sound the lamp smashed over her head.She fell over with a thump on her side fingers twitching a bit then going still out cold.


He looked down at her on the ground swallowing.He stared at her her long lashes closed lips parted a bit.He swallowed hard slowly reaching hit foot over tapping her lightly and nothing ..... she was out.He looked down at her it had finally been done.He stepped over some of the broken shards of glass and looked down at her kneeling down running his thumb slowly down her bottom lip.He smiled standing back up and reached down grabbing her by her wrists and dragged her limp body to the center of the room.He let her arms drop moving down toward her feet taking one and lifting it up the light sparkling off the red heel.He slowly removed the heels squeezing the wrinkled sole of her foot then did the same to the other.He reached over slowly rising the bottom of her shirt up her bare stomach showing running his hand along it.Standing up he walked over raising her up into a sitting postition.He sat down behind her raising her limp arms up like a doll moving them around smiling.He slid her hairbow off allowing her blonde hair to fall down her back.He smiled caressing her face slowly turning it around toward him and moving in and locked lips with her kissing her.He took it in licking her bottom lip a bit tasting it and then let go allowing her to drop back down to the floor limp.He then looked over as there was a knock at the door 


"mom? i'm home"


He smiled looking down at her knowing time was up.He stood up walking toward the kitchen to go out the back door and reached over grabbing a cookie biting it.He swallowed it and smiled "your right Mrs Williams..... my favorite" he said.



 The End Comments appreciated :) more to come just a starter.Take requests as well.


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Lilly was tiny. She wasn't more than 100 pounds and she was a little below 5 feet. She was 24 years old. She had long brunette hair. Her boyfriend was the complete opposite. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He was 6'2 and very, very muscular. Lilly was having an extra long week at work so on Friday night she decided to go to the club with her boyfriend. He knew her tendencies to get wild so he wasn't sure but he willingly went along with her. She was wearing a tiny mini skirt and a shirt that showed her bellybutton. She also wore high heels. They walked into the club together and there were lots of people there, dancing. Lilly went off through the crowd and many boys started to give her drinks. She was a lightweight so she started to get drunk right away. Her boyfriend tried to find her through the crowds. Lilly got so drunk that she started to get very wild and she went over to a much bigger girl, and punched the bigger girl in the face. The punch barely hurt the big girl. The big girl got very angry and went over to the staggering Lilly. Lilly's boyfriend found her just as the big girl punched Lilly right in the jaw. Lilly started hearing little birdies and swayed back and forth rolling her eyes back. Her boyfriend went over to her as she fell limp into his strong arms. He threw her over his shoulder, showing everyone Lilly's lacy pink underwear and beautiful butt. He put his hand on her butt and started to rub it as he walked out of the club with her. 

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(a tribute to the Thief games)


I step silently into the room through the kitchen door. Behind me the girl left a soft groan. I had to dispose of her fast and silently but not to kill her of course. A young servant had no responsibility for her master's deeds. A gentle tap on the head did the trick and now she lay unconscious on the kitchen floor. I explored the new room. It was dark, some kind of storage. Thankfully it was the right one, full of sets of silver and gold cultery. I grabbed everything i could and put it in my little bag. As i returned to the kitchen i glanced once more at the insensible servant. She couldnt be over 19. She had blond hair and wore the usual long skirt of female workers. She also wore no shoes, as was the tradition with servants. She would have a headache next morning but otherwise she would be fine.

I returned to the hallway, my ears open for any kind of noise. I sneaked across silently searching for another room worth "exploring". After a few doors i came upon a room with a great oak door. That must be where the Baron's daughter, Elisia, slept. I opened the door slightly and peeked inside. I saw a big room with a wooden table and chairs in the middle and a huge bookcase in the corner. At the far end there was another door that led to the bedroom and next to the door was a woman sitting in an armchair reading. She wore too the clothes of a servant and no shoes and i judged her to be around 35. She probably should be one of Elisia's maids guarding her room. I didnt have time to spare so i silently got to the opposite window and opened it. The autumn wind entered the room and extinguished the candle next to the maid's chair. She looked surprised for a few moments and then she put down her book and i heard her bare feet slapping on the floor towards the open window. I stayed hidden in the shadows and when she came close enough i sneaked behind her and raised my blackjack. The maid, oblivious to me, peered out of the window to see the night sky. At that moment i brought the blackjack down at the back of her head, not too hard but hard enough to do the job. A silent "thump" was heard and a surprised "UUGH" came out of her mouth. After a couple of seconds i saw her body go limb and fall backwards in my waiting hands. I put her back in her armchair and walked towards the bedroom door.

