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TOPIC: "Synthoforming" Poison Ivy

"Synthoforming" Poison Ivy 9 months 1 week ago #5142

“Synthoforming Poison Ivy”

Batgirl had tried using chloroform against Poison Ivy on multiple occasions, but it never seemed to have any effect. To the best of Batgirl’s knowledge, she could only deduce that Poison Ivy’s connection to the plant world kept her immune from the plant-based sedative. After tirelessly working with Batman in the lab, the pair came up with a new type of sedative—a new chemical-based sedative that didn’t use any plant material at all. Batgirl called the synthetic sedative, “Synthoform”. Tonight she tested it against her archenemy.

“You’re going back to Arkham!” Batgirl yelled, clasping the heavily dampened rag across Ivy’s face.

“Ha!” Ivy yelled through the moisture. “This again? How many times are you going to fail before you finally learn?”

“You tell me,” Batgirl smiled.

Ever so slightly, Ivy felt the room begin to spin.

“What…what’s going on???” she struggled.

“Oh, nothing…” Batgirl grinned. “Just learning from my mistakes.”

“Nnnnnnnn….nnnnnnoooooo!!!” Ivy strugged as the synthoform slowed her motor functions.

“So it’s working?” Batgirl taunted with excitement.

“Stuhhh…stahhppp…” Ivy slurred, as her eyes drowsily wandered.

“Stopping is something you should have thought about before deciding to rob another bank!” Batgirl replied.

“I’m nahht…I’m nannnt goiiiinnng…bahhhhhkkk…” Ivy sluggishly resisted.

“Sure you’re not,” smiled Batgirl.

“Puh…pleeez…” Ivy begged as her body slumped against Batgirl’s torso.

“Sorry, Ivy. You should have thought about the consequences of your actions.”

The weight of Ivy’s body slowly collapsed into Batgirl’s vice-like grip.

“Nnnnnn…” she trailed off, her eyes slowly rolling toward the back of her head.

“There, there,” comforted Batgirl. “I’ll keep you safe and sound until we get to your cell.”

The End.

*I hope you guys enjoyed the story! Let me know if you have any requests for future ones!!! :)
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