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The sleepy fetish appeared early on, before my sex...
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Please don't ... AGH!!
brian collet
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Ohh,What hit my jaw?
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Grateful to be back!

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  • LoveSeeingGirlsGettingKO'ed maybe she doesen't want to. You gotta respect that a bit.
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Christina Carter created a new topic ' The Release...No more waiting for Pt.2!!' in the forum.
Hello Loves!!

This is going to be a short post, seeing that I just got back to my room after a long day of hiking in Joshua Tree. Yes, in case you really had to idea…it’s a real place…not just a U2 album… lol. It was windy and cold..not sure if I have sun burn or wind burn on my…plus I hitch hiked twice while in the park..there is no cell reception and we couldn’t find each other. It’s a big national park, and after 3PM I found myself wondering if I could hike another 12 miles to get back to the front gate….nah…so I stuck out my thumb and hitched a ride. Quite the interesting day. I’ll tell you more tomorrow after a good nights sleep. While you wait…

Hostile Takeover Pt. 2…. (*note-seeing these next previews reminded me of how stifling hot it was in the house we shot this in, notice it looks like I just stepped out of the shower. Sweat was dripping from my hair on to

15 hours ago
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18 hours ago
what a little hottie we have here *sneaks slowly up behind* and proceed's to clamp a sweet damp cloth firmly over your nose and mouth. ...
20 hours ago
nebularhelix dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
1 day ago
PARAGON created a new topic ' PARAGON - 10 MORE CHLORO VIDEOS / VIDEO CLIPS!' in the forum.
amber_chloro_video_002.jpg blonde_brumette_chloro_video_001.jpg pandora_chloro_video_001.jpg

Check out the pics:

Hey Guys! We just posted 10 more video clips including HOT scenes featuring: Amber, Dina, Leslie, Pandora, Danielle, Eva, Julie Anne, Lia & More!
Buxom MILF Pandora makes her Paragon debut as an amateur undercover 'mother detective', Amber is stunning as usual in her new scenes including the exciting conclusion to her blue jean girl detective scenario.
1 day ago
Dan created a new topic ' Bottoms Up - Laney' in the forum.
“Bottoms Up – Laney” is now for sale at and our Nicheclips Store – Last Breath. It is a very heavy chloroform featured film, and that being said, it will eventually be for sale on Our Clips4Sale store, with about half of the content removed. So the only way to purchase this movie is from our other stores, or of course, directly from us.

Laney is in her bedroom getting ready for bed when she is grabbed from behind by a masked man who shoves a chloroform soaked rag in her face, she struggles, he lets her drop to the floor, where she tries to crawl for help. He grabs her once again, and this time doesn’t let go until she is out. He picks her up over his shoulder and carries her to the bed where she is placed down so he can play with her limp body. He then props her up with her ass in the air.
She awakens, tries to crawl away
1 day ago
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1 day ago
Playing Doctor 02 (Teaser) 00:30
Full preview:
1 day ago
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1 day ago
Ladies and gents: SKWPPV.COM has just been updated. And by "updated" we mean the ENTIRE SITE has been rebuilt from the ground up to include a brand new (and super-effective) cart system (no more lost links!!!), a multiple-word SEARCH

bar, new categories for easy access to specific kinds of clips (note: categories are currently only partially complete but will be done by this Sunday, 2/27/15), and FOURTEEN BRAND NEW AND EXCLUSIVE CLIPS featuring some of the best

action ever filmed by SKW!!!!

Direct link:

Including amazing performances by: Sumiko, Foxy Roulette, Niki Lee Young, Annabelle Genovisi, Shauna Ryanne, Christie Ricci, Anne Marie, Heather West, Amber O'neal, Little Jeanne, Avery Steele, Saya Savage, Devon, Dakota Charms, Pocahontas Jones, Serena, Ivy Sloan, Hellena Heavenly, Malloy Martin, Alex, Jenelle S
1 day ago
Super Ninja Showdown! Part 3

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Keri Spectrum, Candle Boxxx, Heather West, Sumiko and Lucy Purr!


We fade in on secret agents Keri Spectrum, Jacquelyn Velvets, Candle Boxxx, and Heather West planning an attack on a secret lair containing the EVIL ninja Sumiko! The spies are informed that whoever manages to capture the villainess will become the new team leader…and after a quick pep chat they move in, easily making their way inside Sumiko’s last known location. The l
1 day ago
Joe Anton created a new topic ' Low Priced Customs' in the forum.
We're doing a shoot this week with Celeste Star and Charlotte Stokely. We can do a short scene with the two of them for around $200. Also, we have a couple of shoots with Star coming up and one with Karlie Montana so we can do short scenes with them for around $125-150. Did a shoot yesterday with Odette Delacroix (Mary Jane carried her around!) Odette is a really good sleepy actress and I'd love to shoot more of her so I'll do customs with her at a low price. Anyone interested can e mail me at