I sneaked inside Elisia's bedroom and to my surprised there was noone there. I didnt wait to think for long about my luck and started searching for valuables. The rumor was that  Elisia's father had gave her a great jewel for her 20th birthday a few weeks ago so i was more than eager to spend as much time as i could in this room. Several minutes passed and i had found nothing of value. Just as i was thinking to leave i heard footsteps coming from the door at the other side of the room, Elisia's balcony. I quickly hide in a shadowy corner and a few moments later i saw the Baron's daughter enter the room wearing only a nightgown. She was very pretty, with dark hair and medium height. She had propably went outside her balcony just to take some air. Looking down i also discovered her fathers gift. It was a golden toe ring with a big ruby which she wore on the second toe of her left bare foot. I decided to let her fall asleep and then make my move but as i tried to crouch i knocked over a wooden brush from a nearby table which fell down with a sound. "Who's there?" she asked alarmed. I tried to hide but she walked fast towards me. Before i could react she saw me and she opened her mouth to scream. In a flash move i jumped in front of her and put my hand on her mouth. "Sorry my lady, it's nothing personal" i said to her as i raised my blackjack with my spare hand and tapped her, somewhat lightly, on the forehead. She stayed with a surprised look for a while and then her eyes crossed and she fell backwards on her bed. I swiftly grabbed her left foot and took the valuable ring. I opened the balcony door and with one last look at the unconscious beauty i dived back into the shadows.


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Lyndy was so relieved when looking through the phonebook, she found a 24 hour dentist. She had a terrible toothache and knew she wouldn't be able to get much sleep until she had it taken care of. 


She drove herself down to the dentist's office in her pajamas and was greeted by a friendly secretary. Seeing the secretary in her uniform she realized just how little she was wearing. She began to feel very self conscious and filled out the paperwork as quickly as she could.


"Okay the dentist will see you now." Said the secretary.


"Whew, thank goodness. This tooth is killing me."


Lyndy walked to the back and was met by a handsome man who appeared to be in his late thirties. 


"Alright so what can I do for you tonight?"


"Oh my tooth hurts really bad. I can't sleep like this."


"Ah I'm so sorry to hear that. You have come to the right place. Let's get you fixed up."


He led her into a room and told her to have a seat in the dentist chair.


"I'll put you on some laughing gas to help with the pain."


"What will that do?" Lyndy asked nervously.


"It will just make you relaxed and feel a little funny. Nothing to worry about."


Lyndy felt the nasal hood go over her nose and felt a puff of air.


"Alright just take some nice deep breaths now." Instructed the dentist.


Lyndy took a few deep breaths. Her vision got a bit blurry and her arms and legs felt tingly and heavy but other than that she felt fine.


The dentist got started on her tooth. He numbed her mouth and began drilling. After a few minutes she thought she heard the secretary locking something. The door? Wasn't this a 24 hour place? Maybe she was just hallucinating from the gas.


"Alright Lyndy you are all fixed up."


Lyndy tried to sit up but her body was to heavy from the laughing gas.


"Oh just lie still for a few minutes. I'll switch it to oxygen and you'll be good to go."


Lyndy waited for the gas to change but it still felt the same. 


"Alright Lexi we're just about done in here." The dentist yelled out to his secretary.


Lyndy tried to speak. "I...think the g...g...gas is a...bit strong."


"Hmmmm that's odd. I switched it to oxygen a few minutes ago. Just give it a few more minutes. You've got a bit drool on your chin. Let me get something to wipe that up."


