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These are a loose set of rules set up so that we have a fun and non-contentious forum.  Please report any infractions to the administrator.


1) Members must be 18+.

2) Members may not use this board if this activity is illegal where they live.


1) No piracy.  Members are not allowed to post links to pirate sites, pirate links or pirated material at all.

2) Absolutely no password, video or picture trading.  Plee don't post requests for shares either.

3) No pics or videos of girls really getting chloro'd, screwed while asleep or any other criminal activity.

4) No recreations of actual criminal events.  Like Natalie Holloway etc.

5) No pics of underage girls.

6) No confidential information.  Members may not post real names, addresses, phone numbers etc of other members.  Also, posting any confidential material is forbidden.

7) No discussion of children or animals in a sexual way.  Also, no incest.

8) No discussion on how to commit crimes. This board is only for fantasy.

9) No political or religious topics.  This just isn't the board for it.


1) Members should behave in a polite, professional manner and treat each other with respect.  I leave this up to the members to interpret as it is a highly subjective rule but one I think most people instinctively understand.  Don't be condescending.  No namecalling.  No angry rhetoric.  No racist statements.  No hate.  No mockery.  Just basically be nice and polite and if you have an objection to a topic, please post your objection in a polite way.

2) Members are not allowed to correct the spelling, punctuation or grammar of other members.  This includes using 'sic' or changing the spelling in quotations.  Yes, we all make mistakes, but that's not the real point of the post is it?

3) Members can't be disparaging about the fetishes of other members.  We all have different opinions of different fetishes and considering how badly Chloro/Sleepy is hated and openly discriminated against we really don't have the moral high ground to hate on other fetishes.  On this board, we won't be discussing children, animals or incest.  (Note: The words 'teen' or 'girl' or even 'young girl' don't automatically mean child and are common nomenclatures all through porn.)

4) Members can't harass other members.  Whether you really like or really hate another member please do not send tons of IMs, PMs, emails, chat requests and forum posts to the same member.  You will be harassing them.  Members may post grievances or complaints but if the complaint is an aggressive attack or the member is making a habit of complaining about the same member over and over, then the complainer is harassing and must stop.

5) Chronic problem personalities will simply be kicked off.  I've watched on other boards where abusive, problem personalities are catered to, negotiated with, bribed... all the while regular forum members are leaving and new members never return.  No, if you're abusive find another outlet for the abuse - you're off the board.


1) Please no Baron Munchausens!  If you're going to tell amazing, grandiose stories about yourself or make ridiculous claims or talk about assisting the president or whatever... you have two choices.  Either have some damned good proof that what you're saying is real OR expect people not to believe you.  Don't get hurt feelings when people are skeptical that you are a superhero by day and a ninja by night and your best friend just committed suicide after learning that people are doubting your claim of X-Ray vision.

2) Please no fake Supermodel/Pornstars.  If you're a beautiful woman, congratulations.  If all you're posting are obvious studio photos that were probably clipped out of an old catalog, yeah... don't expect anyone to believe you.  Everyone has cameras, cellphones, webcams - something where they can take a quick pic of themselves.  Take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper that says "SleepPeeps" and another where you look scared (same clothes, same shoot) and you'll be verified as "SleepPeeps Hottie!"  If you don't want to post a real picture of yourself, it's okay to say "I kind of look like this." and then post a picture.  You won't be verified as a girl, people probably won't think you look like a supermodel but it's fine for roleplaying.

3) Please no doppelgangers.  It's quite common to create multiple characters often to trick members, influence polls or pile on during an argument.  It's okay to wonder if someone is a doppelganger, bring it up with the admin and I'll check IPs.  If they match, he is, if they don't - he still may be a doppelganger using proxy servers or using a laptop from a Starbucks but I can't prove it.  I've created a few characters but they're existence is meant for testing certain systems and other site related activity.  I will not use them to pile on in an argument, sexchat as a girl or influence polls.

4) Please no convenient 'family members'.  I don't want to see any husbands or wives or daughters or whatever coming on JUST to post how badly the forum member was hurt by someone's skepticism.  Yeah, right!  

5) Please do not pile onto people who show skepticism of outrageous claims.  It is common to make a virtue of believing without evidence but in the real world, believing without evidence is simply naive and gullible.  Incredible claims require incredible proof!  Serioiusly, wouldn't you rather know that the girl claiming to be Aria Giovani was really a mildly attractive blonde?  Instead of feeding the hoax, you get to learn who the real person is.  Also, if you get hurt because you've been asked for evidence - you're probably lying.


1) Producers cannot post disparaging things about other producers even indirectly.  This may seem unfair or whatever but let's just call this mutual courtesy and a way to keep this board peaceful.  The producer who is the target of the post may decide whether the post is disparaging or not.  (Moderator may override in extreme cases.)

2) Producers shouldn't review each other's work.  This is simple common sense.  No one on the planet is impartial enough to review the work of his competition.  No one would take seriously reviews of Toyota product from the owner of Ford Motor Company.  This would obviously result in a backlash followed by another backlash ad infinitum.

3) Producers may only post up to four advertisements a week.  This only refers to full advertisements, not uploading photos, uploading videos, posting comments or replying to comments.  Obviously this leaves some wiggle room but a full ad is normally pretty obvious to everyone and probably will appear on multiple sites.

4) Posts must be on topic and must not be so graphic as to immediately offend the sensibilities of the majority.  Figure that penises, genital close-ups, ejaculation, cum-drenched faces etc are a bit too graphic .  Female nudity will obviously be part and parcel of any sexual fetish so please expect nudity, it will not be censored or any warning posted.
5) Maximum graphic size.  Due to some producers posting enormously long graphics that fill up the activity screen I have added a vertical maximum to graphic size there.  If your graphic exceeds this maximum (600px I believe).  The graphic will be shrunk to the maximum size.  The graphic is shrunk proportionately so in that producer's case the graphic was too narrow to be legible.  If this happens, please post multiple graphics instead.

6) Due to a possible conflict of interest, producers may not be administrators.

Violation of said rules will begin with warnings, deleted posts then short, temporary banning, then long term banning and finally a full ban.  The admin is not bound by this procedure and can simply ban someone permanently if he feels it is merited.

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