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justine » 2pm - Oct 11, 2012 Sexy Sci-Fi Superheroine Fights Alien Warriors! High adventure in the wild, vast reaches of space. Missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice. Travel into the future with STORMY TEMPEST! The latest entry from Smarty Pants Entertainment and Galaxy International is a unique fusion of Barbarella and Space Patrol with Bill Black's added twists of humor and cult movie craziness. From the pages of AC Comic's FemForce, NICOLA RAE brings to life statuesque sci-fi superheroine Stormy Tempest, the famous interplanetary hotshot created by Bill Black over 30 years ago! Stormy journeys back in time from 2525 to modern day Florida on the trail of the evil Gorla Monks. Stormy expects that futuristic space monks with metal face masks shouldn't be too hard to find in the early 21st Century, but she quickly discovers that the monks run amok at a major comic book convention! Surrounded by thousands of costumed civilians, Stormy must make her way through the throng and numerous enemy ambushes in order to rescue a hostage and stop the Gorla Monks. The fate of the world, the future and the very fabric of the space-time continuum is at stake! A sexy space cop! Interstellar ship-to-ship dogfights! Alien menaces! Wise-cracking sentient spaceships! Laser battles! Action, adventure and peril abounds! Only from the mind of Bill Black and Smarty Pants Entertainment! Only at!
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