Lyndy heard him get up and go over to the cabinets. She could hear glass bottles clinking.


"Yeah that's the problem with that numbing stuff. Turns you into a mess for a while."


He sat back down next to her and began to gently wipe off her chin with a thick white cloth. 


Lyndy felt him take off the nasal hood and he began softly wiping off her mouth as well. And then he covered her nose.


She was hit with a very strong chemical smell. Lyndy tried to protest but her mouth was still numb and she was still sedated from the gas. She struggled all she could. What was happening?


"Shhhh. I know it smells." Said the dentist.


Lyndy was feeling pins and needles all over her face. She was totally helpless. The smell was overpowering her senses and the room was spinning. Why wasn't the secretary coming to help?


"It's okay sweety. It's almost over. Shhhhhhh...shhhhh."


Lyndy's eyes went crossed as the dentist's voice seemed to be coming from far away. 


"That's a good girl. Just a few more seconds and you'll be off to dreamland."


Lyndy couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. 


Then everything went black.



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It was early on Christmas morning about two years ago. I came to and groggily went to put my hand on my girlfriend, instead feeling the empty mattress beside me. I shook the sleep from my brain and sat up, looking around the bedroom. No sign of my girlfriend, so I climbed out of bed, still in my pyjama T-Shirt and Shorts, I walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs towards the kitchen, to see if my girlfriend had for some reason decided to start preparing the Turkey early. There was no sign of her in the kitchen so I walked into the living room.

My eyes were captured by a massive red box with green trimming, tied in a bow, sitting by the Christmas tree, below a large shelf, which we used as a mantelpiece. I shouted out my girlfriend’s name asking if she knew what was in there, all of a sudden, the red box burst open and she stood right up hard and fast, throwing her arms out saying “tada!” and wearing nothing but a red festive Santa hat, red bikini, red panties and red nail polish on her fingernails and (I’d see later) her toenails. As she stood up though she misjudged the shelf and slammed her head hard onto the bottom of it, muttering “ouch!”

She stood there, silver stars, like the one on top of the Cristmas tree appeared and circled her head, I could hear tweeting coming from her direction and she was now swaying with a goofy smile upon her pretty face. Her eyes crossed and her mouth hung open. She then stumbled out the box, revealing her bare feet and staggered around. I did feel a bulge, she did look hot!

“Happy Christmas!” I smiled and walked over to my dazed girlfriend. I brushed her blonde hair out of her face, then, wanting her a bit more dizzy, I slammed my own bare foot hard against her chin, sending her flying backwards, causing the back of her head to hit the wall by the shelf. The force caused a statuette to wobble and fall on her head. She was now seeing robins chirping around her head and her eyes were spinning. There were cuckoos coming from her direction now too. I then leant forwards and kissed her on the lips, she was totally gaga and happy in blissful world of cuckoo stupidity.

I then told her to sleep tight, slammed my foot against the top of her head and knocked her out. I then picked up her limp form and carried her up to our room, to bed. She needed to sleep it off, I also wanted a bit of fun with her.

Once I had laid her down on the bed I started to play, moving her limp form around, kissing her neck and massaging her all over, including her head, to try and remove any headache she may have gained from the knocks. I started kissing her legs and worked my way down towards her feet, which I started to massage. All of a sudden, one jerked and then kicked me hard in the chin, I went flying off the bed and was left sitting there with yellow stars circling my head. My girlfriend peered over at me, a playful smile on her face.



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This story goes back to around 10 years ago, when I was 16. As a bit of backstory a girl my age and I used to play KO games when we had sleepovers, as we reasoned we had to sleep anyway and the knockouts were a lot of fun. We started aged 16 and played until we were both 18. Usually it was just us and the rules were simple, we stopped when one was knocked out; the other being the winner. Sometimes one would just be the victim that once and other times we would have a game of “Hide and KO.” Other times we’d just bonk each other on the head harder and harder until one of us went “out” for the night, though sometimes we were both left in a daze and called it a night there.

