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TOPIC: Keri Spectrum, Cadence, Skye, and LOTS of KOs!

Keri Spectrum, Cadence, Skye, and LOTS of KOs! 1 week 2 days ago #5402

Hey!!! Saya Savage here with a brand new clip: SKYE’S MISTAKE – just uploaded to! Featuring three sexy agents in a pantyhose-clad fight to the finish!

Direct link to clip (and trailer):


“Skye Blue and Cadence Lux star in this amazing spy vs spy custom, with a cameo from Keri Spectrum!!!
We fade in on the lovely agent Cadence being attacked by Agent Skye Blue, who’s convinced she’s Agent Spectrum. Cadence tries to correct her mistake, but Skye takes control and dominates the beautiful blonde, knocking her out repeatedly and kissing her awake…only to send her right back to Dreamland! After several attacks, a bored Skye takes Cadence out with a swift snap of the neck, only to be attacked by the REAL Keri Spectrum moments later! Keri puts her out with sleeper, toying with her after she’s out. A few kisses follow…and then a reverse facesit that puts the beautiful Skye out. As Keri goes for a final attack, however, Skye slams a tazer into her own chest, shocking Keri, who quickly snaps Sky’e neck! Convulsing, Agent Keri passes out next to her prey, out cold…but alive to fight another day!
Included: sleeper hold, multiple knockouts, eyerolling, limp play, pantyhose, thong lingerie, kissing, sleepy kissing, reverse neckscissors, front facing neck scissors, foreign object strike to the head, ass in the air knockouts, cuntbusting, crotch kick, tazer attack, convulsing, front facesit, reverse facesit, neck snap, sleeper hold # 2, reverse facesit # 2, double tazer attack, second necksnap, double knockout.”


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