My friend were having a KO competition, we were in her bedroom, having got ready for bed and now dressed in our pyjamas, mine being a T-Shirt and loose fitting shorts and her being in pink and blue leggings and a pink top with blue stars, both of us barefoot. Anyway she and I sat on her double bed and played rock paper scissors, the winner would get to choose which game we played and who would be the victim, I won and decided we would just play Victim. I would bonk her over the head and let her have an early night, maybe rag dolling her a bit while she was sleeping, but then going to sleep myself.  We sat opposite each other and I picked up a blackjack we used, sand slammed it hard over her head. She sat there, eyes rolling up, muttering about seeing stars before she slumped forwards.

Half an hour later, her Mum came in to check on us to find me moving her sleeping daughter around on her bed. She was limp like a rag doll and fun to play with.

Her Mum was a professional kick boxer at the time and knew it was a knockout, rather than just her daughter sleeping and was angry, she told me to come downstairs. However, as I was about to get dressed as I was thinking she was going to throw me out the house, she said to stay in my pyjamas and to meet her in the basement (which had a ring and doubled as a training room for her).

So I did as I was told and went down there, leaving my friend sleeping in her room, she wasn't getting up for a while. It was cold down there and I was a scared, my friend's Mom was a big strong woman, (6ft6 tall, pretty muscly, but well-proportioned with size 12 feet) - and being a pro kickboxer whose husband had just left her for another woman, I wasn't sure what she would do in her anger

I was sitting there in a corner, huddled and shaking (for the aforementioned reasons) for probably around 10 minutes, before the door open and in stepped my friend's Mum. She was now wearing a black sports bra, black boxers shorts, her fists were taped up and her big feet were now bare. She motioned to the ring and I meekly stepped into it. She glared at me for a minute, then also stepped in. She started to circle towards me in the ring, and I circled away from her. She had a maddened look in her eyes.

“You men are all the same, using us woman for your fun, not caring about what happens to the women that you use! Now, My poor daughter is suffering from concussion. Is there anything you want to say for yourself?"

 I looked at her "I-I-I'm sorry Ma'am!" I stammered.

 She looked at me; a wicked smile appeared upon her lips. She then said "Well, at least you have apologised, but nobody does that to my daughter. I will have to teach you one hell of a lesson.” She then took a step towards me and hit me in the stomach with her right fist., I doubled over, in pain falling onto my knees. She stepped round behind me and slid her bare foot against one of mine. “Stand up!” she commanded. Still clutching my stomach I did as I was told and stood up, crouching a little with the pain. “I’m not yet done” and with that she then punched me in the shoulder, then kicked me in the thigh. She then stepped back and then forwards bringing her foot up high, spinning as she did so, thus colliding her foot with my temple. Stars exploded into my visual field and I was nearly out on my feet. She could tell she now had me fully at her mercy, “I’m not done” she said and with that she kicked me in the chest and then took another step back. Stepping forwards again she then slammed her right bare foot into my chin. My bare feet left the floor with the force and I flew for a second before I landed on the back of my head in the centre of the ring.

I groggily came to, lying flat on my back, seeing stars dancing around in front of my eyes. I swear I could also hear birds singing. My friend’s mum was smiling, looking at her handy work. I must have been out for a good 5 minutes or so as I had no recollection of her moving into her current position, she was currently kneeling on top of me.

“Ouch, that hurt!” I muttered, putting my hands up to my temples. “I’m seeing stars!”

"You'll be seeing more stars by the time I'm done Mister!" She replied, “However it is a nicer way to see stars” and with that she slid her hand into my shorts, “That’s nice, you are hard for me!” She started to stroke and then brought her lips down to mine. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was concussed and dazed so clearly I was being taken advantage of in that state, by this amazon-like woman, who was gorgeous. She quickly pulled off her clothing and my pyjamas and with her on top she slid her hands and mouth all over my body. I had a whopping great headache, but it was nicely relieved by all the kissing and massaging she was doing to my body.

Finally, when she was done she stood up, sweating and pulled me up too. I was in a total dreamy dazed state now, seeing stars from both the sex and the whack on the head. I staggered naked. She then said “Well thanks for that honey, now sleep!” and with that she punched me in the stomach again, causing me to double over. She then brought her foot high above her head, holding it for a second with her hand, before bringing it down with a monstrous force onto the top of my head. I saw stars yet again and fell forwards onto the mat, this time a small lump forming where her foot had connected.

She stood over me for a minute, leaving me dazed and then stamped on my head, hitting the lump with yet more force, causing my eyes to water and then for everything to fade out and I passed out again, this time for the night.

She then got dressed, dressed a limp me in my pyjamas again and carried me to the spare bedroom, taking care to slam my head against the wall when she laid me down on the bed, causing another lump to rise out of my head. “Sweet dreams honey!” She smiled and with a wicked laugh she bounded off to her own room.

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It had all come down to this.  A set of abandoned warehouses on the outskirts of Las Angeles.  A black haired, brown eyed girl creeps along the building, taser drawn and ready.  She makes sure she isn't seen through any of the large industrial windows, though from time to time she peeks in to see if she can catch a glimpse of what she's looking for.  

She comes to a door, probably used for smoke breaks as it opened up to an old rotting picnic pavillion in the center of the large buildings.  The woman opens it slowly, keeping out of site and waiting a moment before peering around the corner.  The whole thing was honestly forgien to her, she was a private investigator for a firm in LA, but most perps she had apprehended were slow moving slobs and druggies, or gave up on the spot.  This was the first real time she had ever really been in danger, but this was one that she had to do on her own.  Whether they were bought out or too stupid to do anything about it, the cops had simply refused her request to investigate the old industrial ruins, reciting a few laws and addendums about proof, and a few cliche's  about what the judge will do if they throw a hunch at him and ask for a search warrent.  For the time being, she was on her own.

The hallway was empty that she could see.  No trip wires, no bad guys in wait.  Her body loosened, and she walked in.  It wasn't too steps until she her a zipping sound and felt a sharp pain in her butt.  She turned around with a gasp, noticing suddenly an out of place working camera above her.  under it was a tube-like hole, and in her ass was a dart.  The black haired girl looked around frantically, and started to limp towards the doorway, but her legs were already tingling, and her body felt like it was swelling.  She noticed that her breathing seemed to be getting louder, and echoey, her eyes began to relax, and the spark of life within her faded.  The girl fell.

Now she lies on the ground, helpless.  The world was an echo chamber, and making less and less sense as her brain began to shut down.  A person came around the corner and stared at her.  She looked at him, her mouth hanging open, her eyes barely open.  "Who...who are you?"  Her words are heavily slurred.

The man just laughs, though by this point the girl can't hear his muffled voice.  She gives a last frustrated moan and goes completely limp, her eyes going completely dead, and finally closing.  The man comes over, giving her a look.  The Black haired woman is attractive, certainly by his standards, and most undoubtedly by the standards of any of his buyers.  He moves her, testing her weight and happy that she's light.  Suddenly she's up in his arms, her head limply rolling with the gait of his movements.  

He carries her to a room in the middle of the building, away from all windows.  It has two cages that seemed to have been welded in place after the factory was shut down.  In one of them is a sholder length redheaded girl, who immediately stands up in horror when she sees the man enter.  "What the fuck did you do to her!  Is she..."

"It's the same thing I did to you.  Your friend is a sleepy girl ight now, but she will wake up soon enough."  The man wears an Israeli style gas mask over his face, concealing his identity.  The mask makes his voice sound distorted and deep.  "Prepare her Abby.  I want her to know what's going to happen."  The man locks the black haired girl in her new cell and leaves.  

Abby simply stares at her friend, a sinking feeling in her heart.  Now they were both trapped, and escape was impossible, just as the man had told her when she had been taken in an ally in what now seemed forever ago.  

The new girl begins to move, Abby runs over to the cage bars and rattles them, closely monitoring the her friends movements.  The girl with the black hair stretches out, her eyes opening and closing slowly, ""  

Abby turns as red as her hair, suddenly frustrated.  "Sophie why are you here?  Why would you come alone!  You had to know what would happen if you did!"  Her friend seems to try to respond but her mouth just hangs open and she moans again, stretching on the floor one more time.  Abby feels a cold chill run up her, tears well in her eyes.  "I'm sorry hun,"  she leans on the bars and slides down into a crouched sitting position.  "I'm sorry I got you into this."

"I had to try Abby...I had to find you.  I told the cops about the slave market in LA, but they didn't believe me, so I had to come find you myself.  Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm still going to find a way out of this..."  The sleepy girl still lies on the floor, her body still shakey from the drugs.  "What did he do to you AbbY?  Where did they find you?  Are you okay?"

Abby nods her head, though the other girl doesn't see it.  "Yeah I'm fine.  Remember the Gullespie case I was free lansing for?  The mafia don's son got in some deep shit one moment, and the next all the evidence in lockup goes missing?  I was tracking that down, and got a call from a guy who had information for me.  He said he'd meet me.  Next thing I know, I'm getting shot by a dart gun, and wake up here."  Abby looks over at Sophie, who is just now trying to sit up.  "He feeds me well enough, lets me go to the bathroom when I need to, but there's something else Abby...this guy tries to train his women into submission, and he has all the tools to do it too.  I've been shot with darts, chloroformed, injected...I mean jesus this guy even has his own anesthesia theater in the next room!  Then when you're too weak to fight, he takes advantage of you, and tries to break your will..."

Sophie has herself propped up against the bars, althoug her body still slumps and her eyes are still dialated.  Unfocusedly they glance over at Abby, her mouth hangs open sleepily and with suprise.  "Oh my god, I'm sorry Abby, we'll get out of here."

Abby shakes her head and looks over at her friend, "Sophie, at this point I've had more chemicles in me than Arnold Schwartzenegger.  When I am awake my head is usually pounding, and the only way to make it subside is for that next round of knock outs to come.  Honestly I can barely wait at this point."

They sit in silence for a few minutes, when the masked man walks back in.  Sophie's unfocused eyes go wide, and a sudden burst of energy burns through the haze, but she isn't able to mask her fear.  The man in the gas mask looks at her silently, as she back peddles against the concrete floor to the bars behind her, subconciously wanting to get as far away from the man as possible.  

The man has delighted in keeping his intentions a secret, watching the mind of his new victim race.   Then he turns his attention to the other one, his red head, and holds up a cloth.  

Abby looks at him and stands up, her back to the bars.  Unlike Sophie however, she doesn't flinch at hs every movement.  "So, are we doing this like normal Gas Mask guy?"  She keeps her head held high, her look defiant, as she stares him down.

He nods, his movements deliberate to look just as imposing.  "Breath deeply Abby.  As for you new girl, I want you to watch carefully, as you are my newest puppet."  In his other hand he holds a brown bottle.  He puts the cloth up to it, and turns it over.  A slightly sweet chemical oder reaches Sophie's nose.

"No!  Don't you touch her!!"  Sophie replies.  She's still have numb from the dart, but she begins to fight her way to her feet.

The gas masked man walks over to Abby's cage and opens the door to it.  "Stay Standing, I'll catch you."  Suddenly the chloth is pressed against her nose and mouth.  Abby yelps, but then stares her captor directly in his eyes and furrows her brow.  It was a scenario she was used too, and she knew he was too strong to fight off, but she wouldn't go down without him knowing he hadn't won.  

He could hear her breathing from the cloth, her eyes were watering from the chemicals, and it looks as though her defiant stare was becoming a stoned dull one.  

"Mmmph!"  Abby wanted to hold out as long as possible, if only to show him that she was fighting.  "Mmmph...mmmph..."  It was no good, her head was becoming heavier than her body, her legs were nowhere to be found.

Her head went first.  All of her red hair fell forward, covering her face as her eyes slid closed.  Then her legs buckled, and the man caught her, lowering her down to the floor.  

He decided to talk from inside Abby's cage.  He had always had a flair for the dramatics, a good nightmare scenario always involved a masked man partially obscured by obstacles, and what was better than trapping steel?  He turned to Sophie, "Your cage has a computer system that changes pin numbers every single time I open and close the door.  I recieve the new ones at an undisclosed location, but you will never know them.  In the event you do escape, be warned that this entire building has been relined with traps.  While you slept, I went from doorway to doorway, securing this place with leathal killing machines.  No more nap times for you if you fail to comply with my wishes.  Do you understand?"

"Go to hell!"

He's on the move, resoaking his cloth as he goes.  "I understand your hesitation to comply with my wishes.  After all, you were supposed to have stopped me by now.  Your mind will change soon though."

The man types in the code for Sophie's door and opens it, closing it behind him.  Sophie stands there, ready to sprint, but still holding heavily onto the cage for support.  Her captor stands in front of her, waiting for her to make a first move.  

Sophie watches the man, cloth in hand and ready.  Her jaw quivers, and she knows she not up for fighting him, but she has to try something.  With that she lunges foward, trying to find a weakness in the man.  

The girl hits him suprisingly solidly in the stomach, though still without the power needed to double him.  He grabs her and sends her back against the cage.  

"NO!"  She yells, the cloths goes over her face, and suddenly she's twisting and turning, trying to break free.  One of her hands tries to pry the hand away from her face, and the other claws at him.  It's clear to the man that she's holding her breath, so he decides to help her.  

With a firm grasp on her stomach, he pushes inward, feeling her hot breath exhale forcefully through the cloth, and the coolness of her inhale as she gets her first lungfull of chloroform.  She coughs, and tries to claw him, but the chloroform has already made her feel even weaker than she was already.

"You're going to sleep now girl.  You're already having trouble fighting it.  Just give in."

The black haired girl gives a growl, but even that is followed by a quick panicked moan.  He presseds on her stomache again, another breath.  She squeals, but this time the world doesn't stop spinning around her.  Her eyes go crossed, "Mmmph....mmph...mmph..."  Her moans are weaker now.  She takes another breath of her own free will.  "Mmmph...mmmph..."  Her eyes flutter.  "Mph..."  Sophie closes her eyes, sleepiness overpowering her wll.  

"I have special plans for you girl."  The man says to her limp body...

End of Episode 1

BASED on an RP done between myself and Sophie.  Thank you for some wonderful ideas, the legacy will continue.


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First I took care of Ling, leaving Melisa, my obsession, for the end. I got her naked and fondled her for half an hour. I enjoyed her tits, butt and pussy. Then I took a needle and injected her enough drug to make her deeply sleep for the rest of the night.

Having done that I took her from her armpits and dragged her outside, to an inner patio. I left her pretty limp helpless and naked body by a red wall. Just for the sake of my preferred fantasy I chopped her on the side of her neck. Her body moved as I did so, and a very weak moan was heard...

Then I went back inside. Melisa was still on the bed, but now she was naked and her arms and legs were spread. I didnt remember to have left her that way, and I was right on that. Suddeenly I heard a voice. Besides the bed on a couch there was awoman in red bikini and with her wet hair in a ponytail. She has my dart gun on her hand pointing at me.

- Hello Jackie, finally I found you..

- H... h... hi Cammy, it has been a long time...

- Yes Jackie, a long time, but you still owe me something...

Then Cammy got naked and ordered me to get naked, which I did. 

- Now you will fondle Melisa and I will record that...

She kept me filming with her video camera and pointing at me with the gun, for an hour.

I did everything to the poor limp Melisa, and everything was duly recorded.

When I was asked to stop I was so tired...

Cammy asked me to get in my knees on the bed, besides Melisa.

- Put your hands on your head...

As I did it, the blackjack came inmediately. It was so strong that I almost fell back... AGH!... But I fell face down on the bed.

Next thing I remember was that I woke up in the trunk of a car and that the car was moving...

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